ATWT Update Monday 2/19/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/19/07


Written By Elayna

At the cabin, Holden and Jack are standing in the doorway glaring at Faith and Parker casually chatting with Paul. Holden demands to know what Faith is doing here? When she doesn’t answer, Parker tells him not to blame her. Jack tells both of them to go to the car and wait for them. After the kids leave, Jack demands to know what Paul is up to?

In downtown, Emily is looking through a store window at her reflection lost in space. She remembers her last meeting with a client and how she charged him $1,000. Suddenly, she is startled by Dusty’s reflection in the window as well. She whirls around; what is she doing here, he asks? She is picking something up for Daniel. She is supposed to be a meeting, Dusty abruptly says. She didn’t know there was one. He left her messages and talked with her assistant, perhaps she could check her messages more regularly? Emily stumbles that she needs some personal time. She should take a vacation then, but she needs to let him know when she is not going to be around. Emily snaps that she doesn’t answer to him. Dusty reminds her to check her contract because he has to right to fire her. Emily coldly responds that is noted. Dusty doesn’t understand her; he stuck his neck out for her. Emily promises to meet up with him in the morning. Dusty can see something is wrong with her. She is in trouble and he wants to know what she isn’t telling him?

At Will’s home, Casey is reiterating how sorry he is. It isn’t an excuse, but he was just trying to stay one step ahead of his problem. He will pay it all back to him. Will answers that they are friends and they will get past this. Casey explains that he needs to go because his parents are keeping him on a short leash. He heads for the door, opens it and is met with a furious looking Barbara. She spits at him about how dare he show his face here! He and his brother conspire to rob her blind and then ruin Gwen and Will’s marriage. Is he there to plead with Will to drop the charges? Is he begging for forgiveness? How could he do that knowing full well what would happen? Who has he become?

Outside where Adam is buried, Gwen and Maddie are freaking out looking at a glove or a gloved hand sticking out of the ground. Maddie starts to hyperventilate. Gwen immediately goes to comfort her; they knew he would be here; she needs to relax. They need to focus on finding her ring. They didn’t bury him deep so they are probably going to run into him, Gwen says with an obvious lump in her throat. She is digging around when she thinks she feels something; she pulls it out only to realize it is nothing. Maddie then abruptly jumps backwards. Through tears, she explains that she thought she felt him. She can’t do this anymore. Maddie thinks if they find the body and her ring, they can say that Gwen had taken her ring off because she was mad at Will and Adam stole it from her dorm room before he went missing. Gwen realizes they both aren’t up for this; she decides they need to get out of here. Maddie’s story will have to do. They quickly cover the hole back up and scatter some branches around the area again before they rush off.

Barbara angrily tells Casey that she heard about his problem, but she is going to make sure he goes to jail for what he did. Will tells her to relax. It is one thing to steal from his mother, but to steal from a friend and set him up after he has worked so hard to get his life back is beyond words. Casey just stares at her and listens to all angry words. He simply tells her that he doesn’t blame her if she can’t forgive him; he is sorry though. Margo pops her head in the door and tells Casey to wait in the car. He drops his head and leaves. Margo wants to personally apologize to Will for both of her sons, but Will’s cell phone rings interrupting her and he tells her that they will have to talk another time. He heads in the other room to take it and Margo heads for the door. Barbara then seems prepared to unleash her fury on Margo, as she suggests that she is not going anywhere until they get a few things straight.

Dusty knows that she misses her son and it has been hard on her. She needs to focus on something else, such as work. Emily doesn’t think it is that simple. Dusty thinks it is and she is acting weak. If she is such a problem then he should fire her. He is trying to save her job. She doesn’t need him to save her. She is working on a story here anyway. Dusty doesn’t buy it; is it the same one when she was in the bar, he asks sarcastically? He gets that she feels bad. Emily interrupts him when she snaps at him to not tell her how she feels. No man is ever going to tell her what she is feeling again – not Paul, Craig or him.

Paul smirks, as he tells Jack and Holden that he isn’t up to anything but living in the woods and chopping wood. Jack interrupts him; they are serious and could make this official. This is the second time in recent days their kids have gone missing and they have found them with him. Paul tries to explain that they showed up to see him. Holden comments about how ridiculous that is they would walk 3-4 miles just to see him. Why is he acting like their best friend? Paul thinks they just need someone right now because noone is listening. Holden angrily remarks and that he appointed himself to that role since he is the model of wisdom for good behavior to teach to kids. Paul explains that they were already here when he got home. They shouldn’t worry because their kids are smart, funny and fearless and for some reason they feel comfortable with him. Holden explains that they have been skipping appointments, school and lying; they need structure. Holden doesn’t even know why he is explaining this to him; he isn’t a parent. They want him to stay away from their kids. They better not have to come back.

Margo tells Barbara that she is so sorry for what her sons did. Barbara is going to make sure he goes to jail. Barbara rails that Margo has always looked at her with a smug look on her face, as if she was mother of the year because she supposedly had perfect sons. Everything people say about her is rubbish. Margo wonders why she feels she has to kick her when she is down? Barbara thinks she has never gotten over the fact that she had Tom first and then Hal. Margo smirks at this; is she serious? Barbara thinks she always gloated when her kids got into trouble, but Margo corrects her; she has never wished ill on her kids. Barbara isn’t happy about this either because Casey has been a good friend to Will since he was young. However, her kids would never stab someone in the back! They are thieves and coward! Margo apologizes to her again telling her that her son’s will pay for their crimes and will pay restitution and that is all they can do right now about this, as she heads for the door. Will walks back into the room; was that tirade necessary? Yes, it was because sometimes you need to clear the air. Will tells her that it is not her job to fight his battles. Barbara wonders why Casey and Margo rushed over to see him; she knows it is to butter him up. Will cuts her off; he isn’t going to drop the charges so she doesn’t need to worry. Barbara is thrilled to hear that. Will wants to know why she thinks she needs to clean up after him still? Barbara explains as a mother it is inbred. He is such a forgiving person. Will adds with a smile that is why he is still talking to her. Barbara returns the smile; she has to admit she is partly to blame for this mess.

At Al’s, Maddie apologizes for getting so emotional. She admits to being more scared tonight then when she killed him. Gwen reminds her that it was an accident. Gwen admits to being scared too. She was thinking they should go to the police? Maddie begins to get upset; Margo has been so nice to her; she would never forgive her for killing her son. Gwen reminds her that she was protecting her, but Maddie doesn’t think it would matter. She knows she has no right to ask Gwen not to go to the cops. Gwen thinks it was a way out of this nightmare. Maddie reminds her that they killed Adam, buried him and then they lied to the police. Those are a lot of crimes right there. Gwen realizes she is right. They just hope when they find the body they won’t find the ring. Iris surprises them by walking up behind them. Who is her friend? Gwen introduces Maddie and then Maddie quickly leaves. Iris tells Gwen she read what happened with Casey and Adam. She doesn’t get why Adam would do that to her ‘baby.’ She just wanted to make sure she is ok. Does this mean her music career is over? Gwen answers that it is not happening right now. Iris takes Gwen’s hand and holds it. She looks down at her hand and asks what is on her hands and where is her ring? Gwen quickly pulls her hands back.

Barbara explains she is not waiting around to bail Will out and she does trust his judgment. She did it to support Gwen because she knows what kind of person she is. Will tells her that they worked through this and Barbara is thrilled to hear this. He does appreciate that she loaned them the money and he will pay her back. He appreciates also that she didn’t blame Gwen in all of this. She realizes she has made some mistakes, but she knows the best way to be there for him is to support the people he loves.

Why does she have mud on her finger, Iris asks? Gwen nervously explains that she and Maddie were planting flowers. Iris suspiciously reminds her that it is winter. Gwen explains they were putting them in pots and she took off her ring so she wouldn’t lose it. Iris again suspiciously mentions that they were planting when Casey is in jail? Gwen answers that she was trying to get Maddie’s mind off of Casey’s situation. Iris purrs that she was just worried about her. Gwen tells her that she is fine and quickly heads off. Outside, Maddie nervously meets up with her. Did she hear anything? Gwen doesn’t think so, but she saw the mud on her hands and she is suspicious so they both need to stay away from her. They need to act normal and not tell a soul.

Back at the Farm, Holden and Jack are talking with their kids. They have a problem because they can’t keep running off whenever they chose without telling anyone. They are responsible for one another, and they need to know where they are at all times. Holden asks Parker if he was the one on the phone with Faith when they were at Al’s? Parker looks down. They also know this is not their first time at Paul’s. They don’t want them near him because he isn’t stable. He hurts people. Parker snaps that Jack can’t tell him whom he talks to. Jack assures him that he can. Holden wants to speak with Faith outside. Outside, Holden tells Faith that he doesn’t understand because he thought they were making progress? Why is she spending time with Paul? He is nice, Faith answers simply. Does she not remember Rose? Faith angrily answers that he wasn’t to blame for that. Does she remember that Meg called off her wedding to him? Faith sarcastically answers that she isn’t going to marry him. Holden explains that Paul is only in things for himself. His job as a parent is to protect her; she is grounded for 1 month. An emotional Faith wonders about dance class? She is not going until her grounding is up. She can’t believe he is doing this to her; she expects this from her mom, but not from him. Inside, Jack is upset with Parker; he doesn’t want to ground him but he is leaving him no choice. Can he explain to him what he is doing? Parker somberly answers that he wouldn’t understand. Is he talking to Paul about him and his mom? No. He gets how he feels because he misses Hal and Carly everyday. He does get that it is different for him, but he just wanted him to know that. What did he do because whatever it is, he will fix it? Parker simply tells him noone can fix it.

Emily angrily says that with Paul, she lost a child, her self-respect and almost her freedom and with Craig, he was always threatening her on what she had to do. Dusty explains he is just trying to help her – nothing else. Emily admits she doesn’t know what she wants. He thinks that is the first honest thing she has said today. She needs this job, as Emily bites that he doesn’t get to tell her what she needs. Dusty tells her that he needs an Editor and if she can’t do the job then he will fire her, as he stomps off. Emily looks at her reflection in the store window again and then quickly pulls out her phone. She tells someone that she needs a phone number.

Holden explains that he is not trying to make things worse for her; her mom and he are worried. She is talking back, running away and she still has food issues. Faith tells him that it isn’t about food. Frustrated, she then tells him that he can ground her and lock her up, but can she at least go get her school bag? Holden and Faith walk back inside, as Holden and Jack then step outside to talk. Faith asks Parker if he is grounded? Yes, is she? Yes, as they both roll their eyes.

Cheri saunters over to Emily. She wants to see her? She is surprised since she didn’t take her business card. Emily explains that she is a reporter so she has ways of finding people. Cheri snarls that she enjoys her livelihood and does not intend to jeopardize it for a story. That is not her intention, Emily answers. She made an assumption the other night that she was a pro working her turf, but she isn’t. She has to admit that she is intrigued though. There is a certain level of flattery she felt that she thought she could entice men that way; she thinks she wants to try something new. She doesn’t want anything long-term. She wants to understand what it is like to say yes or no, but in the end, it is up to her. Cheri pauses, smiles and then tells her that this works for her.

At Al’s, Casey asks Margo why she showed up at Will’s? He had told her that he would be there. If she wanted to talk then why hasn’t she said a word to him since they got in the car? Margo admits that she wasn’t sure he would be there. He is going to face the charges, Casey offers. Just because he is out on bail, doesn’t mean he is going to skip town. Did she think that? Margo admits that she wasn’t sure. He could follow in his brother’s footsteps. He assures her that he isn’t going to leave town like Adam. He hasn’t heard from him and he doesn’t think anyone has.

Gwen races in the door of her home and starts to pull off her jacket and gloves to get cleaned up when Will walks in the door surprising her. She stops pulling off her gloves. She didn’t know he was here? He just got back. Casey, Margo and Barbara had all come by, which was fun. Gwen answers that she doesn’t feel sorry for Casey because if it weren’t for him then none of this would have happened. Will slightly defends Casey; originally, this started because he was trying to help her. She sadly says she just wants things to go back to the way things were. Will reminds her that they are ok. He looks down at her gloved hand; she couldn’t find her ring? Gwen explains that she couldn’t and she had looked everywhere. Will assures her that he doesn’t care about the ring, only her. She should take off her coat and gloves and he will show her how much he loves her, as he reaches for her gloves and Gwen looks nervous.

Emily is happy they have agreed to work with one another. Cheri corrects her; Emily works for her. She explains the deal; she sets her up at the bar with dates and her rate is $500 and it is 60/40. Emily looks at her and then tells her casually that she gets $1,000. Cheri smiles. $1,000 it is then. If she is ready to start then she will see her later at the bar.

Holden recognizes that both their children have been forced to deal with a lot in the past 6 months. It is tough on the kids because they are convinced they have to figure this out on their own. Both Holden and Jack agree that 1 month constant supervision should do the trick – at least they hope. They just need to stay on top of things. They both look at one another nervously and a bit overwhelmed. Meanwhile, inside Faith tells Parker that if they take their phones away then they can still IM. She goes to throw something away and sees Meg’s bracelet in the trash. She pulls it out and remarks how pretty it is. Parker tells her that he doesn’t know whom it belongs to, so she should just keep it. Faith drapes it over her wrist and looks at it happily.

At the cabin, Paul is sitting in front of the fire; he has another vision of Meg’s bracelet falling onto a rock and a barking, growling wild dog/wolf.

Casey reassures Margo that if he hears from Adam, he will tell her. He also promises that he won’t jump bail, and he is very sorry again. Margo is happy to hear this, but she wants him to stop apologizing. They will get through this as a family. She knows he is overwhelmed, but she doesn’t want him to give up because he and his brother have long lives ahead of them. Casey is sure Adam will come back. Margo thinks it has to be a matter of time between the APB and his conscience that he has to come back. Maddie has walked into Al’s behind them and is nervously listening to them talk.

Gwen pulls back from Will and tells him that she needs to get something out of the car. He offers to do it, but Gwen tells him to go to the bedroom and she will be right in. She walks outside, stops and looks around. She sees snow on the railing and quickly heads over to it, pulls off her gloves and rubs her hands in the snow to clean them off. She then heads back inside once they look clean. Iris, who has been hiding behind a bush, sees this. Gwen heads back inside and into the bedroom.

We see the area where Adam is buried and now in clear view, sitting on top of the dirt, is Gwen’s wedding band.

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