ATWT Update Tuesday 2/6/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/6/07


Written By Elayna
Proofread by Fran

At home, Faith is fidgeting in her school bag, as Lily walks in.† She quickly zips it up in an obvious attempt to hide something.† Lily wants to know what it is.† Faith isnít interested in giving her a direct answer, so Lily pushes it.† She wants to see what it is.† When Faith doesnít answer her, Lily grabs her bag away from her.† She opens it up and finds a box of laxatives inside.† She is shocked as she stares at it.† She stutters, as she demands an explanation.† She asked her if she was really sick yesterday.† She was sick, Faith claims.† She didnít take any of these, but Lily doesnít want to hear it because she doesnít believe her. Lily demands to know what she is doing.

At the Lakeview, Casey walks up to the table where his beaming parents are sitting.† Casey nervously asks if there was a break in the robbery.† Tom tells his son that Margo was promoted to Chief of Detectives.† There is going to be an official ceremony later today.† Casey seems to noticeably breathe a sigh of relief.† He is so happy for her because she deserves this.† She hopes he and Adam will be in the front row.† He assures her they definitely will be.† She also wants him to know that solving the robbery will be at the top of her priority list once this is over.† Casey looks nervous again.

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Maddie is having breakfast with Henry.† They are talking about the $10,000 stolen bonds.† She is sure it was an inside job and she has a haunch of who it was.† Henry asks who she thinks it is.† She answers Jade.† He asks if it is wishful thinking or if she has proof.† She doesnít have anything concrete and that is why she was hoping he could lend some expertise.† Where does one go to cash stolen bonds?† Henry explains that they would not go to a bank because of the security cameras and it is too exposed.† Maddie thinks this is a good start, but Henry thinks that is a long way from solving the crime.

At the dorms, Adam is asleep in the spare bed in Gwenís room.† He is dreaming of Gwen.† She tells him that she canít trust Will anymore and it is over.† He is not the man she thought he was.† He doesnít share her hopes and dream, like he (Adam) does Ė she wants him, and she passionately kisses him.† Adam awakens suddenly.†

At home, Gwen rushes in calling Willís name.† She is apologizing about leaving last night and not believing him.† She walks into the bedroom and sees that the bed has not been slept in.

Meanwhile Will is arriving outside Gwenís door room.† He knocks on the door calling for Gwen saying they need to talk.† He is shocked when a shirtless Adam opens the door.†

Lily tells Faith how scared she is for her.† Faith continues to claim that she didnít take any laxatives.† She wants to believe her, but she has made it impossible.† Faith thinks she is being mean.† She isnít intending it that way; she is petrified about what is going on.† How long has this been happening?† Her brother and sister have heard her before today.† She explains how dangerous purging is.† Faith matter-of-factly says that she has had friends that have done it.† Lily is not accepting of this.† Doesnít she see what a beautiful girl she is?† Faith thinks she is saying this because she is her mom.† Lily asks her if she has a problem with how she looks.† Faith wants to know why she would talk to her because Lily will just tell her that she is wrong to feel the way she does.† She isnít going to be fat and end up having to take pills like she does.† A stunned Lily stares at her.

Henry continues his thoughts about where a person would go with stolen bonds.† They would go to a check-cashing place more likely.† There is one just up the street that is pretty discreet.† Maddie is ready to get up and go there, but Henry tells her that she is not going anywhere because he forbids it.† It is not safe over there and there are men with tattoos and multiple piercings.† Maddie teases him saying that is what her science lab partner looks like.† She tries to get him to understand and asks if he remembers last summer when no one believed her.† Casey, Gwen, and Will stood by her.† She owes them and wants to make this right for all of them.†

Casey wants his mom to enjoy her day, which she has long deserved, and not worry about the robbery.† Margo smiles and says that her bosses who promoted her are going to be expecting an arrest.† A guilt-ridden Casey thanks them for being such great parents to him.† He wishes he could be more like them when he sees all they accomplish.† This elicits a proud speech from Tom who tells him that he is very impressed with all Casey has done this past year to turn his life around.† They are the ones that are impressed and proud.† Casey canít take all the accolades so he excuses himself claiming he is going to tell Adam so they can get ready for her ceremony later that day.† He gives them one more backwards glance, as he heads out the door with his head dropped in shame.

Gwen is straightening up around the house and sees a pen and notepaper.† She decides to sit down and write Will a note, but a line into it she changes her mind and rips it up.†

Elsewhere, Will demands to know from Adam what he is doing there.† Adam brushes him off saying it isnít a good time.† Will canít believe his nerve.† Adam then adds that he doesnít have much more to say to him after yesterday.† Will is furious and asks who he is to be standing in the way of him and his wife.† Will pushes his way through the door, shoving Adam to the floor and punching him.

Lily falters as she claims that Faith doesnít know what she saw.† Faith goes over to Lilyís purse rummaging through it and pulls out the pill bottle.† She tells Lily that she takes those so she doesnít have to eat.† Lily grabs the bottle and tells her to stay out of her purse, so Faith counters that she should stay out of her backpack.† Lily will not do that because she is her child.† She will go through anything and everything if she is concerned about her.† Faith thinks she is being two-faced.† Lily is desperate for her to understand that she is a little girl and that bingeing and purging is extremely dangerous.† Faith thinks being fat is dangerous too.† Lily tries to get her to see that most girls her age are lacking in confidence over their body images.† Faith screams that she just doesnít get her.† Lucinda walks in explaining that she can hear them outside and asks what is wrong.† Faith growls that her mom wants her to be fat like her and she is not going to let her do it.† Lily and Lucinda stare at one another astounded by what they are hearing.

A man walks into Java to get a coffee with Maddie hot on his tail.† When he turns around to leave, she stops him. †She asks if he is he from the check- cashing place.† He asks who wants to know.† Maddie explains that she was wondering if she could ask him one question.† She asks him if he recently cashed any bonds.† The man smiles and asks if she is serious.† She realizes it is a strange question, but she is trying to find out of her ex-best friend stole from her.† She got them from her grandmother and this girl steals things for clothes and boys.† She isnít going to press charges, she just wants to smack some sense into her.† The man asks what this girl looks like.† Maddie starts to describe Jade, as she walks in right behind her.† The man looks over Maddieís shoulder at Jade and smiles.†

Gwen is starting to leave when Margo shows up at the door.† She wanted to tell them that she has been appointed Chief of Detectives, and there is going to be a ceremony for her today.† She wanted to tell Will in person because of Hal.† Gwen appreciates her concern for him.† Gwen admits sadly that she doesnít know where he is.

Adam is yelling that he did this to himself at Will as he punches him back.† They roll around a bit more before two guys from the dorm break them up.† Will demands to know where Gwen is.† Adam baits him by asking if he thinks that she is going to make herself available to him now.† Will lunges for him, as Adam tells him they talked and fell asleep and nothing happened.† Casey comes in yelling and asking what is going on.† Will explains that he and Gwen think he stole the bonds.† Casey stares at Adam, as the other two guys escort Will out.† Casey demands to know what he is talking about.† Adam tells him that Gwen found a bond at their house.† Casey knows that isnít possible because he did it and he was never there with the bonds.† Then Casey understands that when Adam told him that he would ďtake care of itĒ he meant that he would set Will up.†

Lily demands that Faith apologize for how she spoke to her and to Lucinda for yelling at her.† In fact, she wants her to go upstairs now.† Faith tells her that she has a test at school.† Lily explains she will have to make it up because she is grounded.† Faith glares at her, as she announces that she hates her.† Lucinda and Lily shake their heads.† Lily tells her that she thinks her daughter hates herself because she thinks she is fat.† Lucinda doesnít fully understand.† Lily explains that she is bingeing and purging.† Lucinda is incredulous of this.† Lily feels so stupid and asks how she could have had no clue.† She explains that she just found laxatives in her bag and Lucinda looks dumbfounded.† Lily canít figure out where she is getting these ideas from Ė TV or magazines?† This doesnít make sense to her.† Lucinda approaches her cautiously; she doesnít want her to take it the wrong way, but she thinks this behavior comes from her.† Lily looks at her confused.

The man answers that if this is her friend, then he has never seen her before and it has been months since he has cashed any bonds.† The man leaves and Jade wants to know why she is talking about her.† Maddie answers that she has nothing to say to her.† Maddie starts to leave, but Jade grabs her telling her that she is tired of her witch-hunt.† She didnít steal anything.† Maddie sarcastically answers that it must be true if she says that it is.† She doesnít know when to stop.† Maddie laughs reminding her that she is the one who was obsessed with Will.† Jade snaps that she canít seem to forgive the fact that she wasnít the slasher but rather Margoís sister was.† However, she has proof that she is innocent of this.

Margo asks Gwen if everything is ok.† Gwen covers by saying that there have been so many changes and they are trying to play catch up.† Margo gently reminds her that she is a cop and a mother and nothing gets by her; it is a gift and a curse.† Gwen admits that when she showed up she thought it was about the robbery.† Margo apologizes because she realizes that the robbery was wrapped up in her dreams.† She will find out who took the bonds, but suddenly Gwen isnít concerned about that anymore.† Margo acknowledges Casey said the same thing, but it is a priority for her.† Gwen thinks she might want to forget it.

Adam tells Casey to lower his voice.† Casey snaps that he did it.† He asks how he could do this when Will is his brother and Gwen is his friend.† Then Casey has a thought and asks if they hooked up.† Adam tells him no.† He only spent the night because Gwen was upset.† Casey accuses him of doing it to get close to Gwen.† Adam pretends that he did it for him and asks if he thinks the police were simply going to drop this.† He had to come up with something and Will was the next suspect.† They arenít going to put Will in jail for stealing from himself, and everyone knows that Will does this kind of stuff when he worries about losing someone close to him.† Casey sneers that he is making his brother Will look pathetic.† Adam thinks it was the best-case scenario because no one got hurt.† Casey reminds him that Will and Gwenís marriage got hurt.† Casey says that he canít do this, as he heads for the door. †Adam grabs him by the shirt and tells him that he will keep his mouth shut!

Lily doesnít understand because she never would have said anything to her daughter about her weight.† Lucinda explains that she was talking about herself.† He reminds her how she goes on and on about how unhappy she is about her weight.† She asks if she sees the impact that would have on Faith.† She is reflecting how her mother feels.† She looks up to her.† Lily still canít believe this; she is always complimenting her.† Lucinda reminds Lily that they have all been complimenting Lily since she developed this issue with her weight and she has the same reaction Faith does.† Lily suddenly realizes what Lucinda is saying it is her fault. †Lucinda shakes her head.† They need to focus on the fact that they caught it early.† They can be proactive.† She asks where Holden is.† Lily answers that he is on a business trip.† Lucinda doesnít think they should wait to move on this.† Lily doesnít plan on blowing this off.† She knows her daughterís life is at risk.† Lucinda offers her help, but Lily explains that she will do it herself.† After Lucinda leaves, Lily goes to her purse, looks at her pill bottle, and then puts that bottle and the laxatives in her purse.† She then heads for the phone to make a call.

Maddie is amused that suddenly Jade has an alibi.† Jade explains that she had been at the gym and many people saw her, and the man at the front desk can verify she was there too.† Maddie thinks she could have paid him off.† Jade reminds her that there are probably security tapes as well.† Maddie tells her that they could have been doctored.† Jade smirks at this.† She is unbelievable.† She is just mad that Casey jumped to her defense, Jade coldly reminds her, but Maddie shoots back that it is too bad that Adam didnít though.† Jade demands that she stop this and give her an apology.† Maddie sneers at this suggestion.

Margo is amazed that Gwen would want her to forget about $10,000 being stolen.† Gwen explains that Barbara gave her more money after she heard about the robbery, so the demo will get finished.† If the police continue to dig into this then they will never be able to put this behind them.† Margo wonders if she would feel this way if Barbara hadnít given her more money.† She doesnít know, but she has been given a second chance.† Margo reminds her that she does have a job to do.† Gwen quietly says that sometimes certain things left behind may keep you happy.† Margo tells her that she has to get to her ceremony now, but she will think about what she said.† After Margo leaves, Gwen quickly heads out.

Casey canít do this to Will.† Adam reminds him that this is about more than Will.† Their mom will be devastated especially since this is her first day as chief of detectives.† He reminds Casey about Tomís precarious condition.† Casey feels he has to make this right and he will explain that he gambled for fun and that it simply got out of control.† Adam snaps that he sounds like a thief, addict, and a liar.† Adam says that he had to choose between his two brothers and he chose him.† Casey is shaking his head, so Adam reminds him how happy he was when Adam was covering for him before.† Casey canít take this anymore; he tells Adam that he chose the wrong brother to protect.

Faith walks into the room, as Lily is hanging up the phone.† She asks if Lily is going to tell her father and asks if he will be mad at her.† Lily explains gently that they are not mad at her.† They are concerned and scared for her.† She apologizes for giving her the wrong impression about her struggle with her weight.† Faith doesnít want to talk about it.† Lily understands, but she is going to talk to someone.† She made an appointment for them to talk with an unbiased person.† Faith glares at her, as she asks if she is going to make her talk to a shrink.

Maddie is angrily telling Jade that she doesnít care what she thinks or has to say.† Jade is sure that no one is going to believe her since she comes from a line of sick people.† Maddie pushes Jade, who in turn grabs her.† Will walks in and then races over to separate them.† Jade yells that Maddie is trying to lay the blame about the stolen bonds on her.† Will tells her that she can tell Adam and Gwen that because they think he took them.† Jade and Maddie are stunned to hear this.†

Casey tells Adam that he wonít bring him into what he did or the cover up.† Adam reminds him that all the trust and faith they had in him will be gone.† He asks how he will explain about the bond found at Will and Gwenís. †Adam tells him that no one is going to believe he framed Will.† He canít pull it off.† Gwen walks in and is amazed to hear them talking about this.

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