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(Hospital)  Meg asks Paul if the doctor was able to figure out what has been causing his visions.  Paul explains to Meg that the doctor told him t there is no physical or mental cause for his visions.  Paul tells Meg he has decided to accept his gift or condition as the doctor called it.  Meg backs away from Paul slightly and Paul thinks Meg is afraid that he will figure out that she was responsible for the death of the patent that was under her care. 

(Java)  Brad tells Jack that his car was towed away and impounded and he demands that ask fix his many parking tickets and get his car back Brad also tells Jack that he accidentally parked in a handicapped parking spot.  Jack refuses to help Brad because he broke the law and must take responsibility for his actions. 

(Police Station)  Tom informs Margo and Casey that the judge wonít schedule a bail hearing until morning so Margo calls one of her men to take Casey to a holding cell.  The officer informs Margo that he is very busy so Casey will have to wait a while to go down to the cell. 

(Will & Gwenís place)  Jade advises Will to go to the police and tell them Adam was the person who set him up to be blamed for Caseyís crime.  Will doesnít want to tell the police until he has talked to Adam.  Jade thinks Adam must be on his way out of town by now and Will agrees that she may be right.  He decides to go look for Adam and stop him from leaving Oakdale. 

(In the woods)  Maddie is in shock still holding the huge branch she hit Adam on the head with but she asks if Adam hurt Gwen.  Gwen tells Maddie that Adam didnít hurt her and thanks Maddie for her help.  Maddie tells Gwen she had to stop him from hurting her because she couldnít let Louis hurt another girl.  Maddie seems a little better and asks Gwen if Adam is okay but Gwen tells Maddie she thinks Adam is dead.  Gwen advises Maddie to call Margo because she will come quickly and once they both tell her what happened she will understand and not be mad at her.  The thought of telling Margo makes Maddie hysterical again and through tears, she just keeps repeating Margo will never understand I never meant to kill her son. 

(Police Station)  Margo worries that this particular judge will be tough on Casey because the judge doesnít like cops and because Casey made it look like Will committed the crime.  Casey canít bear to see the look of disappointment and hurt in the eyes of his parents so he tells Margo to find Adam because he has some information to add to the case. 

(Java)  Jack is frustrated that Brad is so irresponsible and thinks that he has nothing better to do with his time than get in trouble and expects him to bail him out of it.  Jack tells Brad to ask Vienna for the money to pay for his parking tickets and get his car out of impound because she is rolling in money and probably wouldnít mind helping him with the problem.  Brad gives Jack a look, which helps Jack figure out that he doesnít want Vienna to know he is broke because he is afraid she will dump him. 

(Hospital)  Paul wonders why Meg is spending so much time with Craig when she used to hate to be in the same room with him.  Meg explains to Paul that her opinion of Craig changed when he saved her life.  Paul wonders if Craig is blackmailing Meg with some secret and he thinks it has something to do with the death of her patient Sarah.  Meg tells Paul that Sarah planned her own death and wrote about it in her diary.  Paul thinks Meg has gotten much better at lying to people because now she can look him in the eye when she lies to him.  Meg gets defensive and tells Paul that he has no right to judge her when it comes to telling lies.  Paul admits that he has lied in the past and that the worst thing he ever did to her was forcing her to lie for him because now she is so used to lying it doesnít even bother her anymore.  Paul wonders how Meg feels now that she has become like Craig.  Paul tells Meg that if she keeps lying her punishment will only get worse and she wonít be able to live with herself.  Paul is stunned to realize his relationship with Meg is over because she isnít the same person anymore.  Meg cries a little when Paul leaves and starts to go after him but Craig stops her.  He tells her not to worry about Paul because he has started seeing demons everywhere.  Meg tells Craig that when you have loved someone as much as she and Paul once loved each other you canít help but worry about that person. 

(Java)  Jack doesnít think Brad can continue to lie to Vienna too much longer because she is used to dating very rich men.  Jack wonders how Brad is doing on his job search and Brad tells Jack he has been on dozens of job interviews and has been unable to find a job.  Jack sees Kim and decides to go talk to her for a while because he is tired of talking to his childish brother.  Jack tells Kim how sorry he is about Casey but his conversation is interrupted when Kim gets a call from the station telling her that a crewmember has just quit.  Jack tells Kim about Bradís job search so Kim makes Brad a job offer.  Brad doesnít want to take the job but Jack tells his brother if he doesnít take the job he will tell Vienna he is broke so she will dump him. 

(In the woods)  Gwen tries to calm down a hysterical Maddie who keeps crying and saying that Margo will hate her for killing Adam.  She worries that she wonít have anyone in her life who understands what she went through when Louis raped her.  Gwen holds Maddie while she cries and assures her that everything will be okay.  Once Maddie has calmed down Gwen apologizes for never asking her if she needed to talk about the rape.  Maddie tells her that Margo always knew the right thing to say to make her feel better.  Adamís phone rings and Gwen sees that itís Margo so she turns the ringer off.  Maddie starts to cry again and Gwen assures her that she wonít let her lose everything just because she helped her.  Gwen tells Maddie to clean the blood off the branch and put it back where she found it while she tries to figure out what they should do.  Maddie thinks she saw Adam move and she gets scared.  Gwen tells Maddie not to look at Adam and stay calm while she tries to find something to clean the blood off the branch.  Maddie canít help but look at Adamís lifeless body and she canít stop crying. 

(Police Station)  Casey decides not to tell his parents about Adam.  When Margo sees the look on Caseyís face when she mentions Adamís name, she calls Adam again and leaves a message for him to come down to the station right away. 

(Hospital)  Meg is very upset that Paul has changed his opinion of her so there is nothing for Craig to do but ask her not to tell anyone he faked the diary for her.  Meg decides to confess everything to Bob and since Bob is in a hurry she blurts out to him that she killed Sarah Shaughnessy

(Java)  Brad takes the job that Kim offered to him and when he tells Vienna he must start his new job tonight, she accepts a date with a rich man she met at the bar. 

(Willís car)  Jade still thinks Will should go to the police but Will wants to talk to Adam first so Jade suggests they go to the bus station.  Will doesnít think Adam would take a bus, a taxi, or a rental car because he knows the police would check those places.  Will decides that Adam would probably hitchhike out of town and the easiest way to get to the main road would be through the woods behind the Hughes house.  Will decides to drop Jade off at her house and go to the woods alone and search for Adam. 

(In the woods)  Gwen and Maddie decide to dump Adamís body in the lake.  They try to drag the body but since the lake is five miles away, they decide to dig a grave and bury Adamís body. 

(Hughes house)  Tom and Margo arrive home and call Adamís name.  They think he is upstairs asleep so they donít bother him.  Tom is very angry at the thought that Casey could set up Will for stealing the bonds.  Margo cries a little and thinks about the brave look Casey had on his face when they took him down to the holding cell.  Margo tells Tom that she knows deep down Casey is very scared. 

(In the woods)  Maddie and Gwen continue to dig the grave when suddenly they hear footsteps and Willís voice calling Adamís name. 

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