ATWT Update Monday 1/22/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/22/07


Written By Elayna

At the cabin, Paul picks up his coat and a picture of Meg falls to the floor; he picks it up and briefly looks at it before he slowly turns towards the fireplace and sadly tosses it in. A moment later, he changes his mind and quickly grabs the half-singed photograph out of the fire.

At the hospital, Meg is looking over a patient’s charts in their room. She checks the woman’s vitals and then seems to drift back into a memory of when Paul was at the farm because of the contaminated well; she was telling him that she didn’t believe him anymore and wanted him to leave. Machines going off interrupt her memory flash; the woman is coding, as Meg rushes to get help.

At home, Maddie and Adam are getting ready for breakfast; Maddie has prepared a lot of healthy heart smart alternatives. Adam teases her about offering people granola. Tom and Margo then come home; Tom is anxious to see Daniel, but he is still sleeping after his ordeal. Tom is happy to be home and joins in the fun about the granola alternative. Margo steps outside to greet Casey who is coming in with the mail; what took him so long? He mumbles out an explanation. Margo asks to see the mail so he hands it to her. She thumbs through it and then asks him about the envelope in his back pocket? A guilty looking Casey tries to explain it is something for Crash, but Margo is wise to this and snatches it. She sees it is his grades; she looks at the paper before she remarks that it is a good thing she wasn’t the one that had the heart attack.

At the cottage, Mike brings Katie a coffee and suggests they go visit Tom and Daniel a little later. She is all for that mentioning if Daniel were her child, she wouldn’t know how to handle what just happened to them. She sees Mike’s face and acknowledges it is apparently a sore subject. Mike explains that he just doesn’t want children now, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t ever. Katie can’t help but wonder if deep down inside he has really forgiven her?

At the farm, Jack seems agitated when he breezes into the kitchen unpacking groceries and cleaning up, as a shirtless laid back looking Brad watches. When Jack tosses the contents of the ashtray explaining there is no more smoking cigars in the house, Brad makes a noise in protest. Brad comments about how much he loves the cookies Jack bought, but Jack snatches them away explaining they are for Sage. Brad tries to make conversation about how much has changed and how Jack has three kids now. Then adds that it is a pity that he was left holding the bag; Carly has not changed; she is still a lying, cheating tramp. Jack whirls around and glares at him.

Casey stutters out a thin excuse of how his stats class killed him. Margo doesn’t understand because he has always been good in math. He chalks it up to the teacher not being good. She is upset because she thought he was holding his own plus Maddie said he was studying hard. All he can offer is that he promises to do better next semester. He pleads with her not to tell his dad, and she agrees not to tell him today. He thanks her, as she explains that she isn’t doing it for him. They walk back inside as Tom is enjoying his granola breakfast, and Adam is suggesting they renew their gym membership. Tom quietly tells him that he plans on being around for a long time, as Adam reminds him that he already lost one dad so he hopes he does. Maddie offers Casey granola but Casey passes; Margo comments under her breath about the choice of word, which only Casey hears. Then she asks Casey if he wants to tell his dad or should she, as Casey looks nervous?

Meg and the doctor are desperately trying to save the woman, but after using the paddles, CPR and an injection, the woman dies; Meg is distraught, but the doctor assures that they did everything they could. She walks aimlessly out of the room all the while staring at the woman. Bob approaches her outside the room and asks what happened? Meg explains; she can’t believe she died; she had been stable, but then coded. She was so young, Meg sadly remarks. She wonders if they are going to do an autopsy? Bob explains that it is up to the family. He is going to call the family, as Meg quietly tells him that her husband’s name is Milo. Bob appreciates the information. After he leaves, Meg is still standing in front of the window of the woman’s room, as if her feet were stuck to the floor, when Craig shows up. He asks her if she is ok? Without turning or blinking, she answers no.

Paul comes back into the cabin lugging some more firewood. He has just placed it down when there is a knock at the door. He calls out for them to go away. When there is another knock, he answers that noone is home. Again, there is a knock and an exasperated Paul stomps over to answer it, and Parker greets him. What is he doing here? Does Jack know he is here? Parker explains that he doesn’t and would be in big trouble if he knew. Paul thinks he should call him, but Parker pleads with him not to. Paul thinks it would be better for all involved if he went home, but Parker isn’t going anywhere and threatens to stand outside continuously knocking if Paul doesn’t hear him out. Paul smiles; he is stubborn like his mother, as he steps aside to let him in. Parker corrects him; he doesn’t want to be anything like his mother. He then tells him that he was right; his mom did escape. How did he know? He just did. Paul asks if he is ok? They are talking at school about it. Are they saying stuff to his face? No, but he can tell that they are talking about it because when he walks into a room people stop talking. Paul smiles because he can appreciate that. Parker tries again; how did he know? Can he tell him if she is going to come back?

Brad agrees with Jack that the subject of Carly is off limits. Jack doesn’t want him bashing her. Brad just thinks that she obviously hasn’t changed since she left him to clean up her mess. An agitated Jack tries to change the subject; why haven’t they heard from him in years, not even a word to Emma? Brad blows this off by saying that his factory job was nothing to boast about. It seems he showed up right in time because he definitely needs some help. He can see that he feels like punching someone, but Carly was the one that checked out and not him.

Mike reassures Katie that he has forgiven her because otherwise he wouldn’t be there with her. She feels like she is on probation because they can’t talk about starting a family anymore. He thinks that a lot has happened in the past few months and they both need time to heal. Katie recalls how happy they were when they were trying to get pregnant. Mike recalls it slightly differently; they were happy some of the time, but he also felt that she was trying to get pregnant to prove something. Katie recalls when her dad had died when she was younger, how her mom tried to make up for that fact, but she always felt as if something was missing. Mike remarks that life is not always perfect and it can be messy. He gives the example of how Jack never thought he would be in the predicament he is in right now. Katie sits upright quickly; is this what this is about? Is he comparing them to Jack and Carly? If he is, and he has his foot halfway out the door and he isn’t with her 100% then he might as well leave now before they hurt each other worse. Mike stares at her for a moment before he tells her that this isn’t about Jack and Carly; it is about making sure that this is right. Being a parent is a huge job; he loves her and he is where he wants to be, but it will be a while before they trust each other the same. Katie relaxes a little; how will they know when the time is right? Mike reassures her that he is sure that they will know when the time feels right, as he and Katie kiss.

Meg is standing in the hospital hallway as the orderlies wheel the deceased woman out. She quietly tells Craig that she knows this is part of her job, but it was so sudden. Everyone thought she would make a complete recovery, Meg laments. Was she close to her? She was as close as a nurse and patient could be. Meg then realizes he has an appointment to get to, but he offers to reschedule. She doesn’t need him to do that. She is just mad at herself because she has been so distracted recently. If she hadn’t been, then maybe she would have seen something that could have stopped this end-result. Craig assures her that there wasn’t anything more she could have done. Meg doesn’t want to let herself off the hook yet; her mind has been so scattered and all over the place recently. Craig asks point blank, has it simply been preoccupied with thoughts of Paul?

Paul explains to Parker that he doesn’t have the answers he wants to hear. Parker smiles because Jack was right; he is weird. Paul laughs outloud; he is probably right. He just thought he would be able to see something about his mom. Paul thought he didn’t care about her. Parker pretends to act tough; he doesn’t; this is for Jack’s benefit. He thinks any information would make him feel better, as Paul smiles because he knows that Parker is too hurt to admit the truth right now. He will tell him the truth then.

Jack admits that it was not all on Carly as to why his marriage failed; he did his part. He doesn’t have time for bitterness though because he has kids. Brad offers to help with his kids, as Jack smirks because he isn’t exactly Ward Cleaver. Brad explains that he wants to get to know his niece and nephews. The Christmas and birthday gifts must have gotten lost in the mail, Jack sarcastically answers. He didn’t claim to be perfect, but he knows he can help by giving them rides or heating up frozen dinners in the microwave. Jack relents; he guesses that kind of help can’t hurt. Just then, Vienna waltzes back in the door with her suitcase. Jack thought she had left? She missed the apple pies. Brad coughs and suggests under his breath that Jack get some manners and introduce them. Jack does and Vienna looks him up and down, as she is thrilled to meet another Snyder, as she looks at him lustfully. Brad comments about how their mom saved the best for last. How do they know one another, Brad wonders? Vienna explains that they both survived disasters named Simon and Carly. Jack tries to change the subject; why is she back? Her ‘Dolly’ has banished her. Jack doesn’t think she can stay, but Brad and Vienna join forces with their pouts about how he can’t throw her out.

Margo goes on to say that Casey has an explanation as to why it took him so long to get here. Casey looks as if he doesn’t know what to say, but Margo saves him; she was talking about the DVD’s he came with. Casey breathes a sigh of relief. He stopped by the dorm to bring some comedy DVD’s over. Tom is appreciative and tells Casey and Adam how proud of them he is no matter what, as Casey struggles to hide his guilt. Adam then offers to go to the pharmacy to pick up Tom’s medication. Margo tells him to wait while she grabs some money for him from her mad money, as a look of sheer terror crosses Casey’s face. Margo opens the box and then exclaims that the money is gone! Tom is sure it is in there somewhere, but Margo tosses stuff around, as she looks through the box; there isn’t any money there. Adam and Maddie suggest she misplaced it, but Margo is definite that the money was there. Has anyone else been in the house? Noone was alone and could have taken the money. Casey pretends to not know if he locked the door the last time he was home. Margo isn’t buying the fact that someone would break into their home and just take the couple hundred dollars from a box. Tom tries to calm her down by telling her to get out of cop mode and not worry about it now; they can figure it out later. Margo agrees to drop it but still looks unnerved. Adam heads out to get the prescription as Katie and Mike are arriving. They brought by welcome home gifts. A guilt ridden Casey leaves a moment after under the pretense of having to study, as Margo gives him the knowing eye. He heads outside as fast as he can go telling Maddie he will meet her at the car. Once he leaves, Margo asks Mike and Katie if them showing up together means things are back to normal? Mike offers that in the middle of all of this, it became a good reminder of how precious life is; they all smile, as each couple leans on their spouse. Meanwhile outside, Adam confronts Casey; did he rip their mom off?

Vienna comes back downstairs after her bath in a leopard print satin robe. Does he need any help? Jack notices her, but then tells her that he can manage. Brad comes back inside as Jack remarks about him getting into his tools. Brad thinks they should fix up the go-carts for JJ and Parker, but Jack doesn’t think he needs his kids racing around. Vienna starts to make a snide comment about Carly and Simon when Jack snaps that he will tell her what he told Brad, and that is no more horror stories because he doesn’t want his kids to hear anything negative. Vienna promises but wants to know if she can stay? Jack agrees that if Emma says yes then she can. Vienna is happy, as she kisses him on the cheek. Brad comments about how she improves the scenery; she can make a man’s troubles vanish. Jack thinks she wouldn’t make his troubles go away, but only get worse. Brad answers that not everyone is Carly. Jack growls for him to knock it off! He has managed to stay out of his life for many years now; maybe he can continue to do that!

Paul brings in more firewood so Parker is warm as he sits by the fire. He will tell him the truth. He doesn’t know when the visions are going to come, and to be honest he doesn’t want to know or see the things he does. If he tries to help or change the vision outcome then people think you are a freak. Parker thinks it is cool to see the future, but Paul explains that it isn’t. Imagine if he knew when someone he loved was going to die? He would dread each day. Parker asks him what he will do if he can’t stop the visions? Paul is determined to do that because otherwise there is no reason for him to live.

Meg snaps that this isn’t about Paul; he is out of her life living somewhere in a cabin in the woods. Craig apologizes; he doesn’t think she should be alone, but she tells him that she won’t be at the Farm since Jack and the kids moved in. Craig wonders if she would like to go somewhere with him? She needs a place to decompress and they can talk quietly. Meg seems to be considering this offer.

Casey snaps at Adam; of course, he didn’t steal from their mother! Is he crazy? He doesn’t gamble anymore? Casey nods no. Maddie walks out and wonders what is going on with them? Casey lies and tells her that Adam was getting on him about his grades. Maddie is disappointed to hear his didn’t do well this semester. Casey wants to get out of there and go to Java instead of the dorms, as they head out. Meanwhile, inside Mike and Tom are talking; he thanks him and Katie for their help with Daniel. He is glad things are working out for everyone. On the other side of the kitchen, Margo and Katie are talking; is everything ok? Katie smiles; things are great…except one thing… Mike doesn’t want to talk about starting a family. Margo thinks that is great advice, which surprises Katie. Simon showed up during the middle of them trying to conceive and then everything got weird, so he probably wants to feel that he comes first for a while.

Vienna joins Jack outside, as he tinkers with a go-cart engine. Vienna makes a comment about the engine making Jack aware that she knows about engines. She learned a lot from Enzo. Jack asks if she is talking about Ferrari? Yep! Vienna then asks about the pink blanket on Mike’s bed? The blanket is Sage’s. Where is Mike? Jack tells her that he moved back on with Katie. This news causes Vienna to pout. Mike is back with Katie, Simon has Carly, and she is left with an angry Prince and a view of a cow pasture. Jack wonders why she is here then? She tells him truthfully that it feels better to be here then to not be here, as Jack understands.

Craig tells Meg that he will spare himself another rejection and gather that her silence means no. Meg thanks him for being understanding. Craig wants her to take care; she thinks she will get a manicure. He also thinks it helps to do something to dull the pain. Does that mean he hasn’t heard anything on Johnny? No. Craig smiles slightly; she can’t bring herself to apologize about that still? Meg explains that she can’t. Craig appreciates her honesty. With that, he leaves.

Parker is leaving, but as he is heading out the door, he mentions one more time that if he sees anything about his mom that he tell him? Paul assures him that he is not planning on seeing any more visions so unfortunately he won’t be hearing from him again. He heads back inside and picks up the picture of Meg that has fallen to the floor. He puts it down, but then suddenly that strange feeling comes over him with flashes of light, and he is stopped dead in his tracks.

At Java, Maddie teases Casey about the password she needs. He doesn’t follow? The one needed to hack into his brain, as Casey slightly smiles. He has been so quiet. Is he worried about his grades? Casey nods. Maddie recognizes that the gambling probably interfered with him doing well. Casey agrees, but he is going to change things starting right now. He has a paper due next week and he is going to start it right now. Maddie leaves him to this, but after she leaves, Casey opens his laptop and gets onto the website. He mumbles to himself about “just one hand!”

Katie assures Margo that Simon is out of her system, and Margo is glad to hear that, but they don’t need to leap into parenthood then. Katie sees where she is going with this; she just wants a project then to keep her occupied. She has an idea; she will throw them a “Thank God Tom is Alive” or a “Don’t Waste Time Because Life is Precious” party. She tells Mike they needs to head home to plan the festivities. After they leave, Margo tells Tom it is time for him to rest; he kisses Margo telling her that he wants her to join him; she seems hesitant, so he kisses her and then teases her by saying that his heart is still working fine. Margo smiles and kisses him passionately. Outside, Katie tells Mike that she plans on concentrating on the present and not the future; they don’t need to start a family to be happy. Mike is happy to hear that. They kiss and exchange I love you, as they hug, but Mike’s face shows that he seems to be bothered by something.

Jack asks Vienna if she wants to help him stack wood? She teases him saying that wouldn’t be good for her nails. He tosses her some gloves. She stacks one piece of wood and then smiles. Why is she really here because he can’t see her milking cows, or doing chores and the room service is nothing compared to the four star hotels she is used to. She admits that the people at the Farm are sweet, even when they try not to be, as she caresses Jack face. A smirking Brad watches through the window. Vienna then decides to go for a walk so Jack helps her with fur coat. After she leaves, Brad comes bounding out with a wide grin on his face; he may be down, but he is definitely not out, as both of them watch Vienna walk off.

As Meg puts on her coat to leave, she looks again into the empty room where her patient used to be. Bob stops her and asks if she wouldn’t mind filling in at the blood drive because the person in charge has the flu. Meg agrees, as Bob is appreciative. She mumbles to herself that this might be just what she needs.

Paul stumbles backwards into a chair; he is getting more upset, but then the feeling seems to pass. He gets up and goes towards the fireplace where he burns his hand; he jumps back and suddenly he is overwhelmed with that feeling again. He hears blood-curdling screams and then sees a sea of blood washing across a checkerboard floor. He stares out into space with this horrified expression on his face.

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