ATWT Update Monday 2/12/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/12/07


Written By Elayna

At the hospital, Meg is anxiously looking over a medical chart. She mumbles to herself. Paul walks up surprising her, and assures her that she didn’t miss anything.

At a club, Emily is sitting at a table drinking. She grabs the attention of a man across the room who flashes a charming smile her way. Emily gets up to walk over to him when a woman cuts her off wondering what she is doing?

At the police station, Casey tries to get Maddie to back off the conspiracy theory that there is someone else involved in his stealing and planting the bonds. He knows she doesn’t want to believe it, but he did all that he confessed. Maddie refuses to believe this. He claims that he felt compelled to do this because of all the money he owed. He stole from his mom, lied to all his friends and let her down; he broke everyone’s trust and saying he is sorry won’t make it right this time. She wishes he had confided in her so she could have helped him. Noone can help him. Maddie pleads with him to admit whom he is covering for because he isn’t the one that did this to Will.

Outside Java, Will is angry at Jade; how can she defend Casey and point the finger at his brother Adam? Jade is trying to get Will to see what kind of person Adam is, but Will won’t open his eyes. He is convinced that Jade is doing this as payback for being dumped; he isn’t about to trust her about this. Jade poses the question if Adam is so loyal then why is he leaving town tonight?

Outside near Tom and Margo’s house, Gwen catches up with Adam; Why isn’t he picking up his phone? He claims that his battery is dead. Then Gwen sees he has his bags with him; where is he going? Adam stumbles over this question. He has to go to London to see a record executive about her demo. Gwen doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t have told her. He wanted to wait to see if it is good news. Gwen tells Adam that he can’t leave right now with everything going on here, especially now that Casey got arrested. He pretends this is an opportunity he can’t let pass by. How is he going to get to the airport without his car? He was going to hitch because his car battery is dead. Gwen sarcastically mentions there are a lot of dead batteries around him. She then asks about the fight she saw him having with Jade? He didn’t see her around. She had just been pulling up, but it looked intense; she thought about going after Jade. Adam snaps that he doesn’t want her near Jade because she is toxic and would say anything against him. Gwen agrees that she wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

Jade explains to Will that she told Adam she was onto him and he didn’t deny it. Will guesses it was because he didn’t feel he had to defend himself to her. At least he isn’t able to leave town since she threw his keys in the bushes. Will can’t believe her; is she that jealous that Adam was interested in helping Gwen’s career? Jade can’t believe he doesn’t see it. Will just knows that Casey confessed. Jade answers that Casey is too decent to turn in his own brother. Does he think it is coincidental that after the bonds were found at his house his marriage fell apart and Gwen and Adam got a lot closer? Will wonders if Jade had her hand in this considering the outcome? She knows she deserved that, but she saw how much her lies hurt them and she is trying to make up for it. When she accused Adam of making it look like Will was jealous of Gwen’s success, he didn’t even flinch. Will thinks for a moment and then rushes off with Jade hot on his heels.

Maddie understands that he got caught up in the fact that he owed a lot of people, but she knows he would have made good on that, but he wouldn’t let his best friend take the fall. Casey reminds her that he already did something like this, but Maddie reminds him that he has changed since Gwen’s pregnancy. Who is he covering for? Casey simply answers that he is and always will be a screw up.

Outside the interrogation room, Jack is back in the squad room to take over the investigation from Dallas. He is sorry about having to arrest Casey. She understands, but he reminds her how she looked the other way when Carly escaped. She thinks they are not the same because Carly was going to be taken into custody by the Leonian Consulate. She is worried about Casey being in lock up with her as his mom. Jack promises to post a guard in there at all times. Margo appreciates this but what she really wants is a break. Tom walks into the squad room with a serious look on his face.

Paul wonders why Meg seems so out of it? Meg explains that she is on top of it this time; she just is pulling some extra shifts and is tired. Why is he here? He has an appointment with a neurologist. He is hoping this doctor, who comes highly recommended, will help. Meg wishes him well. Paul is curious as to what she meant about being on top of things this time? She snaps that it isn’t his concern because they are no longer together. Paul nods, drops his head and slowly walks away. Craig shows up soon after greeting her with a happy, “How is his terrific nurse?” She answers flatly that a terrific nurse wouldn’t have killed a patient. Craig reminds her that it was a tragic accident. Meg intercedes; it was caused by her negligence though. The fact that he created some phony diary isn’t going to change that. He knew the risks for helping her, but it was worth it to give her some peace of mind. She is not alone because they are in it together.

Emily snaps at this woman that she is having a cocktail if it is any of her business. The woman coolly tells her that this is her territory for her and her girls; she doesn’t know whom she works for. Emily bitingly responds that she doesn’t work for anyone so she needs to get out of her way. Dusty and Chaz then walk in at this moment and wonder what is going on? Emily takes a breath and then weaves a tale of how she must have taken this woman’s seat when she went to the bathroom. The woman adds that she is just a creature of habit and likes her spot. Emily assures them that nothing is wrong. The woman walks away and Chaz and Dusty take a seat with Emily. They didn’t expect to see her here. It is her first time here, Emily confesses. Dusty adds it is for him to; they just wanted to go somewhere and get through a drink without someone they know interrupting them. Why did she decide to come to this bar? Emily lies and claims that she is there to meet a source. Chaz laughs and adds that he hopes it isn’t about hookers? He explains to them that the woman Emily was just talking to runs a high priced call girl service; her name is Madame Cheri. Emily’s eyes widen as she acts disbelieving. Chaz suggests she steer clear of her since she is not exactly the friendly type. Emily promises that their paths won’t cross again, as she glances at this woman out of the corner of her eye.

At Al’s, Luke is sitting at a table with a friend from his basketball team laughing and enjoying himself. Soon the friend heads out and Lucinda walks over. He is surprised to see her here. She admits that when she was doing her chemo the doctors suggested she drink milk shakes to keep up her strength and she got hooked. Luke teases her and promises to keep her deep dark secret. Lucinda surprises him by talking about his basketball game, the players and stats. Soon, she asks where his friend was off to in such a rush. Luke sheepishly answers that he had plans. Lucinda wonders why they didn’t include him? Luke answers quietly that he had a date and considering the circumstances, he might be out of place.

Paul is talking with the doctor; he didn’t find anything on the MRI. There isn’t anything physiological. He should consider seeing a therapist. Paul is strongly against this; he doesn’t need a shrink. He needs these visions to stop because they take over his life. The doctor is convinced that if he gives it time they will simply go away.

Meg teases Craig about the two of them being in something together is a bit unnerving. Craig teases back; she is being a bit harsh considering what a gentleman he has been, even though it has been the hardest thing. Meg smiles. Paul is around the corner watching them interact; he sees Meg’s bracelet and then has a vision of her bracelet falling to the ground and then Meg’s face. Jack then walks up to Meg and Craig; he would like a word. He has to talk to them both on a police matter. Meg looks instantly nervous.

Tom is telling Casey and Margo that they don’t have any word on the bail hearing yet, but with Will’s complaint now that makes things worse because it makes it look more calculating on Casey’s part that he would set up a friend. Tom wonders how they got here? Margo is anxious for him to answer that too. She doesn’t condone stealing money, but she can see that he felt desperate, but to set up Will, who is his brother and best friend and who just lost his dad to boot is cold. Gwen and his marriage may not survive this. All Casey can say is that he is sorry. Tom slams down his hand on the table angrily and then storms out, as Casey looks overwrought by what he is causing. A concerned Margo rushes after him. She reminds him this is the kind of stress the doctors said to avoid. He doesn’t see how that is avoidable. There is got to be an explanation they are missing, Margo surmises. Tom is more concerned that he failed Casey somehow leading to this. Maddie walks back in to talk to Casey as Tom and Margo talk outside. He sadly tells her that his parents hate him. She pleads with him to admit to whom he is taking the fall for then?

Will is banging on Tom and Margo’s door demanding Adam open up! Jade reminds him that he was headed to the airport. Will wonders if he is hiding out inside like a coward. He bangs on the door some more and the door swings open a bit, as they cautiously walk inside.

Adam figures that Gwen wouldn’t get sucked into her lies. He can’t believe Jade took his keys and threw them in the bushes. Gwen says that she thought his battery was dead? He covers by claiming he didn’t want to get her in the middle of their blow up. She doesn’t understand why he would lie? He wants her to just forget about Jade and for that matter forget about seeing him too. Gwen doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t want people to know she saw him? He isn’t making sense; did he do something? Casey is the one that got caught, he answers. Gwen starts to realize a few things; did Casey have help in setting Will up? Is that why he is so determined to get out of town? He stammers; he told her why he was leaving. Did he help Casey steal those bonds? He reminds her that he was with her. She also remembers that he didn’t seem that upset when the bonds went missing. Why was that? Was that because he knew it was going to happen? Adam stares at her for a moment before he answers that it was the only way, as Gwen’s mouth drops open. She can’t believe what she is hearing. Casey didn’t plant the bond? He did. Not directly. He explains that Casey needed his help because he told him how he stole Will’s money. So that means he should set Will up to look like a criminal. Casey is his brother, Adam counters. Gwen reminds him that Will is his brother too; he knew what this would cost him. Adam justifies this by saying that Will was happy when the bonds went missing. That is not true, Gwen yells. Is she sure, Adam asks? Gwen then has an awful realization; he didn’t do this for Casey, he did it for her.

Maddie is hugging Casey; she wants him to trust her because she will never stop loving him. She knows he is really a good person. She pleads for him to trust her with the truth! Casey contemplates this for a moment and then admits finally that it was Adam. Maddie looks stunned.

Will and Jade are walking back into the livingroom; she told him Adam wasn’t here anymore. Will tells her that this is between him and Adam and she needs to leave. He wouldn’t have even known about his brother if she hadn’t even told him and this is how he thanks her?

Luke tells Lucinda that the team knows and they are cool. Was he worried? Yes, but as long as he works hard as a team player and acts the same then everything is cool. He still gets a few looks but they are from people he wouldn’t be friends with anyway. Some teachers are surprisingly acting strangely. One teacher suggested he get involved in the Drama Club. He laughs, because he is gay that must mean he is artistic. Lucinda laughs too about people’s assumptions. Lucinda suggests if he doesn’t like acting then he could be a stage manager. Luke then smiles again; she figures if he gets involved there then there is a higher chance that he will meet a nice sensitive guy as opposed to in sports. Luke laughs as he suggests for all she knows there could be a lot more gays in sports. Lucinda joins in laughing. She didn’t mean to stereotype; she just wants him happy. He admits that this time last year he was not at all, but right now in his life, he is very happy.

Jack tells Meg and Craig that the police received a call from her deceased patient, Sarah’s, sister. She is not onboard with the suicide notion. Craig offers that she is looking for someone to blame. Jack adds that the woman said Sarah was a great patient because she was very well informed. She didn’t keep a diary either. Craig mentions that his sisters don’t know everything he does in his life. Jack agrees, but he got thinking about the husband. Did he say anything at the Blood Drive to imply he planted the diary? Craig quickly answers that he was simply grief stricken. He thinks Meg will verify that, but she doesn’t. Craig is surprised. She tells him that what Craig said isn’t quite right. Paul is still watching this unfold from around the corner.

Emily and Dusty are finishing up their drinks. He wonders what happened to her source? He hopes he didn’t scare him off. Emily is sure he got tied up. Is she ready to call it a night? She thinks she should stay a little longer to see if he shows. Does she want company considering what Chaz said? She smiles; she can handle herself. He knows she can after the Boardroom meeting. Everyone was impressed. She knows Lucinda is now convinced she is going to succeed at this. Emily hopes he is right. He answers that Lucinda doesn’t back losers. Emily thanks him warmly. Once Dusty leaves, the same man who was smiling at Emily earlier is still there flashing an enticing smile her way. Emily once again stands to walk towards him when the woman, Cheri, comes out of nowhere and blocks her again, as Emily lets out an annoyed sigh.

Meg recounts that when the man had a gun pointed at her face he was furious; his worst nightmare had come true. Noone had listened to Sarah and he was right. Jack wonders if he was looking for a scapegoat? Meg thinks so. Jack wonders if there was negligence by someone at the hospital who might be trying to cover this up. Craig still offers that noone wants to admit the ugly truth about a family member and is simply in denial. Jack tells them that he will figure it out. After he leaves, Meg starts to come apart; he is figuring it out! Craig thinks he was just asking standard follow up questions. Meg is starting to get riled up; she thought once Paul was out of her life it would get cleaned up, but her life is still full of lies. He thinks that is fear talking. She admits it is, but she is always afraid these days. She just made a mistake. This isn’t her first time; she can’t blame Paul for this; she is lying to the police and her family! Craig wants her to calm down. He will make this right. Meg snaps that she doesn’t want him to do anything for her again!

As they are leaving, Lucinda asks Luke how his grades are? He tells her that he is doing well. He is even up for an award for an essay he wrote in history. Lucinda is thrilled; that will look impressive on his college applications. Luke doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves, besides he doesn’t think the teacher likes him much. Lucinda just wants him to know how proud she is of him no matter what. He thanks her.

Casey explains that Adam thought the only way to get him out of this was to put the blame elsewhere. Maddie is stunned he would put it on his brother and Casey’s best friend and brother. Casey explains Adam said that Will wouldn’t be arrested for stealing from himself. Maddie thinks that Will would still be seen as a criminal and his wife would doubt him. He didn’t know about that until after the fact. Maddie feels vindicated though because she knew he couldn’t have done that. Adam is going to make this right; he will be here any minute, Casey is convinced. Maddie doesn’t think he should wait. Casey wants them to wait, but Maddie thinks his parents deserve the truth. Lisa breezing in all concerned interrupts them. She loves and forgives him. Casey hugs her and is very appreciative for that. She has an idea how to fix this.

Gwen wants Adam to tell her it isn’t true; he couldn’t have set up his own brother. Adam offers that Will was never on board with the demo. Gwen reminds him that he got them all the money by draining his trust fund and then borrowing from Barbara. He did that because he felt that was the only way to keep her and not because he wanted her to have a music career. It is better this way. Gwen screeches wanting to know whom it is better for? He tried to take her from Will and she let him. He thinks because she wanted this to happen. Gwen shakes her head; he didn’t think that they would end up as something? Adam presses; she didn’t fantasize about that? Gwen angrily tells him that she didn’t because she is married. Her husband isn’t good enough for her; as soon as she tours and makes it big, he would be lost in their world. They are equals and there is nothing they couldn’t do together. That is not going to happen anymore after what he did to Will, she growls. Adam angrily reminds her that he took a big risk for her because he has faith in her; Will is filled with insecurities and fear. Gwen snarls that he is delusional! It would have been only a matter of time before Will was going to be gone anyway. He decided that for her? He would do that and anything for her. Gwen pulls away. He wants her to leave with him tonight so they can start over and have the life they deserve. Gwen stares at him stunned.

Meg snaps that if Craig wants to help her then he should get away from her. He wants her to calm down because she is attracting attention. She doesn’t care, but Craig thinks this will raise questions about her stability. Meg tries to calm down when she sees his point. He will go get her some water and when he comes back, they will discuss how to handle Jack. As soon as Craig leaves and Meg turns back around, Paul is standing there in front of her.

Emily wants to know what the woman wants now? She is not trying to zone in on her territory. The woman, Cheri, understands and may have made a mistake. She liked how she handled her friends; she was very smooth. She also attracts the men; she has the whole package. She hands Emily her card and tells her to call her if she is interested. The woman walks away; Emily looks down at the business card with the name ‘VIP’s’ on it; she shakes her head, tosses the card down on the bar and walks away as Cheri watches her.

Lisa tells Tom and Margo that since the bonds were stolen from her club, she would like to drop the charges so this goes away. Tom and Margo explain that it isn’t that simple because the property stolen wasn’t hers. Margo offers that dropping the vandalism charges would help a little. Tom explains that she can’t fix this for him; he broke the law among a lot of other things and he has to face the consequences. Tom’s cell phone rings; it is the judge. When Tom hangs up, he tells them he is about to find out if there is going to be a bail hearing. He heads off as Lisa tries to comfort Casey by explaining that Tom wants to help he just doesn’t know how. They will get through this together. She leaves and Margo stays; Casey tells her that she doesn’t, but she says she does.

Jade doesn’t think Adam is coming back; Will reminds her this isn’t the part where she decides he owes her. Adam not only dumped her, but he treated her like dirt, Jade says . Will thought she said it wasn’t about Adam. Adam is a user and they both played into his hand. That is something they have in common whether he accepts this or not. Jade pulls out her cell phone. She is going to call the police to let them in on Adam’s extra curricular activities. They can’t find him, but maybe the police can.

Gwen is livid; she trusted and opened up to him. Adam thinks that she did that because she felt the connection. She corrects him; he made her think they wanted the same things, but she was wrong because she wants her marriage to work. He wonders if that will be at the expense of her career? She can have both, she yells! They can be everything together. Gwen tells him that will never happen now. Adam grabs her arm; he demands that she not walk away from him! Gwen screeches that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her because she loves Will. Adam is still convinced she is just fighting her feelings. Is he insane? He used Will’s money to turn her against him, and he made her think Will was deceiving her when all along it was him. She doesn’t even know who he is. Adam begs her not to leave, as he grabs her arm and tries to kiss her. They struggle as Gwen tries to pull away. Suddenly, Adam is hit from behind and falls to the ground.

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