ATWT Update Thursday 2/1/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/1/07


Written By Eva
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(Farm)† Katie arrives to give Jack the letter Simon wrote to her and Jack looks at the postmark and sees that it reads Australia but feels sure that Simon and Cary have probably left there by now.† Katie tells Jack that Mike left town for good this time because she didnít show him that letter.† Jack holds Katie to comfort her as she cries a little unaware that an angry Parker is watching them from the stairs.†

(Hospital)† Meg wonders why two of her co-workers are looking at Sarah Shaunesseyís file.† The two nurses admit that they were trying to figure out why the patientís husband came after Meg.† Meg explains to them that Sarahís husband loved her very much and he was just trying to figure out why his wife died.† Meg takes the file from the nurses to read it and try and discover what she may have missed that lead to Sarahís death.† Craig arrives and wonders if Meg still blames herself for Sarahís death.†

(Dorm)† Gwen cries into her pillow and wallows in her misery about not finishing the demo and the fact that she thinks Will stole the bonds and shattered her dream.† Adam arrives and Gwen tells him to leave her alone because she needs time to think about things.† Gwen also tells Adam that she doesnít want to talk about the bonds and insists that Will would never shatter her dream because he loves her.† Adam points out that if she believed the words she just said she would be at home with Will pretending to be happy she lost her shot at a music career instead of in her dorm alone crying into a pillow.† Adam tells Gwen that maybe Will didnít mean to hurt her on purpose.† She goes on to say that he just does some desperate things when he thinks that people he loves are going to leave him.† Adamís words make Gwen angry and she insists that Will would never do anything to hurt her like he hurt Rose DíAngelo.† She tells him that he was a confused kid when he killed Rose and he has changed now.†

(Lakeview)† Will demands that Iris explain to him how she made it look like he stole the bonds or he will call the police and have her sent back to jail.† Iris doesnít have any idea what Will is talking to her about so he explains to her that the bonds were stolen from Crash.† Iris tells Will she went to three AA meetings back to back the night of the robbery.† Will demands that Iris prove her words so Iris calls her sponsor Betsy to vouch for her.† Betsy arrives at the Lakeview and after giving Iris a good talking to for going off the wagon she tells Will she accompanied Iris to the meetings and gives him a list of people who could vouch for Iris.†

(Hospital)† Craig asks Meg to dinner but she refuses his invitation and a few minutes after Craig leaves Paul arrives to talk to Meg.† Paul tells Meg they have run every possible test on him and canít find anything physically wrong with him.† Paul tells Meg that he has decided to use his gift to help people with a problem starting with her.† Paul explains to Meg that he knows she wants to discover the reason that Sarah Shaunessey died so Paul asks Meg to take his hand so he can try to see if he can help her figure it out.† Meg tells Paul not to touch her and quickly backs away from him.† Meg tells Paul she doesnít need him to rescue her just so she can be grateful to him and possibly get back together with him.† Paul leaves but tells Meg that he will be there for her if she should ever need his help.† Craig asks Meg what mistakes Paul made with her so that he can learn from them and maybe figure out a way to help her.†

(Farm)† Parker thinks there is something going on between Jack and Katie although Jack makes it clear to Parker that he doesnít have a romantic interest in Katie or Vienna.† Katie apologizes to Parker for any part she played in Carly leaving Oakdale.† Parker screams that Katie is a liar because he read her book and knows exactly what she said about her mother.† Katie tells Parker that her book was fiction but Parker doesnít believe her because everything she wrote about his mother was true.† An angry Parker stomps upstairs and Jack apologizes to Katie for what Parker said to her.† Katie tells Jack that she finally realizes that no one is to blame for both Mike and Simon leaving her.† She says that she has nobody to blame but herself.† Jack asks Katie not to come near his children because seeing her will just remind them that Carly is gone.† Katie wonders if she can see him and invite him to dinner when she feels lonely and needs to talk to someone who understands her pain.† Jack tells Katie he is very busy at work and taking care of his children. †Katie gives Jack a hug and asks him not to be mad at her forever.†

(Dorm)† Adam holds Gwen and tells her to try to think positively about her life.† Barbara walks in and wonders if Gwen knows Willís whereabouts and Gwen tells her he is probably at home.† Barbara explains that she stopped by there and he wasnít home.† Gwen explains that the bonds were stolen from Crash and once Barbara has heard the whole story she figures out that Gwen blamed Will for stealing the bonds and that is why they are having a fight.† Barbara immediately writes a check for Gwen to finish the demo and Gwen doesnít want to accept the check but Adam takes it and tells Gwen not to waste this chance.† Iris arrives and tells everyone in the room that Will blamed her for the robbery and tried to get her to admit to something she didnít do.† Adam throws Iris out of the room.† In the hallway, Adam promises Iris her cut of the money but she must stop drinking, leave Gwen alone, and stop making embarrassing scenes everywhere.† Barbara asks Gwen to reconcile with Will because they are good for each other and Will needs her.† Barbara asks Gwen to understand that Will has lost so much this year he did what he did because he didnít want to lose her too.†

(Hospital)† Bob informs Meg that Sarah died of anaphylactic shock because of a medication she was allergic to that wasnít noted on her chart.† Meg starts blaming herself but Bob explains that they found a diary written by Sarah who stated that she intended to kill herself by not telling the doctors all the medications she was allergic to.† Meg is relived and when Craig arrives and talks about Sarahís diary.† Even though he didnít hear the conversation between her and Bob, Meg suspects he may have had something to do with clearing her of any blame in Sarahís death.†

(Dorm)† Gwen tells Adam she made a mistake about Will and now she feels horrible because even Willís own mother thinks he stole the bonds.† Gwen tells Adam she wasnít thinking straight and she wasnít listening to Will when he spoke to her.† Gwen tells Adam that Will loves her.† He is her best friend and she wants to be with him.†

(Paulís place)† Paul hears a noise when he gets home and yells out who is there.†

(Will and Gwenís place)† Barbara arrives and tells Will she knows about the stolen bonds and she gave Gwen a check for the same amount so she can finish her demo CD.† Will gets very angry with Barbara because he assumes that she, Gwen, and Adam had a meeting and decided that he (Will) is going crazy again so he stole the bonds so he wouldnít lose Gwen.† Gwen calls Will from the dorm and asks Will to meet her at Java so they can talk about things.† Will screams now you want to talk and slams the phone down and throws it on the floor.†

(Dorm)† Gwen is stunned by the angry way Will hung up on her and she cries while Adam holds her with a slight smile on his face.† His plan has worked like a charm.†

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