ATWT Update Friday 1/19/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/19/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

At the hospital, Gwen arrives to visit Tom and panics when he isnít in his room. When she asks an orderly about Tom, he canít tell her anything because she canít explain how she is related to him.† Adam arrives and tells her they took him to run some tests and Tom is fine.† Adam asks Gwen if she wants to get out of there because he could use the distraction so Gwen agrees to go with Adam to Java.†

At Katieís house, Katie searches for Mike everywhere and canít find him, so she thinks he has left again.† When Mike comes in through the front door, Katie explains to him she thought he left again.† Mike tells Katie he isnít going anywhere.† Katie tells Mike that she set it up so all the calls with leads on Daniel would come to her phone so Margo can concentrate on Tom.† Henry arrives and tells Mike and Katie that Simon and Carly are gone.† Kate assumes that Carly is in jail and Simon got away from the police.† Henry corrects Katie and tells her that Simon helped Carly escape from the embassy in Chicago.† She came back to Oakdale to see her kids, and then she and Simon escaped from Jack.† Katie pretends to be relieved that Simon is gone but secretly she is upset that Simon loved Carly enough to rescue her from the police.†

At Carlyís house, Jack arrives and tells the kids to pack what they need.† They are going to spend a few days at the farm because he is going to be working some insane hours at the station.† Sage wonders when her mommy is coming home and an angry Parker yells that she is never coming back because she left them.†

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Dusty she will never forgive him for making things worse with Tull and now she worries she will never find Daniel.† Dusty promises Emily he wonít rest until he finds Daniel and he comes home to her.† Emily gets a call from Susan but when she picks up the phone she is stunned to hear Danielís voice on the other end of the phone.† Daniel explains that he is at his grandmother (Susanís) house.† Emily wants to rush over there and get him so Dusty offers to go with her.† He gets a call about a possible lead on Johnny so Emily screams that she is going to Susanís to pick up Daniel while he goes to follow the lead on Johnny.†

At Java, Gwen tells Adam that she is worried about Carly because now she will be on the run for the rest of her life.† She will be away from her children who need her so much.† Adam tells Gwen that he will be glad to listen to her if she needs to talk about Carly but if she feels she needs a distraction they could work on the demo CD.† Gwen smiles and says she needs a distraction so Adam tells her that Gordon Richards, the record executive who liked her music in LA, ††wants to talk to her about a possible record deal.† Adam explains that he set up a meeting with him Wednesday in LA.†

At Katieís house, Mike decides to go check on Jack and his kids and see if there is some way he can help them.† Once Mike leaves, Katie smiles and tells Henry she and Mike are back together.† Henry thinks Katie still needs to work on her marriage and things wonít just go back to the way they were right away.† Katie refuses to think negative thoughts and assures Henry that her marriage will get back on track because she is going to give Mike the one thing he has always wantedÖa baby.†

At Carlyís house, Jack tries to calm Sage who wonders why her mommy left and if she still loves them.† Jack tells Sage that no matter where her mommy is she will always love them but she had to go away for a little while. †Jack tells Parker that they donít know when their mom is coming back so he would appreciate it if he would stop scaring his little sister.† Parker apologizes to Sage and tells her it will be fun staying with Jack because he will make them pancakes for dinner.† Sage is scared she will leave something behind so J.J. takes her upstairs and promises to make a list so she wonít forget anything.† An angry Parker tells Jack that he knows why he was in such a hurry to adopt him because he knew that Carly would be leaving them.† Parker tells Jack he canít adopt him because Carly left and his real father is dead so now he doesnít belong to anybody.† Jack makes it clear to Parker that he will always be a part of this family and papers or no papers he will always be his father.† He tells him that he was there when he was born and has been there every day to watch him grow.†

At Java, Will arrives and overhears the last part of Adam and Gwenís conversation so Adam tells him about the trip to Los Angeles on Wednesday.† Gwen wants Will to go with her but Will tells Gwen he has tests all day on Wednesday so he wonít be able to go with them.† Will tells Gwen that she should go with Adam and then he tells her he must make a phone call.† Adam remembers giving Gwen a kiss and tells her they are going to have fun on the trip.† Will returns and gives Gwen the great news that he discovered Mr. Richards was going to be in Chicago next week so he rescheduled the meeting so he could drive with Gwen and Adam to Chicago.†

At Susanís house, Emily is thrilled to hear Danielís voice in the living room but when she goes into the living room it is very dark and Daniel is tied up.† Tull puts a knife to Emilyís throat and tells her she will pay for what she did to him.† Daniel asks Tull not to hurt his mom and Emily tells Tull she will sign the papers to sell him her half of the paper.† Tull tells Emily that she has to give him the paper now and she tells him she will give him the paper as long as he allows Daniel to leave.† Emily is signing the papers when Dusty arrives by the back door and attacks Tull while he pushes Emily to the floor.† Emily hits her head and Daniel is worried when his mom wonít wake up when he calls her name.† Dusty and Tull fight for the knife and Dusty grabs the knife.† Emily finally wakes up and screams his name when she sees Dusty stab Tull who dies.† Dusty gets out from under Tullís body.†

At Katieís place, Henry tells Katie the police dropped the charges against him since Simon and Carly escaped.† Henry gives Katie back the bail money she loaned him and Katie smiles because they both have a second chance at life and they both vow not to waste it.

At Carlyís house, Parker calls Jack a liar because he promised that he and Carly would never get divorced and they did.† He thinks if he and Carly were not going to stay together they never should have had kids.† An angry Parker stomps upstairs and Mike arrives to offer Jack his help.† Mike tells Jack that he overheard his augment with Parker and he wishes the situation wasnít so hard for him right now.† Jack tells Mike that Simon helped Carly escape from the embassy and they were making their get-away when Carly asked Simon to turn back so she could say good-bye to her kids.† Jack explains that he caught them but Simon handcuffed him to the couch and knocked him out and they got away.† Mike figures out that he let Carly go and Jack gets defensive and tells Mike he doesnít care what he thinks but he couldnít bear for his children to go visit Carly in jail.† Jack also tells Mike that he loves Carly too much to see her spend her days in jail.† Jack tells Mike that Parker is right.† He broke his promise to his children because if he hadnít left Carly and had fought harder to save his marriage she wouldnít be in trouble now.† Jack also thinks that Parker has a point when he says he and Carly should have never brought children into the world when they had such a turbulent relationship.† His children have suffered the most watching them break up and make up constantly.† The kids come downstairs and Jack is about to leave for the farm when Sage realizes that she forgot her stuffed animal Arnold.† Jack tells Sage he hasnít ever met Arnold and Sage explains that Mommy got him for her.† Jack gives Sage a kiss and tells her things will be okay.† Jack carries Sage to the car then returns to turn out the lights and lock up the house.†

At Java, a happy Gwen and Will decide to go home since Adam doesnít feel like doing any work today.† Iris knows that Adam has feelings for Gwen.† She offers to help him break up Gwen and Will since their marriage is going to break up when Gwen starts making more money then Will.† Iris tells Adam she could help him speed the break up so that he can have Gwen to himself.†

At Susanís house, Emily tells Dallas that the man that had Daniel was Marcus Tull, an associate of Craig, who got angry when Emily wouldnít sell him her share of the paper.† He took Daniel to try to pressure her into selling him the paper.† Emily promises Dallas that she and Daniel will go down to the station tomorrow to answer questions.† Dusty offers to answer questions for Dallas so he agrees to let Emily come down tomorrow.† Emily thanks Dusty for saving her and Daniel and asks about Johnny.† Dusty tells her the lead was a dead end and Emily tells him she is sorry he didnít find Johnny.† Dusty watches Emilyís tearful reunion with her son and smiles before he leaves the house.†

At Gwen and Willís place, Will explains to Gwen that he bent the truth a little so Mr. Richards would talk to him. †Will smiles and tells Gwen that he told Richards he was the husband of his next big star.† Gwen smiles and gives Will a kiss and assures Will he has nothing to fear from Adam because he knows that he canít break them apart because their love is so strong.† Will tells Gwen he wanted to go to the meeting with her to make sure Mr. Richards is going to treat her right.†

At Mike and Katieís place, Katie tells Mike that she wants to pick up where they left off and make a baby.† Mike and Katie kiss but Mike stops to tell Katie he canít make a baby

Jack and the kids arrive at the farm and are surprised to find the kitchen smells like cigar smoke and the kitchen table is a mess.† Jack tells Parker he loves him and he will make pancakes in the morning. †Parker smiles and the kids go up to bed.† Jack begins to clean up the mess and hears footsteps.† He is about to draw his gun when he is shocked to see his brother Brad is back in Oakdale.

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