ATWT Update Thursday 2/8/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/8/07


Written By Elayna
Proofread by Fran

At Java, Lily and Faith walk in.  Lily asks Faith if she wants some tea or cider.  Faith answers sarcastically that she is missing school to have tea.  Lily asks her if she wants to eat anything and Faith looks at a woman nearby eating and makes a face telling Lily she isnít hungry.  Lily is trying to ease her into her appointment.  This therapist they are going to works specifically with children.  Faith still doesnít get why she has to talk to a therapist.  Lily explains that she is making herself sick, using laxatives, and generally not eating well.  Why doesnít she say it louder, Faith snaps?  Lily reminds her that people can die from an untreated eating disorder.  They have an appointment in a half hour.

At home, Will incredulously asks Jade if she really thinks his brother was involved.  The music thing meant a lot to him as well.  Why would he set him up for this?  It doesnít make sense.  Jade explains that Adam knew he wouldnít get arrested for stealing his own bonds and Lisa wouldnít press charges for him messing up her club since she is so close with Barbara.  Will still looks disbelieving.  Jade promises she can prove it.

At the Lakeview, Katie is screaming at Brad about how he ruined her dress.  She smells like a distillery.  Brad casually goads her by suggesting it was her fault and that she owes him another beer.  He picks up a cocktail napkin and starts wiping her off, as she snaps at him to keep his hands off of her.  Brad has an idea; club soda can take out a stain.  He walks behind the bar and takes a bottle of it to Katie.  He goes to open it and the contents spray all over Katieís face and dress as she screeches. 

Elsewhere in the Lakeview at the ceremony for Margo, the mayor is speaking about Hal and how this job was always seen as a manís job, but that was before Margo filled Halís shoes so well.  She is thrilled and proud to appoint Margo as Chief of Detectives.  During the speech, Maddie pulls Casey aside to tell him her news.  She, being the Sherlock Holmes that she is, has solved the case.  Casey looks at her nervously.

Faith is still furious with Lily because she believes that Lily thinks she is crazy so she has decided to ship her off to a shrink.  Lily gently explains that she needs to get a handle on her food issues.  Good nutrition and a healthy body image are critical at her age as well.  She wants to talk to her dad, but Lily reminds her that he is away on a business trip.  She can talk to him when he gets home, but for now, they have to get going.

Katie is screeching for Brad to stop getting the club soda all over her, as it has soaked the front of her hair, face, and dress.  He canít help but laugh as he reminds her that she didnít want to smell like a distillery.  She didnít want to go for a swim in the club soda either!  Brad teases that for such a beautiful woman, she has a bad temper.  Katie growls back that for a Snyder, he is a loser.  Vienna walks up and wonders if it is raining.  Katie just glares at her.  Vienna tells her that she can have Brad now that she is done with him and leaving town.  Katie tells her thanks, but no thanks.  Vienna thinks she should take these kinds of offers while she can since she no longer has Simon or Mike.  Brad toys with Katie some more when he tells Vienna that Katie had been throwing herself at him earlier.  Katie yells that she most certainly had not, but she will throw something at him as she picks up a glass.  Henry grabs her arm from behind and stops her.

Casey asks who stole the bonds.  Maddie tells him that this person is going to admit it.  They need to stop talking as Margo is getting sworn in.  Jack is standing there listening when a police officer approaches him to whisper something in his ear.  Jack blows it off, but he needs to talk to him.  The ceremony finishes and Jack goes over to the police officer; he whispers in his ear and Jackís face drops.  This is perfect timing, he mutters as he looks sadly at Margo and then Casey, but he will take care of it.

Will wants to know if Adam admitted that he set him up.  Jade tells him that he was dropping hints that she should take advantage of his and Gwenís marriage breaking up.  Will interrupts; his marriage isnít over.  Adam was so calm and sure of himself.  This is all part of his plan.  Gwen will think he betrayed her and then he gets Gwen.  He canít be that surprised.  She knew something was up.  They started cooling off and then he was spending all his time with Gwen.  She tells him that when anyone went to the studio, they didnít even know other people were in the room.  Will justifies it by saying Gwen gets like that with music.  Jade understands that, but Adam was into Gwen.  He still doesnít hear proof that Adam set him up.  Where is his wife?  She is at the dorms with Adam and he is here alone; this is just how Adam planned it. 

Lily and Faith arrive at the doctorís office.  As they are walking in, Lilyís phone rings.  It is Lucinda and they have a problem.  She has a Board Meeting and she has to figure out a way to justify the expenditure on the baby food line that she didnít get approved.  Lily explains that she canít talk now, as she hangs up when the doctor walks in.  The doctor tells Lily that she would like to meet with Faith alone at first and at the end she will talk to her.  Lily tells Faith she is going to head back to work, but she will be back in 45 minutes.  Faith glowers at her as she walks away.

At Java, Katie and Henry are sitting at a table.  Katie laments that she canít go to Margoís ceremony looking like she does, as she wipes away the mascara that has run down her cheeks.  Henry thinks she should reconsider since all eyes will be on Margo.  Katie thinks that if she looks this disheveled it will draw attention away from Margoís day.  Katie then angrily recounts how Brad dumped his drink on her.  What makes him even more unappealing is that he has latched onto her least favorite person, Vienna.  At least she is leaving town so she isnít constantly reminded of how her marriage broke up.  Henry smirks and asks if it was really Vienna that brought about this break up.  Katie snarls and asks whose side he is on and why he is trying to make her feel worse.  Jack and she need to forget about what happened in their lives.  Henry poses this question Ė Mike has left town, so what is she going to do about it?

At the Lakeview bar, Vienna wonders what Katie did to end up like that.  Brad smiles and says it isnít worth talking about.  She is ready to move on because Jack doesnít want her around.  Brad asks her when she started letting others dictate what she does.  Can he think of a good reason for her to stick around? 

Will thinks that just because Adam has a thing for Gwen doesnít mean that he framed him for the robbery.  Jade wonders how well he knows his brother.  He has spent a lot of time with him since he came back to town, but Jade doesnít think he sees the side of Adam she has seen.  He isnít like him; he doesnít have his warmth, in fact he is cold, and he doesnít think about other peopleís feelings; he just thinks about himself.  Will thinks this is because she got dumped.  She explains that it was mutual.  Will reminds her that the night of the robbery Adam was at Tom and Margoís, but Jade thinks he could have sneaked out because there were a lot of people there.  Will is still not convinced.  Jade offers that there were only a few people that knew about the bonds, which makes the suspect list small.  The list is only him, her, Gwen, Adam, Casey and Maddie.  He should think about it because she doesnít want him to let his brother get away with this.

Margo is talking when Jack approaches Dallas to have him head back to the station.  He is a little concerned since it is in the middle of Margoís speech, but he heads off.  Jess tries to get information but Jack is tight-lipped.  He then heads over to Casey and asks him if they can talk after the ceremony.  Casey wants to know what he wants to talk about.  Jack doesnít want to get into it; they can just talk after.  Casey doesnít want to accept this, as Maddie starts to look concerned as well.  Margo is finishing her speech and asks her sons and husband to join her on stage.  Adam and Tom go up, but Casey wants to know what Jack wants and doesnít even hear his mom asking for him.  In a moment, Margo is done and heads off the stage making a beeline for Jack and Casey.  What is going on?  Jack doesnít want to get into it right here, but Margo demands he tell her.  Jack sighs, takes a deep breath, and tells her that they have a warrant for Caseyís arrest from the robbery at Crash.  Margo, Tom, and Maddieís mouths drop open.  They donít understand what is going on.  There has to be a mistake, and they need to get their fact straight before they do this.  Tom raises his voice about them doing this right now.  Maddie is stuttering wanting Casey to tell them that Elwood is the guilty one.  Jack intercedes to say that Elwood made a statement about Casey stealing the bonds to cover his gambling losses.  Tom and Margo are stunned, but Maddie answers that he isnít gambling anymore.  They want to know why he would be gambling to begin with.  Casey finally stops everyone.  Elwood didnít do anything because he (Casey) was the one who stole the bonds.  Tom, Margo, Maddie, Gwen, and Will all look horrified. 

Katie realizes she is blaming Vienna and has blamed Simon for her marital woes; she knows that she was the reason Mike left.  Katie sadly looks up at Henry and asks why he never leaves he.  He teases her; he couldnít do it to Snickers.  He wants to know what is next on her agenda.  She tells him about her job offer from Kim to work on a talk show at WOAK.  Henry thinks that is right up her alley.  She doesnít know if anyone will have any interest in listening to her.  She is a gossip writer.  Henry thinks she will be great in her demographic.  Katie hopes so because she intends to become a success so Mike will come back to her.

Vienna wants to know what Brad wants from her.  He needs her to leave her clothes behind and get into a Jacuzzi bath upstairs with him.  Vienna smiles coyly as he continues to say that this will be followed up with a massage because he is kind of tense.  She laughs at this.  He does have the body of an Adonis so it should be a thrill for her.  They will then do an aromatherapy because he loves when women smell nice, as she does now.  He moves in closely to her.  If she stays, she doesnít want him to get hurt.  He assures her that he isnít the type to fall in love. 

At Worldwide, Lily rushes in wanting to know what is upsetting Lucinda so much.  She thinks Lily should understand that it is bad enough to hang up on her mother, but it is worse to hang up on her boss.  Lily tells her that she shouldnít have even answered the phone since she was in the doctorís office.  Lucinda is worried and wants to know if she is ok.  Lily brushes it off; she is fine.  The check she cut almost completely depleted her divisionís budget.  Lily reminds her that it is a start up company.  Lucinda canít believe she did this without even testing it.  She tested it on herself, but Lucinda thinks that one tasting versus 3 meals a day 7 days a week is different.  Lucinda has major reservations about two inexperienced women going up against established brand name companies.  She also mentions that shelf life on baby food is shortened without additives.  This venture doesnít seem like it will bring in revenue.  Lily is frustrated because when she agreed to come back, she wanted the ability to make decisions across the board and not be questioned.  She is going to bring these women in whether she likes it or not.  She picks up her cell phone to call the woman to ask her if she has started looking into where they are going to make their product.  The woman explains her child is sick so she will do it at another time.  Lucinda hears this and is livid in the background, and Lily hangs up quickly.  She puts the womanís card back in her purse and when she does, she sees her diet pills.  She looks at them for a moment and then shoves them back in, and she tells Lucinda she is late picking Faith up.

Faith finishes up her therapy appointment and the doctor walks her out to the waiting room.  They are both surprised to find that Lily is not there yet, but she asks Faith to let her know when her mom gets there so they can talk for a little bit.  Faith slumps down into her seat to read the literature the doctor gave her.  Soon though, she tosses it aside in frustration. 

Henry asks Katie to clarify because he thought Mike was gone for good.  He is gone for now, but she hopes he isnít gone for good.  He is off licking his wounds, but Oakdale is his home and she hopes he will be back.  Henry is worried about her putting her life on hold for Mike.  She says that she isnít because she is going to go on with her life and become a strong, independent, and successful woman.  She knows that Mike will see that and fall back in love with her.  Katie thinks she must be dried and presentable enough to head back to the ceremony.  Henry tells her that he is proud of her thought process and he will see her later.  As she leaves, he looks somewhat concerned. 

Maddie wants to know how he could steal from Gwen.  Casey doesnít have an answer for her.  Jack thinks they should move this to the station.  Jess offers to go to the station to represent Casey, but an agitated Tom tells her and everyone that he will be at his sonís side.  Gwen takes Adam aside and tells him her revelation; Will didnít do it.  Adam thinks she may want to reserve judgment until they hear the whole story, but Gwen wants to go to Will now and apologize, as they both see Will standing nearby.  He turns and leaves quickly with Gwen hot on his tail.  Adam calls after her, but Margo stops him to ask if he can come to the station with them.  He pauses as he looks after Gwen, but then agrees.  Jack asks Margo if she wants to waive handcuffing Casey, but Margo tells him that it is procedure so he needs to do it.  Casey slowly holds out his hands to let Jack cuff him.

Faith is sitting in a chair in the waiting room when Parker walks in.  Why is he there?  He remarks coolly that with a dad who died and a mom who ran off with her boyfriend, they thought this would be best for him.  Why is she here?  She hates her mom.  How was the doctor?  Faith says matter-of-factly that she was boring.  Parker decides they should go then.  Faith is surprised and asks if he just wants to walk off.  He asks her why not.  She smiles and follows him out the door.  A moment later, Lily shows up as the doctor is coming out.  Lily asks where her daughter is.  The doctor seems surprised because she left her out there to wait for her.  If she isnít with her, then she doesnít know where she is.  Lily looks very anxious upon hearing this.

Katie comes back into the Lakeview bar to ask about the Police reception.  The bartender explains it has been over for a while.  A glum-looking Katie is heading out when she sees Brad and Vienna enjoying themselves at a nearby table.  They are celebrating, Vienna explains.  She has decided to stay in town.  Vienna excuses herself to Ďpowder her nose.í  She toys with Katie about not stealing her playmate Ė yet.  Katie sneers at her.  Brad asks Katie to celebrate with them, but she canít be bothered with the likes of them.  She has a new job and life to start and doesnít have time for them. 

At the Farm, Jade finds Luke.  Where has he been?  She needs a friend to talk to because she just had to tell one brother another brother is selling him out.  When it began to sink in, the look on his face broke her heart.  Luke deduces that she is talking about Will because he is the only one that could cause her that reaction.  Jade tells Luke that Adam is the worst brother ever; he is going after his brotherís wife and did that by framing Will for the Crash robbery.  Luke tells her that there is a problem with her theory.  He just heard the news and there was an arrest in the robbery Ė it was Casey and his own mom had to bring him in.  Jade doesnít think it is possible.  Casey would never steal, let alone from his friends.  She is sure that Adam is involved somehow and she is going to get proof no matter what. 

At the station, Jack recommends that Casey give as accurate a statement as he can, especially since Elwood has already made a statement implicating him.  Casey nods.  Maddie is upset with Casey because he swore he stopped gambling.  He tells her that he did, but then he got drawn back in.  How could he do this?  He has no idea.  Jack tells Margo that Dallas is going to have to take the statement because he has to pick up Parker at the doctors.  Margo offers to do it, but Jack and Tom agree that might look inappropriate. 

Will goes charging into his house with Gwen right behind him.  She knows he is upset, but she needs to explain.  He doesnít want to hear it.  What was she supposed to think when they found the bond at their house?  He doesnít want her here so she can just go find Adam.  Gwen looks hurt by that statement, but she reassures him that she doesnít want Adam.  It doesnít matter; she didnít support him when everyone was pointing the finger at him, including her.  She should have stood by and trusted him, but she didnít.  He canít stay here.  She has to go or he will.  Gwen tells him that she isnít going anywhere because they need to talk this through.  Will tells her that he is leaving then, as he pushes past her and slams out the door.  A tearful Gwen calls after him.

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