ATWT Update Wednesday 1/31/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/31/07


Written By Elayna

Outside of Lily and Holden’s house, Vienna is telling Jack and Brad not to fight over her; she thinks something about herself turns men into animals over her. Jack looks at her disbelieving; this isn’t about her. Vienna wonders if that is really true? Brad sarcastically says if his brother says it then it must be true. She doesn’t want to get in between brothers again, like she did that time in Shanghai. Brad and Jack smile; that isn’t likely to happen this time. Brad explains they were talking about their cousin Luke, as Jack cuts him off not wanting to hear anything else. Brad defends himself; he wasn’t going to say anything off color. Vienna thinks that there is only one thing that can make Jack this worked up; it is Carly. Jack doesn’t want to talk to her about that. Vienna sidles up to him telling him there must be something she can do to get his mind off of things, just as Parker walks up. He snarls at them, as he remarks about how nice this is and then he takes off; Jack calls after him.

Meanwhile inside, Lily tells Natalie and Faith that she hopes they brought their appetites because she has been cooking up a storm all day. Faith responds that she isn’t hungry, as she turns to walk away. Natalie asks her quietly if she is still sick? Lily overhears this and asks Faith if she is sick?

At the Lakeview, Lucinda is not particularly excited for her meeting with Emily; she tells Dusty she should never have let him talk her into buying that ‘rag’ of a newspaper. Dusty thinks she won’t be complaining when she sees the profit. Lucinda looks at her watch and asks him where his partner is? Dusty is sure she will be there. Lucinda thinks showing up late is not a good way to get off on the right foot. Dusty explains that Daniel was leaving for Boarding school today, so he wants her to cut her some slack. Dusty gets up, goes over to the bartender and asks him if he has seen Emily? He tells Dusty that he told Emily that he would be running late but she left. Dusty mumbles to himself about where she is?

Upstairs in a Lakeview suite, Emily is impressed by this man’s nice suite. He explains he requests this suite whenever he is in town for business. Can he make her a drink? She asks for vodka, which she follows up with a comment about how she never does this. He smiles; there is always a first time for everything. Emily starts to ask him about why he is in town, but the man puts his finger to her lips to shush her; they didn’t come up to talk, did they?

Outside Will and Gwen’s house, Adam is listening at the door as they argue. Will is telling Gwen that while he admits obviously to lying to her in the past, he would never do that again. Gwen knows that he wouldn’t deliberately set out to, but if he was cornered? Will laughs coldly. He didn’t do anything because he didn’t feel cornered. Adam knocks and interrupts by pretending to not know what is going on. Will wants him to leave, but Gwen wants him to hear what happened supposedly so he can offer his thoughts or ideas. Will bitingly remarks about how Gwen should just say what she means; she thinks he took the bonds because he is insecure and wants to tank her career. She is just trying to figure out how they got on the floor. Adam fakes confusion, as he tries to help retrace Will’s steps. Will explains again how he never came home with the bonds. Adam then asks if there was furniture here when they moved in? They tell them there was. Adam thinks that is the answer; it was probably there from Lucinda and they probably knocked it loose from wherever it was. Gwen remembers that she was cleaning recently and moved some furniture. Adam pretends to see the bond has a serial number; they can track the bond through this. Gwen doesn’t know what they can compare it to. Will interrupts; Barbara’s banker is involved with his trust fund; he is sure if they call her then she will help; Adam thinks they should call right now to remove all doubt. How helpful of him!

A concerned Lily is staring at Faith; is she sick? Faith covers by saying that Natalie got it wrong; there was a girl in her class that went home early with the stomach flu. Lily hopes she didn’t catch it. Faith snaps that it is no big deal. Holden wanders in; dinner smells good. Lily tells him it will be another 10 minutes. Natalie and Holden offer to help set up the buffet. Lily asks Faith to call Luke. As Lily is walking out of the room, she calls back to Faith and tells her to try the appetizers; Faith just stares at them knowing she has already eaten most of them before they got replenished.

Jack walks back up to the front door with Parker; why did he take off like that? Why does he care, Parker answers? Why does he have to be here if JJ and Sage didn’t have to be? Jack reminds him that they had obligations they couldn’t get out of. Brad adds with a smile that a Snyder never misses a good party, as Parker responds to this by mumbling that he isn’t a Snyder. Jack thinks Brad should make himself scarce. Brad thinks that is not what they would want considering he is the guest of honor. Jack reminds him that there is a drive thru down the road that he should visit that instead since he wore out his welcome already. Brad finally agrees and heads out, as Jack and Parker head in.

Lucinda looks around again and tells Dusty that she told him so; she knew this would be a mistake to go into business with Emily; she should have had her head examined. Dusty thinks that they should get a drink, and Lucinda couldn’t agree more. Why does he want to help Emily? She saved his son, Dusty answers simply. He has noble motives, but how about what she did to him? Is she going to be this way all night? Lucinda smirks; does he really think she is going to hang out all night waiting for her? Dusty tells her that he will call Emily right now and find out where she is.

Emily agrees; talking is overrated right now. Emily’s phone rings and the man asks if she needs to answer it? Emily excuses herself to look at it, sees it is Dusty and then tells him that she doesn’t need to answer it. Everything can wait because she doesn’t want to think about anything right now. Any other requests the man asks? Can he help her forget about the world? He can try, as he pulls her close to him. She stops him for a moment and asks him what his name is? He answers that it is Steve. Emily smiles; is it really? Does it matter? No, it doesn’t, she admits. The man stares at her seductively and then asks Emily to take her clothes off. Emily returns his look, as she slowly starts to undress.

Dusty closes his cell phone, as Lucinda smirks at him almost triumphantly. This is going to backfire on him. Dusty is sure that she will show. Lucinda teases him; does he think that because he left her a stern message? She will show because it is important. She only sees that Emily didn’t show up for a meeting that he bent over backwards to set up for her. He reminds her that Emily bent over backwards when she saved his son. Lucinda doesn’t think that one selfless act makes her have a clean slate. Is he going to be forever indebted to her? Does she think that is what he is doing? She doesn’t know what he is doing; she can see that he is empathizing with her because she lost her child as well, but he has set her up as a paragon of journalistic enterprise. That is not going to get Johnny back. He isn’t doing this because of that. He is doing this because life keeps pushing her around and she needs a break. Lucinda just hopes he knows what he is doing.

Meanwhile just upstairs, Emily is slowly undressing herself, as Steve looks her up and down. She starts to take off her heels when he tells her to leave them on. Emily smiles coyly, as he kisses her and then lifts her up and carries her to the bed.

Lily offers to make Faith a plate of appetizers, as she snaps that she told her that she wasn’t hungry; Lily frowns at her attitude. Jack walks in with Parker and Lily tells them how happy she is that they are here. Parker barely smiles and then walks over to Faith. Lily and Jack smile at each other, as Lily teasingly says that he is ‘pleasant.’ Is Brad still outside? He left, Jack answers. She explains that she likes his brother, but she just couldn’t let Luke or her family deal with that kind of ignorance in her own home. He agrees with her completely. Where is Luke? Lily doesn’t know because she asked Faith to call him for dinner. She asks Faith if she did as she asked? Faith barely acknowledges her when she tells her he has homework and will be down later. It is Jack’s turn to tease Lily as he says’ pleasant.’ Holden comes into the room to tell them dinner is ready. Parker explains that he already ate so could he just hang out outside? Jack begrudgingly agrees. Faith tells Lily then that she is not hungry and can she go outside with Parker? Lily tells her that she can’t, so Faith snaps back demanding to know why Parker can go outside, but she can’t? Lily answers that she hasn’t eaten all day. Then an exasperated Lily looks to Holden for help, as she and Jack leave the room. After they leave, Holden asks Faith why she is being so hard on her mom? Faith thinks Lily is being a drama queen. Holden tries to explain that her mother spent a lot of time and energy on this meal and she could be more appreciative. Faith answers that it was done for Brad and not her. Holden sighs; she can go outside with Parker, but she has to agree to eat something later. Faith nods and heads outside. Once outside, she asks Parker how it is having his uncle back at the Farm? Parker snidely comments that he smokes too many cigars and is loud. Faith remarks that Vienna is pretty; Parker answers flatly that he supposes if she likes that type. Faith then comments about it being warm as February is right around the corner. Parker explains it is called global warming, and then adds quietly that the whole world is messed up.

Will opens the door to the banker; he appreciates her coming out so quickly. They are trying to figure out if some of his mother’s bonds got mixed up with Lucinda’s? The woman whips out her records. The serial number will match the numbers on her sheet if they are from the same group. The woman looks at the bond and then her sheet and quickly remarks that it is the third one in the series. Gwen’s face drops, as Will looks stunned. Did this help them? Will can barely acknowledge her question; he thanks her again for coming out. He walks her to the door and she leaves. He looks at Gwen and assures her that he didn’t take the bonds. Gwen glares at him; is he implying the banker is lying then? He doesn’t understand how this could be right, but he can promise that he didn’t do this. Everyone stays quiet, Will angrily tells them not to all speak at once. Gwen wants a moment, but Will doesn’t know why she would need one. She already made herself clear; he has already lied to her before, right? She is not implying anything, but the more he acts like this; Will interrupts her by asking what that means? He is a thief and a liar then? What were his lies? He didn’t really believe in her dream? He turned into a thief? Gwen wants him to stop, but she doesn’t know what to say. He thinks after everything she might say that she would never believe he could do this. She talks about honesty and not keeping secrets then she should just ask him and he will tell her the truth. Gwen stares for a moment before she finally gets out the all-important question; did he steal the bonds?

Jack and Holden are talking after dinner; does he know why Brad is back? Jack doesn’t have a clue because it is Brad afterall. This is not the reunion he thought it would be? He never saw this reunion coming and it couldn’t have been worse timing. Holden offers him a place to hide out from him and the world whenever he needs. Holden then asks about Parker? He thinks Carly abandoned him and he can’t blame him there, Jack admits. Holden recognizes that she left him too. Jack nods; Parker points that out whenever he gets the chance. Holden realizes this is tough on everyone. Jack sadly tells him that he loves Parker so much, but sometimes when he looks at Parker, he thinks he sees hatred in his eyes. Holden reassures him that he doesn’t hate him; he is scared and that it natural and to be expected. He is acting out because he knows he can because he knows Jack isn’t going to leave him. Parker told him between Hal’s death and Carly leaving, he doesn’t feel as if he belongs anywhere. Holden asks if they discussed the adoption? He shot it down pretty quickly so he left it alone; it may have been a mistake. Holden is sure that this is partly due to this situation and partly just because he is at that age. He thinks things probably wouldn’t be much different even if Carly were around. He wonders if Holden thinks he should let it go right now? He does; he thinks that he should concentrate on some one on one time with him; they should go on a trip. Jack smiles; he thinks that is a good idea, but he has to get him on board first, but he isn’t sure he would be up to a weekend of the silent treatment though, as Holden returns his smile.

Faith and Parker continue to make small talk some more. She knows his parents broke up and she is sorry about that. Parker manages an appreciative smile. Does he remember how she thought her parents were going to divorce around New Years? Parker points out that she seems to be wrong. She guesses so, but his father puts up with a lot with her mom. Parker thinks it is better that her mother is around at least; his mom and her boyfriend are supposed to be in jail. Faith thinks there could be worse types of moms; they could be phony. He doesn’t think that is as bad, but it would be worse if her mom takes off one day without saying goodbye. Jack comes outside to take Parker home; is he ready? Parker snidely remarks that he has been ready since they got there. Jack rolls his eyes.

Vienna and Brad are back at the Farm; he apologizes for the dinner fiasco. She feels badly that his family didn’t want him there. He mentions that he is the anti Jack. Vienna doesn’t understand? Jack is a saint and he is the sinner. Vienna coyly asks him if he is a naughty boy? He flirts back that the night is young. She has realized something tonight; she has feelings for him; he is handsome, strong, funny, wild and sweet. Brad smiles confidentially, as he puffs himself up. Because if that, she doesn’t want to let him fall in love with her when her heart belongs to someone else. Brad’s face drops subtly. He is assuming she is talking about Jack? If he knows this, then why is he trying to start something with her? Brad tells her that he does this because Jack is and always will be hung up on Carly. She can be patient. Brad jokes when he says there is difference between being patient and wasting her time. Is he implying that his brother is a waste of time? Has she heard of the saying, “If you can’t be with the one you love…” No she hasn’t heard of that saying. Brad finishes it; “Then you should love the one you are with. Vienna smiles; she would only do that to make Jack jealous, and she doesn’t want to use him like that. Brad walks up closer to her; he doesn’t mind being used in that way because he is a big boy and his feelings can’t be hurt. Vienna meets Brad halfway; she might prove him wrong, as her mouth is inches from his now. Brad thinks jealousy might be what Jack would pay attention to. He wouldn’t be jealous when he loses her to Jack, Vienna coos? His mouth closes in on her, as he explains that he wouldn’t be jealous because he enjoys seeing a beautiful woman get what she wants. She wants Jack. He wants her to have him then, as he pulls her in finally kissing her, as they fall down onto the table.

We see a condom wrapper on the bedside table and then we see Emily and Steve in bed. Emily goes to turn off the light when he tells her that he wants her to leave it on because she is so beautiful. He pulls her under him, as he passionately kisses her. Later, after they are lying in bed, Steve gets up to go take a shower. Emily wraps herself in the bed sheets and gets up too; she looks towards the now ripped condom wrapper, as she picks it up and tosses it in the trash. She goes to listen to her messages but then changes her mind. She picks up her clothes that are strewn on the floor, then glances at the glass of vodka and then slowly looks at herself almost disapprovingly in the mirror. Steve comes out and offers her a robe; she takes it from him; she doesn’t do this ever. He smiles; he needs to get to a meeting since he is in town for business afterall. He sweetly tells her that she can take all the time she needs; he will put the ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door. He comes to town every few weeks and he would love to see her when he does; can he get her phone number? This makes Emily feel better, and she writes it down for him. He thanks her and tells her that she was amazing. Emily’s face shows some confusion, but she simply says he is welcome, assuming he is just being sweet some more. Steve leaves, as Emily watches him go.

Jack and Parker walk up to the Farm; can they talk? He didn’t say more then two words in the car. They sit on the porch. He knows that the past few months have been really hard on him. Parker remarks sarcastically that it must be hard on him too having Vienna hang all over him. Jack shakes his head; he knows that there is nothing going on there. He loves him, and he misses being his friend. He wasn’t just his second dad, but he felt like his pal too. This seems to be affecting Parker. He was thinking that they could take a trip - just the two of them. Parker responds; where would they go? Jack explains that he has a friend in Arizona who has a house there; they could take in the Cubs Spring Training game? Suddenly, Parker is angry; Jack likes the White Sox and his dad liked the Cubs. Does he think that he would forget that just because… Jack cuts him off; that is not what he was trying to do. He is trying here, he pleads. Parker yells for him to stop trying then. He wants Parker to tell him what he wants? He wants him to stop treating him like he is stupid. His mom left; she ditched them and he needs to get a clue; a dumb baseball game isn’t going to change that. Jack understands that he misses his mom. Parker spits back that he doesn’t miss her; he actually hopes she never comes back. Parker starts to get up as Jack suggests that he doesn’t really mean that. He does, as he rushes into the house; he and Jack walk in on Vienna and Brad kissing on the table. Vienna jumps up embarrassed, but Brad just stifles a giggle. Jack tells Parker that he is sorry that he had to walk in on that; Parker coldly answers that in this family, he gets used to that. After he stomps upstairs, Jack glares at them both.

Will walks out of the room as Gwen follows. She wants to believe him so badly. The bonds were her future; how can she believe he would take that from her? They were always supposed to believe in one another. She did, but then look what he did. A beaten down Will looks at her and surmises that she has never really forgiven him for Jade. She did. It was supposed to be the two of them against the world; what happened, Will sadly asks? She doesn’t know. She just knows she can’t be here now, as she rushes out. Adam, who has been listening outside the room, scoots back out of view. After Gwen goes sailing by, Will comes out after her. Adam continues his hurt and betrayed act for good measure; he believed in him too; it wasn’t just Gwen’s future on the line, it was his too. He stomps by Will and leaves too. Will shakes his head; if there is one bond here then there has got to be others, as he searches through some drawers. He steps back and then has a realization; this has got to be a set up, as he grabs his coat and leaves.

Lucinda continues with her sarcasm; she can tell going into business with Emily will be a thrill. Dusty doesn’t think she has lost more then a couple hours of her time. It is too late; she blew her chance and this doesn’t reflect well on him either. She is mad at him now? She is fond of him, but his emotions muddied the waters. He is determined to make it work with Emily. She hopes so, but she also hopes that she doesn’t end up taking him down with her.

Emily comes out of the shower; she sits down on the bed and thinks back to her encounter with Steve. She thinks of his words about her being amazing, thanking her and then asking her for her number. A smile forms on her face. She looks over at her high heel shoe and picks it up; that is when she notices it; she reaches in and removes a bunch of $100 bills that were tucked into her heel; she looks shocked as she stares at the money.

Jack demands to know what is wrong with Brad and Vienna; they are acting like a couple of teens in the back of a car. What is so funny, Brad, Jack snaps? Brad answers that he can see how two people showing affection for one another is so bad. He tosses his shirt at Brad and orders him to put it on. Vienna begs him to forgive her; she didn’t mean to get carried away; she will go upstairs and tuck Parker in since Carly isn’t around to do that. Jack snaps for her not to do that; he wants her to go upstairs and pack. Brad intercedes; he can’t kick her out because she is Emma’s guest. Jack answers that he thinks Emma will understand his choice so his kids aren’t subjected to a Frat house type of environment. Vienna apologizes again; she never intended to hurt anyone. Jack knows that, but he has to think about his kids. Brad tries to defend Vienna again, but she tells him that it is ok; Jack wants her to go, so she will go get a room at the Lakeview. She leaves slowly; Brad looks at Jack and tells him that he can’t kick him out at least because he is family. He can make sure he pays rent though like he does. Brad stutters that he knows he is low on cash. Jack understands that so he throws him the Want Ads and tells him to get cracking.

Lily and Holden are on the couch after the dinner is over. He compliments her dinner and how beautiful she looked. He only wishes she had eaten especially after telling Faith she should. She is the hostess who gets people plates of food, and besides her daughter didn’t need to see her stuffing her face. She then apologizes for the outburst; she just felt Brad was way out of line. Holden understands, but he is thinking of the leftover pie now; he is going to go get some. After he leaves, Lily walks over to her purse and takes out the diet pills. She looks at them, and then thanks them outloud.

At the Lakeview, Iris is sitting at the bar with a fruity drink with an umbrella. The bartender notices she is in a good mood. She is celebrating that her future is finally looking up; she tells him to keep these drinks coming though. Will whips her around on the stool; it is over; he knows she set him up, he snarls.

Back at her dorm room, Gwen is sadly lying on her bed. She feels a hand on her shoulder and she immediately calls out Will’s name as she looks up; it isn’t Will though; it is Adam.

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