ATWT Update Wednesday 2/28/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/28/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, a nervous Emily wants to know what Dusty is talking about by implying something is going on between her and Elliott? It seemed apparent something was based on her body language, Dusty answers. Emily tries to cover; for arguments sake, maybe she has met him before tonight… how is that his business? He takes that as a yes then.

In downtown, Henry is suspicious of Vienna, who has called for a limo at this time of night, from the mall and it is not lost on him the ‘Jackie O’ disguise that she is wearing. Vienna tries to play it off by telling him that she is simply trying to leave town. Henry doesn’t buy it, but Vienna tells him she doesn’t want to discuss her personal life. Henry figures out there is something off by the jittery way she is acting; she is not simply leaving town; she is running. He realizes this is going to be a profitable fare.

At home, Will comes home expecting to find a sleeping Gwen, but finds the bed empty instead. He recalls how Gwen told him that she wanted to sleep. He calls her, but it goes to voice mail.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Maddie are with Jade at Al’s, as Gwen’s cell phone is ringing. They are both distracted and fearful of the words Jade just uttered; Adam has left her a message. Maddie is instantly on her case claiming she doesn’t believe her. She snaps angrily about how she didn’t get an email so now she is claiming Adam contacted her on a more personal level to look better in people’s eyes. Jade doesn’t care if they believe her, as she turns to walk away. Gwen grabs her arm though and tells her not to leave. She would like to hear the message. Jade is curious as to why she does? Is it because she is anxious to hear Adam’s voice again? Gwen explains it is simply because she wants to hear him because Margo has been so upset and she does not need to be upset anymore then necessary. Jade doesn’t believe her, as Maddie goads her some more about how pathetic she is. Jade decides to give her the phone; Gwen listens for a second as Maddie is still on Jade’s case about how sad this cry for attention is. Gwen tosses the phone back at Jade commenting about how there is no message. Jade is furious; she deleted her message. Is that why she wanted the phone? Gwen thinks there was so much static she heard what she wanted to hear, as Maddie adds then her fantasy mind took over. Jade wants to know why they so sure that Adam wouldn’t call her?

Will is pacing around the house recalling his conversation with Casey; Casey is sure that nothing went on with Gwen and Adam, but Will doesn’t know; he also worries there could be something worse going on – that Gwen misses Adam. He tries to shake off these memories. He then sees the folder Adam gave to Gwen about her demo. He contemplates something, but then puts the folder down, crosses the room and sits down at the table to try to study.

Henry tells Vienna that there is going to be a substantial gratuity involved now. She sees it as blackmail. Why would she pay something when there is nothing to know? Henry begs to differ because he sees a woman trying to escape under the cover of night. Is she going to meet Simon? Did they have this planned all along? Simon takes off and then when he tires of Carly, he meets back up with her? Vienna tells him with an imagination like that, he should be the writer. Henry thinks a call to Jack would solve what is going on. Vienna grabs his phone and tells him that she isn’t meeting Simon, but rather she is trying to lose the Feds and Dolly, who is trying to take everything from her. Henry suddenly isn’t so sure he wants to know anything anymore. The Feds have too many guns and not enough of a sense of humor. Vienna tries to cuddle up to him thinking now he can help her, but he doesn’t want any part of this anymore and bids her farewell, as he rushes off.

Emily is angry at Dusty; she finally gets Paul and Craig out of her life and now she has to answer to him; she doesn’t think so. Dusty corrects her; they answer to each other because they are partners. Emily doesn’t think that includes their personal lives. Dusty thinks the whole deal was strange; Emily reminds him that he is their client now thanks to her. Did he expect her to sit there during the meeting and just look pretty? Dusty wonders how she could close a deal in 8 minutes without talking details? Emily glares; she sees what a high opinion of her that he has. Dusty wants their to be mutual trust that will lead to a profitable relationship. Emily looks down at her watch, as Dusty wonders if he is keeping her? She just doesn’t have time for this. She has met him before; Dusty’s eyes widen, but not how he thinks. She has met his kind; a big expense account and a bigger ego. Does she really think she played him? He just wanted to be seen as a hot shot. It seems she hates him. She has contempt for his type. Dusty wonders if she will be able to do business with him? Emily explains that is part of the dance and job. Her phone rings and she answers it. It is Elliott and he wants to meet – tonight. Emily talks to him generally because Dusty is right beside her. She can’t meet him because she has other plans. He pushes, but Emily explains that she can’t change her plans with such short notice and then she hangs up. Dusty wonders if there is trouble? She blows it off explaining she has to go meet a source. A suspicious Dusty asks her if she is working now? Emily explains that she is. Dusty decides he is going with her; Emily’s face drops.

Vienna exclaims that he can’t leave her now, as she clamps onto his arm, but Henry is definite that he isn’t interested in getting involved anymore. Can she unhand him? She doesn’t let go and Henry comments about her grip being like vice. Vienna thinks that fate brought them together. He can help her get away, but Henry explains that the last time he did that he got in trouble and ended up only being eligible for this job. He comments through gritted teeth that if she doesn’t let go of his hand in about 20 seconds he won’t have any feeling left and then he won’t be able to drive her anywhere. She finally lets him go. Vienna offers him $200, but he laughs that off and tells her that he was thinking of $2,000. Vienna can’t believe what she is hearing; she will not hand over that much money, but they are interrupted by sirens. Henry grabs her arm and quickly drags her off.

Will is sitting at the table when his cell phone rings; he picks it up quickly and asks Gwen where she is before even saying hello. He is met with silence. He calls her name again, but still there is silence. He then calls out Adam’s name and the line goes dead. He wonders outloud what is going on with Gwen and Adam? He pulls out the folder he had glanced at earlier and opens it. There is a note inside from Adam. He thanks Gwen for a great night and tells her how amazing she is. Will snarls.

Jade thinks it is weird how convinced Gwen and Maddie are that Adam didn’t call her. Maddie reminds her it is because she is a compulsive liar. She thinks it was Adam because she is trying to save face. Jade wonders why she would lie about this? Maddie reminds her that she isn’t above lying considering she did claim to be pregnant. Jade thinks that they should just call Margo then to see what she can find out. Gwen grabs her phone away; Jade growls that she has a lot of nerve. Gwen pretends that she just doesn’t think Margo needs any false hope, not to mention it is late and she is probably sleeping. Gwen nervously suggests that Jade just wait until she gets another phone call and then she can go to Margo with something real. Jade relents and agrees, as Gwen repeats her request again. Maddie and Gwen take off as Jade promises to wait, but as soon as they are out the door, she opens her cell and makes a call. All the while, she tells herself that she isn’t going to listen to the likes of them.

Henry tells Vienna, who is lying on the limo’s floor, that she can get up now because he hasn’t seen a car in 5 minutes. Vienna is happy but worried about where they are. Henry explains that they are in the middle of nowhere. Vienna is irate; she did not pay him money to get lost. She demands to be taken to the airport now. Henry reminds her that they never completed their transaction. She reminds him that they were too busy running from the police. Does she want to be taken back to town or does she want to pony up the money? A furious Vienna tosses money at him telling him that she has misjudged him; she thought he was a nice, sweet man. Henry responds that she saw him more like a patsy. She only wants to get to the airport, as she orders him to drive. He goes to start the car, but nothing happens. What is going on? He calmly answers that he knew he forgot something earlier. What was that? Gas. Vienna lets out a huge noise of frustration.

Emily explains to Dusty that he can’t go with her. He reminds her that it is partly his paper. It is her source and they are supposed to remain anonymous. She knows this isn’t about him wanting to go wit her to see the source; he thinks she is going to meet Eliott. She isn’t going to hook up with him and frankly, she is sick of his attitude. Dusty apologizes and Emily explains that all will be better when he reads her story tomorrow. Dusty hopes so; he wants to forget this night happened. He leaves and Elliott walks over to her commenting about he never thought Dusty would leave. Emily explains that she isn’t able to meet with him tonight as she previously explained. He coolly tells her that with the kind of money that he is throwing her way, he expects a certain amount of flexibility. Emily doesn’t care, but he grabs her by her shoulder. Does he mind, Emily asks trying to look unnerved by this? He certainly does. Is he trying to intimidate her? She has made a decision without knowing the facts. He has spoken with Cheri and her plans for the night have been cancelled. Emily holds his look, as he tells her how crazy a woman like she drives him. The kind of business they have requires much more privacy then where they are. Emily picks up her phone and starts to dial. Is she calling her babysitter? She is calling Cheri to find out the deal because she is not about to take his word.

Vienna is angry; she is not about to pay someone $2,000 who can’t even afford to remember to buy gas. He reminds her that he got her away from the cops. Vienna wants her money back. Henry grumbles that he knows why Katie dislikes her now, as he begrudgingly hands the cash back. Vienna thinks that Katie was involved in all of this to get her back. Henry sarcastically answers that Katie got the Feds involved, then made sure he was her limo driver and then to top it off, she siphoned the gas out of the tank. She wants him to get walking to find help. Henry looks at her as if she has three heads. It is cold out there, not to mention that they are in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t care; this is the way he can redeem himself as a real man. He is too secure in himself to fall for that line. Henry wonders where she is going in 4inch stilettos and a tiny dress? She has her fur coat and in her country, this weather is nothing. She stomps out of the car. Henry grumbles to himself about how he can’t let her go alone. He opens the car door, but almost immediately hears a coyote howl. That is all it takes, as he jumps back in the car telling himself she will be fine.

At Al’s, Jade is meeting with Margo. She hands her cell phone over to her saying that she knows on the crime shows she watches, they can trace where a call came from. Margo takes the phone without much happiness. Jade is confused; she thought this would give her some relief? Margo just doesn’t understand why he would call her and not his family. Then in answering her own question, she admits that she doesn’t really know Adam these days either. Margo is about to leave when Jade sheepishly asks if they can retrieve a message that has been deleted? Margo sits back down; she deleted Adam’s message? She was talking to Gwen and Maddie earlier; Gwen took the phone and while she was listening to Maddie’s babble, suddenly the message was gone. Margo doesn’t understand what she is implying? All she knows is they acted strangely when she told them that she was going to tell her about the message. Gwen was trying to convince her not to bother her with the message. Margo wonders if Jade thinks Gwen has an ulterior motive for not wanting her to know about the message? Jade thinks she definitely does.

Will continues to try to study but is continuously distracted. He pulls out a picture of Adam and Gwen standing closely and smiling; he thinks back to when he saw Gwen and Adam hugging. A car door closing interrupts his thoughts. Meanwhile, outside Maddie and Gwen are walking up to the house. Maddie is worried that Gwen is upset because she hasn’t talked since they got in the car. She thinks they did enough talking before. Maddie’s face drops; Gwen continues; why did she let Jade get to her? There was no reason for them to not believe Adam might get in touch with Jade. They are not supposed to be making people question their behavior. They should not be making themselves look suspicious by their actions. Maddie tries to apologize but Gwen is frustrated. She understands she doesn’t like Jade; she doesn’t like her either, but if they anger Jade enough then she will go to Margo just to prove them wrong. Maddie knows what she is saying is true, as she tries to backpedal. She will try to be more careful, and she will try to think before she acts from now on. Gwen is worried about her ability to do that because was she thinking before she killed Adam? Maddie looks distraught after hearing Gwen say this.

Henry is huddled up trying to get some shuteye in the car when he hears banging on the window. He calls out thinking it is the Feds. He calls out that Vienna forced him to drive her, but she left 10 minutes ago. Vienna calls out Henry’s name. He opens the door and lets her in claiming he was just kidding. Vienna is distraught; she is cold and her shoe’s heel has broken. They are very important to her; this is not happening to her. Why didn’t he help her? Vienna snarls that Jack or Simon would have. Henry comments about how hungry the coyote sounded. Vienna is starting to get weepy again about how she has to choose between the lesser of two evils – rotting in a jail in Leonia or freezing to death with a lowly chauffeur. Henry doesn’t think that type of talk will generate warmth in the car. Vienna is starting to break down, as she decides she wants him to hold her. Henry sarcastically remarks about her mood swings. At that moment, Henry decides that he is going to save her…. or he is going to go down trying. Vienna doesn’t want him to worry about that now because if she couldn’t get far then he can’t. There is only one thing to do, as she snuggles up to him – they need to stay warm. Henry loves the sound of this, as he doesn’t need his arm-twisted when Vienna pushes herself into Henry’s arms.

Maddie profusely apologizes; she knows it is her fault and she will not let her pay. Gwen apologizes just as much. Gwen explains that she knows that Maddie was just trying to protect her; she just got scared when Jade was talking about going to Margo. They are in this together and they can’t afford to let this turn them against one another. She needs to know if Maddie sent the supposed message to Jade? Maddie promises that she didn’t. Gwen remarks how Jade really thinks she got a message from him. Gwen thinks Jade was telling the truth. Maddie wonders who that was? They both figure the connection was bad and Jade convinced herself it was Adam because she wanted to believe that in her messed up mind. They agree that had to be it; they don’t have anything to worry about because it wasn’t Adam and Jade was wrong.

Margo is irate; she better not be trying to play her or be trying to set up Gwen. She is not doing that, Jade swears. She knows Gwen has a secret she is desperately trying to hold onto. Why? All she knows is she pulled the phone out of her hands to hear the message and then when she wanted to call her she acted just as erratic. Gwen and Maddie are friends but lately they are inseparable and every time she sees them, they are so intense. Margo thinks it may have to do with all they have gone through. Jade thinks that Gwen is hiding something and Maddie knows what it is. She actually thinks that Gwen and Adam were closer then Gwen wants anyone to know. Margo comments about how Gwen swore it was strictly professional. Jade does not think that Gwen would tell the mother of Adam, who also is friends with her husband and a cop to boot. Margo thinks Gwen may have some reasons to keep quiet, but she has reasons to slam her. She is not going to pretend she likes Gwen, but she came to her because she is Adam’s mother and she wants him found too. She asks Jade to come to her if she gets anymore messages, which she promises to. Margo asks if she can answer her phone if it rings, and Jade agrees to let her do that too. She has nothing to hide.

Maddie admits that she isn’t sure she hates what has happened to Adam after what he did, but she does hate what is happening to Gwen over this. She wants her to be happy; Gwen promises her and Will will be. Gwen heads in the house and sees Will waiting for her. She didn’t know he was there. He was beginning to get worried. A nervous Gwen covers by saying Maddie called her and she needed to go see her. Will thinks it is strange that they just saw each other an hour ago. She is having trouble with everything that has happened. Will understands because Casey lied to her for so long. Gwen explains that isn’t the biggest problem, but Will can understand how Maddie would be having trouble with that. He wonders if they are past what happened with them? Gwen tries to divert this line of questioning. She can’t deal with this right nowm as she tries to hold it together. She is really tired and can’t talk right now. They are acting like nothing happened ever. He realizes that the worst thing he did was not sleeping with Jade but lying about it for so long. He seems to want Gwen to open up about if there is something she may be lying to herself or him about. Gwen doesn’t take the bait; they are fine and it is over, she snaps. A frazzled Gwen then quickly apologizes. She needs to go to bed. As she is walking to the bedroom, she turns around to tell him how much she loves him and nothing will change that. Will returns the sentiment. He wants her to know nothing she says or does will make him feel differently for her, as if digging to get Gwen to open up about what he is worried about – her hidden feelings for Adam. Gwen says Will’s name, but then changes her mind and tells him not to stay up late. He promises not to. She leaves the room and Will takes out the picture of Gwen and Adam again and looks at it for a moment before he tucks it back in between some books and then heads for the bedroom.

Emily is walking to Elliott’s room. He chivalrously holds open the door for her with a big smile on his face. Emily walks into the room, and he closes the door behind himself, suddenly his face changing into a darkened expression. After the door closes in the hallway, Dusty walks up to the door they just walked through.

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