ATWT Update Friday 3/2/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/2/07


Written By Elayna

At the studio, Kim is talking to the stagehand about last minute show details. She asks if he has seen Brad or Katie? She is concerned because Katie is never late. Brad saunters in and casually talks about how he will take care of everything. Kim presses wanting to know where Katie is? Brad mentions she is black and blue. Kim is immediately concerned. He explains it was a small accident, but they can soldier on without her. Katie suddenly rushes in wearing an oversized Jackie O. type of disguise. Kim walks over to her and takes the glasses off, only to see a huge bruise on her cheek. She can’t go on TV like this.

In the limo, a half-asleep Vienna is continuing to snuggle up to Henry, who is very much now awake and being affected by her. He tries to wake her up and tell her what she is stirring up in him; she is cold though, but he is getting hot. She tells him to go for a hike to find gas and food then. He isn’t interested in that. Vienna is trying to compel him into doing this. What will she be doing while he is out in the cold? She pulls up her coat under her chin and tells him that she will be sleeping.

At the Farm, Lily is talking with the two women from Valley’s Best baby food. They ooh and aah over Ethan. She thinks they would say that about all babies since they are in that line. They disagree; they explain how the tested their strained carrots at a local daycare… it wasn’t pretty, as they all laugh. Holden interrupts them and Lily introduces them. The women ask to look around to scout the location for the print ads. After they leave, Holden remarks about Lucinda cutting her funds. Lily is immediately upset with him; does he doubt that she can handle her mother while being a good mom to Ethan now? He wasn’t implying this. She snaps that she doesn’t need to be grilled.

Outside of Al’s, Meg is walking out as Craig is walking up. She is happy that her boss gave her some time off to go pack up more of her stuff at the Farm. Holden will not be there so she doesn’t have to get into it with him. Craig offers to be at her disposal, but she doesn’t need his help. He won’t take no for an answer, and besides it is a waste of a big truck, which he happens to be driving. Meg wonders if it coincidental that he is here with a big truck ready to help her move just after her boss gave her time off; of that is the case, then she is going to be angry. Craig simply smiles.

At the Lakeview dining room, Paul is looking for Barbara. The bartender hasn’t seen her, which is a bit unusual. Paul remarks under his breath about how when he needs her, she is nowhere to be found, but when he doesn’t need her around, she is always in his face. He takes Meg’s bracelet out of his pocket and looks at it. He needs to take care of this now.

Craig has charmed Meg into not being mad about the ‘coincidence’. Who knows…. after this, they could have dinner and have a sleep over? Meg smiles coyly. She is not moving in with him. Craig smiles in return but remarks casually that the deal is off the table now. She tossed his offer aside and now he is simply there as a friend, but he will take a thank you kiss after he helps. Meg smirks and then tells him that they need to get going.

Henry thinks it would be better if they waited a few more hours until there are more cars on the road. Vienna laments about needing to get out of town. Henry thinks they should call 911 then to help get them out of here, but she immediately changes her tune. She pouts that he would do it for black and blue Katie. This grabs Henry’s attention; what is she talking about? Did she hit her? Vienna assures him that she would not want to hurt her ‘beautiful’ hands. She was hit by a puck but is fine. Henry quickly picks up his phone, calls her and leaves her a worried message. A petulant Vienna wants to know what Katie has that she doesn’t? Henry lists off a few things: she is blonde, has an infectious laugh, a sweet personality, a cottage in the woods with a cuddly rabbit. Vienna realizes that Henry is in love with her.

Katie is positive that they can still do the show – with a little extra makeup. Brad comments sarcastically about how no amount of makeup will help her. He tells Kim that she will end up getting calls and letters; people know her marriage is in trouble and people will think spousal abuse. Both Kim and Katie scoff at this, but Kim agrees that she should not go on camera, even though Katie pleads her case. Can’t they postpone the segment? Kim reminds her that the coach is there especially because of March Madness. Brad mentions that sports is his niche, but Katie pipes in that she got her injury from a hockey game. Kim tells Brad the interview is his, as Katie stomps off. Jack, who has been listening to this exchange, walks over to Brad. He reminds him that the show means a lot to Katie and she is having a tough time of it recently. Can he try to go easy on her?

Holden defends himself; it was a simple comment; he was not being critical. Lily is upset because of how Lucinda has been treating her these days. He questioned her on Faith one time; he doesn’t think she is being fair. Why is she so upset? Lily frowns; she is just tense. Holden offers to help her with that, as he massages her shoulders, much to Lily’s happiness. Once she seems appeased, he asks her how she got Lucinda to release more funds? Lily comments generally about having discretionary funds which she made work. Holden wonders where that came from? Lily doesn’t know how to answer this so she changes the subject; did she hear the women coming back, as she pops up from her chair. She opens the door to find Meg and Craig standing there. She is surprised to see them here. She is there to pick some of her stuff up. Holden follows Meg inside while Craig stays with Lily. Once they leave, Craig whispers to Lily about how business is? Inside, Holden wonders what she is doing? She needs to do this because she is responsible for a women’s death, she isn’t a nurse anymore and she is disappointed in herself. Holden tells her that she isn’t a disappointment to him. She needs to be on her own. Holden can understand that, but he doesn’t understand what she is doing here with Craig?

Jack is upset because he feels like Brad is trying to stab Katie in the back by thinking he can charm Kim so Katie will be out of a job. He just asks that he ease up on her. Brad remarks about how he really must like her. She is a friend, Jack explains. His cell phone rings interrupting them. Brad hopes he can stay for the show, as Jack promises to try to get back. Once he leaves, Brad says to himself, “The Brad Snyder Show, not Oakdale Now,” as he smiles slyly.

Vienna thought he and Katie were platonic? They are now, Henry says flatly. They hug a lot, a kiss every so often and he offers a strong shoulder, but there is no sex. Vienna comments about how Katie is no fun. Henry still defends her, as Vienna comments that she tries to find common ground with Katie but she pushed her away. Henry remarks that she does that with people. She wonders why he never told her how he feels? He did; he told her before they were married, after, before the divorce and again after – she loved Mike more. Vienna’s eyes light up; they were married? He is amazing; he made the ultimate sacrifice for her. He put her happiness above his own, Vienna says through stars in her eyes. Henry thinks he sounds pitiful, but Vienna thinks quite the contrary. He is a wonderful, romantic and irresistible man. Vienna is getting in closer and closer. He is what every woman wants. Henry jokes about always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. She wants him, as she grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

Holden wonders if Meg doesn’t have enough trouble in her life already? She isn’t in the mood for a lecture. He doesn’t want her moving in with Craig. She isn’t! She is staying at the Wagon Wheel. Holden thinks she shouldn’t be staying at that dump. She can stay at the Farm again. She can’t. She can stay at his and Lily’s house then. She couldn’t impose because he has 4 children. She is his sister though. She needs to be on her own. Why? She is afraid to stay. She won’t ever change if she doesn’t do something differently now. She has spent her entire life not standing on her own, letting everyone else take care of her. She did it at the Farm, in her marriage and then with Paul. She has a job and a room and she is taking care of things herself for the first time. Why does she need Craig then? He is offering friendship and she could use that right now. Meanwhile, outside on the porch, Craig is listening and watching through the window while Lily takes the time to pop another couple of diet pills into her mouth. Did Lucinda pick up on what she did? She hasn’t – yet, but she does feel badly about keeping this from her. She did what she had to do and Lucinda won’t care in the end once it shows a profit. The Valley’s Best baby food women coming back interrupt them. They had a great idea; they love the feel of this place so much, they would love to shoot a commercial here… and they would like Lily to be their spokesperson. Lily is taken aback by the compliment, as Craig chimes in that it is a good idea. Lily balks because a commercial is a lot more expensive then a print ad. The women propose that they show her as a loving mom instilling homespun values to her child. As for the money, if her mother-in-law lets them shoot free and if they use Lily, it could be a lot less expensive then a normal commercial. Lily tells them that she will think about it and get back to them. After they leave, Craig challenges her to do it. She already is moving some money for the print ads, what is a little more? Lucinda will appreciate the profit. He adds for affect that it galls him that he is helping Lucinda make more money after what he has done for him, but he reminds himself it is for his friend, Lily. Lily appreciates his support after how he and Lucinda are with each other. Holden and Meg come out to bring some of her stuff to the car. Craig goes with Holden while Meg stays with Lily. Can she convince Holden that she is a grown woman so he will take it easy on her. Lily laughs; do they have an extra decade? Lily heads inside, as Meg is about to leave. She sees a small stuffed teddy bear and picks it up. She holds it tightly and then tells herself it is time to move forward. She turns around to find Paul standing there.

Downtown, Katie and her oversized sunglasses are leaving Henry a message. She is furious about how Brad is sabotaging her show. He is such slime; she needs to talk to him because he is the only one who understands, so can he call her? After she hangs up, she wonders where he is?

Meanwhile, Henry is with Vienna, as she is all over him. He hears his phone beep telling him that he has a message. She doesn’t want him to touch it because she can’t wait, as she pulls him down in an amorous embrace.

Paul continues to walk by Meg. She wonders why he is pretending like he didn’t see her? He didn’t mean to; he was pretending not to see her like he didn’t see Craig waiting for her outside. Is he following her? He isn’t; he is not here because of her, as Meg’s face shows hint of embarrassment. He is here to see how Faith and Parker are? He brought them something. She asks how he is? He is fine, as he seems about to casually walk away from her. He turns back around and tells her that he wants her to know that he still wants her and he doesn’t care how that sounds. However, he didn’t know she was here and he turns and heads inside. Meg looks a little rattled by his nonchalant attitude; she stands there for a moment and then slowly heads away. Inside, Craig sees Lily. Meg just left; it must be hard to see her with Craig? He came to see how Faith and Parker were? He also had a bracelet of Faith’s and wanted to make sure she got it back. Lily smiles; it is Meg’s bracelet. She knew it was about Meg. He wanted to bring her the bracelet and Parker the book he found. He looks less then convincing though. Holden comes inside and angrily tells Paul that Meg is gone, so why is he there? Lily offers to walk Paul out. Lily explains that he is just protective of his sister. Paul can understand because he was that was with Jen. He saved Faith so he will always be welcome at their house. Paul admits finally that he has held onto the bracelet for days because of Meg; she may come back then. He woke up today and felt it was important to give it back finally. He even tried to find his mother so she could return it because he knew better. He breaks down a bit; it is about Meg… it always is. Lily looks sadly at him, as he heads out. Outside, he picks up the bear Meg was holding a little while ago. Almost immediately, he has a strange feeling as if a vision is about to come on.

Vienna and Henry are snuggling up after sleeping together. She mentions how two lovers wrote their initials on a fogged up window. Henry mentions it was the Titanic. Vienna decides she wants to do this, as she puts the letters ‘V’ and ‘H’ inside a heart. He teases her about her healthy self-esteem. She explains it isn’t her initials; it is for Vienna and Henry forever. She is so in love with him, as Henry looks a bit nervous.

Brad is leaving Vienna a message about how his show was a success and he thinks they should celebrate. After he hangs up, Katie walks over and remarks about how he is going to celebrate his backstabbing? Besides, Vienna is gone. Honestly confused, Brad doesn’t know what she is talking about, this makes Katie smile. Vienna is gone because Prince Adolpho is trying to have her extradited. She knows more about his girlfriend then he does; she can see he left a lasting impression. Brad coldly tells her that she is mean and bitter; she is just tacky, and just because she can’t hold onto her husband, she wants everyone else around her to be as miserable as she is. She should stay out of his life. Katie stares at him for a moment and then rushes off. Jack watches this go down.

Henry is surprised by Vienna’s quick amorous declaration; noone has said that to him before. Vienna thinks that means she is special. Henry cautions her about going overboard after what they shared; it isn’t necessary. He is flattered but she doesn’t know him. She can’t wait to though, Vienna coos. What about Brad, Jack, Simon and the Prince of Leonia? She doesn’t care about them anymore. Henry reminds her how she needs to get to the airport before she gets extradited and loses all her money. They will be living well below the poverty line with his income. She doesn’t care, which shocks Henry. He is the best lover she has had and she is in so much love with him. He has given her an idea, as she sits back deviously. Henry looks shocked by her words.

Jack angrily reminds Brad that he asked him to go easy on Katie. Brad contends that he tried, but Jack doesn’t want to hear it. He only cares about himself. Brad looks at Jack strangely; what exactly does Katie mean to him? Jack doesn’t answer and Katie is listening from around the corner.

Back outside of work, Meg thanks Craig for helping her move stuff. He is happy to do it, especially since Paul showed up. Meg assures him that she isn’t going back to him. Ever? Meg answers him by kissing him on the cheek and heading inside.

Lily tells Holden about the women’s offer about her being their spokesperson. Holden thinks she should do it. Lily remarks flatly, about how the camera adds 10 pounds. Holden thinks she is beautiful. She appreciates his vote of confidence; she doesn’t want him to tell Lucinda about the commercial though. He agrees and she thanks him. He has some chores to do, but can they meet up after to spend some time together? Lily happily agrees. After he leaves though, Lily remarks under her breath about the camera adding 10 pounds. She then heads over to her purse, pulls out some more diet pills and takes them.

Paul is still outside on the porch. He falls back on the couch; not again, he says to himself. Then he decides to not fight it. He picks the bear back up. He sees a vision; it looks like a crib of sorts and someone reaches in to take something out, as the teddy bear sits propped up in the background. Suddenly there is a blood-curdling scream.

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