ATWT Update Friday 2/9/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/9/07


Written By James

(World Wide): Lucinda and Dusty discusses Emily’s ability to head up The Intruder. Lucinda has doubts as Emily was nowhere in sight and the meeting was already due to be in session. They soon Emily was in the next room on the phone with “some kid”. Dusty goes in and Emily tells him she can’t go through with the deal.

(Psych’s Office): Lily is worried about Faith missing. Jack enters and finds out what’s going on. They soon learn Parker too is missing and presumes they are probably together. Lily frets over the prospects of Faith’s safety but Jack reassures her, asking her to hold off calling Holden. They compare notes on the woes their children’s behaviors and Jack is concerned why Lily is so panicky.

(Restaurant): Parker and Faith discuss the possible consequences of them running away. Jack calls Parker but he doesn’t answer, puts the phone on vibrate. Will suddenly walks in but doesn’t notice them; they ease by him and left.

(Lake View): Craig tries to communicate with Katie, wonders why she wasn’t at Margo’s promotion ceremony. Wants to know about Katie’s new job but she’s suspicious of his motives. Craig appeals to Katie’s emotional side but she’s hard laden, accusing him of past manipulations, including Daniel’s kidnapping, ultimately causing Tom to have a heart attack. As this argument heats up, Henry approaches and shuts it down.

(Police Station): Gwen tries to call Will but he’s not in the mood to talk to her. Gwen and Maddie connect at the Police Station, both upset over Will and Casey. Maddie painfully watches Casey and Margo and Tom in the interrogation room. Gwen is frantic about the repercussions of the relationship. Casey opens up some to Margo and Tom about his involvement with gambling including the extent of how much money he lost in the game.

(World Wide): Emily rationalizes for not pursuing the Intruder deal and Dusty is perplexed as to what’s gotten in to her. He persists in giving her encouragement to move on this proposal.

(Police Station): Elwood is brought in by Dallas to give a statement when he sees Maddie and Gwen. He and Maddie immediately gets into a heated chat with her accusing him of being central to the gambling that’s gotten Casey into trouble. In defending himself Elwood shoots back, “Oh yeah – well at least I’m not a thief like Casey.” He shuts Maddie down and she resumes the painful stare into the interrogation room.

(Police Station): As Casey tells more of his actions, including sacrificing school work for his gambling deeds, Tom becomes more upset. Margo tries to get him to calm down. When Tom asks him about how he was able to feed his gambling habit, Casey tells of how he borrowed from friends and stole money from home and eventually took out a loan of $2,800.00. Margo hits the roof and asked him where he got that kind of money.

(Dorms): Adam attempts to bail out of town but Jade catches him. Tells him he can go after he explains a few things. As he attempts to go, Jade accuses him of trying to set up his own brother for a crime. She accuses Adam of using her and she was sick of it. Jade asks him for a good-bye kiss and in doing so takes his keys and throws him in the brush. Adam grew hot but Jade tells him to go and fetch them.

(World Wide): Lily goes in to the board and seems to be doing well at the business proposal but faced tough questions about her past mental past. With encouragement from Dusty, she recovers marvelously, standing her ground and ensures the board she is sane, witty, and can make money on this deal. Even Lucinda is impressed with her performance.

(Psych’s Office): Lily and Jack: Jack paces, concerned that Parker never picked up. He calls JJ and uses him as a backup in attempt to contact Parker. When this effort fails, they leave the psychiatric facility.

(Park): Parker and Faith is in a secluded area familiar to Parker. They don’t like their coffee beverages but hold on to them anyway. Parker feels safe there – but soon his cell phone vibrates and he finds that it’s Parker. He doesn’t answer. Parker briefly separates from Faith and she soon calls to him. When he doesn’t answer, Faith turns around and sees an adult towering over her – and screams! Parker jumps the person, knocking him to the ground. They soon learn the person was Paul. He asks them what they were doing out there and Parker lies about his cell phone being lost. Paul takes Parker’s cell phone and sees multiple calls from Jack. After listening to Parker and Faith babble for a few moments, it becomes clear both of them had skipped out on their parents. Paul immediately acts to reel them back in – taking them back to the restaurant.

(Police Station) Tom gives Casey a realistic and adult assessment of how much trouble he’s in, including the fact he could be looking at about 10 years in prison if convicted. Casey tells about how he stole money from home, the break in at Crash, stealing the bonds, but deliberately left out the trouble with the loan sharks. Margo warns Casey that he could find himself in a lot more trouble for not telling them everything.

Will bursts into the interrogation room and blasts Casey about setting him up. He demands Casey confesses to framing him for breaking into Crash and stealing bonds. Margo and Tom, after listening to all they could take of the heart-wrenching allegations, takes Will out of the interrogation room. Maddie is left with Casey and he tells her, “Did you hear all that; bet you really hate me now huh.”

(Outside the Dorms): Will get mad that Jade has tossed his keys and he can’t find them. He asks Jade to take him to the airport but she refuses. He then disses her and shoves her out of his sight. He makes haste to find a way to the airport when Gwen arrives and seeing no-one there, follow in his direction.

(World Wide): Dusty and Lucinda congratulates Emily on her performance at the meeting but Emily sensed a let down and bolted out the door before Lucinda could say anything else. Dusty goes after her.

(Restaurant): Paul and the kids assemble in attempt to get a story together for the Lily and Jack but they suddenly appear. Paul offers a half-baked story that causes Jack to almost laugh in his face. When Paul leaves, Jack approaches Parker and to fess up about what really happened.

(Lake View): Katie deludes herself into thinking Mike will come back to her. Craig agitates her and Henry staves Craig off.

(World Wide): Dusty catches up with Emily and gives her more encouragement and tells her Lucinda is willing to give her a chance. Dusty asks her to dinner to work out a plan but Emily declines, telling Dusty she has something else planned.

(Restaurant): Jack and Lily sort their kids out and talks with them separately. Jack and Parker have a rare civil conversation in which Jack assures Parker that he loves them and that they’ve got to confront their challenging situation and communicate better – then embraces Parker. Outside the restaurant Lily attempts to appeal similarly to Faith but she remains insolent and walks away from Lily.

(Police Station): After listening to Will’s allegations against Casey, Tom tells Dallas to take a written statement from him. Tom and Margo are heart-broken about Casey but presses on. Tom tells Margo they need to talk to the judge in order to prevent lockup for Casey.

Maddie and Casey are alone and she wants to give him the shadow of a doubt. She reaffirms how much she knows Casey loves her and asks him to tell her everything he’s done – and she means everything.

(Outside Dorms): Gwen catches up with Adam who’s on the run.

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