ATWT Update Wednesday 2/21/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/21/07


Written By Elayna

At the farm, Katie is shocked after hearing Kim’s words about wanting Brad to come aboard WOAK. “Oakdale Now” is her show! She will not be co-hosting with Brad! Kim assures her that she is serious. They make a great team with all the sparks flying. The ratings will be incredible. Vienna makes a comment about Katie not appreciating the kind of co-host Brad is. Kim seems interested in Vienna’s opinion, but Katie can’t take this and when Jack walks in the door, she turns her frustration out on him; this is his fault, she snaps!

At the Wagon Wheel motel, Meg and Craig are kissing. He pulls back and asks if this is what she wants? Meg assures him that it is; she thinks since he has been trying to get her into bed for so long, he wouldn’t be questioning this. Does he have cold feet? There is nothing cold on his body right now, as he pulls her close. He has waited for this for a long time and he wants to make sure she is in the right frame of mind. She might have been impaired earlier, but thanks to him, she is sobered up quite a bit. She knows what she wants and she wants him! She kisses him and Craig reciprocates by picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

In the downtown, Lily is frantically looking for Faith with the help of Faith’s friend and her mom. Should they call the police, they wonder? Lily admits this has happened before and she needs to call Holden first. The woman apologizes, but she needs to pick up her son. Lily thanks them for helping and asks them to call if they hear from Faith. A distressed Lily quickly picks up the phone and calls Holden. He is happy to hear from her and hopes they are having fun. Lily cuts him off half in tears trying to explain that Faith is missing again. Holden doesn’t understand; they were together shopping, plus she was grounded. Lily quickly explains that Faith asked to go with her friend and she finally gave in and let her because they weren’t getting along and she thought she wouldn’t be the enemy. Holden is aggravated. How could she let her leave? Lily cuts him off; this is not helping matters; she knows she was wrong, but it is dark and their daughter is missing so he needs to get down here now, as she hangs up the phone.

In the woods, Parker is yelling for Faith to climb up the rock as far and high as she can. Faith’s bracelet gets stuck causing her to not be able to climb higher. She yanks her writs free and the bracelet falls to the ground. Faith resumes climbing. Faith and Parker are scared and screaming at the wild dog when Paul shows up. He tries to calm them down, as the dog growls and barks in both directions now. Paul grabs a large stick and menacingly waves it at the dog. The dog jumps at Paul, as he dives out of the way and towards the fire. He lights the end of the stick in the flames and again waves it at the dog. Faith yells for Parker to do something to help Paul. Parker throws both his and Faith’s cell phones at it. The dog lunges again and a nervous Parker loses his footing and tumbles off the rock. Paul instinctively steps in front of Parker and then orders him to run and get help, as he races off. Paul continues to try to comfort Faith who is still up on the rock, as he holds the dog at bay.

Holden races up beside Lily. How did this happen? Lily rapidly tries to explain they weren’t getting along and so she thought it might help Faith to see that she trusts her. Holden is angry because they grounded her and letting her leave and do what she wants is counter productive. Lily doesn’t want him to yell because it isn’t helping. Which way did she go? Lily balks and Holden is more upset. How can she not have seen? Lily stammers that she took a call. He can’t believe her; she was supposed to be spending quality time with their daughter. Lily tries to explain it was supposed to be quick. He doesn’t care. Lily yells that he doesn’t need to keep drilling into her that she is a failure as a mother.

Jack doesn’t understand what he did. Katie reminds him that he got Brad the job. Jack doesn’t know what has happened. Katie turns to Kim thinking she can still change her mind because she can’t be that serious about her decision. There is still time to fix this, but Kim doesn’t want to. Katie pretty much hints that it may have to be her or Brad. Kim reassures them both that she has no intention of choosing. They are terrific together. Katie thinks that the correct word is they are a joke together. Katie whirls on Brad and tells him to do the right thing and back out. He taunts her by explaining that he doesn’t quit. She glares at him knowing he loves this. Katie can’t see why Kim doesn’t see this would not make for lasting success. Vienna toys with Katie when she tells her that she wouldn’t know success if it bit her. She needs someone with personality to help her be a success. Jack and Kim are a little frustrated with all the back and forth and jabs. Vienna goads her even moreso when she suggests that Katie doesn’t know what would appeal to millions of viewers when she can’t even hold onto one husband. Katie’s face drops and everyone else is clearly uncomfortable now.

Craig and Meg are lying wrapped up in the covers in bed. Craig is commenting about how he could see them in the future, as Meg seems to be half asleep. Craig softly says her name, as Meg murmurs Paul’s name in response. Craig looks crestfallen. Craig decides to wake her fully. He wanted her aware that he is not Paul. Meg wakes up suddenly and looks embarrassed. She knows he is not Paul, but when Craig explains she said his name, she apologizes. He thinks she told him all he needs to know. Her heart and mind is somewhere else and they probably are moving too fast. Meg reassures him that she is a big girl and she can handle what just happened between them. She has been with Paul for a long time, add the pills and alcohol and that makes her not exactly on top pf her game. Craig sarcastically answers that is not what a man wants to hear in the aftermath of what just occurred. She didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. She doesn’t want him to go, as she pulls him in for a kiss.

Vienna decides to go freshen up so Brad can take her out to celebrate. After she leaves, Jack apologizes to an emotional looking Katie. Kim tells her not to listen to Vienna because she is a ‘twit’ and an airhead. She wants her to try to see things for her side; she has a potential blockbuster show on her hands; it is special with an edge that only they can bring about. Brad tries to add to the conversation but only ends up putting his foot in his mouth, as Jack drags him outside to talk. Once outside, Jack growls at Brad; what is wrong with him? Brad snidely answers back that he doesn’t get him. He gets a job and a promotion within a day and still he finds fault. Jack just doesn’t see why he feels he needs to push Katie’s buttons? A petrified Parker interrupts them. Jack is confused because he thought he was upstairs in bed? Parker pleads for Jack to come with him to the woods because Faith and Paul are in trouble; there is a wild dog. Brad and Jack jump into action, as Jack rushes off with Parker and Brad runs to get a shotgun.

Lily is still trying to get Holden to understand how she came to the decision to let Faith leave, but Holden doesn’t understand how letting their daughter run the show when she is being punished for acting out is working to their advantage? They need to have a united front. She realizes this now and she is so sorry. Holden thinks they should call Jack to see where Parker is, but they are interrupted by Jack’s call to them. Parker is with him and they are on their way to get Faith, but he needs to meet him at the woods and he needs to come quickly. Holden hangs up and relays the message; it doesn’t sound good.

Paul continues to shake the branch with the flame at the dog, but it suddenly goes out and the dog takes the opportunity to lunge at Paul, who falls to the ground trying to protect himself. Faith screeches as the dog attacks Paul. Just as suddenly as it attacked though, the dog races off. Faith climbs down and runs to his side. He is ok but badly bitten on the shoulder with some scratch marks on his face. He promises her that he is ok. He then spies Meg’s bracelet on the ground. Where did this come from? A guilty Faith explains she found it in the trash and thought it was pretty. She decided to wear it. Paul looks at it and remembers his vision of the bracelet falling and the growling, barking dog. He mumbles to himself that he gets it. Just then, Jack, Brad and Parker rush up to see if they are ok. Brad races after the dog and Jack tends to Paul; he has a deep bite, which he needs to get checked out. Soon after, Holden and Lily frantically rush up to make sure Faith is ok. Holden yells at Paul about them warning him to stay away from their kids and now look what happened. Paul looks at him disbelieving.

Craig and Meg are lying in bed ordering a pizza. They are playful, but Meg suddenly is serious. She wants him to know that she did love Paul and while she knew what he was capable of, she still chose to be with him, but she no longer wants that in her life. She thinks it is interesting though because he and Paul are very much alike. Craig grimaces at the comparison. She points out that they are both strong willed, opinionated, manipulative and think they know what is best for her. Craig jokes about how he has more patience because he waited Paul out because he knew it wouldn’t be long before he screwed up. Meg thinks he used opportunities to his advantage though. Craig smiles, but he wants her to know he is her friend first even though she knows he wants more. He knows she is not ready now, but he can wait. He just wants to take away her pain for now.

Kim is sitting with Katie quietly at the table. She needs her help to make this work. They both know that Brad is rough around the edges. Katie jokes about how that is an understatement; he has manners of a baboon. Kim and Katie laugh over this. Kim reminds her that Brad makes her look even better on camera though. Vienna has walked back in and remarks snidely how that is hard to do. Kim shushes her. Vienna thinks that the audience wants to see smart, funny and sexy and that is what Brad is. Kim adds in defense to this that is what the audience has said about Katie, so they are perfect together, as Vienna snarls. Henry walks in commenting about how all the beautiful woman in town are holed up on the farm. Katie is wondering what he is doing here? Why isn’t he still at the party? Everything is fine, but he was worried by the way she tore out of her house that she would be here tearing into Brad. Katie sighs and tells Henry that Brad isn’t a problem anymore. She plans on working with him to give Kim the best show she can, as Henry looks stunned, Kim looks pleased and Vienna looks suspicious. Katie assures Kim that her problem with Brad was not about her inability to share the spotlight, as Vienna laughs sarcastically. She just thought the show would have been better if Brad was not affiliated with it, but she is ok with this now. Kim is thrilled. Henry wonders what she is up to after how much she has disliked him? Katie tells him they should leave and talk elsewhere. Henry stalls not wanting to leave Vienna’s presence, but Katie pulls him out.

Holden demands to know why Paul was in the woods with their kids again? The kids speak up; Paul saved their lives! The dog came after them and Paul stepped in. Do they realize how unsafe now it is to be up here at night? Faith wants a reluctant Holden to apologize, but Holden stalls. Holden isn’t sure it is true, as Paul sarcastically wonders if they think he bit himself? Paul looks at Faith and Parker and tells them that they have learned not to come back up here. They are happy he is ok, which he assures them that he is. He wants them to cut their parents some slack because he knows that their parents realize how lucky they are to have them. He also imagines after tonight, they might appreciate family a bit more. Lily wants to help get Paul to the hospital, but he tells her that he is fine. He just wants them to take Parker and Faith home and enjoy time with them. He walks away but stops to glance down at Meg’s bracelet in his hand.

Meg tells Craig that he can’t help her with what she is going through. He doesn’t believe that. She snaps that her patient died because of her. Craig reminds her that it was one time and one mistake. She doesn’t think that lets her off the hook. He can’t make this go away for her. Craig wonders if this is becoming comfortable to her? A million times, he has wanted to change or fix something he has done. Meg wonders what he did when he hit rock bottom? He relays that he found a way to make peace with it and then garnered up patience to find a way out of it, and he feels confident that she will too. Meg worries because she feels empty and feels as if there is nothing to grab onto. Craig wants her to grab onto him. He may be as far from a white knight as can be, but he can put a smile on her face. He wants her to grab on and not let go, as she pulls him in to appreciatively kiss him again.

At Al’s, Katie explains to Henry that she is not going to fight with Brad; she is just going to do her job. Henry doesn’t follow how she is suddenly so calm after how much he has annoyed her? Katie reminds Henry that Brad left mid-contract negotiations to go shoot something. This move tells her three things: one is that he can’t handle this business, two, he is irresponsible and three, he is easily distracted. She is going to simply sit back and wait for Brad to screw up all on his own, and then she will get her show back.

Jack and Parker are outside the farm talking alone while Brad heads inside. Vienna tells him that she was bored while he was gone. He explains that he was hunting a wild beast. Her eyes light up. Why? He was saving his nephew and niece, who were almost attacked. A giddy Vienna wonders how big it is? Brad spins a little tale, as Vienna throws herself into his arms declaring him a hero. Meanwhile, outside Jack is trying to get Parker to see how stupid of a move they pulled. They could have been hurt or worse. He is worried about how he is acting out. That is not going to bring his mother back. Parker apologizes, but Jack tells him that is not enough – not anymore. Parker reminds Jack that Paul saved their lives and noone wanted to even thank him. Jack acknowledges being thrown by that, but he wonders how Paul even knew they were there? Parker explains that he sees things like he did when Jack disappeared. He even knew Carly was going to leave before she did. Jack reminds him that doesn’t mean he could have done anything; Parker understands this. Parker apologizes again. Jack knows deep down he misses his mother, but she is gone and he has to start accepting that. He is who Parker is left with and he gets that he thinks that stinks, but he is there and is never going to leave. He loves him and he wants Parker to stop punishing himself because it is in no way his fault. A tear falls down Parker’s cheek as he rushes in to hug Jack.

A somber Faith, Lily and Holden arrive home. Are they going to yell at her? Lily suggests that she go get into a nice warm bath and they will be up to talk, but Holden thinks it would be best to just talk in the morning. Once Faith leaves, Holden lights into Lily again. They got lucky, but this can’t happen again. She realizes that. They need to stick to the rules. She can’t buckle if Faith looks at her in a certain way. Lily explains again, how she just wanted to make peace because he had been the one to suggest to her that she pick her battles. Holden reminds her that Faith needs constant supervision right now. Lily is exasperated. Holden doesn’t get that their daughter is falling apart, but she is the one who seems to need to get it together. After everything Paul has done to both of their sisters, they owe their children’s lives to Paul. She needs to think about that for a while, as he stomps out. He is going to check on Faith. After he leaves, Lily goes over to her purse and takes out her pills; she looks at them for a moment and then walks over to the trash and tosses them in.

Meg and Craig are in bed when they hear a knock on the door. They think it is the pizza man as they playfully tease each other about who is getting up. Meg wraps herself in the bed sheets and goes to open the door. She is shocked to find a bloody Paul smiling back at her.

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