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(Hospital)  A man with a gun arrives and demands to know who is responsible for the death of his wife.  The gunman tells everyone that if he doesn’t find out the truth he will start shooting people. 

(Mike & Katie’s house)  Katie tells Mike that she made a vegetarian chili and organic corn bread to take over to Tom and Margo’s for the welcome home party.  Katie laughs and asks Mike not to tell anyone that she bought the cornbread mix at the health food store.  Mike is surprised Katie didn’t grow the corn herself in her shadow box garden.  Mike gives Katie a kiss and begins to take all the food out to the car.  Mike almost bumps into Henry on his way out to the car and wonders what has brought him by the house.  Henry explains he brought a gift for the happy couple and wonders where Mike is going with all the food.  Mike explains that Katie made enough food to feed an army because they are going to Tom’s welcome home party.  Mike picks up the mail on his way out to the car and hands the envelopes to Katie who looks at them and discovers a letter from Simon. 

(Hughes house)  Gwen tells Adam that she asked Will point blank if he was happy that the CD was almost cancelled, and he told her that if Barbara hadn’t given him the money he would have found some other way to make her dream come true.  Maddie agrees with Gwen that Will loves her and supports her plans for the future.  Adam still thinks that Will would have been happy if they hadn’t gotten the money to save the CD, because he wants Gwen all to himself and he doesn’t want to share her with the public.  Tom comes downstairs and is very happy to see his family gathered to welcome him home from the hospital.  Tom wonders where Casey is and Margo tells him that Casey went to the store to get him some healthy ice cream.

(Crash)  Casey opens the safe and steals the registered bonds that Barbara loaned to Will and Gwen so they could finish the demo CD.  Casey hits the lock with a crowbar so that the police think someone broke into the safe.  Casey also throws things around the room to make it seem like thieves ransacked the place.  Casey gets a call from Margo asking him to come home for the party.  Casey tells Margo that he had to go to two different stores in order to find heart healthy ice cream.  Margo tells Casey to forget the ice cream and come home because his dad wants to see him.  Casey tells Margo he will be home as soon as he gets the ice cream. 

(Mike & Katie’s house)  Katie reads the letter from Simon in which he apologizes for all the pain he has caused her and hopes that she will find some way to be happy with Mike.  Simon also tells Katie he is fine now and is happy so she shouldn’t worry about him anymore.  Katie hides the letter from Mike when he comes back inside the house for another load of food to take to the car.  Katie tells Mike to go to Tom and Margo’s with the food and she will meet him there later.  Once Mike is gone Katie opens the gift, a chocolate trophy, and wonders why Katie didn’t go with Mike to Tom and Margo’s house.  Katie explains to Henry that she got a letter from Simon and she gives the letter to Henry so he can read it. 

(Hospital)  Craig arrives and wonders what is going on and Meg explains that the man just came because his wife died earlier today and he has some questions he wants answered.  Meg asks Craig to sit down while she answers the man’s questions for him.  The gunman starts pointing his gun at various people in the room and asking each if he or she killed his wife.  Barbara tries to use her cell phone to get help but the gunman catches her. 

(Hughes house)  Maddie warns Adam that he shouldn’t do anything to make Jade mad because if he makes Jade mad she (Jade) will make him pay.  Casey puts the bonds inside his jacket pocket before he goes inside the house.  Casey arrives with the ice cream and puts his jacket on a chair so he can help Margo get some platters down from the top shelf. 

(Hospital)  Meg talks to the gunman and discovers that his wife’s name was Sarah Shaunesey.  She then remembers that Shaunesey was the name of the woman who died under her care. 

(Mike & Katie’s house)  Henry wants to burn the letter from Simon before it causes trouble between her and Mike but Katie grabs it from his hand before he can burn it.  Henry wonders if Katie wants Simon back in her life and if that is why she wants to keep the letter.  Katie assures Henry that she doesn’t want Simon back she simply intends to show the letter to Mike so they won’t have any secrets between them. 

(Hughes House)  Tom makes a toast to his children and their talent and tells them all how proud he is of them for sharing their talent with the world.  Gwen tells Tom that Casey is the person responsible for any success she may have in the future because he pushed Adam to hear her sing.  Gwen’s comment makes Casey stare at his jacket knowing that if he steals the bonds he will take away Gwen’s dream. 

(Hospital)  The gunman sees the look on Meg’s face and thinks she knows how his wife died so he releases everyone except Meg and demands to know why his wife died.  Meg explains to the distraught man that his wife died of anaphylactic shock.  He says that is impossible because his wife was allergic to everything and could recite all her allergies by heart.  The man is sure that someone must have made a mistake and not written down all of his wife’s allergies on her chart.  Meg tells the man that she was one of the nurses that helped when his wife went into code blue so he demands to know what his wife said to her.  Meg remembers that Sarah told her in great detail what things she was allergic to but she wasn’t paying close attention because she was thinking about Paul and his problems.  Craig sneaks back inside the waiting room to rescue Meg.  The man demands to see his wife’s chart but Meg tells him that she doesn’t have it.  As she keeps avoiding giving him the char, he figures out that she doesn’t want him to see his wife’s chart because she didn’t write down all of her allergies. 

(Mike & Katie’s house)  Katie reads the letter from Simon again and then we see a montage of Simon and Katie’s relationship.  Katie puts the letter in its envelope and places it inside a book of poetry.

(Hughes house)  Casey’s thoughts are interrupted by a call from Elwood who tells him that his parents are demanding the money that he (Casey) owes him or they are going to call Tom and Margo and tell them about his gambling and all the money he owes to everyone.  Mike arrives with the food and tells Margo he has to go home and work on a special toast for Katie.  Casey leaves the house with the money and nobody notices he is gone.  Katie arrives and asks Margo where Mike is and Margo informs her he went home to work on a surprise for her. 

(Mike & Katie’s house)  Mike struggles to find the perfect words for Katie’s toast then he remembers Katie’s favorite poetry book and takes it from the bookshelf.  Mike opens the book and finds Simon’s letter to Katie. 

(Java)  Casey gives Elwood the bonds telling him he must go to another town to cash them tomorrow morning so that nobody will know anything.  Elwood doesn’t want to take the bonds at first but he does because he is afraid of what his parents will do to him.  Adam walks into Java and watches Casey give Elwood the bonds. 

(Hospital)  The gunman gets ready to shoot Meg because he thinks she is responsible for the death of his wife but Craig tackles him and they both fall to the floor.  Craig and the Meg fight for the gun and suddenly a shot rings out.

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