ATWT Update Tuesday 2/27/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/27/07


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(Alís Diner)  Kat admits to Jack that she canít go on camera until her black eye heals and she thinks Brad might use this chance to try to push her off the show.  Katie also tells Jack that everyone thinks Brad is great on the show and everyone accuses her of being selfish for thinking Brad doesnít want her on the show.  Jack understands her feelings because that is exactly how it has been between him and Brad his entire life.  Katie makes a promise to herself and Jack not to allow Brad to win this time.  Vienna talks with her lawyer Jean Claude who tells her there is nothing she can do about the extradition order that the Prince has against her and he informs her that her assets will be frozen so she should get ready to go back to Leonia and face the charges against her.  Vienna is so offended by this news that she fires her lawyer and vows to get a better one to help get her out of this mess.

(Lakeview)  Dusty reads Emilyís story and tells her itís very good and wonders about the source.  Emily tells Dusty that she canít reveal her source but he shouldnít worry about the legal issues of the story.  Dusty asks Emily to stay and meet a prospective advertiser for the newspaper.  Emily is stunned to discover that the prospective advertiser is Elliot her first customer working for Cheri. 

(Main Street)  Casey walks with his sponsor from his gambling group and tells him he tried to quit by himself but he was unable to do it.  The sponsor explains to him that gambling becomes a physiological need and that is why a gambling addiction is difficult to fight.  Once the sponsor leaves, two of Caseyís former friends to whom he owes money punch him in the stomach and demand that he pay them the money owed to them.  Casey tells them he will try to get them the money as soon as possible.  The guys are about to punch Casey again when Will arrives and tells them that it just became a fair fight.  The guys canít understand why Will is defending Casey and ask if he has forgiven him.  Will says that what Casey did was wrong but he isnít going to stand by and let them beat him up in an unfair fight. 

(Morgue)  Maddie lifts up the sheet to look at the body they found in the woods and then she calls Gwen to tell her what she discovered. 

(Gwen & Willís place)  Gwenís cell phone rings and Gwen doesnít pick it up because Iris demands to know if the body the police found in the woods was Adamís. 

(Lakeview)  Dusty shows Elliot the story Emily wrote and he acts surprised that a network executive could be doing drugs for a long time and that he is going to lose his job.  Dusty leaves to make a phone call and Elliot wonders what other surprises Emily has up her sleeve for him.  Emily explains that the newspaper is a good investment to bring him more business.  Elliot agrees to sign the contract to advertise with the paper and then asks Emily if they can make a private date without Cherie finding out.  Emily agrees to meet Elliot later tonight and Dusty overhears the last part of the conversation but when he walks back to the table, he is all business.  Elliot explains to Dusty that he wants the advertising to be cool and subtle with a hidden secret.  Elliot leaves and tells Dusty he will discuss details of the campaign with him tomorrow. 

(Gwen &Willís house)  Iris assumes that Gwen is nervous that someone will discover she had something to do with Adamís disappearance in the woods.  Iris tells Gwen that her lying to Will about when she lost her ring and talking Maddie in a secretive tone at Java makes her seem suspicious.  Gwen is angry and accuses Iris of stalking her she also demands that Iris leave the house.  Iris tells Gwen that it is time she did the right thing so she picks up the phone and Gwen assumes that Iris is calling the police but Iris tells her that she is going to call Will. 

(Al's Diner)  Vienna sees Jack sitting with Katie and walks over to him and snuggles next to him and says he is the only man who can help her.  Vienna explains to Jack that the Prince has frozen all her assets and is trying to extradite her back to Leona.  Jack reads the papers and tells Vienna there is nothing he can do to help her.  Katie is extremely happy with this news and even happier when Vienna tells Jack she is going to leave town and ask one of her friends to hide her from the Prince.  Jack tells Vienna she probably wonít be able to hide from the federal agents for long. 

(Gwen and Willís place)  Iris wants money from Gwen to keep quiet about her secret.  Irisís words make Gwen very angry and she blasts iris telling her that she always felt guilty because she thought that if she was a better daughter Iris would be a better mother but now she realizes that Iris could never be better because she is just a horrible person.  Maddie arrives to tell Gwen what she discovered in the morgue but Gwen cautions her not to say anything in front of Iris.  Maddie tells Gwen she just wanted to tell her that the body that was found in the woods was a homeless man.  Gwen grabs Iris by the elbow and takes her outside.  Gwen warns Iris that if she tells Will anything about her suspicions, she will tell Jack that she (Iris) was trying to blackmail her and since she is on probation, he will put her back in jail. 

(Outside Alís Diner)  Vienna calls her hotel to get a limo, pack her luggage, and place it inside the limo.

 (Inside Alís Diner)  Katie wonders if Jack liked Vienna and he says that he did-- a fact, which leads Katie to think that all men are dumb.  Jack remembers that he forgot to pick up Sageís costume for her play and thinks that he is a bad father.  Katie tells Jack she will take care of everything by borrowing some costumes from wardrobe and his problem is solved.  Katie tells Jack that he isnít a bad father because deep down his kids know he loves them.  Jack wonders why Parker is acting out and Katie tells him Parker is taking out his anger at Carly with him because in his heart Parker knows Jack will never leave him.

(Lakeview)  Henry overhears Brad talking on the phone to a possible talent agent and wonders if Brad has forgotten that Katie is also on the show.  Brad thinks Katie sent Henry to get some information on him.  Henry laughs and tells Brad Katie would never send somebody whom he could discover to spy on him.  Henry almost has a drink with Brad but then gets a call to pick up a limo passenger. 

(Main Street)  Casey asks Will not to try and defend him anymore because he could get hurt and that would make Gwen mad at him which could cause more trouble in their marriage.  Casey remembers when he and Will were little and they got in their first fight with two little boys.  Will tells Casey he misses not having anyone with whom to discuss his problems.  Casey tells Will he can come to talk to him anytime he has a problem.  Will confides to Casey that he is worried about Gwen because she is acting nervous and strange.  Will tells Casey he think Gwen is either lying to him or missing Adam and is scared to tell him the truth. 

(Lakeview)  Emily tells Dusty that she must leave and Dusty wonders if Emily is going to hook up with Elliot.  Emily tells Dusty that Elliot isnít her type at all.  Dusty demands to know what is going on between Emily and Elliot.

(Gwen and Willís place)  Will arrives home and is surprised to discover Gwen isnít in the house. 

(Outside the Lakeview)  Vienna and Henry are both surprised to discover that he will be her limo driver. 

(Main Street)  Maddie tells Gwen that the body of the homeless man was note near where they buried Adam so the police probably wonít look for Adam in the woods.  Maddie tells Gwen that they must act normally so nobody will suspect anything.  Maddie also tells Gwen that if the police find Adams body she will confess to killing him because she doesnít want to ruin her and Willís relationship.  Jade arrives and shocks Gwen and Maddie when she tells them she got a voice mail message from Adam.

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