ATWT Update Monday 1/29/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Elayna

At the hospital outside Bob’s office, Dusty runs into Emily. She is there to see Tom since he has a follow up doctor’s appointment. How is Daniel, Dusty wonders? He slept through the night Emily tries to positively acknowledge. He is glad to hear that, but he also has good news for her. She doesn’t have the time to focus on what that might be; Dusty is persistent because it is a great opportunity to turn things around for her. She can’t afford to be interested because she has decided that nothing can take her attention away from her son right now; he needs her and that is all she has time for right now. Is she sure that she doesn’t want to hear his offer? She has to make Daniel her primary focus right now. Tom hears her talking about their son as he walks up; since she is on the subject of their son, there is something they need to discuss, as Emily looks nervous.

At the Farm, an irritated Jack walks into the cluttered kitchen where his shirtless brother is lounging around blasting music. Does he plan on getting dressed at some point today, Jack snaps? Brad smiles and comments about how he thought he was noisy, but he doesn’t have anything on his kids. This comment is met with a snarl from Jack. Jack starts to neaten up the kitchen. Brad offers to take them to school tomorrow; he sees he has a lot on his plate and he doesn’t need to be a hero. Jack walks over to him, looks him in the eye and tells him to cut the domestic ‘crap’ and tell him what happened in North Carolina?

At home, Casey takes off his coat and stares at the envelope in his inside pocket; he recalls trashing Crash and giving the bonds to Elwood. He picks up his cell phone and calls Elwood telling him to meet him at Crash in a little bit. Maddie wanders in with a pail and some cleaning items; she is trying to help Margo out around the house. She walks by him and picks up his coat telling him that he could help out by hanging up his stuff, as Casey lunges for his jacket telling her to sharply not to touch it, as Maddie looks shocked by his tone.

At home, Gwen is lying on the couch looking sadly at her photo shoot pictures from LA. She remembers Adam trying to pump her up by complimenting her. Will comes home and Gwen sits up quickly putting them away. He notices this and tells her that she doesn’t need to hide them. Gwen admits that she just didn’t want him to see her wallowing in self-pity about how close she came. It is ok for her to miss what she had decided to dedicate her life to. She got used to this part of her life and believing in herself. The bonds being stolen shouldn’t change that, Will answers. He wants her to smile, as she offers a fake one. She likens it to a wonderful dream that she doesn’t want to wake up from. Will thinks that maybe she shouldn’t have to, as Gwen looks at him curiously.

At Java, a hung over looking Iris meets Adam; mornings are not the best time of day for her. He wants to talk to her about their mutual interests. Iris’ mouth forms into a smile; she realizes he is talking about Gwen. They can get what they both want. Iris interrupts; they both want Will gone. He hands her an envelope with some bonds inside; her eyes grow larger, as she remarks about there being $500. Is this for her? Adam explains it is for Will, but he can’t know how he came to have them, as Iris smiles sinisterly.

Gwen doesn’t understand what Will is implying because the bonds were the only way they could finish her demo. Unless some miracle occurs, then it is over. Will offers that they can make another demo down the road, but she just doesn’t want to think about that now. The demo was real and the thought about starting over again is too much. She wouldn’t know who would produce it if Adam isn’t available, could they afford the studio without Adam’s discount, or could they get great back-up singers again like the ones Adam got her? Will wonders if she thinks she is nothing without Adam? She didn’t mean that, but it helped to have all the pieces fall into place with his help. Will changes the subject; he brought her the Oakdale University catalogue. She loved being in school before this all started. Gwen smiles as she remembers that. They talked about school, careers and starting a family at one point. He teases her; when they try to adopt, parents with college degrees would be better then ones with not. He can’t make the demo dream materialize right now, so they can focus on the other dreams they had. Gwen smiles; she is sorry they have gotten so far off the path. Will holds her closely.

Adam explains that they had to bail out on the demo because the money they had borrowed got stolen. Iris’ eyes widen; these are stolen bonds? If these are planted on Will then it will look like he did the robbery, Adam goes on to explain. He has resented Gwen’s success and he wanted to find a way to put an end to this demo, as if trying to convince himself. Iris wonders if he thinks Gwen will believe this? He hopes so. Why would she believe Will is trying to screw up her dream when he was helping with the money? Will and he have had some misunderstandings about Gwen’s career and her loyalty. Iris smirks; he was working the Will being jealous angle. Again, as if trying to convince himself that the end justifies the means. He knows his brother; he pretends to be on board with what Gwen wants, but it is an act. He doesn’t care that she gets what she deserves. She is willing to let her life pass her by because of his insecurities. In Iris’ mind, she can empathize because she is upset that Will is keeping her away as well, as if she did nothing to bring that on. She thinks his plan is not bad; he thinks it is genius. How are they going to plant the bonds, Iris wonders?

Casey apologizes for snapping. Maddie understands that everyone is on edge after everything that happened. Casey worries that she is scared? Maddie answers that she feels safe, but Lisa probably doesn’t. Then there is Will, who can’t seem to catch a break. These reminders bring Casey’s guilt welling back up to the surface again. He thought she suspected Jade? She explains that he talked her out of that scenario. He has to go help Lisa clean up, so Maddie offers to go with him. At first, he is hesitant, but then he agrees that she should come. She thinks they need to find a way to cheer Will up. Casey tells her that is her territory.

Brad explains that the plant was laying people off, and then his line was shut down. Jack remarks about that happening months ago. Brad teases him about checking up on him. He took time to try to reinvent himself. Jack just wants the truth. Brad rolls his eyes; he and his boss constantly butted heads. He closely monitored his breaks, lunchtime and most everything else. He was always on his case. His getting laid off was a gift in disguise. Jack smirks; he is sure about that? Brad explains that he needed to get out of there. Jack suspiciously wonders what he has in mind and how he sees himself fitting in here?

Tom and Emily step into Bob’s office to talk; he is scaring her; is Daniel ok? Tom assures her that he is doing ok; he is just a little jumpy. Emily thinks that is understandable, but she has decided to dedicate all her free time to making sure Daniel gets through this ok. She is taking a leave of absence and is even considering having Daniel home schooled. Tom smiles, as he slowly starts to explain that is not an option right now. Emily is starting to get nervous; is he going away? Tom explains that he and Margo decided that Daniel should go to Boarding school. Emily’s face drops. What is he talking about? Where does he get off making a decision about her son with Margo? It is best for him; Tom begins, as Emily cuts him off. How can he say that? She didn’t even know he had been considering this option. Tom goes on to remind her about Daniel’s friend that goes to Boarding school and how he has been talking about going there for a year; he is excited about the change. He and Margo talked to the Dean, faxed his records to the school and explained to them what his situation was. They agree it is the best time for this. Emily is getting worked up, as Tom continues. He doesn’t need to hear the whispers; he just wants to be a normal kid again. He needs to be away from everything that is a reminder right now. Emily snaps that she hates when he talks to her like that. What he is really saying is that he needs to be away from her?

Brad explains that he needs to regroup and figure out how to market his skills. Jack sarcastically wonders how he plans on doing this all the while putting food on the table and paying rent? He will get a job, but he may have to stay there a while until he gets one though. He knows he doesn’t do suits nor does he plan on getting pushed around. Jack smirks; most people have to deal with bosses. Does he think suits are bad and pajama bottoms are in? He isn’t looking for a free ride, if that is what he is implying? Jack reminds him that it isn’t his place to decide who stays at the Farm, but if he does then he stays as family, which means chipping in with the chores. People need to be able to count on him also. Brad nods. He has to leave but didn’t he tell him to smoke his cigars outside since there are kids living here? Brad nods in agreement again. After Jack leaves though, he picks up his cigar and prepares to light it, as he puts his feet up on the table, when Vienna walks in. She is dressed in a knit hat with a plaid shirt, jeans, boots and her hair done up in ponytails. She is doing her best to blend in on the farm now. She has a list of chores from Emma. Brad sidles up to her in his charming manner. She doesn’t have time for him because she has things that need to get done for Emma, and it is important that she do them to show her appreciation. Brad grins; he will help her then.

Maddie and Casey walk into Crash and see all the police tape around. Maddie shakes her head in disbelief. She hopes Margo finds whoever did this and locks them up, and if it happens to be Jade then all the better. Casey, who is short fused as he continues to wrestle with his conscience, snaps loudly at her; he thought she was done blaming Jade? If she can fake a miscarriage then she is not above this. Casey finally yells for her to stop. This takes Maddie aback. He realizes how he is acting and tries to apologize again. Maddie thinks whatever is going on with him, she is not helping. She has to get to school, but ever the optimist she tries to remind him, still convinced this is about him not dealing well with whoever robbed them, that this could all be fixed. After she walks away, Casey mumbles to himself that it can’t be fixed all the time. Elwood walks in and notices the state of the club; what happened? They were robbed; Casey quickly answers, but then tells him that he needs to get rid of the rest of these bonds now.

Gwen is sitting at the table looking through the catalouge; she sees he circled some classes for her? He highlighted the ones he thought she would enjoy. Her cell phone rings interrupting them. It is Adam, and he is wondering if they can meet at Java? Gwen explains that they are heading over to Oakdale U to see about getting her enrolled back into some classes. It won’t take long; he would like Will to come as well. She asks Will if they can stop by? He agrees so they will meet him in a little while. Meanwhile, Adam hangs up and tells Iris, who is still sitting beside him, to get over to their house, plant the bonds and get out. She has to make sure she puts it in a spot where Gwen will find them first though. He will make sure somehow, to get Gwen home before Will. Iris wonders how come he isn’t worried about her cashing the bonds and taking off? He reminds her that if she chose the easy pay off that wouldn’t benefit her in the long term. If she proves that she can be trusted then he will make sure that she is a part of Gwen’s inner circle. Iris stands; she will do anything to make Gwen’s dreams come true, she heroically declares.

A little while later, Gwen and Will join Adam at Java. He wanted to say goodbye in person. Gwen looks a little saddened; he is leaving so soon? He doesn’t think there is a reason to stick around now that the demo has been scratched. He needed a break from LA, but it is time for him to get back. He pushes a box towards her; these are her master tape, charts, mark ups and contact lists, essentially all their hard work over the months. He wants her not to forget how far she came. She adds that she won’t forget the faith he had in her. If they can start working back on the demo next summer, does he mind if they call him for advice? He would be honored. Will offers to go get some coffee while they talk. She admits that she will miss him; he taught her more then how to sing. Adam admits to missing her, but she has her own voice and can do this with or without him. She would chose to do it with him, if she had that option, as they smile at one another. She doesn’t want to say goodbye because she is confident this is only an interruption. Will comes back and reminds her that they need to go. Adam weaves his web of manipulation when he reminds Gwen the box he is giving her is valuable and that maybe she shouldn’t be walking around with it. Gwen suggests that they head back home first. Adam again steers this the way he wants things to go when he asks Will to stay behind so they can clear the air. Will agrees and offers to meet Gwen at home in a short while. Adam’s plan seems to be coming together successfully. In the meantime, Iris is sneaking up to Will and Gwen’s house; she looks around the front door for a hidden key. She finally finds it under a potted plant, as she smirks about their predictability, while she lets herself in.

Elwood doesn’t want to get involved in hiding any bonds. Casey just tells him to take them to the dorms and hide them under his mattress. He can’t continue to walk around with these in his pocket. Elwood thinks he means that is because he wouldn’t be able to resist not gambling. Casey vehemently shakes his head no; his gambling has ruined his life; he is over that. Elwood wonders why he isn’t happier that he is free from owing people money now. How can he be free when his life has become a train wreck? He needs to make things right now. Elwood tells him to calm down because things will be ok now, as he suggests he ‘chill-ax’. Casey tries to offer a smile at Elwood’s lingo.

Brad flirts with Vienna as she tries to straighten up the kitchen. Brad offers to help; where does she want to start? Vienna points to the table, as Brad coyly tells her that she is naughty. She playfully slaps his arm; doesn’t she like naughty? He helps her clear the table of dirty dishes and then tells her that he is going to get dressed so he can help her outside.

Tom reminds Emily that this was Daniel’s suggestion, and he agrees that he needs this. Emily doesn’t think the answer to Daniel’s issues mean he should be away from everyone that loves and can make him feel safe. Tom explains that he doesn’t feel safe here though. He thinks he will be kidnapped because of her, that he will have another heart attack or that Margo will get killed in the line of duty. He needs to be able to think and focus on what a normal kid would be; he should be thinking about friends, video games and school. Emily isn’t convinced; she is sure being with family is the best way for him to heal; she can stay with him all the time, as a matter of fact she was thinking that he could try living with her? Tom tells her that if she truly wants their son to be happy then she needs to let him go, as Emily starts to whimper realizing this.

Vienna is outside wielding an ax, as she tries to master chopping wood. She is aimlessly waving an ax around when Brad walks up suggesting she put it down until she knows what to do. He can teach her how to do this. She is appreciative of any help he can offer so she can prove herself invaluable to Emma. She has been so nice to her; she hasn’t even asked her for money to stay here. Brad explains because the farm is her home and not a hotel. He will teach her the art of chopping wood, as he takes her arms and places them on the ax, while he walks around behind her and takes her arms while he is holding her around the waist. He explains how she should hold her arms and the movement she needs to make, all the while talking softly inches from her face. He is there to assist whenever she needs, as Vienna thanks him for that, as she successfully cuts her first of piece of wood.

Dusty walks back by Bob’s office and sees a depressed looking Emily sitting on the couch. Is she ok? She is about as far away from that as she could be. Margo and Tom are sending Daniel to Boarding School. Can they do that, Dusty asks? It is already a done deal and as she understands it, he wants to go there himself. Dusty understands now; doesn’t she get his choice after everything? She does, but she feels as if she has lost so much in the past few months, and now she is supposed to be ok with losing her son too? She wants to fight them on this decision, she adds with determination. A straight forward Dusty tells her in no uncertain terms to, ‘Stop her whining and to do what Tom says!” Emily stares at him stunned by his biting remark.

Iris is wandering around Will and Gwen’s house with the bonds trying to figure out where to strategically place them. She places them down in between the bed and a bench at the end of the bed, but then she changes her mind. She then picks up the photos of Gwen at her photo shoot in LA; she talks to the pictures about how beautiful and talented her daughter is, and that Adam recognizes this; she is going to make sure Gwen ends up with the right brother.

Adam explains that he wanted to clear the air before he headed back to LA. He wanted to apologize for their tense patch. He shouldn’t have been so general about what he needed, and he appreciated Will’s trust. Will realizes that he has Gwen’s best interests at heart. He should have taken more time to make sure they were all on the same page. Casey walks into Java and Will waves him over. He tells Casey that Adam is heading back to LA. Adam continues his phony apologies; he should have handled the finances better and scheduled more time to spend with his brothers. Will adds that it was his fault that the money got stolen since he obviously forgot to set the alarm. A repentant Casey is looking around nervously; he finally interrupts them saying this was all his fault and not Will’s. Will wonders what he is talking about? Adam looks nervously from Will to Casey.

Emily angrily thinks it is so easy for Dusty to say those words to her. He doesn’t mean to be harsh but she needs to be a survivor for Daniel. It is not her son’s job to make her happy or to give her life meaning. She is lucky to know where her son is. Emily stops for a moment and considers his words; she suddenly has an epiphany. He is right and she is being a horrible mother. Dusty thinks she would be horrible if she didn’t put her child first. She needs to get her life back on track for her son. Her son needs to see her happy and doing well. Emily thinks this is a great time for him to tell her what his good news was. He tells her that Lucinda bought the Intruder; Emily looks at him stunned. Is this for real? He is on his way to a meeting right now. She beams, as she asks him a rhetorical question; he did this for her? He teases her that he doesn’t want her to get all sentimental. He wants her to agree to conquer the world now; she assures him that she is ready for this, as they leave together.

Brad and Vienna jog into the kitchen laughing as they try to catch the chicken that got away; they giggle as they watch it walking around on the kitchen table. Brad jumps for it, but it escapes him and heads for the door. Brad and Vienna rush after it only to trip and fall on top of each other on the floor. They lie there face to face on the floor looking seductively at one another. As they are lying there, Jack walks in and stares at them disapproving.

Will asks Casey how the money being stolen is his fault? He left the alarm off apparently not him. Adam interrupts what would be Casey’s confession; they all were to blame in this project going under. Will now realizes though that it was probably for the best. Adam snidely remarks about how he is so casual about losing the $10,000 in bonds; he couldn’t be that cool. Casey agrees with Will that they have to move on. Will heads out and after he leaves, Casey tells Adam that he can’t do this anymore; he has to tell him the truth. Adam wonders what truth he is talking about? Casey just manages to shake his head, as he heads out the door.

Iris is wandering around Will and Gwen’s house still trying to come up with the perfect location; she leans down by the door jam to place it behind the door, but then she changes her mind again. She stands back up and is walking around when Gwen is starting to let herself into the house. Iris hears the keys in the lock and has just enough time to quickly duck down and hide behind a table.

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