ATWT Update Friday 2/2/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/2/07


Written By James

(Lily's Home): Lily talks with Faith about her activities such as dancing and eating. Faith becomes defensive and tells Lily she needs to leave her alone.

(Lake View Towers): Kim and Katie talks about Mike and Katie's breakup and Simon. Katie tells Kim Jack wants her to keep her distance but Kim finds that odd and unlike Jack. Kim offers Katie to let her help put her life back together again.

(Snyder Farm): Jack and Brad verbally spar about each others behavior. Vienna enters with her bags, leaving the farm. Brad tries to make Jack feel bad about it. After Brad leaves, Vienna tells Jack she's not angry he's asked her to leave and that she still worries about him. She advises him not to push people away from him who care. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Jack checks the mail and upon reading a piece of it calls for Parker - getting no response.

(Paul's Place): Paul wants to know why Parker is back at his house. Parker wants to talk more.

(Hospital): Meg wants to know how Craig knew about biz he should not know, that he obviously manipulated hospital records to deflect focus on her possible culpability for the patients death.

(Snyder Farm): Outside, Vienna asks Brad to make sure he treats Jack right. Brad defends himself and accuses Jack of being self righteous. Brad makes another pass at Vienna but she holds him off. Brad emphasizes how simplified he is compared to Jack and accuses Vienna of having a spark for him (Brad). He persistently seduces her and offers to take her to a swank hide-away he knows he would like. She seems very interested and they walk off arm-in-arm.

(Lake View Towers): Kim offers her a job back at the station. Katie has some reservations but Kim urges her on and Katie gets emotional and thanks Kim for being one of the only people left that still has faith in her.

(Lily's Home): Faith remains insolent with her mother, Lily. As Lily attempts to discipline her and find out what's going on with her behavior, the phone rings. Lily takes the call and temporarily leaves the room relative to the call. Faith takes a peek under the plate with the food.

(Hospital): Craig confesses to getting records changed to protect Meg. Meg is furious and Craig tries to get her out of the hospital to explain the details behind it. Meg hesitantly complies and goes with him.

(Lily's Home): Lily returns to find all the food is gone and is pleased. Faith continues to disrespect Lily and Luke walks in and lightens up the mood. Lily leaves for an errand and kids. Luke asks Faith what's the matter and Faith tells him she hates her mother (Lily).

(Lake View Towers): Brad and Vienna arrives and he continues to woo her, offering to get her checked in. As he leaves to do that, Vienna walks around the corner to the bar section and see Katie. Katie immediately arises to leave as they trade insults.

(Snyder Farm): Jack and JJ talks about what's going on with Parker. Jack is concerned he might have run away. JJ clams up, not wanting to rat his brother out.

(Paul's Place): Paul finds it interesting that Parker seems to think he is like him. Parker reflects on how he was able to use Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) to save Jack's life but couldn't do it to save his own father (Hal Munson) or from keeping his mom, Carley from leaving town.

(Craig's Place): Craig tries to relieve Meg from worrying and possibly self destructing about the death of her patient. Meg sees right through him and tells Craig he's not acting in her own best interests, but rather so that he could have her.

(Lake View Towers): Vienna and Katie continue trading barbs when Katie asks what she is doing there. Katie determines Vienna has no other place to go and then Katie finally reveals Mike has left her. Silence prevails temporarily but they soon start sparring over their men.

(Snyder Farm): JJ eventually tells Jack how Parker sneaked out of the house through the window when he thought JJ was sleeping. Jack then wonders where he could have gone.

(Paul's Place): Paul and Parker continue to share the misery of having ESP but unable to control it to make positive things happen in your life.

(Craig's Place): Craig admits his tendency to manipulate situations but tells Meg she has it wrong that his current stunt was for his own selfish ends. He arrests her suspicions by reflecting on her humbleness of exerting her efforts on working hard, reaping moderate wages and getting little appreciation for her sacrifices. He tells her he admires her and she immediately softens.

(Lily's Home): Luke and Faith continues to chat and she criticizes Lily for seeming to be the queen of everything. Faith tells Luke that Lily was not on his side, about how she tried to send him away when she found out he was gay. Luke was surprised she knew about that. Luke continues to defend Lily's actions but Faith isn't swayed and departs. Natalie comes in and Luke questions her about her sister. Natalie drops the bomb that she caught Faith throwing up and that Faith got really mad when Natalie indicated she was going to tell their mom.

(Snyder Farm): Jack keeps calling around for Parker and JJ is hesitant to give up much information on him. He tells Jack Parker has sneaked out before - but that he always came back.

(Paul's Place): Paul and Parker continue to sort out Parker's problems of adjusting to life without his mom and dad. Even with Parker degrading Jack as a father figure, Paul instead supports Jack and tells Parker to go home and don't come back to his place.

(Craig's Place): Craig looks dejected when Meg indicated she didn't want to end up like him. She apologizes but Craig takes it in and stride, not blaming her for the barb. Craig tries to convince Meg why she'd be so much better off with him instead of Paul - that Paul is useless to her. He tells Meg he wants her to like him.

(Lily's Home): Luke and Faith talks again and he tries to address her concerns that they're not communicating when Lily walks in. Faith mouths off at her again and Luke sees Lily to the door as she departs for an errand. He comes back and confronts Faith telling her, "I know what you're doing."

(Snyder Farm): Parker comes back and confronts Jack. Upon Jack asking Parker where he'd been, he again was met with disrespect from his adolescent "son". Jack told him to go to bed and that they will discuss the matter later on. Parker goes upstairs, leaving a drained Jack behind.

(Lake View Towers): Brad comes back for Vienna and senses something is wrong with her and asks Katie what the deal was. Katie, looking somewhat proud, indicates Vienna had just been "shot down". Vienna, looking wounded retreats toward her room. Brad, looking bewildered, looked back toward Vienna then angrily back toward Katie. "And you beautiful girls wonder why you're left alone so much." He then takes off to find Vienna, leaving Katie deflated.

(Paul's Place): Paul accidentally cuts his hand and upon drawing a little blood, has another hallucination - a bracelet falling away from a wrist.

(Craig's Place): Craig and Meg draws close to each other and he finally makes his move at her prompt and kisses her, then lays upon her on the couch. Her bracelet falls from her wrist to the floor.

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