ATWT Update Friday 2/23/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/23/07


Written By James

(Meg’s Apartment): Craig stayed over night. Meg seems content with him there. He asks Meg to come and stay at his place. He gives her examples of how her quality of life would be improved – with no strings attached. Meg doesn’t believe it for a second. He tries to assure her his offer was sincere but she knows he does nothing without an ulterior motive. His persistent offerings do nothing to sway her – even his suggestion that she needs a refuge from Paul pestering her. He promises she can stay as long as she likes and that he won’t touch her (unless she wanted him to). Eventually she tells him she’ll think about it. He leaves momentarily but promises to return soon.

(Diner): Jack has breakfast with the boys, doing his best to make the environment lively. He continues to struggle with being a good daddy. First, he loses track of his daughter Sage’s schedule. He then offers to take the boys to a hockey game. JJ would love to go but Parker sharply reminds him he has band practice and can’t miss another session without failing. Jack finds himself repeatedly apologizing to JJ for being so clueless to his schedule as well. Most of the attention goes to Parker with his ungrateful attitude and bad behavior. When Jack makes the offer for Parker to go with him, he learns Parker hates hockey.

(TV Station): Katie prepares meatloaf recipe and Kim approaches. She seems pleased Katie is motivated and ready to go with the show. The camera man approaches and asks where Brad was. Kim looks concerned he’s not there but Katie isn’t, indicating she could easily carry on without him.

(Home): Margo rustles about, preparing to leave for work. She wonders about Adam (where he could be). Maddie asks certain questions to determine how much Margo know and what she plans on doing to find Adam. Casey comes in with a letter of apology from Adam (the same as sent to Gwen and Will by email). Margo takes the letter and reads the rest but gets too emotional and gives it back to Casey to finish reading.

(Home): Will is concerned about why Gwen seems so out of it. They talk and talk, and when Gwen goes to the computer, she’s stunned to see an email from Adam Munson.

Will asks her to open the email - that he wanted to see what his brother had to say. Gwen said it couldn’t be him. Will opens and reads the email. It’s a letter of apology from Adam. Gwen can’t bear facing Will or the computer while he’s reading the email. After reading the email, Will brush it off while Gwen is left stupefied. When Will goes to get dressed, she grabs the cell phone and calls Maddie. When Gwen mentions the email they got from Adam, Maddie tells her there’s an explanation but she can’t go into it right then. They agree they need to meet as soon as possible.

(TV Station): Katie does her Martha Stewart thing on how to make meatloaf. All seems to be going well until Brad arrives on the set with a Doberman (leashed). The dog suddenly starts barking, startling Katie and of course Brad is tickled. Katie wants to know what the dog is doing there (cameras rolling). Brad introduces Rusty (the dog), petting him, etc. Katie is still not amused, then Jack shows, sees the dog and d tells Kim about the kind of dog it was. When Katie takes the dish out of the oven, Rusty (the dog) jumps on the counter and munches down on the meatloaf. Brad is proud of himself but Jack is livid with his misbehavior and rips him for bringing a police attack dog to the TV station. Brad didn’t think too much of it at first but when Jack told him of the consequences if the dog had attacked, Brad relented. Next to the set, Katie tells Kim she thinks Brad is trying to destroy her career on the show and takes off. Kim returns to the set where Brad turns around and automatically knows he’s in trouble with her. Kim rips into him, letting him know he was an hour late and that if he pulls a stunt like that again, he would be fired. She further tells him she’s tired of the bad working relationship he has with Katie and that he should never try to upstage her. He apologized to Kim and she departs. Brad goes and apologizes to Katie but it doesn’t stick for long as they start sparring again and Brad shuts her down by saying, “It might be hard because you don’t have a husband to cook for anymore.”

(Diner): Jack gets a call back to work and takes a chance on the boys, allowing them to stay at the restaurant and prove they can be trusted to stick to their daily schedule. When Jack leaves, JJ gives Parker a dirty look and chides him for the way he’s treating Jack. With Parker’s indifference, JJ grabs his bags and leave Parker along, sulking over his pancakes.

(Home): There’s a crowd at the house (Margo, Will, Gwen, Maddie and Casey; then Jade and Luke arrives. Will show Jade Adam’s letter but she’s perplexed as to why he’d do that. Maddie breaks in, mouthing off to Jade about Adam, only drawing unwanted attention. Jade and Maddie gets in each other’s face and Will and Luke breaks them up.

(Meg’s Apartment): The apartment manager arrives and wonders when Meg is going to leave. He then tells her the bill has been paid and that other people are waiting for the room. Meg is mystified and asks who paid for the room. When the manager describes a man fitting Craig’s description, she sighs.

Craig later returns to Meg’s room with flowers but no one answers the door. The manager approaches and wants to know what was going on. Craig was surprised to learn Meg plans on keeping the room.

(Margo’s Home): The gang at Margo’s place decides to make breakfast. The boys leave to pick up some groceries with Maddie and Gwen staying behind. After checking the scene to ensure they were alone in the kitchen, they quickly close ranks to assess what could possibly be going on about Adam.

(Diner): Craig arrives where Meg is now a waitress. She asks him how he found her. He seems confused at why she suddenly changed attitude about his offer to move in with him. She made it clear she decided to just stand on her own two feet rather than being manipulated. He STILL doesn’t seem to get it.

(TV Station): Kim and Brad continue arguing. He tells her she’s lost her husband and now taking it out on him. Brad departs and Katie starts crying. Jack comes in and asks her what’s going on. She tells him Mike isn’t coming back. Jack sits beside her and she rests her head on his shoulder.

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