ATWT Update Tuesday 1/30/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/30/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Farm)  Jack walks in on Vienna and Brad on the floor in the kitchen.  A nervous Vienna quickly gets up and explains to Jack that they were trying to chase a chicken that got out of the barn.  Jack smiles a little and tells them he saw the chicken going out of the gate earlier but he guesses that Brad and Vienna were to busy to notice that the chicken left the kitchen.  Vienna goes upstairs to take a shower and change clothes.  Once she is gone Jack tells Brad he should have been doing his chores instead of rolling around with Vienna on the floor.  Brad thinks that Jack wishes that he (Jack) had been the one rolling around on the floor with Vienna. 

(Holden & Lily’s house)  Faith sees Lily place a plate of holdovers on the coffee table and asks her if it’s an afternoon snack.  Lily smiles a little at Faith’s sneaky remark and explains that cousin Jack and his brother Brad are coming with all the kids.  Holden comes downstairs and wonders about the plate of food so Lily gives him the same explanation.  Holden admits to Lily he forgot to call Jack and immediately goes upstairs to get his keys to go to the farm.  Lily tells Faith this is going to throw off her schedule so she takes an hors d’oeuvre from the plate to eat it but Faith reminds her that those are for Brad and Jack.  Lily puts the hors d’oeuvre back on the plate and goes back into the kitchen to make dinner.  Faith eats an hors d’oeuvre from the plate and then another until she has eaten half the hors d’oeuvres on the plate. 

(Outside Hughes house)  Emily admits to Susan she doesn’t think that she has the strength to say good-bye to Daniel because all she wants is for him to stay in Oakdale.  Susan reminds Emily that Daniel really wants to go to boarding school and if she loves him she will be able to let him go away to school. 

(Outside Java)  Casey can’t stand the guilt anymore and tries to catch up to Will so he can tell him the truth about what happened to the bonds.  Adam sees him and stops him from catching up to Will so that his plan to break up Will and Gwen won’t get messed up by him.  Casey admits to Adam that he stole Will and Gwen’s bonds because he owes a lot of money to a lot of people.  Casey also admits to Adam that he stole Margo’s mad money in order to pay off part of his debts.  Adam tells Casey not to say anything to Will because he owes a lot of money and he had no other way to pay it.  Casey wants to tell Tom and Margo the truth but Adam thinks that is a bad idea because Tom just had a heart attack and he doesn’t need any stress right now.  Casey agrees with Adam that he doesn’t want to cause any stress to his father so after Adam promises to take care of everything Casey agrees not to tell anybody the truth. 

(Gwen & Will’s house)  Iris barely has time to drop the bond by the fireplace and find a hiding place before Gwen arrives home.  Gwen wonders who is there when she hears a noise.  Gwen assumes that the noise is a mouse and is startled by Will when he arrives home.  Gwen tells Will he should get one of those traps that allow you to set the mouse free after you catch it.  Will smiles and promises to follow her instructions about the mouse.  Will wonders if Gwen is ready to go to the university and check out the classes but Gwen admits that right now she isn’t excited about school.  Will tells Gwen he understands and suggests that she take some time off to rest and decide what she wants to do with her life.  Gwen tells Will she loves him and thinks they should build a fire and have a romantic evening alone together.  Will likes that idea but he has to go outside and get more wood.  Gwen asks if she can go with him because she is scared of the mouse. 

(Hughes house)  Emily and Susan arrive to say good-bye to Daniel.  Emily gives Daniel a big hug and wonders if she can take him to school.  Tom doesn’t think that is a good idea and he begins to argue with Emily but Susan stops him and asks him to let Emily have some time alone with Daniel to say good-bye to him.  Emily explains to Daniel that what happened isn’t his fault and the man that took him isn’t going to hurt him anymore.  Emily also makes it clear that she, Tom, and Margo are going to do everything they can to keep him safe so he doesn’t have to go back to school.  Daniel tells Emily if she doesn’t want him to go he won’t go and Emily realizes how much Daniel lovers her.  Emily tells her son that she wants him with her forever but that isn’t good for him.  She tells him that if he wants to go way to school, she wants him to be happy and make lots of friends.  Daniel gives Emily a hug, a picture of his school, and a phone number where she can call him when she feels sad. 

(Holden & Lily’s house)  Luke arrives home and Lily tells him that Brad and Jack are coming for dinner so he should go get changed.  Luke is hungry and can’t resist the hors d’oeuvres so he takes two from the plate and goes upstairs to change.  Lily is surprised to see half the plate of food gone and assumes that Luke took more food then he promised her he would take from the plate.  Lily goes in the kitchen to make more hors d’oeuvres and Faith looks in the mirror at her and thinks she is fat. 

(Farm)  Jack tells Brad he should be more responsible because the kids could have walked in and seen him with Vienna.  Brad thinks this has nothing to do with the kids, but that the truth is that Jack is interested in Vienna.  Brad tells Jack he will back off Vienna so he can be with her.  Holden walks in just as Jack is denying that he has any interest in Vienna.  Holden invites Jack and Brad to dinner.  Jack goes upstairs to wash up and change clothes.  Vienna comes downstairs and looks so beautiful that he invites her to dinner at Holden and Lily’s house. 

(Hughes house)  Daniel gives Emily one last hug before he goes upstairs with Susan to finish packing his things.  Tom holds Emily while she cries and tells her that he knows how much she loves him.  Emily tells Tom the reason she let Daniel go to boarding school was because he loves her very much and she doesn’t want him to stop loving her. 

(Will & Gwen’s house)  Gwen puts the wood down and goes toward the fireplace to get it ready for the wood and finds the bond on the floor.  Gwen asks Will how the bond got there but he is very confused because he knows he didn’t come home before he went to Crash to put the bonds in the safe.  Will insists there must be a reasonable explanation but Gwen wonders what that explanation could possibly be for how a stolen bond could have gotten in their house.  Will doesn’t like Gwen’s tone of voice and is very hurt and angry because Gwen thinks he stole his own money to sabotage her career. 

(Java)  Iris tells Adam that trap worked like a charm and when she left the house she could hear Will and Gwen fighting with each other. 

(Outside Hughes house)  Susan encourages Emily to take this chance to do something positive with her life.  Emily gets a call from Dusty asking her to meet him at the Lakeview to discuss business. 

(Lily & Holden’s house)  Jack gives Faith and Natalie a hug and Faith wonders if Parker is coming so Jack tells her that Parker will be over later.  Brad introduces Vienna to everyone and apologizes for inviting her without asking Lily’s permission.  Lily gives Vienna an hors d’oeuvre and is insecure when Vienna says that one hors d’oeuvre is her limit.  Lily sneaks where nobody can see her and pops a diet pill in her mouth.  Brad and Jack recall when they were teenagers and tell Luke and Vienna stories about their youth.  Faith offers Brad a hors d’oeuvre and then sneaks away and eats the rest of the plate of hors d’oeuvres.  Brad makes an insensitive remark about gay people and Lily demands that he apologize or leave the house.  Jack takes Brad outside and explains that Luke is gay.  Brad tells Jack that he didn’t know and some of his best friends are gay.  Brad continues to make insensitive remarks and Jack insists he shut his mouth.  Vienna walks outside and tells Jack and Brad they must stop fighting over her. 

(Lakeview)  A handsome stranger offers Emily a drink and after a few more drinks she agrees to go upstairs to his room with him. 

(Hughes House)  Tom is sad because Daniel is going away to school but he tells Casey he is happy that he decided to stay home instead of going away to college.  Tom also tells Casey that he is a fine young man and he is very proud of him.

(Snyder house)  Luke tells Lily not to take Brad’s remarks so seriously because he must learn how to handle the remarks because she isn’t always going to be around to defend him.  Holden tells Lily that Brad is rude but deep down he has a good heart.  Natalie tells Faith she heard her throwing up in the bathroom and Faith asks her not to tell Holden and Lily. 

(Will & Gwen’s house)  Gwen apologizes for her comments but Will knows she still suspects that he tried to sabotage her career so they argue again.  Adam arrives and smiles as he listens to their argument from outside the door. 

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