ATWT Update Tuesday 1/23/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/23/07


Written By Eva
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At the Hughes house, Emily arrives to bring Margo Danielís MP3 play because when he is sad or has a problem he likes to plug it in and listen to music.† Emily wonders how Daniel is doing and Margo explains that Daniel didnít eat too much breakfast and she tried to get him to talk but he didnít feel like talking to her.† Margo also tells Emily that she tried to give him a hug but he didnít want her to hug him so she explained to him that he had been through a trauma and it was okay for him to feel bad.† She said that he cried a little bit, went upstairs, and locked himself in his room.† Craig arrives with flowers for Tom and Emily blasts him because he is responsible for Danielís trauma.† Emily explains to Margo that Craig sold his shares of the newspaper to a bad man named Tull.† Tull had Daniel kidnapped because she wouldnít sell her shares of the newspaper to him.

At Java, Casey has a bad streak and loses five thousand dollars using Elwoodís online gambling account.† Elwood arrives and is upset because Casey agreed not to gamble anymore until he had paid off all the money he owes to his friends at the dorm.† Elwood tells Casey that he has a gambling problem because he just keeps losing and then gambling again to try to pay back all the money he has lost.† Elwood warns Casey he better not go back to the dorm until he can pay the money he owes to all his friends.† Casey tells Elwood he stole money from his mother to pay off some of his debts.† He was just getting ready to tell his mother when his father got sick and he couldnít give her something else to worry about right now.† Jade and Lily arrive to have lunch because Lily is hungry.† Jade wonders how the diet pills are working and Lily tells her that they were working fine until Holden found out she was taking them and she promised him she wouldnít take the pills anymore.† Jade tells Lily not to worry because her new job will keep her so busy that she wonít have time to eat and then she will lose the weight.† Jade wonders how her mom, Rose, handled men because she is worried that Adam may be drifting away from her and may be interested in someone else.† Lily tells Jade that Rose fought for love and wouldnít settle for being second best to anyone.† Jade gives Lily a kiss on the cheek for her advice and says she must leave to do an important errand.

At Crash, Will wonders why Adam scheduled seven more studio sessions when they had only put in two extra studio sessions to finish the demo.† Adam explains that he just needs the extra time to make the demo perfect but Will tells him the money is gone.† Adam wonders if Will wants to cancel the project and Will tells Gwen that since the money is gone they must cancel the project.† Gwen tries to put on a brave face for Willís sake even though she looks like she wants to cry.† She tells him that itís okay because they can finish the demo next year when he gets another installment from his trust fund.†

At the hospital, Meg blames herself for the death of a patient who was under her care.† Bob tells her not to worry because she has done excellent work since she returned after her suspension.† He tells Meg the patientís condition was very delicate and nobody knew if she would live or die.† Bob tells Meg it is possible that the family may want an autopsy performed to determine the cause of death.†

At the cabin, Paul has another vision that shows a lot of blood and Meg and he try to figure out what the vision could mean.† Although he doesnít understand the vision he decides to go to the hospital and warn them of the danger.†

At Crash, Barbara arrives and overhears that they had to stop working on the demo because Will ran out of money.† Barbara tells Will, Gwen, and Adam that she will be happy to give them whatever amount of money they need to finish the project because she believes in Gwenís talent and wants to see her succeed.† Will refuses to take money from Barbara at first because he thinks itís a gift.† She explains that she will loan them the money and they can pay her back whenever the money is available.† Gwen is excited and immediately accepts the loan but Will stops her and tells her he must think about it before he makes a decision.† Barbara and Adam pressure Will and ask him to think about how happy music makes her.† Will sees the huge smile on Gwenís face at the thought of finishing the demo and realizes that he has no choice but to accept the offer of a loan from his mother.† Barbara tells Will that she will meet him and Tom at Margoís house to give him some registered bonds in the amount of ten thousand dollars.† Gwen gives Will a kiss and tells him she will never forget the sacrifice he just made for her sake.† Gwen goes to thank Barbara for her wonderful gesture toward her.† Barbara tells Gwen that she just wants her and Will to be happy because she has had too much sadness and loss in her family this year.† Barbara shares with Gwen that now she is worried about Paul because he sustained brain damage from the accident.† The brain damage is producing some strange side effects, and Paul is living in a cabin all by himself refusing to get medical treatment.† Will tries to talk to Adam and share with him his feelings about owing his mother so much money.† He worries that she will try to control him again.† Adam tells Will that he is a big boy now and knows how to handle his mother.† Adam tells Will that next year he will have the money to pay her back and itís not as if he will be left out on the street because he canít pay back the loan.

Paul arrives at the hospital and warns Bob that something bad will happen at the hospital but he doesnít know what yet.† Meg arrives and Paul repeats his warning to her but she tells Bob that this is all part of Paulís plan to get her back.† She says that he warns her about danger then he plays the hero hoping that her gratitude will turn into love.† Bob is paged and must leave.† Meg tells Paul to see a neurologist about his condition and then she leaves to start the blood drive. †Paul reads the flyer for the blood drive and has another vision about the flyer falling into blood.† Paul asks a nurse where the blood drive is and she tells him to look in front of him.†

At the Hughes house, Daniel comes downstairs and wonders why his mom is yelling at Craig.† Emily tells Daniel to sit down and explains to him that Craig knew the bad man who kidnapped him but then she assures Daniel that the bad man is in jail and wonít return.† Emily warns Daniel not to have anything to do with Craig because he is a bad man.† Margo sends Daniel upstairs and asks Emily to leave so she can talk to Craig.† Margo blasts Craig for hurting Tom and Daniel by bringing Tull into their lives.† Craig tries to explain to Margo that she advised Emily to sell her shares in the paper and had no idea that Tull would kidnap Daniel when Emily refused to sell.† Margo refuses to listen to anymore of Craigís excuses because she thinks Emily is right when she says that he caused this hurt in her family so Margo throws Craig out of the house.†

At Crash, Adam tells Gwen that Will didnít seem too excited that the demo is going to be finished and he really didnít want to accept the loan from Barbara.† Gwen explains that Will is just afraid that Barbara is going to try to control him again and that he wonít be able to pay back the loan.† Gwen tells Adam that Barbara has been a living nightmare in the past.† However, since Jenniferís death she has mellowed so she is sure that things will be okay.† Adam tells Gwen that he is envious of Will for a lot of reasons and he hopes that Will knows he is a lucky man.† Adam tells Gwen that he thinks Will is afraid of losing her once she becomes a big star.† Gwen tells Adam that she will never leave Will because they have a strong love and when she becomes a star he is going to share her dream with her.† Jade arrives to meet Adam can talk but he asks her to meet him later at his house so they can talk.† Gwen is so happy her demo is back on track she tells Jade that they didnít have enough money to finish the demo until Barbara loaned the ten thousand dollars in registered bonds.†

At Java, Emily arrives and Lily asks about Daniel.† Emily tells Lily that physically Daniel is fine but he is traumatized.† Craig arrives and Emily tells Lily that Craig is responsible for Danielís kidnapping.† Craig grabs Emily and warns her that if she continues spreading lies she will regret it.† Once Emily is gone Craig explains to Lily that he sold his half of the newspaper to Tull and when Emily wouldnít sell her share, Tull kidnapped Daniel to force Emily to sell.† Craig tells Lily Margo kicked him out because she also thinks he cause Tomís heart attack.† Craig is surprised when Lily tells him he isnít to blame because, even though he advised Emily to sell to Tull, she decided not to sell.† Lily also tells Craig she will always be his friend even though sometimes she may not agree with his decisions.†

At Crash, Adam apologizes to Gwen for going over budget and tells her the demo is almost finished.† He says that all they have to do is type up the liner notes and song lyrics, and send them to the printer so he can print up the cover to the CD.† Gwen tells Adam that she canít believe they are almost done with the CD and she thanks him for his help.† Adam leans close to Gwen to look at the song lyrics and Gwen lifts her head up and smiles and so does Adam.†

At the Hughes house, Will walks in just as Barbara is giving a gift to Margo for Tom. †Margo takes the gift upstairs.† Will wonders if his mother is re-gifting a gift she didnít like and she admits to doing so.† Will promises not to say a word to anyone.† Outside the house, Casey is standing at the door trying to get the courage to lie to his mother.† Jade startles him and tells him she is waiting for Adam.† Casey opens the door a little and he and Jade watch as Barbara gives the registered bonds to Will.† Jade explains to Casey that Barbara is loaning ten thousand dollars in registered bonds to Will so Gwen can finish her CD.†

At the hospital, Paul tells Meg that he understands the vision.† He warns her if she doesnít get everyone out of the hospital, someone will die.†

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