ATWT Update Friday 1/26/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/26/07


Written By James

(Hospital – Dr. Hughes’s Office): Paul and Barbara tells Paul was right n his premonition about Meg being in danger. She tells him about the hostage situation down the hall at the hospital and that the gun-man eventually let them go.

(Hospital) Craig and the gunman struggle on the floor with the gun and it go off, injuring the gunman. Jack then takes over; Craig was not seriously injured (a few scrapes in the struggle).

(Java): Casey and Elwood meets and Casey unloads the $10,000 worth of bonds to Elwood to pay off the gambling debt. Elwood immediately gets curious about the bonds, telling Casey he’s concerned about the bond’s legitimacy and their (physical) safety.

(Their Home): Katie asks Margo where Mike went and Margo tells her he returned home to practice on writing up a toast to honor her (Katie).

(Mike at home): Reads Simon’s letter (of apology). Katie calls but Mike doesn’t pick up the phone. Katie leaves Margo’s to go back home to find Mike.

(Crash Bar): Lisa calls Margo from the scene to report a break-in and that $10,000.00 in bonds were taken (they were Will’s). Will is present at Margo’s when she receives this call.

(Java): Casey assures Elwood about the bond but Elwood is still concerned about its legitimacy and that they might get into more trouble over it. Elwood calls the contact to arrange meeting to deliver the money (bond).

(Their Home): Margo and family discuss the break-in. Tom convinces her to take care of the investigation. Maddie makes connections of thefts (Margo’s money and now the break-in at Crash – alluding to Jade). Adam interjects and defends Jade against the accusation.

(Hospital) Meg thanks Craig for helping save her life. Jack monitors the gunman’s injuries and asks Meg for a report and asked if she knew him. On way to surgery, Meg faces the injured gunman and he accuses her of killing his wife.

(Their Home): Katie returns home and Mike is waiting with the letter. He shows it as he asks her why she didn’t tell him about it. Katie tries to apologize but Mike is angry. He tells her even though they’re married to each other, he doesn’t even know who she is.

(Bob Hughes’ Office): Barbara tells Paul what happened at the hospital and that Craig saved Meg’s life.

(Hospital): Craig tries to assure Meg the gunman was wrong in accusing her of killing his wife. Jack chimes in for extra assurance but Meg gets more upset and continues to accept responsibility for the patient’s death. Craig senses Meg is not telling Jack everything and confronts her about it after Jack leaves.

(Tom’s Home): Tom and Maddie continue talking about the senseless break-in at Crash. Casey then enters and listens nervously to their conversation. He

(Casey) asks a few questions for his own assurance that he’s not a suspect. He’s clearly looking worried.

(Crash Bar): At the crime scene, Will, Gwen, Adam, Lisa, and Margo are present. Margo stated the stolen bonds might be quickly lost (cashed in). Will reviews what he did when he closed the bar including how he set the alarm. Margo revealed the central alarm point did not get the signal alarm during break-in (indicating the burglar must have known the disarm code). Maddie and Casey then arrive on the scene. Adam gives Casey a long suspicious look. Will blames himself and questions whether he actually set the alarm. Maddie makes more accusatory remarks upon Jade coming in with a police officer. Margo questions Jade on the spot with Maddie interrupting. Casey finally breaks down and said, “She didn’t do it!”

(Hospital): Craig tells Meg she must be careful about what she tells the police (in her report). She asks Jack to delay giving a statement. Meg comes back to see Paul and Barbara urges Meg to apologize to Paul for having him drugged. Barbara leaves and Meg tells Paul she believes him. Paul forgives and said they will somehow find a way to deal with it.

(Their Home): Mike and Katie – continues discussing Simon and how he’s damaged so many of their lives and yet Katie would receive and save a letter from him. Katie states she’s tired of defending herself all the time over Simon. Mike shoots back, “well we finally agree on something; we just can’t do this anymore.” Katie states she could burn the letter and do other things but realizes it wouldn’t be enough for them. Mike concedes Katie and Simon still have a special connection, that they’re a continuing love story. He tells Katie he wants her to be happy but that he’s just not enough. Katie realizes Mike is right and…that it’s over.

(Bob Hughes’ Office/Hospital): Paul tells Meg how his premonitions evolved; that what he sees have no special connections. Meg tells Paul about the man’s wife and why the gunman wanted to hurt her. Paul assures he’s not in control of what he sees. As Meg leaves, Paul asks for her assurance she’ll believe him next time; Meg promises she will.

(Crash Bar): Casey, rather than confessing what he’d done, tries to defend Jade. Adam and Jade talks aside; he believes her but Jade is worried that Maddie is making a case against her. Will and Gwen are bummed about the financial loss. Will suggested maybe his mom (Barbara) would help them out but Adam puts his 2-cents in (negative) and Gwen quickly rebuffs him.

(Bob Hughes’ Office): Paul decides to stay at the hospital for tests but Barbara disagrees; she doesn’t think Paul should be so close to Meg.

(Hospital): Meg watches the blood cleanup and reflects on the gunman’s words, “You killed my wife.” She loudly states, “You’re right, I did kill your wife” and Craig is watching (and likely hearing) nearby. Elwood delivers bond but the pick-up guy isn’t comfortable with it. Elwood leaves the bond with the pick-up guy as Adam watches undetected. He approaches the pick-up man and offers to buy the bond off him. Adam then makes call to another party and requests a meeting.

(Their Home): Mike and Katie have their last words, briefly kisses and he says goodbye and walks out the door. Katie slumps on the couch and cries.

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