ATWT Update Thursday 3/1/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/1/07


Written By Eva

(Al’s Diner) Meg brings an order to a customer who complains that they didn’t put his salad dressing on the side like he ordered. Meg takes the salad back to the kitchen and orders another salad with dressing on the side this time. The manager tells Meg that if another of her orders goes back to the kitchen he will charge her for the food. Meg defends herself by telling the manager the kitchen made the mistake not her but the manager refuses to hear any explanations from Meg. Craig arrives and wonders if Meg is ready to accept his offer to help her.

(Lakeview) Dusty remembers seeing Emily go into Elliot’s room and decides to leave a message for Emily to call him back because he wants to talk to her. Emily wants to get down to business with Elliot but he wants to talk this time and wonders if Dusty is her boyfriend. Emily assures Elliot that Dusty isn’t her boyfriend and he won’t show up in the middle of their business to defend her honor. Emily explains to Elliot that she and Dusty are just business associates and they could never have a personal relationship because she once kidnapped him and chained him to a wall. Elliot wonders if Emily is making up the story to scare him, or if she hopes to get him hot with this story. Emily tells Elliot that the story is true and she had no intention of getting him hot by telling him about when she kidnapped Dusty. Elliot is happy because he thinks Emily likes playing rough and admits the last time they had sex was a little too conventional and boring for him. Emily tries to leave, but Elliot stops her by throwing her down on the bed, and then he takes the handcuffs out of the pocket of his pants. Emily looks scared to death and cries and screams at Elliot that she doesn’t want to do this the rough way. Emily doesn’t know that the more she fights and tells Elliot no, the happier he gets because she is giving him everything he likes; he even tells her to keep fighting him and acting scared.

(Al’s Diner) Meg explains to Craig that living at the Wagon Wheel Motel and working at the diner is just what she needs right now. Meg also tells Craig she doesn’t want to live with him because she doesn’t want any of his strings attached to her. Craig assures Meg that he is only trying to be her friend and he wouldn’t attach any strings to her at all. Craig pulls the manager aside and offers him a very profitable deal to buy out the diner for a private party tonight.

(Lakeview) Emily tries to leave once again, but Elliot holds her arm behind her back and pulls the handcuffs tighter and tighter until Emily screams that he is hurting her, which puts a big smile on Elliot’s face.

Meanwhle, Lucinda tells Dusty that she met Jerrard at a conference where there was a pretty young lady whom she was thinking of hiring for Worldwide. Lucinda continues the story and tells Dusty Elliot sweet talked the young lady into meeting him in his room privately and she suspects whatever happened wasn’t nice because the next morning the young woman quit her job and left town.

Emily begs Elliot to leave her alone and tells him that she will return his money. Elliot tells Emily he doesn’t care about the money, as long as she makes it worth his time. Elliot tries to kiss Emily, but she bites Elliot’s lip and tries to make a run for the door.  However, he picks her up while she screams and kicks and breaks some glass with her legs to make noise. The manager arrives and knocks on the door, explaining that people have been complaning about the noise. Elliot puts Emily on the bed and holds a gun to her head to make sure she stays quiet. Elliot tells the manager without opening the door that he didn’t know how to work the remote control on the stereo, and that is why it was so loud. Emily is finally set free by Elliot and goes home, but she is badly beaten and barely able to walk.

(Susan Stewart house) Emily gets home and is stopped by her mother, who wonders why she's home so late. Emily doesn’t want Susan to see the bruises but turns to face her and tells her that she is okay. Susan thinks Emily was either mugged or raped (because that's how she's acting), but Emily responds no to both questions. Susan wants to call the police, but Emily begs her not to do so because what happened was her fault for going to a motel room with a strange man. Susan is worried about the reckless choices Emily has made since Hal died and asks her to get her life back on track. Emily tells Susan not to blame Hal for this because she is perfectly capable of making her own choices. Susan offers to help get Emily cleaned up but Emily doesn’t want Susan to touch her so she runs upstairs to her room to take a hot shower. Susan calls Dusty and tells him that a man beat up Emily after she went to his room with him. Dusty tells Susan he will be there soon but first he stops by Elliot’s room and discovers that he has left Oakdale. Dusty also sees the mess in the room and knows that Elliot was the man who beat up Emily. Dusty is waiting in Emily’s bedroom when she comes out of her bathroom. Dusty explains that Susan called him because she feared Elliot raped her. Emily assures Dusty that Elliot never raped her he just roughed her up a little bit. Dusty advises Emily to call the police but she tells him no because she can’t clearly remember what happened after he slapped her a few times. Emily knows that it would just be her word against his and she isn’t up to fighting such a hard battle. Emily tells Dusty that no man will ever hurt her again because she can pretend to be someone else.

(Al’s Diner) Meg is surprised to come out and find the place empty so Craig explains that he rented the place for the night so they could have a private party. Meg is mad at first and punches Craig in the chest a few times telling him to butt out of her life. Craig assures Meg that he was just trying to lighten things up for her for a few hours. Craig asks Meg to dance with him and they dance all night long.

(Susan’s House) Dusty tells Emily he understands how she feels because he has felt that way before but she has to stop picking these dangerous men because she is a good person and deserves better for her life. Emily tells Dusty that no man has ever really known her or what she is capable of doing to get what she wants in life. Emily asks Dusty what he wants from her because she can give him anything he wants because its what she does for a living. Emily starts to cry and when Dusty holds her she sobs and lets out all her pain. Emily finally falls asleep and Dusty sits in a chair beside her bed and also falls asleep. Emily is surprised to find Dusty sleeping in a chair beside her bed when she awakens the next morning. Dusty goes downstairs to get Emily some coffee and when he returns he tries to persuade Emily once again to go to the police. Emily asks Dusty to trust her and assures him she won’t allow this to happen again.

(Al’s Diner) Meg gives Craig a small kiss and they both tell each other they had a good time. Meg tells Craig that when they sleep together again she wants them to know each other much better then the last time they slept together.

(Susan Stewart’s house) Emily tells Dusty that she will have a better man someday when she is ready for one. Emily thanks Dusty and tells him that just as he considers her a friend she is proud to be his friend. Dusty leaves and Emily promises to see Dusty later and once he is gone she takes thee envelop stuffed full of money that she earned from her night of terror with Elliot and puts it in her jewelry box.

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