ATWT Update Thursday 2/22/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/22/07


Written By Eva

(Main Street) Will insists on getting Gwen a new ring to replace the one she lost. Gwen tells Will how much she loved the old ring and how badly she feels about losing it. Will tells Gwen that it isn’t a crime to lose things and Gwen tells him it all depends on how something was lost.

( Hughes House) Tom and Casey go over the details of has case and he explains to Casey that he is going to try to get two separate hearings for each of the charges. Tom tells Casey and Maddie that once Adam explains he was the one who set up Will the obstruction of justice charge against Casey will be dropped. Maddie wonders what will happen to Casey if Adam doesn’t return and Tom avoids the question by saying that he is confident that Margo’s police contacts in Ls Angeles Will find Adam. Maddie can’t take the guilt anymore and tells Casey and Tom she is going to Al’s Diner to study and get something to eat. Casey watches Maddie leave and confides to his dad that he is worried Maddie will end their relationship once he goes to jail. Tom assures Casey that Maddie loves him and would never leave him during such a tough time especially since he was so supportive of her when she was going through a rough time last summer.

(Lakeview) Cheri tells Emily not to be nervous because her first guest is one of her best clients and also tells her not to worry about the money because he has an account with her. Dusty calls Emily wondering why she missed an editorial meeting and tells her to meet him at Al’s if she still wants her job at the paper. Emily tells Dusty she can’t talk right now and she will call him later. Cheri thinks Emily’s call was from a jealous boyfriend and thinks that someone else should take Emily’s guest tonight because jealous boyfriends are bad for business. Emily assures Cheri she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that was just a call from her day job.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Paul arrives bleeding from his encounter with the vicious dog and shows Meg her bracelet and explains that Faith was wearing it when she and Parker were cornered by the vicious dog and she dropped it trying to climb onto I high rock to get away from the dog. Paul tells Meg that now he understands the purpose of his gift is to help others and in the process become a man of which she can be proud. Paul thinks this gift has given them both a chance to start over together but Meg insists they have had their chance and it is to late to start over with their relationship. Paul is week and almost faints and refuses to go see a doctor. Paul wants to come inside so he and meg can talk but Meg refuses to let him in the door for fear that he will discover Craig is with her. Paul explains to Meg that she was right and he doesn’t want to spend his time being angry with Craig Montgomery anymore. Paul asks Meg to please come back to him but she insists they don’t have a future together.

(Lakeview) Emily’s first guest arrives and his name is Elliot Emily offers him a drink but he makes it clear that he isn’t there to talk or drink he wants to get right down to business. Elliot tears Emily’s shirt off to look at her body and likes what he sees so he gives her a passionate kiss. Emily doesn’t like how fast Elliot is going or how rough he is being with her so she stops and tells Elliot that she doesn’t like to go so fast and if he doesn’t like her rules he can tell Cheri he wants another girl. Elliot smiles because he likes the fact that Emily is different from other girls and she stood up to him. Elliot agrees to play it nice but just for tonight. Emily smiles because she is pleased that she is in control of a man for once and the two have sex.

(Hughes House) Tom tells Casey that he doesn’t think that he will go to jail because it is his first offense and they will be able to get the obstruction of justice charges dropped but he does worry that they may get a judge who wants to make an example of him.

( Main Street) Margo sees Will and Gwen and wants to question them about where they think Adam may have gone. Will blasts Margo by saying that her two sons ruined his life and she shouldn’t expect either he or Gwen to help her. The sales lady walks outside and tells Will he forgot to sign his receipt so he goes back inside the store. Gwen apologizes for Will explaining that he is really hurt because he has spent his entire life being let down by people he loves and this latest round of let downs by his best friend and his brother has left him very raw inside. Margo tells Gwen that she understands and begins to question her about her relationship with Adam hoping that Gwen can give her a clue as to where Adam may have gone. Gwen confirms that Adam wanted Will to take the blame for Casey’s crime becauuse he thought that he would have a chance with her. Gwen tells Margo she was always very clear with Adam about the fact that he was in love with Will so she can’t figure out why he thought he would ever have a chance with her. Gwen also tells Margo that she has no idea where Adam may have gone and she would be the last person he would contact. Iris arrives and sees Will and the beautiful ring he bought for Gwen. Will explains that Gwen lost her ring last night so he is buying her a ring to replace it. Iris thinks Will is stupid to believe Gwen lost her ring last night.

(Al’s Diner) Maddie writes an e-mail from Adam to his family and friends admitting that he set Will up to take the blame for the robbery and asking them to please forgive him. Susan arrives and thanks Dusty for keeping Emily from losing the newspaper that she loves so much. Dusty tells Susan that Emily hasn’t been coming to work and he wonders if she cares about the newspaper at all. Susan finds this information awkward because Emily has been coming home very late and she just assumed she was working late trying to get the paper of the ground again.

(Wagon Wheel) Paul grabs Meg and tells her he won’t let her go until she tells him the reason why she won’t give their relationship another chance. Meg tells Paul to let her go and manages to wrestle herself away from his grasp and heads towards the bedroom. Paul follows her and sees Craig getting dressed. Paul is stunned and for a moment forgets what he just told Meg about not caring about Craig and yells that he must be happy because he got what he wanted all along. Paul almost faints again and Meg tries to help him to the bed but Paul tells her to leave him alone and he gets more annoyed when Craig offers to take him to the hospital. Paul wonders if Meg loves Craig and when she doesn’t respond Paul tells Meg he will fight very hard to win back her love.

(Al’s Dinner) Maddie finishes the e-mail but Casey walks in before she can send it. Casey wonders what Maddie is doing and she tells him she is writing a paper so he offers to help her with it. Maddie tells Casey she isn’t ready for anyone to read it because she hasn’t had time to proofread it yet. Casey again offers to help her proof read the paper. Maddie lies to Casey and tells him the paper is too personal for him to read. Casey assumes the paper is about him and how he messed up his life gambling and stealing. Maddie tells Casey she loves him and would never write anything about his personal life. Casey assumes Maddie is ashamed of him and what he has done so he stomps out of the diner. Maddie signs Adam’s name to the e-mail and hits the send button.

(Lakeview) Emily overhears Elliot talking on the phone about a big network executive who is getting fired because of his drug use. Elliot asks Emily to keep this a secret because he can’t afford to have the press trace this news back to him.

( Main Street) Iris asks Gwen when she lost her ring and although Gwen is nervous about the question she tells Iris and Will that she lost the ring before she had coffee with Maddie and the only reason she lied to Iris because she didn’t want her to think it was a sign that she and Will shouldn’t be together. Once Iris leaves Will wonders why Gwen is so jumpy and Gwen explains that Margo questioned her about Adam and she didn’t want to deal with the subject so it made her nervous. Maddie calls Gwen to tell her their troubles are over but Will answers thee phone. Will asks her what troubles and before Maddie can think of an answer Gwen grabs the phone and pretends to be talking to Maddie about a broken pot of Margo’s that she broke while gardening. Maddie tells her she took care of the problem with Adam so she shouldn’t worry anymore. Once Gwen hangs up the phone Will gets down on one-knee places the ring on Gwen’s finger and promises not to let anything come between them again. Gwen can’t make the same promise so she tells Will she loves him and gives him a kiss.

(Al’s Diner) Emily tells Dusty shot got a hot lead on a story tonight and sits down to tell him all about the story.

(Hughes house) Margo wonders what they did wrong with their kids since they are all having trouble now. Tom tells Margo their kids aren’t perfect. Margo thinks they have lost touch with their kids and now their family is falling apart. Casey listens to part of the conversation from outside the door and decides not to go inside the house. Casey sits on a bench outside with his head in his hand s when Maddie arrives home and not wanting to intrude on Casey just watches him.

(In the woods) Paul takes a walk while his hand continues to lose a lot of blood.

(Wagon Wheel) Meg cries over her discussion with Paul while Craig holds her in his arms.

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