ATWT Update Thursday 1/18/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/18/07


Written By Elayna

At the Farm, Lily helps Faith and her friend Morgan make chocolate chip cookies for school and is upset when Faith ignores her and focuses her attention on Morgan. Lucinda arrives so Lily goes to talk to her outside while the girls stay in the kitchen making the cookies for school. Lucinda encourages Lily not to worry about Faith because she is just going through a temporary phase and will get over it soon. Lucinda wants Lily to come help her develop a children’s line at Worldwide.

At the hospital, Tom tries to get out of bed because he had a dream about Daniel but Margo tells him if he doesn’t stay in bed he is a dead man walking. Tom tells Margo to let him know every detail of the search for Daniel or he will check himself out of the hospital. Margo tells Tom she has every available person on the force looking for Daniel but they have not found him yet. Margo explains to Tom that Emily thinks that a man named Marcus Tull kidnapped Daniel to force her to sell her half of the paper to him.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Tull that Emily will sign over her half of the paper to him but only if he gives Daniel back to her. Tull tells Emily that he has no idea where Daniel is so she cries and signs the papers and Tull suggests Daniel may be at an old warehouse on Mill Street. Emily and Dusty rush to the warehouse to find Daniel.

At the hospital, Tom sends Margo to get him some water and then tries to get out of bed and falls to the floor. Barbara pleads with Meg to help Paul understand and use his gift. Meg doesn’t believe Paul has a gift and he is just faking it to get her back in his life. Barbara tells Meg about the fall she had at the hospital and how Paul touched her and knew what would happen to her before she actually fell. Barbara tells Meg that Paul is at the cabin where she nursed him back to health after Emily shot him because he doesn’t want to have any more visions because she thinks they hurt people. Meg refuses to help Paul and insists to Barbara that Paul is out of her life.

At the Cabin, Paul touches Parker to keep him from leaving and he sees Carly in jail. Paul tells Parker that Carly is in serious trouble so Parker explains to Paul that he told Jack Carly was coming to see them so Jack should be arresting her right now.

At Carly’s house, Jack throws his handcuffs to Simon and tells him to handcuff him to the couch and hit him in the head so that he and Carly can get away. Carly doesn’t agree with the idea at first but Jack explains it will be easier for the kids to understand if they do it this way and make it look as real as possible. Jack and Simon ask Carly to turn around so she doesn’t have to watch when Simon hits Jack with the back of Jack’s gun. Jack falls on the couch unconscious and Sim0on takes the keys to jack’s car. Carly gives jack a kiss on the cheek and tells him she will never forget her g- man or what he did for her today.

At the cabin, Parker tells Paul that Carly decided to leave with Simon and abandon him and his brother and sister just because she loves Simon more then her family. Paul explains to Parker that sometimes people get in trouble and can’t get out of it no matter how much they love their family. Parker is surprised that Paul is asking him to forgive Carly for abandoning him. Paul tells Parker that he is sure his mother loves him and his brother and sister very much and it is breaking her heart to leave them.

At the farm, Lucinda thinks that Lily should concentrate on something else besides her family so she won’t get bored with her life. Lily explains that she doesn’t want to leave Ethan since she missed the first few months of his life. Holden arrives and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Lily to work right now. Faith calls Lily to come to the kitchen and Lucinda explains to Holden that Lily needs to build up her self-esteem and maybe she will realize there is more important things then her weight. Holden promises Lucinda he will support Lily if she wants to go back to work. Faith tells Lily that Morgan needs a ride home since her mother’s car is in the shop. Lily asks Faith what she thinks of her going back to work and Faith thinks it’s a good idea. Faith asks her friend Morgan how she stays so skinny she says she can’t understand it she just doesn’t gain any weight. Morgan tells Faith that her mother is skinny so that must mean she is like her mother. Lily returns after warming up the car to take Morgan home. Morgan asks faith to put the cookies in bags and bring them to school tomorrow and Faith tells Morgan good-bye and to call her when she gets home. Morgan’s words echo in Faith’s head and she vows she won’t be like Lily.

At the hospital, Meg helps Margo get Tom into bed and gives him a shot to help him sleep. Meg sees how much Margo and Tom love each other and that makes her think about how much she loved Paul. Margo gets a call from the station and rushes out of the hospital.

At the cabin, Paul touches Parker and tells him that Carly isn’t in jail she got away. Parker gets angry and tells Paul he doesn’t care if he ever sees his mother again. Parker is so angry he leaves the cabin and Paul is unable to catch him Paul calls Barbara and asks her to call the police station and find out if Carly escaped. Barbara calls a few minutes later and tells him that Carly and Simon did get away from the police. Paul is very upset and angry and tells himself he doesn’t want to see any more visions.

At the warehouse, Emily cries because Daniel isn’t there and Dusty asks her to stay by herself for a while and he will be back soon. Dusty goes to the Lakeview, and drags Tull back to the warehouse and tells him Daniel isn’t there. Dusty beats Tull up so much that he can’t move but he still says he doesn’t know Daniel’s whereabouts so Dusty tears up the papers Emily signed and leaves Tull there while he takes a sobbing Emily home. Tull calls his men and Demands that they find Daniel.

At Carly’s house, Jack tells Margo that he has a bad headache because Simon hit him in the head and handcuffed him to the couch. Jack tells Margo she should check if Simon stole his car and got away with Carly. Margo knows that Simon could never overpower an experienced cop like Jack so she knows he is lying. Margo knows that jack let Carly get away because he still loves her and he couldn’t bear to see the mother of his children go to jail. Margo promises not to say anything to anyone about what really happened with Carly and Simon’s escape. Margo wonders how Jack will hand le this and Jack admits he doesn’t know how he will face life without Carly. Jack is determined to go on and live each day because he must give his children a normal life.

At java, Parker returns and apologizes to his baby sitter for worrying her so much when he ran away. Parker asks the baby sitter if Carly is in jail and she informs him that Carly got away from the police.

On the plane, Carly finally realizes that jack never stopped loving her and by helping her escape today he finally accepted her with all her faults and forgave her. Simon wonders if Carly still loves Jack and she explains that she will always love Jack because they have a history and three children together. Simon wonders if Carly wants to stay in Oakdale and she tells him that her family is better off without her and she loves him so now he is her future. As the plane is taking off Carly looks out the window at Oakdale below and whispers good-bye Jack as Jack is on the porch of the house he shared with Carly he looks up at the sky and whispers good-bye Carly.

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