ATWT Update Friday 2/16/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/16/07


Written By James

(Restaurant): Lily, Holden and Faith are just outside the restaurant where Lily has a business meeting scheduled. She seems very relieved Holden has returned to help deal with problems at home with Faith. Holden is just as happy to be back, reassuring Lily this will be alright. They lose sight of Faith temporarily and upon entering the restaurant, find her sitting in a booth. They attempt to talk about her first session with the shrink but she reveals very little, continuing to spout barbs at Lily.

(Home): Paul has another flashback of the bracelet falling and suddenly leaves.

(Home): Gwen gets out of bed frantically looking for her wedding ring. Will tries to calm her down but she keeps freaking. He tells her he knows why she took it off and this comment throws her. She starts asking why he said that. He tells her he though she did it when thinking he wasn’t the guy he thought she married. She assures him that wasn’t the case. She suddenly reflects on the site where she and Maddie buried Adam, and then starts getting dressed leave the apartment. Will offers to go with her but she snaps against the idea, causing him to pause and wonder what’s really going on. He relents and tells her she can go but when she finds the ring, be sure to bring it back so he can put it on her finger again. They kiss and she leaves.

(Home): Casey is wondering where Adam is and attempts to call him. Maddie grabs the phone out of his hand, telling him to let Adam alone. Casey is restless and remorseful for all the trouble he’s caused. He also think Adam too is sorry for some of his mistakes, that the thought of what he’d done to Will must be “killing” him. This word triggers Maddie into a stupor – which Casey notices. She then apologizes for ripping the phone out of Casey’s hand when he tried to call Adam. Casey gets restless to the point of leaving, leaves to go and apologize to Will and Gwen.

(Home): JJ returns from school and Jack is waiting. Upon not seeing Parker, he asks JJ where Parker is and JJ mutters uncertainty at first. As Jack presses him on where his brother was, JJ snaps, “I don’t know where Parker is, ok!”

(Restaurant): Growing more intolerant of Faith’s insolence, Lily leaves the dining table and approaches the counter where she secretly pops a pill. Faith complains to Holden about how Lily doesn’t trust her, treats her like a baby, etc. Holden listens but reads the riot act to Faith about disrespecting her mother – making it clear he would not tolerate it. Faith’s cell phone rings; Parker is calling from outside the restaurant and summons her out to meet him. Faith makes up a story (lies) to get out of eating to meet her friend for study. Lily offers to drive her to her friend’s place but Faith gets defensive and Lily eventually allows her to go alone. After Faith leaves, Holden is mystified why she’s so angry at her mother. Faith and Parker meets up outside the restaurant and merrily departs.

(Restaurant): Lily expresses how she’s losing her patience with Faith, but Holden is reserved, wondering what could be going on. Lily becomes defensive after learning Holden and Lucinda had talked a business venture Lily is considering (against Lucinda’s instincts) and the recent situation with Faith running away. Lily was immediately angry at the idea of Holden and Lucinda talking behind her back.

(Paul’s Place): Parker takes Faith there but she doesn’t recognize the place and asks Parker about it. He tells her its Paul’s hideaway then they enter. Inside they mope about but its clear Faith is uncomfortable and Parker tells her she could go if she wanted. She took him up on the offer and bolted for the exit. When opening the door, Paul was standing at the entrance carrying groceries.

(Home): Jack and JJ have a heart to heart about some of JJ’s feelings of where he fits in the family. Jack assures him how much he’s loved and is fully a part in the family, being more help to him at the house than Parker. JJ tells Jack he wonders why Parker gets away with so much. Jack admits he’s been lax on Parker some in view of Parker’s recent life challenges. When Jack again asks about what he knows about Parker hangouts, JJ tell him Parker doesn’t communicate with him any more than he does with Jack.

(Home): Casey/Maddie: Casey asks Maddie if she wanted to go with him to Gwen’s place but she declines. Casey expresses his appreciation to Maddie for her support but she doesn’t feel worthy. Casey leaves and Maddie grabs her coat and takes off after him, but as she rushes out the door and calls him, Gwen arrives and stops her – asks her where she’s going. Gwen is a nervous wreck. When Maddie tries to talk about how bad Casey is feeling. Gwen has no sympathy for him in view of what Casey had done. She then tells Gwen she’s lost her wedding ring and tries to recruit Maddie to go back to the site where they buried Adam in order to find the ring. Maddie at first refuses to go but when Gwen decides to go it alone, Maddie relents, taking responsibility for killing Adam. They gather digging tools and take off for the site.

(Restaurant): Lily and Holden continue the discussion about his talking with Lucinda about her. Eventually Lily cools her jets some and Holden takes off for work, leaving Lily at the restaurant.

(Paul’s Place): Paul offers Parker and Faith a soda – but she declines. Paul sits down and asks them about how they’ve come the point of breaking into his house and not doing thing kids their age should be doing. He makes the environment comfortable for them and asks them what their problem is with their parents. They both open up to him, asking what he did when in such conflict. He tells them he escaped.

(Will’s Place): Will is sitting and reflecting on his recent troubles when he hears a knock at the door. It’s Casey and he wants to talk. Casey begins by apologizing and confessing to Will for betraying their friendship. Will forgives him but says he can’t speak for Gwen; that she’s dealing with her own guilt of not trusting him. They discuss the possible legal consequences for Casey and for the moment Casey seems strong in what might come. Eventually Will ask Casey whose idea it was to frame him on the bonds, Casey’s or Adam’s.

(Home): Jack tries to console JJ some, understanding why he feels hurt at not being treated the same as Parker. JJ leaves to go to his room and Jack gets on the phone to find Parker when Holden arrives. They began to compare notes on Faith and Parker’s schedule and in a single phone call determine they’re likely together – again. Jack and Holden prepare to go on a search for them.

(Paul’s Place): Parker and Faith gets more relaxed and listens to Paul as he tried to share some of his heartaches as a child dealing with his parents. He tells them he dealt with it by using his head instead of his feet. As Paul shared his stories of how he used fantasy to deal with problems in life, it gets Parker and Faith’s attention. Soon Paul gets emotional on the subject and Parker and Faith draws in to him. He’s clearly their go-to guy when they need to escape their troubles.

(Burial site): Gwen and Maddie pours over the burial site, frightened at the slightest noises in the area. They get their digging tools and began sifting through the dirt to find Gwen’s wedding ring.

(Restaurant): Lily has a business meeting on her project proposal. The other parties to the proposal suddenly reveal some increases in the amount to start the business up. They give Lily the option of discussing the matter with Lucinda but she cuts the conversation short; assuring them she could handle the matter. Lily then takes out her check book to pay for whatever the costs would be.

(Paul’s Place): The cabin is aglow with rare cheer for Parker and Faith. They are so comfortable with Paul to the point of sharing elementary jokes. Amidst their fun and laughter, the door bursts open, Holden and Jack entering. Jack asks, “What are you doing with our kids here Ryan?”

(Will’s Place): Casey tells Will how he got involved with letting Adam convince him to keep quiet about the bonds. Will shares how betrayed he feels by Adam, not just what he did to him, but to Gwen as well. Casey adds how weird Maddie acts when hearing Adam’s name, as if she wish she’d never hear of him again.

(Burial Site): It’s fully dark and both Maddie and Gwen, with only a flashlight to guide them are frantically digging to find the ring. Soon a hand figure (or dark glove) appears through the ground and they both jump back, startled.

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