ATWT Update Wednesday 1/24/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/24/07


Written By Elayna

At Crash, Gwen is ecstatic that the demo is happening. Adam restates the obvious that because they have the money now they can finish the demo. He is glad she was able to get Will to give them the money. Gwen’s smile fades; she doesn’t want him to act like she pressured Will into doing something he didn’t want to.

At home, Casey is standing in the doorway with Jade as they watch Barbara handing over the bonds to Will. Jade explains it is $10,000 worth of bonds so they can finish the demo. Casey’s face changes as he seems to realize what that might mean. Jade snidely remarks that she can think of better ways to spend that kind of money. Margo breezes in and tells everyone that they are going to do an impromptu family dinner; it is to celebrate Daniel coming home, Tom being alive and Mike and Katie getting back together. Maddie rushes into the room asking Margo if she can help because she can hear Daniel crying, but he has locked himself in his room. Margo leaves with Maddie.

Outside on a bench, Dusty sees a somber looking Emily. What is wrong? She has never seen her son like this before; he is scared of her. Dusty doesn’t understand because when he last saw him, he was holding onto her for dear life. Emily responds that was before Craig waltzed into Margo’s like nothing was wrong.

At the Lakeview, Lily asks Craig why Emily would think he was involved? Craig pretends that he doesn’t understand because he was her friend when she had noone else; he was her partner in the Intruder. Her life is a mess and she refuses to place the blame where it belongs – on Paul.

At the hospital, a worked up Paul is telling Meg that he saw the Blood Drive poster and realized this was what he saw in his visions. Meg angrily tells him that these supposed visions are not going to win her back. Why won’t she believe him? He makes it impossible to believe him. A desperate Paul then rips up the poster, as Meg tells him that she is going to call security; Paul then flips over the table as well. Meg stares at him nervously for a moment before she rushes towards him; he pulls away telling her not to touch him. Meg thinks he needs to stop; he has tried, but she wants him to try harder. He quietly reminds her that she loved him once, and he would not lie about this, but Meg sadly tells him that she can no longer tell when he is lying; she doesn’t know who he is anymore. He tries to explain that he went to the cabin in hopes of being away from anyone who could trigger these visions, but it hasn’t worked. The premonitions always come true, and he doesn’t know what he would do if something happened to her. Is what he is saying out of the realm of possibilities or is it not simply because it is coming from him? He stares at Meg who hasn’t answered him, and then he slowly starts to walk away. Meg stops him when she says that she believes him.

Craig explains that Meg moved past Paul’s manipulations, but Emily can’t for some reason. Lily looks at Craig suspiciously; Emma mentioned he had been out to the farm to help Meg fix… a tractor? He smiles at the memory. She wonders if there is more to his admiration of her sister-in-law? Craig offers to change the subject; what is going on with her? She tells him that her mom offered her a job at Worldwide in order to come up with a new product line for children. Craig thinks it is right up her alley, as Lily makes a sarcastic remark about how people can’t miss the fact that she has had children. Craig scoffs at that comment. She just doesn’t want to shop for new clothes and stand up in front of people looking and feeling as she does. Craig answers that she is a ‘Goddess’. Lily smiles appreciatively, but it doesn’t change anything. She can have a treadmill put in her office. She already tried that and it didn’t seem to work. She was taking some diet pills, but Holden didn’t like that, so she threw them away. Craig remarks that he doesn’t have the right to dictate how she handles this; does he have MD written after his name? If he doesn’t then he should keep his advice to himself.

Emily explains that she was at Tom and Margo’s and Craig breezed in as if everything was fine with his flowers, well wishes and cracking jokes. She just lost it, she explains. Daniel was there and it upset him so Margo asked her to leave, but she promised to keep Craig away from Daniel. Dusty tells her directly that what happened today was not Craig’s fault it was hers. The sooner she knocks it off then the sooner she can be the kind of mom Daniel needs. Emily stares at him through narrowed eyes.

Will tells Barbara that he appreciates what she did, but he feels as if he should be the one to make Gwen’s dreams come true. Barbara can understand that and she expects to be paid back, knowing that will make Will feel better. Will agrees to this. She wants him to do something for her now that is straightened out. Will’s mouth turns into a smirk; that had to have been record time!

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Gwen doesn’t blame Will for his reaction. She has to see the good in Will, but as Will’s brother, he doesn’t. He saw the look in his eyes when he thought that the demo was over but then Barbara stepped in. If she hadn’t done that, then Will would have been doing his happy dance in the corner. Why, Gwen demands?! He would get what he wants as usual, and that would be to get her all to himself.

Will angrily tells his mom that she can take her money back because he doesn’t intend on her holding this over him! Barbara tries to calm him down; she doesn’t want anything like that; she wants him to simply be careful with the bonds because they are like cash, and she didn’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. Will suddenly looks remorseful; he apologizes if that is all she meant. Barbara understands. He has to go meet Gwen now and he will ask Lisa if he can keep the bonds in her safe at Crash. Just off to the side, Casey is intently listening to their conversation taking it all in.

Margo and Maddie are back in the room, as she explains it is going to take Daniel some time because of what happened and then what happened with Emily earlier to boot. Maddie wonders if they should tell Tom about Daniel’s problems, but Margo thinks it will just take some time and she doesn’t want Tom do be put under anymore stress. Casey’s cell phone rings; it is Elwood. He immediately tells him that they are in a ton of trouble. Casey teases him about just saying hello when people answer the phone. He ignores this and rushes into why he is so worried. His parents saw his account; they know everything and they went nuts! His parents said if he doesn’t put the money back in his account by tomorrow then they are going to call his parents. A freaked out Casey rushes outside to talk; he can’t come up with that kind of money by tomorrow. Can’t he stall his parents? Elwood explains that they are at the end of their rope. Nervously, Casey mentions how his hands are tied since his father just had a heart attack. Adam walks up interrupting his phone call.

Gwen is sitting alone at Java; she is remembering what Adam said about Will. Will walks in and asks her if she is ok based on her face? She is fine now that he is there, as she hugs him. Will tells her that he has the bonds for the demo and he is going to put it in Lisa’s safe. Gwen stares at the envelope; what if she told him that she didn’t want to take the money from his mom? Will doesn’t understand. He was convinced the demo couldn’t be done, but then he saw how sad she was and he couldn’t stand he looking and feeling like that.

Meg tells Paul that she isn’t authorized to shut down the Blood Drive, but she can talk to Bob. Paul is hesitant, but Meg asks him if he trusts her? He does, so Meg goes over to talk to Bob. He comes back over with her and suggests that they all go to his office to talk. Paul thinks they need to get people out, but Bob doesn’t want to cause a panic. They can go to his office and see how to handle this from there. Paul thinks they are wasting time, but agrees to go, as Meg tells them that she is right behind them too.

Emily doesn’t plan on sitting there while Dusty tells her that she is a horrible mother. Dusty wants her to stop being the victim then. She isn’t! Where is Daniel? He knows where he is. Dusty explains that she is here by herself while Daniel is elsewhere. She can’t keep allowing Craig to get to her. If she wants to be with her son to love, hug and comfort him then she should; she shouldn’t let Craig run her away. Her son is home safe and if she lets Craig win then what was the point of fighting so hard? Emily seems to have a revelation; he is right about everything he said. She has to get her life together and forget about Craig. She reaches out for Dusty’s hand and touches it as she thanks him; she then races off. Dusty picks up his cell phone and asks the person on the other end if Lucinda is around?

Lily explains that Holden feels that she is risking her health with these diet pills. Is she over-medicating? Of course not, she quickly answers. He doesn’t see the problem then. He still doesn’t see why she is worried about this anyway, as Lily smiles appreciatively again. Craig’s cell phone rings and soon he has to rush off for a meeting. Before he leaves, he thanks her for being his one friend. After he leaves, Lily slowly reaches into her purse, pulls out a pill bottle and pops some pills into her mouth. She then hears Lucinda’s voice, which stops her dead in her tracks thinking she got caught, as Lucinda says to her – does she have any idea what she is doing?

Bob wants Paul to sit down, but he is anxious to get the people out. He sees the look on Meg’s face and realizes this is not what it seems. He sadly says that he thought she said she believed him? She does, but… Paul interrupts, as he gets more wound up; the people out there are going to get hurt. Bob then sticks a needle into him. Paul is surprised; why did they do that? Bob explains that he left them no choice. Paul sadly looks at Meg, as the drug starts to take affect. She said she believed him, he laments. How could she do this? A guilty looking Meg can only stare back at him saying nothing.

Jade tells Margo that she wasn’t trying to crash her family dinner. Adam had told her to meet her there; he probably didn’t know about this. Is it ok that she is here? Margo pauses for a moment and then tells her that it is fine.

Adam tells Casey that his call seemed intense; is everything ok? Casey snaps about him always being so quick to assume that he messed up. Adam answers plainly that is because he is the one who has had to bail him out. Casey snaps for him to leave him alone. Maddie sticks her head out in the middle of this and tells Adam that his ‘friend’ Jade is waiting for him. Adam slowly goes inside. Maddie then tells Casey that his mom needs him to go to the store to get some low fat coffee ice cream. She then asks him if that was about his grades? He doesn’t want to talk about it and this stuff is the last thing his dad needs to hear about, as he walks off.

Gwen reminds Will that they promised no more secrets. Does he not want to do the demo? She would give it up for him? He is the most important thing in her life. He wanted to pull the plug because of how Adam was throwing money around, but then he saw how heartbroken she was. He is not thrilled to have them owing his mother but he is willing to do that for her dream. He is the best, she gushes as she throws her arms around him.

Jade asks Adam if he knew about the dinner? He explains that he just found out about it now. Should they stay? No, he doesn’t think so; Jade takes this to mean that they should go somewhere else. However, Adam meant that she shouldn’t stay. Jade’s face drops, as she fights to hide her disappointment.

Lucinda just saw Craig’s smug face; she thought the days had passed when she no longer had to worry about the men in her life? Lily closes up her purse to hide the pill bottle, her face showing the relief of not being caught. Lily doesn’t know what she is talking about, but they are interrupted by Dusty who has a business proposition for Lucinda. He wants Worldwide to buy the Intruder. Lucinda reminds him that they own a newspaper already, but Dusty reminds her that the Intruder does much better. What is the rush? He doesn’t want Craig to buy out controlling interest. Lucinda smiles, so this is personal? He just doesn’t think Emily should have to work with Craig after the year she has had. She would do better answering to her then Craig. Lucinda reminds him that he didn’t have such a great year himself after being chained up by Emily. Dusty thinks Emily would benefit from a legitimate partner. Lucinda wonders if he wants to help Emily or stick it to Craig?

Emily is back knocking at Tom and Margo’s door. Margo answers and she politely asks to see Daniel. Margo explains that they are about to have a family meal. Emily asks if that means Craig will be there? Margo assures her that he won’t be. Then if that were the case, then she would like to see her son. Margo stops her; she can’t let her do that

Barbara comes into Bob’s office to see Paul sedated on the couch; they sedated him against his will? Bob explains that he was out of control and irrational. Barbara whirls around on Meg; he came to her and this is how she thanks him? Meg looks down; how could they do that? Meg excuses herself to go back to the Blood Drive. His visions are real, and she believes in them so does that make her crazy too? Bob thinks Paul may be having a psychotic break. He has ordered a psych and neuro evaluations and an MRI. Bob’s pager goes off and he tells her that he needs to take this, but he will be right back. After he leaves, Barbara sits down on the couch beside Paul. She caresses his face, as she tells him that she is there. He wakes up slightly as he mumbles that they need to stop them and that she needs to get down there before it is too late. Barbara looks upset.

Meg comes back to the Blood Drive and announces that she is sorry about the delay; things will be up and running again in a moment. Behind her, a man walks in looking frazzled and upset and proceeds to looks around nervously.

Emily snaps that she has no right to keep her from her son. Margo tries to calm her down; she would never do that. She is trying to keep her from Tom. He doesn’t need to see her ranting and raving right now. Emily sees her point, but she doesn’t want to leave. Daniel comes downstairs and Emily smiles widely, as she rushes by Margo to see him. She just wanted to stop by to show him that she got them seats to the Bull’s game tomorrow night, and since his dad is not feeling well then maybe they could go? Daniel tells her that he doesn’t want to go. Emily takes it in stride and then tells him that is ok; they can go to Java and get some hot chocolate instead. Daniel tells her that he doesn’t want to go anywhere with her. Emily struggles with this.

Lucinda reminds Dusty that it isn’t her life long dream to work with Emily, but if it will cause Craig difficulties then she is up for it. Dusty is happy and races off to go tell Emily. Lucinda asks Lily if she disapproves? Lily quickly tells her that she doesn’t know her well then. She thinks it is great; it will give Craig and Emily a chance to heal and start fresh. Lucinda makes a face; this makes her sick to her stomach; she doesn’t want Craig to heal. Lily disagrees with how she is going about this, but Lucinda believes she is right. Lily angrily tells her mother that when someone disagrees with her, she has to knock that person down. They proceed to get in a little tiff, leaving Lucinda wondering where this attitude of Lily’s is coming from? Lily looks guilty since she knows agitation is a side effect of the pills.

Adam explains that he needs to be with his family right now, and Jade snaps that she obviously doesn’t belong here. Adam is aggravated now; she isn’t part of the family and they probably never would be family, so she doesn’t really belong there. Jade snarls that works out well for him so now he can sit nice and close to Gwen. Adam remarks that she doesn’t know what she is saying. Jade spits that she just told Lily that she wouldn’t be somebody’s sloppy seconds. Adam tries to calm her down by saying that he will call her tomorrow, but Jade’s parting shot is that he shouldn’t be surprised if her phone goes to voice mail, as she stomps off.

Will and Gwen are with Lisa at Crash, as she gives them the safe combination. Lisa teases Gwen about how much Will cares for her to do this for her, as Gwen acknowledges this. Then Lisa reminds Will how thoughtful it was of Barbara to do this as well, so she hopes he will take that into consideration. He will. Lisa explains that she has to go, but could they lock up for her? Willa agrees to do that because Casey has shown him how to do the alarm. Will then tells Gwen that she should go ahead to the dinner at Tom and Margo’s because he has to go study. Gwen snuggles up beside him and offers to go with him. He tells her smiling that he won’t get any work done. She tells him that is the plan. They kiss and she tells him that she can never thank him enough; he tells her that a simple I love you will suffice. She tells him it repeatedly then she leaves. After she leaves, Casey sneaks up and watches from behind Will as he does the combination for the safe.

Daniel tells his mom that he didn’t mean to make her feel bad, as she reassures him weakly that it is ok. Can he go back to his room now until dinner? Margo tells him that is fine. Emily tries to keep composed as Margo assures her that he just needs some time. Emily tells her that the most important thing is for him to feel secure and if she needs to back off in order for that to happen then she will. Margo reaches out for her, but Emily rushes out and then breaks down outside.

Lily apologizes, but Lucinda doesn’t want apologies; she would just like an explanation. Lily claims it is from being stressed out because of Faith, Ethan, her new job, etc. She doesn’t have to work now if it is too much. Lily wants to do this now though. Lucinda’s cell phone rings interrupting them. She has to go, but she hates to leave things like this. Lily assures her that they are ok, but Lucinda doesn’t want to be just ok. Lily smiles to reassure her. Lucinda stands up but then adds that she should try not to snap at other people because they may not be as understanding. After Lucinda leaves, the waiter comes over with a dessert tray explaining that the chef is experimenting and wants to know if she wants to sample some of it? Lily looks longingly at it before she turns him down. After he leaves, she looks around and then reaches into her purse and take out some more pills and takes them quickly, all the while nervously looking around.

Maddie asks Adam what is going on with him and Jade? He tells her that there is nothing worth talking about. Gwen walks in happily greeting them. Maddie wonders what put her in such a good mood? Gwen smiles and tells her that being happily married to the best man in the world accounts for it. Margo asks Maddie to help her for a moment leaving Gwen and Adam together. He wonders what made Will such a great guy again? He always was, and for his information, she asked him point blank about the demo. Everything is great between them. Adam still feels that it was a good thing that Will did not have to prove to her that he really is invested in her dream as much as she thinks he is. Gwen just stares at him.

Will puts the bonds in the safe, locks it and then sets the alarm and leaves. Casey comes out pf the shadow and sneaks into Crash. He goes over to the safe, puts in the combination and opens it. He stares at the contents.

Paul is in and out of sleep on the couch, as Barbara strokes his hair. She is sorry that this is happening to him. He mumbles Meg’s name. Barbara wants her to forget about her. He mumbles that she needs to stop the Blood Drive because someone is going to die. Barbara looks very upset over hearing this.

Meg restarts the Blood Drive. She approaches the back of the man who seems edgy. She notices his mannerisms and she asks him if he is having second thoughts? He could always come back. The man slowly turns to face her, as Meg stares at him, now realizing she knows him. Suddenly, he tells her that he needs to do this now, as he pulls out a gun and waves it in the air shouting for “noone to move!”

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