ATWT Update Wednesday 2/7/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/7/07


Written By Elayna

Katie is sitting at Margo’s desk at the police station behind a big vase of flowers. She is trying to come up with the perfect thing to say on her card for Margo. Jack wanders in and comments about how generous Tom is when buying flowers. They make small talk, which leads back to Katie asking how Parker is? He will be ok, he just needs some time. Katie then finds herself mentioning one of her less favorite people – Vienna. She saw her at the Lakeview trying to get a room with some loser. Jack cuts her off; he really doesn’t want to hear about this. Just then, Brad walks in and Katie sneers, as she says to Jack, speak of the Devil.

At the Lakeview, Margo walks into the conference room that is holding her Swearing in ceremony; it is bittersweet as recalls Hal as she stands there in her dress blues reading the huge banner announcing her Chief of Detectives. Tom, Bob and Kim walk over to her. She admits that she never thought she would get this promotion this way; she thought she would get it once Hal became Commissioner. They all think that Hal would approve though. Kim comments about the cameras they have there for the ceremony and Tom teases her that now they can watch the festivities 100 times. Bob wants them to appreciate that this is one of the good days. Margo is a bit self-conscious; she asks Tom if he thinks Lisa went overboard with the larger room and such a big sign? He smiles and thinks that is just Lisa. Margo mentions that she went to see Will to tell him in person about this but only talked to Gwen. She was still upset about the robbery but told her that Barbara replaced the stolen money so she could finish the demo. She has a strange feeling though that something is not right between Will and Gwen though.

At Java, both Jade and Maddie are shocked to hear about Will’s comment that Gwen and Adam think he stole his own bonds. He explains that a bond was found at their house and then they had a huge fight. When he went to talk to Gwen the next day at the dorm room, Adam was there and it looked like he had spent the night. Maddie looks concerned and Jade looks angry, as she excuses herself.

At the dorm room, Gwen wants to know what is going on with Casey? Adam talks over Casey when he tells her that nothing is wrong. Casey looks tormented, as he raises his voice over Adam telling him that Gwen needs to know and he is going to tell her!

Jack smiles at the fact that Brad has annoyed someone else; they know each other, he asks Katie and Brad? Katie can’t figure how Jack could work with this person? Jack smirks; it is so much worse. Brad wonders if he is friend with this nosy person? Jack stops them; they are brothers. Katie looks shocked. Brad pulls Jack away claiming they need to talk, as Katie snipes about his lack of manners. Brad snips back about her wanting to listen in. Katie glares and walks away. Brad tells Jack that he has been out pounding the pavement all day looking for a job and has many prospects. Jack comments about how good he looks in his clothes. Brad asks to borrow $40 for a haircut? Jack gives him $20 explaining he could go to the barber he uses. Brad thanks him and is on his way, as Jack calls after him that he wants to hear about the job prospects later. Brad toys with Katie when he leaves; after he goes, Katie asks Jack if he is sure they are brothers because they are nothing alike, as Jack smiles warmly at this observation.

Maddie reassures Will that just because they are in a room together doesn’t mean something is going on. Maddie can’t help but glare after Jade who has hurried off, which seems so selfish to her. She still thinks that Jade took the bonds personally. Will can’t figure out why she would? Maddie thinks to get back at Gwen and then she thinks she would be able to bat her eyes at Will again and she would be back in. Will explains that would never happen again. He laments over the fact that his wife could think that he would steal the bonds? Maddie thinks she needs time to talk it through. Will thinks she should be talking it through with him and not Adam. He wonders if deep down she knew the truth – he didn’t really want the CD to happen. Why? He was afraid; he figured he wouldn’t be good enough for her after or that he would be the guy hanging out in the wings always in the way. He would never allow himself to act like he did before when he became afraid though. Maddie knows he was set up. He thought so too, but Iris has an alibi and Jade did not do it. Will doesn’t understand how they are supposed to be a married couple but when things get rough, they turn to other people? He can’t handle talking anymore right now, as he rushes out. Maddie is about to leave when the man from the check-cashing place walks in. He introduces his employee, Yuri, to Maddie. He cashed some bonds yesterday, as Maddie smiles.

Gwen wants to know what she needs to hear about? Casey starts to tell her that it isn’t Will’s fault. Adam interrupts; Casey is trying to tell her that Will was there earlier and they ended up in a fight. Is Will ok? He is, but he thought something was going on. Gwen sighs. Adam explains that Casey wanted her to know. Casey gives in and lets that be the explanation, as he heads off quickly to go get dressed for the ceremony. After he leaves, Gwen explains to Adam that she doesn’t need protection from Will. He knows that; he is going to just check on Casey. He finds him in the hallway with his head down. He snarls at Casey about what he is doing. Does he want to ruin this for their mom on a day that she has worked hard to finally get recognized for? Does he want to put Tom back in the hospital? He needs to stop shooting his mouth off! Does he want to get arrested today of all days? He needs to keep his mouth shut about this and it will go away! Casey shakes his head sadly, as he walks into his room. Elwood is busy gambling online. Does he want in, he asks? Casey snaps that is not what he needs. Elwood teases him about having a lot of bonds to play with. Casey growls at him about keeping quiet about mentioning he has any bonds. Back in Gwen’s room, Adam asks if Gwen saw Will? She explains she went by the house to talk, but he wasn’t there. She needs to talk to him, as she heads for the phone. Adam stops her; there was more to the fight with Will. Gwen isn’t sure she wants to hear this. He needs to talk to her because he lied to her and to himself and he can’t do it anymore, as he walks in very close to her.

Lisa and Nancy give Margo a pretty frame; after the ceremony they will take a family picture to put in it, so she can have this on her new desk. Speaking of family, Tom is still wondering where the boys are? Nancy teases him that sometimes with boys that age, it is best not to ask too many questions. Dallas and Jessica interrupt to say their hellos and congratulations. Margo asks if there is any new evidence in regards to the robbery? Dallas explains that there is nothing yet, but they aren’t going to let this drop. Margo agrees; she wants to make sure this ‘punk’ spends a long time behind bars.

Maddie asks Yuri if the person that cashed the bonds was a girl? He tells her that it was a guy. Is he sure? He would remember a girl, as he winks. What did he look like? He doesn’t really recall, but he was weird looking. He reminded him of someone in the movies. He relates him to a movie with the name ‘Revenge’ in the title. Maddie can work with this because she loves movies. She starts to recite a bunch and the man remembers it is “Revenge of the Nerds.” He was a little older then she with glasses and a backpack. Does he remember anything else because he described a lot of people? His backpack has a bunch of OU stickers on it. Maddie is getting excited to have narrowed it down to someone that went to Oakdale University. The man then remembers his name – kind of. It was Elroy or something like that. Maddie stops for a moment, and then a light goes on. Was his name Elwood? The man is happy; that is his name. Maddie frowns intensely.

Elwood is playing at his computer trying to decide what move to make when an annoyed Casey tells him what to do from across the room. Elwood is thrilled to see he won. Is he sure he doesn’t want to play? Yes, he is sure, Casey grumbles.

Will comes home and looks around; he sees Gwen’s shirt on the bed and picks it up. He holds it for a moment before he puts it back down only to see a picture of him and Gwen in happier times. He falls down on the bed exhausted.

Gwen is gazing at the same picture of her and Will as she is talking with Adam. What does he need to talk to her about? He needs to back up and start at the beginning. When he first heard her sing, he was blown away. Gwen laughs; he said she was pitchy. He didn’t mean that because he was just being cocky. He never would have guessed that he would find his dream right back in his hometown. He figured if he worked her so hard, she wouldn’t see through him. He was starting to feel as if she was singing to him and noone else. Gwen suddenly realizes where this is going and becomes a bit uncomfortable, as she starts to pace. Adam continues; when they kissed in LA, they said it was because they got caught up, but it was more. Gwen doesn’t know what to say. He tried to push her away so she would hate him and they wouldn’t cross any line. Gwen explains that she can’t listen to this right now. He knows that she and Will are in trouble, but sometimes you come through something like this stronger and happier, as he closes in on Gwen. He wants them both to come through this happier and together, as he pulls her in and kisses her.

Katie wonders how Jack does it all with the job and kids, all the while staying happy? Doesn’t he feel slighted because he didn’t get the job? He doesn’t; Margo is his friend, she had seniority and she always has his back. She appreciates that. She apologizes for getting on his brother’s case. She is just concerned about him; she wants to do right by others now. She wants to be a better, sister and friend. She also would like to make things up to Parker. He will be ok, Jack assures her. She might have done them a favor in the long run. Katie can’t see how that could be. If she hadn’t exposed Carly and Simon then someone else would have. He is to blame as well. A good man doesn’t desert his family and he did; he left first. He thinks they should change the subject; can he give her a lift to the ceremony? She appreciates it, but she has to go change first; she will see him there. She promises the next time she sees his brother she will be nice.

At the Lakeview bar, Brad is having a drink. The waitress that is tending to him is a pretty petite blonde who is enjoying the attention. He hands her the money Jack just gave him for a ‘haircut’ telling her that is a tip for her. She tells him coyly that she is off in 20 minutes, as he smiles back.

Casey goes to see Will at his house. Is he ok because he doesn’t look it? Will doesn’t really answer. Casey tells him that he knows he didn’t take the bonds. Will wonders what he knows that Gwen and Adam don’t? He can’t get into it, but he knows and he is more sorry then he could ever know, as he leaves. Will watches after him confused.

Elwood is still gambling when Maddie knocks at the door. He hides his laptop claiming he was not decent. She rushes in not really caring. She just wants to know how he could do it? He doesn’t know what she is talking about. She tells him that Yuri told him about how he made a visit to him to cash some bonds.

Gwen pulls away; she can’t kiss him. He has been incredible, but this isn’t being in the moment and more importantly, she loves Will. He doesn’t understand her loyalty after what he did? He isn’t like how he was before; he has been gone a long time because Will has changed. Adam pushes saying that he doesn’t think his brother is capable of changing. Gwen can’t believe the man that stood by her is capable of what they think Will might have done. He took a filthy small apartment and made it a home; he helped her with Johnny. Adam feigns embarrassment; can he erase the past couple of minutes? He won’t cross that line again… unless invited, he adds. Are they ok? Gwen smiles, but she needs to call Will. Adam suggests that she call from the car. Why? He thinks she should go with him to Margo’s ceremony because it would mean a lot to her, and besides they can talk strategy in the car about how they can get Margo off of Will’s tail. Gwen agrees and thanks him. She is going to get changed; Adam, Mr. Chivalrous, offers to wait in the hall. When he walks outside, he bumps into Jade. She tells him coldly that the upside of being a liar and a cheat is that you know one when you see one.

Maddie is furious with Elwood; Yuri said hello, but she doesn’t see the Robert Carradine resemblance. Can he somehow explain how he could do this to his friends? He trashed everyone’s trust in him. Did he think the police or someone wouldn’t find out? How could he do this to Casey? Elwood has been trying to get a word in edgewise, as he stutters that he saved Casey’s neck. She backs him into a wall, as she yells at him that she has a witness to all his crimes and it is game over!

Henry bumps into Katie at the station. She hopes he isn’t in trouble because she doesn’t have time to bail him out because of Margo’s ceremony. He is there willingly and he is not in trouble. Katie is shocked that he would walk into a police station of his own free will. He has a proposition for them. He thinks they may need some help. Katie wonders if he is talking about being a janitor? He teases her when he corrects her – that would be a maintenance specialist. They both giggle. He actually thought he could put his driving to use. Katie teases him further; is he going to drive police cars in high-speed chases? He thought perhaps the paddy wagon. She thinks he would need to carry a gun in that job. Henry frowns; she knows he has an aversion to carrying a firearm. If he needs more money, she can loan him some. She wants to feel good for something. Henry thanks her but can’t take any, but he wants to know why she said that? She tells him that she was told off by an 11 year old. Henry defends her; what would he know? She gets emotional as she explains that she ruined his life. It may be acceptable to hurt yourself, but she doesn’t want to drag others down with her. She is so sick of her life, as she goes in for a hug from Henry. Just then, a spiteful Vienna comments about how she always seems to have the men of Oakdale wrapped around her finger with her sniffles. Katie straightens herself up and tells Henry she needs to get to Margo’s ceremony. Can he drive her because the limo is outside? She thanks him but she is ok as she heads out. Vienna turns her attention to Henry; she is always interested in a man who travels in a limo, as she sidles up to him playfully.

Outside the ceremony room, Tom and Margo are kissing like teens. She asks him how long the doctor said it had to be for them? Tom teases her and says that the doctor told him to increase his physical activity. Casey walks up interrupting them; he makes noises of disapproval about his parents showing signs of affection in public. They have been trying to reach him; he is there now isn’t that all that matters? Margo and Tom notice his shortness and wonder what is wrong? He has been busy and now he is just hungry, as he goes in search of food. Lisa teases him about how attractive her son and grandson look, but nothing can shake Casey’s mood. Lisa casually mentions the fact she is looking into video surveillance at the Club, as Casey becomes noticeably anxious at this topic. Bob needs Lisa about camera questions and Tom offers to go call Adam again. Casey is standing alone with Margo; is something wrong? He tries to change the subject; he is happy to have such great parents. They always do the right thing. They try, but sometimes it is a conscious effort to make things right. Is there something he is trying to make right? Casey seems to be mulling over this question. She continues; she went to see Gwen and Will and was told about Barbara giving them more money. She remarks about how nice it must be to pull money like that out of a hat. Here is she worrying about a couple hundred dollars from her Mad money fund. Casey tries to breeze over that comment. She mentions how Gwen, like him, wanted the police to drop the case. He just thinks that way everyone can move on. Margo thinks that in order for them to truly move on they need to know who did this. Casey frowns and looks down. Is there something wrong, Margo presses? The mayor’s arrival interrupts his answer.

Jade snarls that she hates to be the last one to know when she is getting dumped. Adam tries to charm her; he isn’t intending to ignore her, but Gwen is going through a hard time. Jade acts all torn up…not. She should try using her husband’s shoulder to cry on – does he remember his brother? Adam wants her to stop acting like the jilted woman because she knew what they were from the beginning. Jade snaps that she now sees that he was passing time with her until he could get to Gwen. What is wrong with her? It may begin with four unreturned calls and being uninvited to a family party. She wasn’t family. Is she looking for a commitment because if she is, he doesn’t have time for that because this is business and he needs to focus on getting Gwen’s head back in the game. Then he turns on the charm, as he is really dumping her. She is beautiful, sexy and strong; she doesn’t need him. Jade smirks. He doesn’t know what is going on with him and Gwen, but he knows her marriage is in the dump. Jade icily reminds him that she thought that as well. Adam then suggests that Will might need a good friend considering what is going on… maybe she should head over there. Jade tells him that is good advice and she thinks she will take him up on that, as she stomps off. Adam goes back inside as Gwen is done getting ready. Who was he talking to? He mumbles it was just a kid – noone important. They head out.

Henry tells Vienna that he doesn’t travel in limos all the time. Is there a special reason he took one to come to the police station? He is here to visit a friend. She tells him that she is too. She is here to see Jack; she was living at his aunt’s farm before he told her to leave. Henry understands; she thought she might try to convince him to reconsider? Yes, as she takes off her fur coat to reveal a low cut tight dress. How does she look? Henry stumbles over his words; there isn’t a word to describe her. The dress is wasted though because Jack isn’t here. He went to a ceremony for Margo, Katie’s sister. Vienna now understands why Katie always seems to get away with murder in this town.

Katie is in the Lakeview bar asking a hotel employee where the Police ceremony is? He explains it was moved to a bigger room. She hopes he is right because she is running late, as she rushes off. She bumps into someone, who spills their drink all down the front of her. She is irritated and thinks the person should have watched where they were going; she looks up only to find herself face to face with Brad, as she fumes when he suggests she owes him another beer.

Maddie doesn’t have time for this because of Margo’s ceremony, but she intends on calling Casey to let him know he is rooming with a liar. She tells him that he can’t run from this since he has hurt too many people, as she heads out the door. Elwood immediately gets on the phone and calls his mother, who doesn’t even seem to know who he is at first. He tells her that she was right about Casey and he needs their help!

Casey is standing in the middle of the ceremony room in a fog. He turns to one side and hears Lisa talking about the robbery; he turns to another side and his dad is talking to the Mayor about how proud he is that his sons know right from wrong. He whirls around only to hear Margo mumbling to Dallas about suspecting an inside job at Crash. He heads for the door and bumps into Jack. Where is he going? He just needs some air because he has a headache, as he races off. Jack walks over to Margo and apologizes for being late. He had to go to the house and get this, as he holds out Hal’s old shield. He knows Parker would approve of her holding this for the day. She smiles warmly and thanks him for this. Adam and Gwen arrive and say their hellos. Margo wonders where Will is? Gwen explains he got caught up and couldn’t get away. Margo looks suspicious. As Gwen is walking away with Adam, she asks him if he is ok with what they agreed on? He is, and Margo will never know they found the bond at her and Will’s house. She thanks him and is glad she and Will have him on their side.

Jade is at Will’s door when he opens it. He looks like hell. He sarcastically answers that he appreciates the kind words. Can they talk? He isn’t in the mood, but Jade promises that it will only take a moment. He lets her in; she tells him that she knows who set him up. Will looks at her blankly. She tells him that his own brother set him up. Does he still want her to leave?

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