ATWT Update Tuesday 2/20/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/20/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Katieís place) Katie gets ready for a viewing party of Oakdale Now with the crew from the TV station and a few close friends. Henry tries to calm Katieís nerves about the show by assuring her that a star will be born again.

(Farm) Vienna comes downstairs and tells Brad they just announced on television that he would be on Oakdale Now with Katie. Brad doesnít want to watch the show but Vienna gives him a few kisses and talks him into it. Craig arrives looking for Meg because he is worried about her. Vienna introduces Brad to Craig and Craig promptly throws Craig out of the house because he doesnít want him anywhere near his cousin. Craig stays just inside the door to eavesdrop and Vienna reads the note that Meg left telling her family she was going to stay at the Wagon Wheel Motel. After he thanks Vienna for the information, Craig heads to the motel.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Meg drowns her sorrows in a bottle of booze and has visions of Milo Shaughnessy telling her that he will never let her forget she caused the death of his wife Sarah.

(Main Street) Lily and Faith window shop and each time that Lily tells Faith she likes something, Faith automatically tells her there is something wrong with the clothes. Lily notices that Faith is wearing Megís bracelet and asks her where she got it. Faith explains to her mother that she found the bracelet in the trash at the farm. Lily doesnít think Meg would throw away such an expensive bracelet so Faith takes her motherís words to mean she thinks that she stole the bracelet. Faith gets angry that her mother doesnít trust her and Lily tries to figure out why Faith is so angry with her. Lilyís conversation with Faith gets interrupted by a business call that takes longer then expected. Faith takes a walk and calls Parker to ask if they can meet each other. Faith then sees her friend Molly who invites her to go shopping with her and her mother. Faith turns down the offer telling her friend that she is spending the day shopping with her mother. Faith then lies to Lily asking her permission to go spend the night with her friend Molly. Lily hesitates a little since Faith is punished but then agrees to Faithís request.

(Paulís cabin) Paul continues to try to figure out the meaning of the vision of Megís bracelet falling off her wrist and hitting a rock. Paul calls Meg to warn her that the visions of her being in danger are getting worse. Meg tells Paul she threw away the bracelet so she isnít in danger anymore. Meg asks Paul not to call her anymore and to stop trying to protect her.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Meg continues to drink and decides to try to get some sleep but as soon as she closes her eyes she sees Milo again telling her she is responsible for Sarahís death. Meg opens her eyes, takes a sleeping pill with some booze, and lays down to go to sleep.

(Katieís House) Katie thanks everyone for coming and sharing such an important night with her. The show begins and Katie gets upset that everyone is laughing at everything Brad said to her and not taking her or the show seriously. Katie canít stand to watch the show anymore and leaves her own party.

(Farm) Vienna is thrilled because Brad is a television star and wants to celebrate by taking a champagne bath with him. Vienna kisses Brad and in between kisses Brad asks Vienna if she would still date him if he werenít a television star. Vienna laughs because she loves Bradís sense of humor and then kisses him again.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Craig knocks on the door and when Meg doesnít answer, he bribes the motel manger to open the door for him. Craig fins a sleeping Meg and sees the pills on the bedside table along with the booze so he carries Meg into the bathroom and puts her under the shower to waken her. Craig takes Meg back into the bedroom once the water wakens her then he walks her around the room because she canít go to sleep. Meg explains to Craig that she wasnít trying to kill herself she just wanted to shut out the world for a while and sleep because she has not been sleeping well since Sarahí death. Craig advises Meg to stop beating herself up about Sarah because she had so many allergies sooner or later someone would have made a mistake and she would have died. Craig tells Meg to remember the many good things she did for so many of her patients and stop dwelling on one mistake. Craig tells Meg that she is a strong beautiful compassionate woman who is capable of finding the answers to her problems inside herself.

(In the woods) Faith and Parker talk about how wonderful Paul is and how happy they are that he listens and understands them. Faith thinks they should buy Paul a poster of the sleeping gypsy painting as a way to thank him for being so kind to them. Parker tells Faith they canít buy the poster online because they donít have a credit card. Parker decides that he and Faith should pool their money and go to Chicago tomorrow and buy the poster for Paul.

(Main Street) Lucinda arrives and offers to help Lily with Faith and assures her that Faith is just going through a normal phase of childhood. Lilyís upset that Holden told Lucinda about the problems with Faith. Lily tells Lucinda that she feels that she and Holden are second-guessing all her decisions both at home and in business and it must stop now. Lucinda tells Lily that her feelings about her baby food project are not personal but rather are just about business. Lucinda tells Lily that she can also offer her advice about Faith or just listen to her when she needs to talk. Lily and Lucinda hug and tell each other they love each other before Lucinda goes home. Lily sees Faithís friend Molly and her mother who tells her Faith turned down her invitation to go shopping and sleep over at her house. Lily is hurt that Faith lied to her again and ran away.

(Farm) A very angry Katie arrives and Brad is so happy he tries to hug her and calls her baby. Katie pushes Brad away and slaps him reminding him she isnít his baby. Katie blasts Brad for ruining her show and making it a joke. Vienna tells Brad not to pay attention to Katie because she is just jealous because he stole her spotlight. Kim arrives and offers Brad a short-term contract to co-host Oakdale Now. Kim explains to Katie that the focus group loved Brad and he has a high Q rating. Katie doesnít like this at all but Brad reminds her they canít refuse the owner of the station.

(In the woods) Faith tells Parker that she wishes Lily would have left like Carly did so she could be alone and live like Paul. Parker tells Faith that he misses Hal but he doesnít miss Carly. A vicious dog scares Parker and Faith and Megís bracelet falls off of Faithís wrist as she and Parker climb a tree to get away from the dog. Faith screams, and Paul hears it as he gets another vision as he hears another scream.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Craig tells Meg that he is going to stay with her tonight even though she wants him to leave her alone. Craig gives Meg a small kiss and she gives him a passionate kiss in return.

(In the woods) Paul finds Parker and Faith and sees the barking dog so he tries to keep the children calm as he takes a stick and tries to distract the dog. Paul thinks that he has things under control until the dog lunges for him.

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