ATWT Update Wednesday 2/14/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/14/07


Written By Elayna

Preempted for 5 min due to news about Nor’easter in Massachusetts.

In the woods, Gwen and Maddie duck behind a rock for cover when they hear Jade and Will close by calling out for Adam. They are about to stumble upon Gwen and Maddie when Will’s cell phone rings interrupting their search; it is Margo. She apologizes for bothering him tonight, but she is looking for Adam. Will quietly tells her that he hasn’t seen him. She asks if he is ok and he quickly answers that he is fine. He is sorry he couldn’t help any further though and then hangs up quickly. Afterwards, Margo turns to Kim and remarks that he sounded funny. She would have understood him sounding furious but he didn’t. There is something wrong. Jade asks if he thinks Margo has a clue what Adam did, but Will doesn’t think she does. She sounded upset, but she was trying to be nice. He changes his mind; he thinks they should tell Margo what they know about Adam. Jade wonders if they might lose his trail, but Will thinks it is the right decision. He doesn’t feel angry anymore but just sad. He admits that Margo has always treated him fairly and he feels he owes her that she hears this from him. They head off as Gwen and Maddie sit quietly having listened to this whole exchange. Maddie remarks that they have started figuring it out about Adam. Gwen scrambles over to where Adam is half buried saying that they are going to make it look like Adam simply ran off. She hurriedly starts to dig the remainder of the hole with her hands again. Maddie offers to finish so she can go, but Gwen answers that they are going to finish what they started together.

Brad walks into an office at WOAK and mumbles to himself about how nice this office is and how he would like to have it. Vienna wanders in behind him; she almost never gives people second chances, she teases. He sweetly remarks that he will never need another one and he quickly grabs the rose off of the desk and hands it to her. He is working on a big project to pitch to the other executives. However, now with her standing there looking so good, business is the last thing on his mind, as he pours her and himself a drink. He makes a toast to her being with him on the most romantic night of the year. He dims the lights, closes the door and pulls her tightly in as he kisses her.

At the hospital, Meg is profusely apologizing to Bob for her role in her patient’s death. She didn’t mean to let him down. Bob wants to know what happened? She explains that she was preoccupied when Sarah told her about her allergies and she missed make a notation of one of the medications, which ultimately killed her. She can’t live with it any longer. Craig is listening intently as Bob asks her about if she planted the diary in Sarah’s room? Meg recalls Craig telling her how he put himself on the line to help her and that they are in this together now. Bob asks her again. Is the diary a fake? Meg glances at Craig and then asks Bob if it really matters? It was her responsibility to care for Sarah and she failed. Bob thinks it matters because it lead to a chain of events; her husband terrorized the hospital and then a criminal case began after her sister was not convinced of the diary’s authenticity, all the while she remained quiet and continued lying. Does she know anything about the diary? She doesn’t see how it matters. Bob thinks it will matter to the police. Meg swallows hard. How could she do this to her patient and to the hospital? Meg knows it is all her fault, but Bob surprises her when he confesses it is his fault. He hired her back when he knew that she had already lied and falsified records. He ignored her past and look what happened as a result. Meg looks distraught. He then informs her that she is no longer a nurse with Memorial Hospital. He will be telling the Board and the Police about their conversation. He walks away and as an afterthought suggests to her that she reconsider her thoughts about getting a lawyer. Meg is devastated, as Craig rushes to her side to offer her comfort.

Vienna and Brad are kissing, undressing and getting frisky lying on top of the desk. Suddenly the door opens, the light goes on and a horrified Katie is standing there staring at them, as Brad and Vienna stare back.

At home, Kim is making Margo something to eat even though Margo tells her that she isn’t hungry. Kim reminds her that she needs to keep up her strength by eating and resting because her family needs her. Margo is stressing about where Adam is. It is not like him to disappear; his family needs him especially tonight. Will and Jade knocking interrupts their conversation. Margo jumps up when she sees them, commenting to Kim that she knew something was wrong. She opens the door and Will apologizes right away for having to tell her this. He blurts out that it wasn’t Casey that set him up it was Adam. He must have figured out Casey stole the bonds and then used this to set him up. Margo is instinctively shaking her head no. Why would he ever do that? Will continues; he wanted Gwen. They have been looking for him, but they can’t find him; they thought she deserved to know. Margo still doesn’t think this can be. Jade explains that she had been at her house earlier and Adam was packed and ready to head out of town. She stole his keys and tossed them in the bushes thinking it would slow him down. Margo stops professing Adam’s innocence and their words start to sink in. She realizes that when Tom was angry about how Casey’s worst crimes were that he could obstruct justice and plant evidence against his friend, but Casey never said a word. He never said a word, she repeats; he just asked to see Adam.

Maddie and Gwen finish up burying Adam. They place a couple of branches over the newly dug make shift grave. Maddie is emotional again and wonders if they end up finding this place? She will tell them it was all her. She will not let this ruin Gwen’s life. Gwen reminds her that they need to get cleaned up. Maddie tells her to go first, and then she takes another branch and sweeps the ground with it to get rid of any evidence of footprints. She takes one final look at what they did and then rushes off.

Brad and Vienna are getting dressed, as Katie stands there in a huff. Why does she always have to ruin his fun? Vienna wonders why she wouldn’t knock before entering the office? Katie snaps about why she would ever knock before coming in her own office. Vienna looks surprised, but Brad quickly suggests the guard showed him to the wrong office. Katie is spraying cleaner on the desk, as Brad and Vienna jump away. She then grabs Brads tie to rub the cleaner in. He comments about how she used a silk tie. Katie isn’t really concerned. She is going to call Kim and let her know what they were up to on her desk so they are never allowed back in here, as she picks up her phone. Vienna sneers that Katie must think it is only ok to have sex with someone who is not her husband. Katie looks ready to snack her when Jack walks in. Brad sighs; is he checking up on him? Jack explains he was wondering if he was going to need a ride home. What is going on, he asks noticing how tense it is? Katie sarcastically comments about Brad researching foreign markets, which is not lost on Jack. He hopes his brother had fun because he better get back to work now. Brad ushers Vienna out of the office. Katie glares after them and then picks up the phone again telling Jack of her plan to call Kim to get the kicked out of here indefinitely. Jack takes the phone from her and tells her that she doesn’t want to do that.

Margo and Kim arrive at the police station. Margo can’t believe that Will is right about Adam. Kim thinks she just needs to talk to Casey to sort this out. Meanwhile, Casey is waiting in the interrogation room for his mom. He asks Dallas if he could check on Maddie; he told her something earlier that upset her. He is kicking himself because he promised to take care of her after everything that happened last summer. Dallas agrees to go check on her for him. Margo comes into the room; Casey is nervous something happened to his dad, but Margo tells him that he is fine. She saw Will and Jade earlier and someone came up in conversation – Adam.

Maddie is about to head inside Tom and Margo’s when she sees Will and Jade outside, so she ducks back to hide. Will is talking about how he wonders if Casey will admit what Adam did; he has always looked up to him. He also feels badly for Margo because of what is going on with both her sons. Jade thinks he should start worrying about himself. Will agrees; he is happy that it is over and he and Gwen got through this and Adam didn’t win. He thanks her because she opened his eyes to the truth. Jade explains that she owed him and Gwen. When he gets home, she wants him to tell Gwen that she is happy for them both. After they leave, Maddie comes out from her hiding place. She remembers seeing Adam pushing himself on Gwen and then hitting him. She shakes off this horrible image and quickly heads inside.

Meanwhile, a distraught Gwen has arrived back home. She hurries into the bathroom and pulls off all her clothes, tosses them boots and all in the hamper and rushes to get into the shower. She wants to wash what they did down the drain. She stands there silently crying and almost hyperventilating, as the dirt washes down the drain.

Craig waits for Meg to collect all her belongings from her locker. She tries to put on a brave face. He thanks her for covering his part in the diary. She doesn’t think there is any use in them both going down. Craig doesn’t think she needs to go down at all; he has a team of terrific lawyers. Meg stops him; she doesn’t want his help because she has already gone down. Craig apologizes for the problem the diary is now causing. Meg thanks him for saving her life when the man was going to shoot her. He can’t fix this for her because what she did was wrong; she can’t cover it up anymore because she needs to pay for it. Craig remarks that her way of thinking is foreign to him, but he respects the woman she is. Meg laments that she has been fired and could go to jail, but that will be nothing compared to having to tell Emma.

Katie snips at Jack that he may be bigger and can take the phone away, but as soon as he leaves, she is calling Kim. Jack is amazed she is that angry over Brad. Does she really want to get him fired? Katie is surprised that Brad was telling the truth about having a job there. Jack pleads with her to give him a chance. Katie sarcastically remarks that he needs to be hosed down because she always sees him draped over the floozy Vienna. Why does that matter? Katie explains that she hates that she always throws Simon and Mike in her face. She knows she screwed up and she would take that from him but not from her. She has destroyed her life and her job is her only lifeline. She doesn’t want to have to deal with this in the one place she has left. Jack thinks she won’t have to worry long because once Vienna realizes Brad’s job she won’t have much use for him. Outside, Vienna wonders where Brad’s office is? Brad deflects her question by saying he needs to get back to work. She grabs his gloves out of his back pocket; why would he need these then?

Maddie comes downstairs with her dirty clothes and throws them in a plastic bag and heads for the door to take them to the trash. Dallas who is about to knock surprises her. She tries to explain that she was taking out the trash to help Margo. Dallas wonders why she would be worried about that when it is dark out and she is in her pajamas? Maddie changes the subject as to why he is there? He came by because Casey wanted him to check on her because he thought she was upset. Maddie blows it off; she is fine. He is curious as to what is going on because Margo just showed up to talk to Casey; that is not how it usually goes once someone is in lock up. Maddie doesn’t offer up any knowledge to what is going on. Dallas then asks to talk to Adam, which leaves Maddie trying to subtly cover her anxiety.

Margo tells Casey that she had a conversation with Will and Jade about how Adam was the one who set Will up. Casey feigns confusion. He doesn’t know why they would say that. They say he wanted Gwen to himself. Casey doesn’t say anything. She wants the truth. He admitted to gambling, stealing the bonds and trashing Crash, but he never admitted to setting Will up. When Tom took the obstruction and set up of Will the hardest, he never said anything in his defense. All he asked about was to talk to Adam. Did he set Will up? Casey pauses then admits he didn’t. Did he know Adam did it? Casey is not talking anymore; she needs to talk to Adam. Why would he lie? Casey explains that with everything he put her and his dad through, he wanted her to have one son that she could still be proud of.

Bob walks into the police department and sees Kim; he wonders what she is doing there so late? Margo is here dealing with something with Casey. She is worried about her, but Bob is glad she is there with her. Why is he there? He tells her that he is here on business. He asks a police officer if Jack is around? He needs to report a crime.

Gwen is leaning against the wall breathing heavily and silently crying when Will calls her name. He opens the curtain and grabs her into his arms when he sees how distraught she is. He comforts her; it is over. She apologizes repeatedly. He tells her that she didn’t do anything, but she explains that she was horrible. Will reminds her this was all Adam’s doing because he wanted her for himself. Gwen is blubbering about how she should have walked away; she didn’t want to see who he was. He reminds her that Adam set her up. That is not an excuse, she answers. She wanted to be famous and so she did what he said. Through tears, she begs him to forgive her. Will takes her tightly in his arms.

Vienna asks why Brad has gloves? Brad asks if she knows who Andrew Carnegie is? He owned all these Companies, but he got to the top by doing real jobs. He is going to own this network one day, but he wants to prove himself to the people he works with by working in the trenches first. He doesn’t want her to blow his cover. Vienna smiles, kisses him gently and tells him that he is never a bore. After Vienna leaves, an employee of WOAK walks up and asks Brad if he plans on working anytime tonight? Brad smiles in his charming way and then says he is going to work, but he thinks it is time for a break now.

Jack explains to Katie that he has too much on his plate right now to check on and worry about Brad. Katie realizes she is part of the reason he is so overwhelmed. She agrees not to say a word to Kim. She again wonders how he ended up with a brother like Brad? He makes her want to throw things. Jack smiles and tells her to give it time because a couple of weeks after, she will want to kill him. Katie grins.

Craig pleads with Meg for her to let him do something. She can’t; she killed Sarah and put her husband and sister through hell. She is a disgrace to the hospital and her family. She wants to be alone, so if he could just let her get out of the hospital without crying. She thanks him for all he has done and then heads off.

Margo tells a police officer about Adam. She grabs a family photo off her desk, mentioning she never thought she would be using this to put an APB out on her son. She recalls how much Hal loved Adam. There must be something else she can do. She picks up her cell phone and leaves another message for Adam telling him she knows what he did. There is an APB out for him so she wants him to trust her that she will help him. She can only help him if he comes home.

Meanwhile, the scene cuts to the empty quiet woods where Adam has been recently buried.

An anxious Maddie wants to know why Dallas wants to talk to Adam? He explains he thinks Adam may help since Margo is having such a hard night. Maddie makes up a story about how Tom is sleeping and she doesn’t want to bother him by going upstairs and getting Adam up. Dallas accepts this and decides to leave. As he is heading out the door, Maddie asks him to tell Casey that she is sorry. He is confused as to what she would be sorry about? Maddie doesn’t answer, so he heads out. At the last minute, he grabs her trash bag and tells her that he will put it in the barrel. An extremely nervous Maddie watches Dallas take the bag, toss it out and then thankfully leave.

Will is holding a distraught Gwen in the shower. It is over, he promises. She barely gets out that she wants him to promise to never ask her to forgive him again. He doesn’t follow. Gwen sobs quietly and answers softly that she couldn’t take it. Will reassures her that they will be fine, as he holds tightly to a shivering Gwen.

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