ATWT Update Thursday 2/15/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/15/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Farm)† Jack is upset that Parker hasnít done his chores and is late for school and he tells Parker to hurry up and go to school and he can do his chores later.† .† Meg comes downstairs and gives Parker a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for his help in the barn.† Parker stomps out and tells Jack that he will go do his chores now.† Meg explains that Parker saw her having an emotional breakdown in the barn when he came in to do his chores and he helped her by making sure J.J. and Sage didnít see her that way.† Meg tells Jack that he shouldnít worry too much because Parker is a good kid.† Jack tells Meg that Bob told him that she admitted she caused the death of Sarah Shaughnessy.† Jack wonders if Meg also planted the diary to cover her tracks.† Meg tells Jack she caused Sarahís death and she is willing to face the consequences and who planted the diary isnít important now.† Jack explains to Meg that planting evidence is a felony and if she takes the blame for the person who planted the diary she could go to jail for a long time.†

(TV Station)† Katie tapes her first Oakdale Now show in which she gives her audience a tour of the studio and tells them what they should expect on the show.† As Katie shows her audience her office, she trips and falls over Brad who is sleeping in her office after a late night poker game with the crew.†

(Hughes House)† Margo continues to call all of Adamís friends in L.A. to find out if Adam has gone to visit any of them but none of Adamís friends have seen him.† Margo asks Maddie if she has seen Adam and Maddie pauses searching for an answer but is saved from having to answer the question when Casey walks through the door with Tom.†

(Gwen and Willís house)† Gwen has a nightmare that she goes to put flowers on Adamís grave and he rises from the grave and tells her that she and Maddie took his life so he is going to take her voice from her.† Gwen shouts no and calls Willís name before he awakens her.† Will holds Gwen to try to calm her nerves.† Will asks Gwen about her dream and she lies and says that she dreamed that he would leave her because she trusted Adam instead of him.† Will tells Gwen that he wonít ever leave her because he loves her in spite of everything and because he knows they were both tricked by Adam.† Will tells Gwen that he has a great idea that is going to help them concentrate on their future.†

(Hughes House)† Tom and Margo tell Casey that his grandfather Bob has found a great group for people who are fighting a gambling addiction and he is going to start going to the meetings.† Maddie wants to leave and go to Java because this is a family discussion but Casey asks her to stay because she also needs her help to battle his gambling addiction.† Tom and Margo also tell Casey that they are going to restrict his access to the computer and he will have to move out of the dorm.† Maddie assumes that she will have to move out of the house but Tom and Margo tell her she is more then welcome to stay because she has become a part of the family.†

(TV Station)† Katie introduces Brad to the audience while he tries to clean up the mess he made in the office.† Brad is cleaning Katieís desk when he accidentally hits her in the nose with a pizza box.† Katie yells cut but Kim loves the chemistry between Brad and Katie so she tells Katie they will keep rolling and edit things out later.†

(Farm)† Jack suspects that Paul wrote the diary because he wanted to protect Meg but when Meg still refuses to say a word. †Jack then shifts his suspicion to Craig.† Jack carefully watches Megís face when he mentions Craig wrote the diary and from her expression he figures out Craig wrote the diary.† Jack tells Meg to warn Paul because once Craig knows he is being investigated he will try to shift the blame to Paul.† Jack tells Meg that Sarah Shaunesseyís family deserves to know that Sarah didnít kill herself and that she owes them that much.† Meg stomps out of the house to avoid more questions from Jack and a few minutes later Paul arrives to check on Meg.† Jack decides to have a chat with Paul and Paul assumes it is about Parker so he promises to distance himself from Parker.† Jack is about to tell Paul about what Craig did when Meg arrives and tells him to stop involving Paul in her problems.† Meg tells Jack she is moving out of the farm.† Jack reminds Meg that they are family and he loves her and makes her promise to call him when she finds a place to live.† Jack goes outside to check on Parker who isnít happy to see him. †Jack asks Parker to go see the therapist so he can talk to someone about what is upsetting him.† Parker reminds Jack that he isnít his father and he canít tell him what to do.† Jack tells Parker that he may not be his father but he has loved him since the day he was born.† Jack tells Parker that he knows he misses his mother but he has to let these feelings out so he can move on with his life until his mother comes back.† Parker shouts that he hates his mother and he doesnít care if she ever comes back to Oakdale.† Jack explains to Parker that he is doing his best so that all of his kids are happy and he asks Parker to let him back into his life again.†

(TV Station)† Brad continues to clean Katieís office and he finds her butt buster and asks her to teach him how to use it.† Katie doesnít want to do it at first but Kim asks her to do so she and Brad begin to do squats together.†

(Gwen & Willís House)† Will wants Gwen to finish the demo.† He tells her that they just need to find a new producer since the demo is almost completed and it shouldnít be too much work.† Gwen gets very angry and tells Will she doesnít want to work on anything Adam touched.† Will is puzzled by Gwenís reaction and thinks that Gwen just doesnít want to work with him because he isnít Adam.† Gwen explains that she just doesnít want to be reminded that because of Adam she almost ruined her marriage.† Will then suggests that Gwen should go back to school but she insists she needs a break so she can decide what to do.†

(Farm)† Paul tells Meg he is happy that she took his advice and told the truth because even though things are bad they could have been worse.† Paul has a vision when he touches Meg that involves her bracelet falling off her wrist and hitting a rock.† Paul tells Meg about the vision and explains that he felt her feelings at that moment and she felt like she was scared she would die.† Meg tells Paul she doesnít care what happens to her anymore.† Paul asks Meg to promise him she will take care of herself and tells her he wonít bother her again.† Meg finishes packing and recalls Paulís words to her so she takes off her bracelet before she leaves the house with her suitcases.†

(Hughes House)† Maddie tells Casey that he will beat the gambling habit but Casey tells Maddie he is afraid he wonít be able to stop gambling without her help.† Casey explains to Maddie that she is the only person who understands him and he needs her to stay at the house.† Maddie explains to Casey that she canít stay because she is afraid that she will disappoint Tom and Margo.† She doesnít want to take that chance because they have been so good to her.† Maddie holds Casey and tells him she loves him and that she is sorry and hopes that he wonít hate her someday.† Casey is puzzled by Maddieís words but he thinks itís just Maddie being Maddie and smiles at her.† Maddie asks Casey not to tell Tom and Margo he told her about Adam first because they may be hurt that he didnít tell them about Adam.†

(Gwen & Willís house)† Gwen tells Will to go to the library and study because she needs to get some sleep so Will starts to leave and Gwen runs into his arms and they start to make love.†

(TV Station)† Kim looks at the tape of the show and loves the chemistry between Mike and Katie and thinks the new show will be a hit.† Brad tells Katie he thinks that she will be a good host for the show but she needs a voice coach because she tends to swallow her words.† Katie gets angry and throws Brad out of her office.†

(Hughes House)† Casey canít understand how Adam could just let him and Will to take the blame for the robbery.† Maddie tells Casey she doesnít think that she is what he needs right now but she loves him very much.† Casey is once again puzzled by Maddieís words but they just hold each other and sit quietly together.†

(Will & Gwenís house)  Will assures Gwen once more that he loves her and that he will never leave her.  Will notices that Gwen isnít wearing her ring and asks her about it.  Gwen recalls she took off her ring when she was digging Adamís grave and then she tells Will she doesnít know where her ring could be.

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