ATWT Update Monday 2/26/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/26/07


Written By Elayna

At Al’s, an agitated Lucinda sits down at Lily’s table. She gets right to the point. She gave the two mother’s more money after she strictly opposed it? Lily tries to defend the fact it should be her decision whether she supports “Valley’s Best” baby food or not. Lucinda grimaces at the name. How does that unimaginative, uncreative name tell people they are selling organic baby food? Lily explains that they can change the name if it is that much of a problem. Lucinda doesn’t think the name is anywhere near the biggest issue. They have no experience. She apologizes to Lily but tells her that this Company of wannabe’s is going to have to find another ‘sugar mommy’. Lily exclaims that she can’t do that, but Lucinda assures her that she can. It will be for her own good, and she will see that in the end.

At WOAK, Katie is sitting with her head on Jack’s shoulder. She sadly explains to him how she had convinced herself that Mike was coming back. She was going to reinvent herself and be so irresistible that Mike would have to come back to her. She knows that he isn’t coming back now. She feels so alone; Jack understands. She realizes she forgot that he lost Carly in all of this. She apologizes for his loss too. She realizes he knows better then most what she is feeling. They are sitting there comforting each other when Brad comes in and snidely remarks about how she should be careful her husband doesn’t see her in the arms of another man. Both Jack and Katie glare. Vienna comes breezing in wanting to congratulate Brad about his success with his show. Brad boasts about the wild dog he had eating out of his hand. Vienna coos about how brave he is, not to mention photogenic. Jack and Katie watch with nauseated looks on their faces when Jack decides they need a change of scenery as he tells Katie they are taking off.

In downtown, Gwen is getting nervous about the fact a body has been found in the woods. It is only a matter of time before evidence connects them to the murders, but Maddie wonders if that is true? Gwen asks Maddie how many bodies are hanging around dead in the woods besides Adam? Maddie wonders if her sister may have killed more then everyone thought. The man found could have even been a homeless person – they just don’t know anything yet. Gwen thinks odds are the man found is Adam. Maddie’s confidence drops as she thinks about Margo having to identify her own son because of her. Will calls Gwen, but she avoids answering it thinking he will definitely know something is up. She laments how much she has had to lie to him recently. Maddie tries to make her feel better by reminding her that she is protecting him. She makes up her mind; she wants Gwen to stay here because she is going to see if it is Adam, as she takes off. Gwen rushes off right behind her though. Both of them race by a woman hiding behind a newspaper; it is Iris. Gwen stops her a little ways away. She tells Maddie not to go. She will get caught. Maddie explains if she gets caught then she will just tell the truth. She can’t lie anymore and she can’t stand what she is putting her through as well. She was the one that killed Adam not her; she won’t let her go down for something she did. Gwen reminds her that she killed Adam because she thought Adam was going to hurt her. They buried him and lied about him together since then. They are in this together! Maddie can’t be swayed; she can’t keep putting her, Casey, Margo or Will through this. She can’t keep this up.

Brad and Vienna are toasting to his success with a couple of glasses of champagne. She can’t wait to see her star on TV. She loves animals and can’t wait to see the segment. Can they see it now? Brad has a better idea, as he moves in and kisses her.

Jack and Katie arrive at Oakdale University’s hockey game. She is not sure why they are here, and she is complaining that it is cold. Jack teases her about the fact that it needs to be cold because they play on ice. Kate decides to buck up and starts to ask some questions about the game; who has the ‘ball’? Jack laughs, does she mean puck? When a player checks another into the sides of the rink an upset Katie wonders why he did that? Can’t that guy be arrested for assault with a pole? Jack laughs again – it is the sport so it is ok and the pole is really called a stick. He wonders smiling if this was a good idea?

Craig arrives at Al’s and asks a waitress if Meg is working? She tells him that Meg was training and would be working tomorrow. Craig then overhears Lucinda and Lily disagreeing. Lucinda is mad that Lily promised these women money she shouldn’t have promised. They are supposed to be doing a marketing campaign, but Lily never spoke to the department or even did any testing. Lily gives up; she is wrong and Lucinda is right. Lucinda wonders if Lily feels ok? She looks off. Lily explains that she is fine just not sleeping well. She excuses herself. Craig walks over and sits down. Where is Lily going – to buy a gun? Lucinda smirks. He wants to know where his son and daughter are? Lucinda doesn’t answer. Craig continues with sarcasm; does she think his son is talking yet? His first words would not be ‘dada’ because she has made it so he hasn’t seen him in months. Lucinda answers him back wisely mentioning how Dusty hasn’t seen Johnny. Lucinda picks up her menu to ignore him. He asks her if she is lonely? Lily will be coming back in a moment, but that is not what he means. Does she enjoy roaming around her huge house with all the hired help? Sierra has made herself scarce, Lily and she are fighting and Lucy and her grandchild are long gone. Lucy was her last chance to hold onto anyone and she ran her out of town because she manipulated her into thinking that was her only choice. Lucinda feels she had to make a sacrifice for the greater good. He has proven himself a disaster in the father department, i.e. Bryant. Does she feel better to keep reminding him that his son is dead, Craig snarls? She and her delusions have sentenced Lucy to a lonely life on the run with no family, friends or job to turn to. All she has left is her money, which will run out in time and guilt. He wasn’t a fan of Dusty, but they could have been married by now; they could have started a family of their own, and she could have had a career on top of it all. Lucinda wonders if Craig would relinquish the rights to his son in order for Lucy to be able to come back? Craig tells her that he won’t because Johnny is his son. Lucinda laughs telling him that he proved her point. Lucy followed her heart and it took her far away from him. She is sick and tired of him; can’t he just die and get it over with already or at least commit a crime and go back to jail where he belongs. He remarks about how full of hate she is. She corrects him; she doesn’t hate him because she understands him – to be the parasite that he is. Craig’s eyes are slits, as he glares at her trying to keep his cool. He instead calmly reminds her about how she has noone – no husband, lover, children, grandchild or friends. All she has is her Corporation and money to keep her warm at night. Lily comes back as Lucinda explains she is going. She has said what she came to say. Lily wonders what Craig said to her? Craig comments casually and pretending to be innocent about how his words don’t mean anything to Lucinda. This strikes a nerve with Lily; she knows how he feels. Craig wonders what she means? Lily explains how she asked her to come back to work, but then all she is doing is second-guessing her decisions. Craig wonders if he can help?

Katie tells him that she doesn’t want to leave. Why did he invite her to this game? He explains that JJ had another commitment and Parker doesn’t want to be around him these days. Parker is mad that he didn’t stop Carly from leaving. It is not his fault, Katie answers, as Jack sadly remarks for her to tell Parker that. Katie tells him that he is saving Parker’s life in the long run by hanging in there. He is making a difference by choosing to stay and never leave him. Jack thanks her warmly; he needed to hear that. Katie decides to get into the game and starts loudly cheering for the OU hockey team, as Jack watches on laughing.

Vienna returns Brad’s kisses hungrily. Is he sure they are alone? Brad answers that he is sure, as he starts to undress her and himself. He thinks they should christen the set. They fall to the floor when Vienna’s cell phone rings strangely. Brad hopes she ignores it, but she jumps up and races to her purse announcing that her phone only rings that way when there is an emergency. She picks up the phone and starts talking in French; she is obviously upset, as she talks to the person on the other end of the phone.

Maddie stops and waits outside the Morgue door hesitating before going in. She hears some people talking and she ducks out of the way, as some police officers leave. After they leave, Maddie gathers up her courage and heads inside, as Iris walks up and watches her enter the Morgue.

An anxious Gwen arrives home only to find Will there. Did she have a good time? She barely acknowledges this question. What did they buy? She tells him that they browsed mostly. What is bothering her, Will wonders? Gwen tries to snap out of it by explaining that she just feels off. Not thinking, she asks if Maddie has called? Will wonders why she would have called when they just left one another? Gwen covers as Will thinks her weird behavior is still due to the damage Adam caused. He is gone and probably won’t be back; they need to forget about what he tried to do and move on; they came out of it ok. They have more important stuff to talk about. Gwen nervously wonders what that is? Will smiles; should they keep her dorm room? Has she picked all of her classes? Gwen answers vaguely about how they should keep the room and that she hasn’t figured out all her classes. Will is worried about the way she is acting. Has her mom been bothering her? No. Has he done something? Of course not. Then what is going on with her? He wants her to tell him what is wrong? Gwen stares back at him looking as if she desperately wants to talk to him.

Maddie approaches the body, which is covered by a sheet. She remembers seeing Gwen struggle with Adam telling him to get away from her, and then she recalls hitting him. All of the sudden, there is a hand on her shoulder and Maddie screams.

Will thinks Gwen will feel better if she talks to him. She rushes into his arms for a hug. Her mind takes her into a waking dream where she is sharing what happened to Adam with Will. He understands why they had to do that to Adam; he has been acting so erratically that he isn’t sure if he would have tried to rape or hurt her. Gwen is crying about how she has wanted to talk to him about this from the beginning. He comforts her, but then he is concerned that they will connect the body to her and Maddie. They need to leave town; Gwen is upset he has to leave his family behind. She is his family now. The police barge into the house ready to arrest Gwen for murder. Then they decide to arrest Will for being an accessory after the fact, as they clamp the handcuffs on them both. Gwen comes back to reality and steps back from him. She tells him that nothing is wrong. She is just so sorry she hurt him, but she will never do that again.

Dallas apologizes for startling Maddie. He wonders what she is doing in here? Maddie stumbles to find the words for a cover story. She tells him that she has a project on forensics and needed to do community service. Dallas incredulously repeats the fact that this would be in a morgue? He shakes his head; he doesn’t buy it. Maddie looks at him nervously.

Jack is still thoroughly enjoying himself, as he watches Katie try to keep up with the game. She checks out the pamphlet so she can call out the right names of the players. Then Jack has to explain what a face off is. A player scores as Katie leaps to her feet screaming, but then the goal is taken back because the player was in the crease, Jack explains. An annoyed fan behind Jack asks if he can shut her up; Jack smirks and tells him that there is no chance of that.

Lily bemoans to Craig why her mother doesn’t get what she is trying to do. Craig doesn’t think it has to do with the faith she has in her, but rather not wanting to give up control. Lily doesn’t know what to do because these women are counting on her. Craig suggests that she not tell them anything right now. She supposes they have funds to tide them over, but why would she want to lead them on knowing that Lucinda isn’t backing them? He thinks she could find another way. Lily isn’t sure; she can’t go into her own money because Holden would throw a fit. Could she leave Worldwide? Craig doesn’t think that is a smart idea. Her mother’s company is a conglomerate. She could move funds from subsidiary A to B. Does she still have power of attorney? Lily nods; they haven’t changed it back since her mother was sick. Then her mother won’t need to know. Lily thinks this sounds unethical, but Craig blows it off as common practice in the business world. By the time she finds out what she has done, she will already have a lucrative business up and running. Lily decides he is right, but where can she find $100,000?

Finally, some agitated people leave behind Jack and Katie. A woman near Katie asks her if she is the host of that Oakdale talk show? Katie beams as she admits that she is. The woman goes on to tell her that the guy that works with her is a riot. Katie’s smile fades, as she tells her abruptly she isn’t here to talk about work. Jack sees that there is going to be a slap shot as he jumps to his feet cheering. He tells Katie this is what she has been waiting to see, as she jumps up as well. There is a shot and everyone screams, but suddenly the puck flies up into the crowd and connects with Katie’s face.

Lily thinks what Craig is saying sounds suspiciously like embezzlement. He explains that she isn’t buying a car, jewelry or a mink coat with the money. She is simply shifting funds within companies. She will get a return with interest. Lily relaxes again and then thanks Craig for supporting her. Craig smiles and reminds her that she is the only friend he has. She is glad to be smiling because it seems like it has been so long. She hasn’t seen Faith smile in ages. She has been so distant. She took her out the other day and had to take a business call, and Faith wanted to leave with her friend so she let her. She ended up in the woods where a wild dog could have killed her, but Paul saved her. Craig reassures her that wasn’t her fault. Lily admits that she just doesn’t feel like herself these days. Craig reminds her that she just had baby #4 and had been in a coma for months. A lesser woman would have had trouble coming back from that. She laments about the fact that since she stopped taking those diet pills, which were helping, she hasn’t been focused. Why did she stop taking them? She explains that they aren’t healthy, but Craig isn’t sure about that. If she wanted to stop because that was her decision, then that is one thing, but for any other reason… Her problems with Faith are not because of the diet pills, Craig says. Lily explains that she needs to go suddenly.

Vienna hangs up abruptly, as Brad teases her by saying he hopes the man Jean Claude, whom she was talking to was a brother? She quickly explains that he is her lawyer; they are trying to sue her and take all her money. Damn Simon, she declares! He asks what Simon has to do wit this? She explains that she was the one wearing the diamond necklace that Simon ultimately stole, so Prince Adolpho wants his pound of flesh - from her. Brad tries to convince her to forget about it for the time being and get back to where they were, but Vienna is too worked up. She is not going to let them do this! She grabs her mink, puts it back on and storms out of the studio, as Brad watches her go. A few seconds later, she rushes back in to plant a passionate kiss on Brad and then heads back out.

Dallas wants to know why Maddie is really there? She explains that she heard a body had been found in the woods and she worried that her sister had killed more people then originally thought. Dallas explains that it isn’t the same MO. This man was killed by a blunt force trauma to the head, as Maddie swallows hard. Does he know who it is? He can’t get into that with her. She just feels badly for the family because she knows what it feels like to lose someone. She tries to explain that she is not really over what Eve did. Dallas wants her to call him if she needs to talk, but he doesn’t think the family or police would want her back here messing with a body. He escorts her out of the Morgue. Outside, Maddie says her good byes and then circles around and goes slowly back into the Morgue once Dallas has left.

Will tucks Gwen into bed. She thanks him for taking her back; she loves him so much. He returns the sentiment and then heads out so she can get some rest. She closes her eyes to make it look like she is trying to go to sleep. Once the door shuts though, she jumps out of the bed and rushes to the phone to call Maddie. A knock at the door interrupts her; it is Iris. Gwen tries to blow her off saying she is trying to sleep, but Iris won’t be deterred, as she pushes in the door. She knows what they did. Gwen looks distraught.

Katie and Jack are sitting at Al’s. Katie is holding an ice pack on her face. Jack worries that they should go to the hospital, but she won’t hear of it. She feels fine; it doesn’t even hurt anymore, but then laughs and admits that is a lie. She is sure it is just a small bump, as she drops the ice pack down; Jack’s face drops, as he takes a sip of his coffee not knowing what to say. Brad walks in and makes a look of shock when he sees her face. She is going to stop their show with a face like that. Katie immediately whips out her mirror and screams out in horror. Jack tries to make Katie feel better by saying they can put on make-up to cover it. Brad continues; there isn’t enough make-up to handle that. She will have to take a vacation, but she need not worry because he will keep her seat warm. Katie looks worried.

Craig is pacing back and forth on the street corner waiting for Lily. She arrives back with a small bag. Is she all set now? Lily nods. He has to go handle some business. Before he leaves, she thanks him for his encouragement. He smiles warmly back at her. After he leaves, Lily opens the bag, takes out a pill bottle and then pops some pills into her mouth.

Gwen feigns confusion; what does she know? Iris simply answers her by saying she knows about the dead body in the woods. Gwen asks how she knows about that? Iris wonders how she does? Gwen pretends it is just because she was with Margo when she got the news. Iris continues; she has been trying to figure out what is going on with her. She has always been high strung, but she has been even more jumpy then usual. She has been scared of her own shadow. Then there was the dirt on her hands and how she lost her wedding ring. Then she saw Maddie and her acting thick as thieves. Gwen snaps about her spying on them. Why would Maddie be headed over to the Morgue? Gwen looks distraught, as she tries to cover. She is not her babysitter. Iris has figured it out; the body in the Morgue is Adam’s.

Maddie circles the covered body. She nervously approaches it, but then stops. Finally, she gathers up her strength, walks up to the body and reaches for the sheet to look under it.

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