ATWT Update Monday 3/12/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/12/07


Written By Elayna

Emily is working at the Worldwide offices, when an irate looking Cheri interrupts her. Emily is equally as annoyed, when she reminds her that they should not be seen together. Cheri spits, after what she is doing to her business, she could care less. Are these important, as she holds up paper plans? Yes. Too bad, she adds, as she rips them up. Is this expensive, as she holds up a crystal vase? Yes, and Lucinda will have you arrested if you break it, Emily adds. Too bad again, as she breaks it. Emily is angry, but nervous as to why she is acting this way. Cheri exclaims that she wishes she had interrupted a meeting so she could announce that there were, “Two whores in the room.” She apologizes again for not being able to stay at the party, but she thought they had moved past it? Why is she so angry? She has been dealing with the cops snooping around asking the right people about her business. They even asked about the party she hosted the other night. How dare she sick the cops on her! Does she know a Detective Snyder because he was leading the charge? Emily swallows hard; she knows a lot of cops because she was married to one, but she doesn’t know anything about this. She didn’t offer up her name, Emily nervously asks? She did not, but that was only because they questioned her; if they had dragged her down to the police station, she would have enjoyed giving up her name. She crossed the wrong woman; her and her boyfriend will pay! Emily is frantically trying to explain that she was not involved in this and neither was her friend. He has no idea we work together, Emily promises. Dusty, who has walked in behind her, assures her that now he does.

At the Lakeview, Brad meets up with Kim. He starts talking before he even knows what she really wants. He knows she is probably thinking that Oakdale Now is not a two-person show, but he can add so much to the show. The audience loves him; she should read his fan mail. He knows his attitude is a bit much, but he is the real reason the show is such a hit. He understands she has history with Katie, but he urges her to consider the show; if she needs to fire someone, it should be Katie, as Katie arrives behind him and glares at him.

Outside of Margo’s, Vienna is anxious to meet Maddie. She is anxious to make a good impression. She is sure that they will be like sisters soon. Henry looks inside, sees the lights off and suggests they come back. Vienna won’t be deterred; she wants to share the wonderful news about them tonight. She pulls Henry into a kiss, as he looks unconvinced.

At Gwen’s house, she and Maddie are listening to the strange sounding message from Adam about meeting him in the woods. Gwen screams that she knew he was alive, but Maddie figures it is someone else. It is a male’s voice; it is Adam’s and Jade couldn’t do that. She saw Adam, Gwen screeches, but Maddie thinks it was her mind playing tricks since she is so tired. Maddie tells her that the only way to put an end to this is to go to the woods. Gwen is dead set against it; if it is Adam, she doesn’t want see him and if it is someone else they are being set up. They should tell Margo. Maddie yells that she can’t tell her, “That she bashed her son’s head in.” She is sure this is Jade’s doing, so they need to keep a level head. If they don’t go to the woods, this will never end. Gwen is adamant that she can’t go; she just wants Will. Maddie understands; they are in this together though, but if she needs to, she will go alone. Gwen decides she can’t let her do that, so they head out.

Vienna knocks on the door, but Henry stops her thinking that since it is dark and relatively late, they are probably sleeping. They can come back tomorrow. Vienna wonders if she embarrasses him? He reassures her that he isn’t; she is full of life, fire, gracious and loving. Vienna thinks his compliments are incredible and tells him that she wants him. They start to make out, but Henry stops her. They can’t do this here; Tom has a heart condition and Margo is a cop; they could get in trouble and he just wants to protect her from anymore police issues. Vienna is thrilled; his chivalrous ways make her want him even more, as she kisses him again.

Katie is furious; how dare he try to get her fired! The bicker for a moment hurling insults when Kim intercedes firmly; they should save it for the show because neither one of them is getting fired. The audience loves them so they need to find a way to work together. Brad and Katie are surprised by this news, but they are still not pleased. Brad adds that he can get along well with anyone, so maybe she should still let Katie go. Kim is angry now; if he mentions one more time about Katie being fired, then he will be the one getting fired. They have a successful show; they need to grow up! She wants them to come up with ideas for the next 13 weeks, and she wants them on her desk first thing in the morning, she snaps, as she heads out. After she leaves, Katie and Brad go at it again sparring. He insults her, and she belittles him. In the end, she is sure that she won’t have to do anything because he will do it all to himself.

Cheri introduces herself and then asks for Dusty’s name. Emily tries to cut him off, but Dusty gives her his full name, and Cheri promises to remember it, which only Emily understands. He works with Emily, who is she to Emily? Cheri explains that they work together as well. What do they do? She thinks he knows. He wants to know how she could let Elliott beat up Emily? Emily tries to intercede again. She needs to talk alone with him. She will call her later. Cheri threatens that she had better take care of this. After she leaves, Emily apologizes. She is her source Emily lies. Cheri works for her. Dusty explains that he stopped believing there was a story a long time ago; she should try again. How could he believe she was a prostitute? He doesn’t know what she is thinking hanging out with a bunch of losers. This is strictly for the job; sex sells in the Intruder. Is Cheri blackmailing her, Dusty presses? Everyone knows everything she has done in this town; she is not being blackmailed. She is going to blow the circulation through the roof with this story; Cheri was just mad because her profession isn’t exactly legal. She hopes Dusty hasn’t blown it for her. Dusty stares at her. How deep is she in this? She is very deep. He wants to see her story then. Emily is nervous; she doesn’t have it written yet. Then he wants to see her notes. She hasn’t figured her angle yet. She is so close to putting the Intruder on the map. Dusty thinks they should call the cops, as Emily quickly urges him not to. Elliott wanted to work with Worldwide, so why would he risk it all by beating her up? Emily claims to not know. He figures he knew she wouldn’t go to the cops because she was there because he had paid her to have sex with him.

Brad snaps that the more he works with her, the better he understands why two guys dumped her. If she treats him the same way she treated them, it is all clear to him. Katie seems upset by this, but covers, as she insults him again; “He is a jack ass!” Brad sees Vienna walk in and rushes over to her. He is glad she is back and resolved her issues. He goes into kiss her, but she stops him abruptly, as she introduces him to Henry. He is her angel sent from heaven, as she kisses Henry. Brad’s reaction to this makes Katie smile. He isn’t convinced. What is going on? Henry is her true love, as she kisses him again. Katie is not as pleased as well when she sees them continue to carry on though.

Gwen and Maddie are walking nervously up to where they buried Adam. They see the holes they dug up before. Maddie is sure that Adam didn’t walk away. The alternative is that someone snatched his body, a scared Gwen states. They hear a noise and they freak out. It must be an animal, they convince themselves. They hear a noise again, and they whip around not knowing where it is coming from. Maddie starts to go off the deep end; she screeches about Adam showing himself and about how he knows what he did; he is letting Casey go to jail for his crimes; he set up Will and attacked Gwen! Gwen demands Maddie calm down or she will leave. There is the noise again; they are sure he is coming for them, as they cry out. Suddenly, Jade is standing there in a hooded jacket; she tells them to both shut up! Maddie claims she knew it was her all along. She set them up. What are they doing there, a confused Jade asks? Did Adam call them too? Maddie and Gwen look at each other, and then they admit he did. He told her to meet him in the woods, Jade explains. When he called, she tried to star 69 him, but the number was blocked. Maddie angrily answers that is convenient so she decided to go to the woods alone? Jade explains that she saw Gwen’s car so figured it was ok. Why are they here with a bat? They look guilty, as Jade wonders why they were digging as well? Maddie does the talking, which is not lost on Jade. They brought a bat because Adam had attacked Gwen and they weren’t the ones digging. All of the sudden, they hear Adam’s voice saying the same thing he said on the phone. Jade yells for Adam to come out. She didn’t get what he meant about her knowing the place to meet him. Suddenly, she is putting it together. Is this where he attacked her? Gwen and Maddie don’t answer. Jade demands to know what is going on?

Vienna tells Brad that she is deeply in love with Henry. He is the most giving and amazing person while Brad has given nothing to her. Brad doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Henry wants to go upstairs, but Vienna admits she owes him a small explanation. She signed over everything to him so the Prince couldn’t go after her. Brad was a stepping-stone to her true love. Brad thinks Henry is just a breathing ATM. Vienna corrects him; she is her love. Brad can’t believe she would leave him for such a ‘softy.’ Vienna gets upset, but Katie rushes over and yells at Brad. Henry is the most loyal, strong, loving man out there. He is ten times the man Brad could ever hope to be.

Emily acts stunned that he could imply she was going to have sex with Elliott for money. Why would she let him get away with hurting her then? She doesn’t know; it might have been to preserve the story. She feels for these women, as Dusty glares. They chose to make sex about business and not love; they have power. Dusty thinks these women have no self-respect. What if they are into drugs and gangs? She will find out and write about it then. She needs him to back off and do this on her own. It will be a great story when she is finished. Dusty asks when that will be, but she can’t give him a time frame. Does he think Jack will shut them down? She shouldn’t worry because doesn’t Cheri work out of numerous hotels? Does he promise not to interfere? He won’t as long as she plays it safe. After he leaves, Emily calls Cheri to assure her that she has Dusty reined in. He won’t cause her trouble. Cheri wants her to work tonight, which Emily tries to get out of, but Cheri is persuasive and soon Emily is meeting her. Cheri wants to make sure they are clear about the cops not getting involved. She sets up rules for Emily to follow this time to make sure to be safe. This guy is paying a lot of money; he wants to role-play tonight; he is the superhero and she is the princess that needs to be saved. Emily rolls her eyes, but she agrees. There is a costume in the closet for her to wear. She will wait while she gets into it. Emily is unsure of this, but promises that she can trust her. She will see about that.

Henry thanks Katie for standing up for him. She is always on his side, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is worried. Vienna asks why she still is? Katie is convinced Vienna will drop Henry for the next passing stud. Vienna comments that won’t happen, as she and Henry walk off together draped on one another. She approaches Brad with a thought; he writes his show ideas down and she will write hers, then they will email one another and put the list together that way to show Kim. Brad is still confused as to how he lost Vienna to Henry. Simply put, Henry is the best.

Jade demands to know why they are so freaked out? They don’t answer. They hear the message again, as Jade yells for Adam to show himself. The three of them head towards the voice; they see a recorder on the ground. Jade wonders what this is about? Gwen realizes the voice sounds choppy. It is as if the words were matched up and were not said together, but pieced together to sound as if they were. They look at Jade, as she reminds them that Adam was the master of mix and not her. Gwen and Maddie want to leave, but Jade has more questions; why are they so scared about Adam being back, as if it isn’t possible? Did they fight? Did Gwen push him? Maddie demands that she shut up! They are leaving. Jade is figuring things out; it was here it happened; how bad did she hurt him, she asks Gwen?

Brad claims that he wasn’t that into Vienna anyway. Katie observes that is why he went straight to the hard liquor then? There are many gorgeous women out there for him; Brad tries to convince himself and Katie. That is why he looks so bothered by this. Brad tells her that she is something; she never knows when to stop. Katie snaps back that she doesn’t know when to stop because she is a fighter. He underestimated her; she is not going to be pushed out of a job; she will fight back.

Emily comes out in her short flowing fairy tale dress and thigh highs hooker get-up. Cheri adds that sometimes his fantasy gets a little wild, but noone has ever gotten hurt. Emily turns her back; she can’t do it, not after what happened with Elliott. Cheri demands that she buck up and deal with it. He won’t hurt her, because if he so much as puts a small bruise on her, then she will break his kneecaps. Emily finally agrees. Cheri leaves and not long after there is a knock. Emily prepares herself on the bed and then calls out for, “Her king to enter!” The door opens slowly and then Emily’s face goes sheet white when she realizes it is Dusty.

Maddie snaps at Jade that she has an active imagination and needs to get it checked out! She wants Jade to get out of their way! Is she going to hurt her too, Jade asks? Maddie and Gwen stop in their tracks. They freaked out when she got flowers, and they claimed it was impossible when Adam called her, Jade recalls. Is Adam dead!? Gwen won’t answer her at first, but then admits that they don’t know where Adam is. They are anxious to leave, but Jade tells them that she is going to wait for the police. This is the last place Adam was seen. Maddie tries to sound convincing; he is not dead because he called her and sent her flowers so what can she say? Jade yells that they have given her nothing but grief and accusations about this and Margo is going to find out her son disappeared after seeing them and that they had something to do with it. She can’t wait to spread this news! Gwen and Maddie look horrified.

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