ATWT Update Monday 2/5/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Elayna

At Lakeview, Emily is drinking at the bar, as she glances into her purse and the wad of cash inside. She remembers her night with Steve. Dusty wanders up curious where Emily has gotten all that money?

At home, Luke pleads with Faith to talk to him. Faith isn’t interested in talking because she has to clean up or Lily is going to get on her case. Luke doesn’t want her to change the subject; he heard her. What does he mean? He heard her getting sick in the bathroom, as Faith looks nervously back at him.

At Java, Lily is talking with two women about their pitch to work with Worldwide. Lily promises to get back to them as soon as she looks over their proposal. The woman push to get an answer as soon as possible, which Lily agrees to give them. Lucinda, who has walked in, overhears this but waits for the women to leave before she walks over. Who are those two? Lily explains that they are trying to revolutionalize the baby food industry; they have a proposal, which she is going to look over; she wants Worldwide to get on board with them. Lucinda smirks at her daughter; she wonders if these two are about to take her to the cleaners? Lily returns this statement with an annoyed look.

At the cabin, Paul is sitting by the fire; he sees another vision of a bracelet falling to the ground. He wonders to himself whose bracelet this is and what it means? Suddenly, Meg’s face appears in his vision.

At Fairwinds, Meg and Craig are kissing on the couch. Craig pulls back, all the while staring intently at Meg. She wonders what is wrong? She thought he wanted her? Has he changed his mind? She starts to get up a bit self-conscious, as Craig pulls her down back onto the couch and resumes kissing her passionately.

Paul quickly grabs his cell phone to call Meg, but then he remembers their conversation where she tells him that he no longer needs to run to her rescue. She doesn’t want him using his so-called powers to try to get close with her. He slowly puts the phone back down on the table.

Meg and Craig are half undressed on the couch when Craig pulls back again. What is wrong? Is this a new form of torture, Meg teases? Craig is adamant he wouldn’t do anything like that to her. If they are going to do it then they should do it, Meg says matter of factly. Craig mumbles sarcastically that she is making it sound so romantic. He wants her to put her clothes back on, as she teasingly reminds him that they were supposed to be taking things off. He thinks she has had too much to drink, and that she is not herself. He has done a lot for her by making those additions to her patient’s diary; she owes him. Wasn’t this his plan for her to be indebted to him? That is not his style, Craig answers. If he wanted her grateful, then she is. They can keep it between them so he gets what he wants. Craig stares at a willing Meg for a moment before he tells her that he wants her but not this way.

Lily is frustrated with Lucinda; she wanted her to develop a new product line and that is what she is doing. Lucinda questions why she feels she needs to jump at the first proposal she is pitched? She heard her promise them an answer rather quickly. Has she even taken this proposal to legal? That step is imperative in the process. Lily defending this explains that their product is a great idea; their baby food is organic. Lucinda wonders if she knows enough about them…. who are they? A start up company, Lily answers. Can they guarantee a steady supply? Do they have a manufacturer or do they need one provided to them? This is a specialty product. It is complex. Then Lucinda has another thought; she hasn’t given them any money yet? Lily snarls; what does she think she is a push over? She holds up the jar for Lucinda; it taste good. Lucinda isn’t impressed; she would be happier if it had been tested on Ethan. Then they can talk about financing. Lily tells her that she will do that then, but she feels as if her mind is already made up because she doesn’t feel as if she really trusts her?

Faith tells Luke that he is imagining things. Luke asks her if he imagined her getting sick? Trying to deflect the conversation, she asks if he is spying and why would she be getting sick? He doesn’t know. Was it because mom kept pestering her to eat and she wasn’t hungry? Faith doesn’t understand why it is a big deal if she didn’t want to eat. Luke thinks that saying that she hates their mom is a big deal. She said that because she wouldn’t leave her alone and she was telling her how to feel. This was her getting back at their mom? Is that what Luke’s intentions were when he pushed her down the stairs? An emotional Luke tries to explain that was an accident. He had been trying to walk away and Lily fell backwards when trying to stop him. She was trying to send him to that camp though. Luke reminds her that she didn’t know what the camp was about. He didn’t believe her then. Luke adds that he believes her now. He would never try to hurt her intentionally though. Does he think she is trying to hurt her? He isn’t sure, but he is as equally as concerned about the fact that his own sister is lying to his face. An aggravated Faith finally tells him that she did get sick; is he happy now? He just wants to understand why she did it?

Emily covers by saying that she had loaned a friend some money and they just gave it back to her. Dusty wants to know why she blew off their meeting? Emily recalls her night with Steve. She lies and tells him that it just slipped her mind. This explanation doesn’t sound like her. Is Daniel ok? He is fine, Emily answers shortly. Then she apologizes for him putting himself on the line for her. He knows things have been tough for her with losing Hal, her baby and now Daniel. She can rise above this though. Emily laments that Craig won; he ruined her life. He doesn’t want her allowing Craig to get to her, but he already has. He wants her to start over and focus. He can’t keep Lucinda on board if she keeps proving to be unreliable. Emily snaps that maybe she is right. Who says she is ready to run a newspaper or anything else for that matter. She can barely make a decision on what to eat for breakfast. An annoyed Dusty tells her that this pity routine is getting old; she can do anything she puts her mind to. Emily intercedes; is it more that she can put her mind to something he sets his mind to? Dusty doesn’t follow. He made the decision about getting her back involved in the Intruder, and then he made all these decisions without consulting her. What if she doesn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning? He knows she loves running the paper. She thinks a lot has changed since then. He knows she has still got the desire. She thinks the job takes instincts and she has lost hers. She has failed as a wife, mother and friend. He knows she is scared, but he knows she is capable of doing this. Dusty thinks she should try; the deal has already gone through. She doesn’t want to feel pressured. He isn’t trying to do that, but he just wants her to think about it. Emily’s cell phone rings interrupting them; she takes it and realizes she is talking to Steve. She tries to turn so Dusty isn’t privy to her conversation. He tells her how he has been trying to work but thoughts of her keep getting in his way. Did she get the money he left for her? She did. He was wondering if he could give her number to one of his friends? Emily realizes what is going on and agrees to this, but tells him quickly that she has to go. After she hangs up, Dusty approaches her commenting about how he knows what is going on now. Emily stares back at him nervously. She has another job, Dusty says?

Luke wants to understand why she would make herself sick? It just happened. Luke knows she threw away her food and that she hasn’t been eating right. Faith wonders why everyone is so obsessed with food in the house because she is over it. Is she trying to lose weight? No. Does he remember when she has too much popcorn and cotton candy at the circus and got sick; it is the same as if there was a monster in her stomach trying to get out. He didn’t see her eat any junk food today. She is just explaining how she felt; she might have eaten too fast or maybe the food had been left out too long. Why didn’t she say that before? She didn’t want him telling Lily and then she would feel badly. Luke is confused that she would be concerned about her feelings when she just said that she hated her. Lily would have made a huge deal about it since she is on her case about eating. Has she ever gotten sick before? No, so is he done giving her the third degree? He is unless she has something else to say. She doesn’t and she hopes he keeps this conversation between only them. Luke agrees.

Lucinda assures Lily that she trusts her. Why is she immediately questioning her decisions then? Lucinda wonders what this is really about? Is this too much for her? Lily is frustrated; she has been at work for not even a moment it seems and already they disagree over something and she is turning it into something she can’t handle. She can do the job. Lucinda is concerned why she is snapping at her; it seems to be becoming a habit and she doesn’t like it. She is bothered by all her micromanaging, Lily offers. Lucinda wonders if this is adding stress to her life when it was meant to give her a break from stress? Is she trying to make her feel as if she doesn’t know what she is doing? Lily’s phone rings interrupting them. It is Luke; he is upset and thinks Lily should come home now so he can explain. Lily hangs up quickly and briefly explains to Lucinda what Luke says. She will talk to her later, as she rushes out.

Meg is sitting on the couch with her head in her hands, rubbing her temples. Craig hands Meg something warm to drink. She thanks him for his TLC but wants to know what just happened? Did he change his mind about covering for her? Why would he do that? She knows he loves toying with people; he likes to make people keep guessing what he is up to. He would never do that to her. She can’t take this, as she reaches for her phone; she is just going to explain it to Bob and let the chips fall where they may. Craig grabs her phone from her. She is not going to call anyone in her condition. She is going to sleep this off before she makes a decision. Meg gives up the fight and lets Craig cover her with a blanket and shut off the light. A moment later her cell phone rings, as Craig picks it up not saying anything. An anxious sounding Paul assumes it is Meg and immediately starts talking. He is glad she picked up because he has had another vision and he wants to talk to her about it. Craig finally talks; he smirks as he tells Paul that Meg is resting and he will give her the message when she gets up, as he shuts the phone. Paul slams down his phone staring intently at it as he does.

Dusty tells Emily she should have told him that she had another commitment. Emily assures him that she doesn’t have another job. Dusty wonders what she isn’t telling him? There is nothing. He wants her to prove it tomorrow at the next meeting then? He knows she can dazzle them. Emily’s cell phone rings again as she looks down at it. She finally agrees to give it a chance; she has to take this call though. Dusty wants to make sure she will show up for the meeting? She promises to, but she needs to take this, as she rushes him off. She picks up the phone and speaks with Steve’s friend. He wants to meet her tonight; she is a bit taken aback at how soon he wants to meet her, but she agrees to meet him.

Lily rushes into the livingroom to find a fidgety looking Luke. Is Ethan ok? Yes. It is about Faith; she always told him to try to help when he sees someone in trouble. Is Faith in trouble? He tries to calmly explain, but she needs to stop asking questions so he can get this out. Does she remember making Faith eat her lunch? She does, but defends the fact that he seems to be implying she was being pushy; she is her mother and she needs to eat. Luke understands, but he wants her to know that he later heard Faith getting sick. Lily is confused. Then she acted as if nothing was wrong and almost appeared calm about it happening. It wasn’t the first time either. How does he know that? He can tell by her reaction that he saw after she came out of the bathroom, and Natalie heard her before and Faith told her not to tell. Lily falls onto the couch. He knows this is bad, but he thinks Faith has a real problem. Faith, who has just walked into the room, overhears him and snaps that he is her problem.

Meg is sleeping on the couch when Paul starts pounding on the door demanding Meg come to the door. Meg slowly starts to awaken at the noise, and then Paul is rushing into the room, as she is sitting up. Is she ok? Meg is confused. Has she been drinking? Meg tries to shake it off; that is none of his business. Where is Craig, Paul demands? She doesn’t know, but she assumed he let him in. No. Then he let himself in; he can’t break into someone’s house. Paul is adamant that they don’t have time to talk; he wants her to come with him, as he tries to pull her towards the door. She isn’t leaving, but how did he know where to find her? Craig answered her phone. Why was she out of it? She was resting. He was worried when Craig was so evasive, but he didn’t know he would find her passed out. He wants to keep her safe. Did he have another vision? He doesn’t know what it was about, but he saw her bracelet fall to the ground. Meg looks down by the couch to see her bracelet lying there. How would it slip off, Paul asks? She diverts that question; what is he pulling now? He was worried about her. He had a bad feeling like he did when he got the vision about the hospital blood drive. He is right because she was in danger tonight. Was it because of Craig, Paul asks? She tells him that it was because of herself; she had too much to drink and almost did something she would have regretted. Paul, pretty much gathering what she is talking about, asks her why she didn’t do that ‘something?’ She tells him because she has Craig to thank for that. Just then, Craig walks in wondering if he heard his name?

Faith tries to explain to Lily that whatever Luke told her was a lie. Did she make herself sick, Lily asks? It was just something she ate. Luke assures her that they are all family and she can tell the truth. She snaps that she doesn’t need to tell them everything though. Lily doesn’t want her keeping secrets either. She knew everyone would make a big deal over this. Lily explains that Luke was just worried. She is mad because he is trying to get her in trouble. Luke tries to explain that isn’t true. Lily asks for a moment to talk with Faith alone. As Luke is leaving, he tells her to talk to her because Lily can help her if she lets her. After he leaves, Faith is adamant that she not listen to what Luke was telling her. Where would Luke get the idea that she was making herself sick? It isn’t a big deal; a lot of girls in her class do it. Lily is upset to hear that, but Faith is not about to offer names. Faith wants to leave but Lily wants her to sit so they can talk about this. She wants her to feel safe to tell them anything she feels. Faith tells her that she does when it matters. Lily wonders if she is worried about her weight? Faith wonders if she thinks she is fat? Lily reassures her that she is beautiful, healthy and perfect. Faith thinks that she has to say that to her because she is her mom. Lily understands that in this day and age the push is to be ultra skinny. Faith answers that she doesn’t get into that as some people do, as she give Lily a sideways glance. Lily asks her to give her an honest answer about why she got sick; if she tells her that it was something she ate and that is that, then she won’t ask her about it again; she promises.

Emily walks up to Steve’s friend’s room, and then she turns to check her makeup and put on some perfume. She again walks towards the door only to change her mind and turn around at the last minute. As she is walking away though, the door opens and a man in a business suit walks out. Is she Steve’s friend? He was wondering if she was going to come at all; he was thinking about going to go look for her. Emily smiles and tells him that she guesses she saved him a trip, as she steps inside his room. Does she want something to drink? She answers vodka on the rocks, as she tries to calm her nerves. He makes small talk; his name is John, but he doesn’t know her name because Steve didn’t mention it. Emily is glad they are discreet. He did say that he shouldn’t lose her number because she is very attractive, and he was right. Emily returns the compliment. Does she have a name? Emily tells him that it doesn’t matter. The man smiles; he likes her being mysterious. He dims the lights and approaches her. She tells him to stop though. He asks if something is wrong? She gulps down her drink and heads for the door, but then instead of leaving, she simply turns on the lights. She has nothing to hide. The man is thrilled by this and wants to get started, but Emily stops him again telling him that she likes to get the business portion over in the beginning. He understands as he takes out his wallet; she tells him that her fee is $1,000.

Lily just wants Faith to tell her the truth because there is nothing she can’t tell her. Anything that she would tell her would be better then a lie; once she lies then she always has to keep up the lie. Faith nods; she knows the speech. Faith tells her that she was really sick. Why didn’t she tell her then? She didn’t want to be treated like a baby. Lily touches her cheek; it must be a bug. Has she been playing with Ethan? Faith assures her that he is safe. She should eat something so there is something in her stomach, or at least drink some Ginger Ale. She is very comforting, as Faith seems affected by this. Lily’s cell phone rings interrupting them. Lily takes it, as Faith waits a moment realizing it is business and then walks away as Lily continues to talk. She tells them that Worldwide looked over their proposal and are on board. They will have their start up fees in the bank tomorrow. Outside, Luke catches up with Faith; Faith is mad that Luke worried their mom for no reason. This was his fault? Faith looks down. He just wanted her to know she has support if she is sick, or as Faith interrupts, if she has a problem? He just thinks it is important that Lily be in the loop. She doesn’t have a problem; why can’t she just get some privacy? He realizes she thinks stuff is tough right now but they will get better. She is pretty and smart, but Faith interrupts him telling him to stop. He wishes she knew how much he cares about her. Is that why he told on her? He was scared for her and he thought talking to Lily would help. Faith angrily tells him that if he wants to help then he should stop talking about her behind her back and stay out of her life, as she stomps off.

Paul is confused with what is going on; she is ok with drinking, passing out and hanging out with Craig? Meg defiantly answers that she doesn’t need to explain herself. There was a time where she would have rather jump out a window then be alone with Craig. Craig thinks it is time for him to leave, as Meg seems to want this as well. Craig asks Meg if she wants him to leave? Meg pauses then answers quietly that she does. Is that what she really wants, Paul asks? Meg slowly shakes her head yes. She wants to be here and he needs to get that through his head; he needs to stop crashing into her life with premonitions and warnings. Paul drops his head and agrees; he will go, but he just wants her to be careful. She reminds him what she just said about warnings. He turns sadly to leave, but then walks over to Craig; he has a warning for him; if he hurts Meg then he will make him suffer. After he leaves, a somber looking Meg wants to change the subject from Paul. She is too preoccupied with losing her career. He doesn’t think she has anything to worry about if she leaves things alone. Her death will be ruled a suicide. She doesn’t know if she can live with herself. Craig reminds her that throwing her life away won’t bring her back. Meg doesn’t think that should be her decision to make. He thinks she should just let things be until they cool down. She has a gift for healing and she shouldn’t think about herself; she needs to think about all the people that will be fortunate to still get her care. Meg wonders if it is that simple? He changes the subject; he is sorry Paul woke her up; does she want him to take her home to sleep in her own bed? Meg is surprised he is letting her leave that easily. Doesn’t he want something in return for his part in this? This wasn’t a set up, Craig answers. He doesn’t want to sleep with her? He tells her that he wanted to give her something she would cherish; that is freedom with no strings attached. Meg looks at him for a long while before she gratefully and genuinely thanks him.

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