ATWT Update Wednesday 1/17/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/17/07


Written By Elayna

At a cabin in the woods, Paul stands by the fire trying to get warm. There is a knock at the door and Paul walks quickly towards it; he calls out Meg’s name, but when he opens it, he finds his mother instead; she demands to know what he is doing?

At the hospital, Adam brings a sandwich to Margo and for Tom. She is appreciative, but is not going anywhere when Adam suggests she go home and get some sleep. She is a cop and is used to pulling all-nighters. Will and Gwen show up and soon Will is following Margo into see Tom while Gwen offers to stay outside with Adam, which for a quick moment Will doesn’t look overjoyed about. Outside, Gwen wonders how Adam is holding up? He blows it off with a quick answer that he is fine, but Gwen is not convinced. They just saw Casey and Maddie heading off for some coffee and they looked shaken; everyone gets to be shaken considering the circumstances. She pulls him into a hug and tells him that she is sorry that this is happening to him so soon after his dad died. Will walks out of Tom’s room just then and sees his wife hugging his brother. Adam admits that it really threw him when he saw the look in Margo’s eyes and he thought Tom was going to die.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is telling Emily that Chaz looked into the deal with Craig and Tull, and everything looks on the up and up. Emily doesn’t believe that; she reminds him that Tull and Craig told her that she would regret it if she didn’t play ball. Emily is getting worked up and tells Dusty she is going to call the station to find out if they have any news. After she leaves, Dusty gets on his cell phone and tells the person on the other end to keep with the investigation of Tull and Craig because he knows they are involved. Craig walks up and tells him that he isn’t going to pin this one on him because he isn’t involved.

At the house, Carly, Simon and Jack are all staring at one another unmoving. Finally, Carly speaks; she needs to see her kids. An emotionless Jack answers that they aren’t here, but they just were because she just talked to JJ, Carly counters. Did he tell him? Again, devoid of any emotion, Jack answers that he didn’t have to. Carly pleads with him; where are her kids? Jack answers simply that they are somewhere they can’t watch her go down for good.

Dusty warns Craig that Emily will be back soon so why doesn’t he do them all a favor and leave. Craig smirks about Dusty’s role in this; he conspires to take his son and now he is telling him what to do. That is priceless. Dusty corrects him; Lucy took his son. Maybe he could lose the moral tone to his voice. Emily needs to know her son is safe. Craig remarks about how he always seems to threaten him, but he has to see where all these threats land him? Dusty is sure that he is in this with Tull; why doesn’t he be a man and come after him himself instead of using Emily and Daniel.

Paul is agitated as he tells his mother to leave him alone. How did she find him anyway? She knew this is where Meg nursed him back to health after the shooting. Barbara is worried that he is obsessing over Meg; he needs to move on. Besides, it is freezing in this cabin and that cannot be good for his health. Paul doesn’t care. She wants to know the point of all this? He explains that he is trying to get his life back. Barbara thinks if he just comes back to town with her and they see a neurologist they can figure out what is happening. Paul vehemently shakes his head; he isn’t going anywhere. Barbara begs him; she has lost Jen and she can’t bear to lose another child. She reaches for his arm, but Paul shakes her off, as he orders her not to touch him! Barbara recoils sadly and nervously.

Will ducks back inside the hospital room unnoticed. Adam repeats that he is fine, but Gwen can’t see how that is possible after the man that raised him almost died. He must know that he can always talk to Will or her. Adam explains he is just trying to hold it together because Margo needs him to be strong. Adam comments about Gwen’s perception; she seems to see what others are trying to hide, as he watches her closely. Gwen tells him that she is going to see Will. As she heads for the hospital room, Will pretends to be coming out of it for the first time. He tells her that Tom seems ok for the most part. Gwen takes the opportunity to tell him that Adam needs him because he doesn’t seem to be able to open up about what he is feeling. Gwen gives them a moment. Will approaches Adam and tells him that Gwen thought they should talk. Adam appreciates it, but he would understand if he doesn’t want to. Will takes the opportunity to say he is sorry for overreacting; Adam apologizes as well for not acting appropriately. Will recognizes that he can be intense, but he also knows that their dad wouldn’t want them acting like this because working together with your brother should be fun. Will holds out his hand and Adam shakes it, as Gwen watches.

At Java, Sage asks Maggie why she came back and why they had to leave to come here? She answers that Jack thought it would be special if they got a treat of hot chocolate and to be able to stay up a little later. Sage is wise to this knowing that people are fooling them. JJ sits down next to Parker, as he barks at him not to touch him. JJ is furious that Parker told Jack about Carly being on the phone. She was coming to get them. Parker angrily answers that she wasn’t doing that; she is running off with her new boyfriend. JJ wants him to take it back because he doesn’t know what he is talking about, as the boys start to fight. The babysitter wants them to break it up. Sage walks over and sits next to JJ; she pouts as she asks Parker why he is always acting so mean? Parker looks at them both and then stalks off.

Carly desperately tries to make Jack understand; she had to come back to explain to her kids. Jack isn’t hearing any of this; he smirks and coldly laughs, as he answers that she must be proud of herself that JJ is forced to lie and Parker is forced to betray her! Carly is devastated at what this is doing and costing them, but Jack has no sympathy. Sage also has no idea what is happening either; she doesn’t feel safe anymore. Simon doesn’t want Jack to do this to her. Jack is beside himself; she needs to know what she is putting her family through. She can lie to him all she wants, but how could she put their kids in the middle? Carly stutters as she tries to answer; she needed to explain why she was doing this, as Jack cuts her off yelling about the fact that she is going to lay that on them while standing in front of them with the guy she is leaving them for! They would do anything for her and this is how she thanks them. She just didn’t want them to think she was giving up on them, and that she was going to spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way back to them! Does she really think that he would give her a moment with them after what she has done to them? He is going to do what he should have done from the beginning… he is going to throw them both in jail.

Barbara is disturbed; she can’t even touch her own son now? He snaps that it is nothing personal. The visions seem to come when he is touched or touches someone. This is going to be his life from now one – to live in solitude, Barbara asks? He needs to be here so noone else gets hurt. She is adamant that they can work together so they can get to the bottom of these visions. Paul’s eyes narrow into slits; he gets this; she wants to use him to find Johnny. Barbara tries to get him to understand that was not her intention; she just missed him so much, and she thought he could succeed where others had failed and was willing to try anything, but she is sorry that he felt used. Can he forgive her? He can as long as she leaves him there to be alone. If she doesn’t respect his wishes, then he will run and she will never see him again. If she sends someone to spy on him, he will run and never come back. Barbara relents; she agrees to his wishes. Paul opens the door to signal that he wants her to leave now; what happened to him? He wishes he knew! She sadly asks him to keep in touch because she will worry? He agrees. Barbara slowly leaves Paul alone in his self-made prison.

Craig calmly assures Dusty that if and when he decides to take him on, then he will be direct about it, and he won’t need to hide behind Emily. Dusty smirks that will be a change for him since he has never conducted himself like that. Dusty blames Craig for all that is happening right now; it is his fault Daniel went missing. Craig claims he just sold one of his businesses. It ends up Emily’s child being kidnapped conveniently? He wouldn’t do that, but Dusty angrily reminds him that he kidnapped his own daughter. Craig is getting aggravated; Daniel is not a victim of his and he isn’t going to pin this on him. Emily walks up to the two of them doing their normal verbal sparring and spits at them that can both go to hell!

At Java, Maddie walks back over to Casey, who is sitting quietly at a table looking miles away; she has hot chocolate for everyone so they can head back now. Casey asks her if they sit and catch their breath? Maddie thinks she understands Casey’s reluctance to rush back to the hospital; noone likes hospitals. Casey disagrees; he actually doesn’t mind them. Ever since he was younger and Bob took him around showing him the place and introducing him to everyone, all of who were so nice, it began to feel kind of comforting. Maddie teases him about how everyone would be tripping over themselves to be extra nice to the chief of staff’s grandson. Why doesn’t he want to go back then? When Casey doesn’t answer, Maddie wonders if he is worried that something has happened to his dad while they were gone? He made it through the surgery and that is the worst part. Casey agrees; he knows his dad will be fine. He thinks his dad will be different now; noone can live through that and not be. He already heard his mom talking about turning their home into a stress free place; he thinks he should stay away then. Maddie meets this comment with a confused look.

Will sits down next to Gwen; she can head home because he knows she is worried about Carly. She admits she is, especially since she called Jack and offered to read Sage a bedtime story and he told her it wasn’t a good time. Will tries to lighten the situation by suggesting that they appear to be the sanest people around these days. This elicits a smile from Gwen. She wants to say something but she hesitates to because they have been getting along so well. Will tells her to go ahead and speak her mind. What happened in LA between her and Adam wasn’t about her; something great had happened with them and Adam didn’t know what to do with that emotion. She saw it again today with everything with Tom. He won’t admit he is scared, but he would rather act tough. She thinks he will be ok though. Will smiles at her concern; his brother needs someone like her in his corner. Then he adds with a wink, it is too bad that she is taken though, as he plants a big kiss on her, as Adam walks up.

Carly realizes this is killing him and she is sorry, but Jack snaps back that she is always sorry! She is worried about Parker because he keeps so much inside. She understands his need for this all to be over, as Jack remarks that he isn’t the only one. Simon has an idea; he will turn himself in voluntarily. Jack cracks that this isn’t exactly voluntarily. Simon walks towards him with his hands outstretched as if waiting for him to slap on the handcuffs. Suddenly, Simon throws Jack backwards onto the couch and starts to struggle with him, as he yells for Carly to run! Carly is too busy yelling for the two of them to stop it to go anywhere. Before long, Jack has pulled out his gun and is pointing it at Simon; he wants one reason why he shouldn’t shoot him?

Adam coughs to signal the kissing Will and Gwen that he is there; do they want any coffee? They explain that they are heading out. Margo walks over and suggests that they all head out because only one person can stay at night and that will be her, but they can come back early tomorrow to relieve her. She tells Gwen that she called the station and wasn’t able to get any information on Carly; Gwen appreciates the thought considering all that is on her mind. Jade arrives to see Adam and asks how Tom is doing? When Adam starts to talk about the surgery again, Margo gets antsy and asks them to talk about it elsewhere. When Adam goes with Margo to say goodbye to Tom, Gwen takes the opportunity to tell Jade that she is glad that she is there; she should keep an eye on Adam. Jade looks surprised; Gwen continues by explaining that Adam claims he is ok, but it is too much after his dad died. Jade understands but answers a bit defensively that she didn’t need Gwen to tell her all that because she already was aware of how he is. Will can’t help but add a bit of sarcasm about because she is so in tune with someone else’s feelings. Jade snarls at this and then decides to stand and wait across the room. Just then, Adam comes back and ushers Jade off quickly on the pretense of wanting something to eat.

Maddie doesn’t understand why Casey thinks he shouldn’t be around while his dad is recuperating? He will be a huge part of getting his dad back on the road to recovery. Doesn’t he see how much his dad lights up when he is around him and his family? Casey remarks quietly that will change. Maddie doesn’t think so; his father isn’t going to care about him not making the Dean’s List. He will do better next time, but Casey doesn’t know how she knows that. Whenever he puts his mind to something, he is successful. Casey snaps about the fact that sometimes you can’t overcome something. The more you fight then, as Maddie interrupts, fight what? She doesn’t understand, which makes it worse for Casey. He just wants to head back to the hospital now.

Emily is furious with Dusty and Craig; she snarls that Daniel has been kidnapped and Tom is in the hospital and all they can think about is the Craig and Dusty show. Did he get in his clever subtle statements to drive Dusty mad? Did he get in his threats and throw more gas on the fire? Daniel is gone, Johnny is gone and nothing seems to matter but how much you two hate each other! Craig tells Emily that he is sorry about her son because noone should have to live through that; she can call him if she needs anything. After he leaves, Emily smirks, as if she would believe or lean on him. Dusty wants to know what the police said? Emily is frustrated because there isn’t much they can do right now without solid evidence linking Tull to Daniel’s disappearance. They can just watch him. Dusty apologizes but Emily can’t take him holding her hand right now. But, does he think Craig knows something? He thinks he is trying hard not to know. Emily starts to break down a bit; it is getting so late and Daniel should be getting ready for bed right now. They have their daily good night phone calls that should be taking place right now; he promises he will get Daniel back for her.

Carly calmly tells Jack that she isn’t going anywhere so he can put away the gun, as she slowly approaches them. He should trust her now, Jack snaps? Simon wants Jack to shoot him if he needs to. Jack yells for him to shut up! Carly wants him to call the station and get someone over there. Jack with his eyes peeled on Simon, tells him that he isn’t going to shoot him anyway because it is more fun for him to think about all the friends he will make in prison. Simon tries another tactic; he loves Carly still and of course he loves his kids. How can he allow his kids to grow up knowing he put their mother in jail? He can say that he came here alone; Carly was nowhere to be found. Jack sadly tells him that it is too late for that. He continues to plead with Jack to just bring him in and let Carly leave. His kids will hate him, as much as he will hate himself. Can’t he see his way to let Carly go? Jack looks very conflicted.

Parker approaches the cabin where Paul is; he looks around and then sees a light inside, so he turns to leave quickly. As he is rushing off, Paul opens the door and calls out to Parker. Parker asks him what he is doing there? Paul thinks it is more important to know why he is out here?

Jack thinks it is so warm and fuzzy for Simon to try to take the fall for both of them. Jack wants to know how Carly feels about this scenario? She doesn’t know. Simon reminds him that Carly will be punished daily by not being able to see her kids. Isn’t that revenge enough? Carly knows that Jack wants to do the right thing; he is not revengeful. Simon knows he still loves Carly and he knows how he feels. She came back when she could have kept going. Simon tells him that he is right there for him to take in. Jack sarcastically remarks about how selfless Simon is. Simon intercedes; he is not selfless because he only cares about himself and that is because he doesn’t have kids and the family he was raised in put the ‘d’ in dysfunctional. He is standing in a house where a family has been ruined, and it is all his fault. He doesn’t want to be the reason their mom goes to jail. He must know if he puts Carly in jail, it won’t be Carly that comes back out. Again, Jack looks very conflicted.

Adam and Jade arrive back at Tom and Margo’s. She comments about how fast he was driving. Didn’t he want to get some food? Adam apologizes because he didn’t mean to scare her by the way he was driving. He starts to kiss her and soon he is peeling off her coat right in the middle of the livingroom.

At Java, Gwen is sitting alone somberly at a table when Iris trots over. She can’t sleep either? She likes to stop by here and get herself an herbal tea after an AA meeting. Then she gets all maternal suggesting Gwen should lay off the coffee because she looks like she could use the sleep. She knows she is worried about Carly. Does she need any help with her kids? Gwen is surprised by her empathy since she and Carly were far from friendly. Iris pretends that it is the program that is helping her with this. Gwen can’t help but be hopeful that she supposedly just came from a meeting. Did she walk from the meeting here in the cold? Iris works her by acting as if it is ok as long as it isn’t snowy or icy. Gwen offers her a ride if she ever needs one. Iris works her more by saying that she could help clean and cook while she watches the kids. Gwen offers that she could talk to Jack. Will walks in and is anything but pleased to find her with his wife. He is sure she is here for another handout. The joke is on her because there is no money left. Iris feigns to not understand. Will snips about her not letting the door hit her on the way out! Iris snarls that she was just trying to ask Gwen if she needs any help. She needs her mother because of everything she is going through; can’t he appreciate that? Will starts to answer for Gwen and Iris snaps that he won’t even let her talk. What does she want from her? Gwen realizes that it is her need for a family that Iris prays on. We can change that, but Gwen explains that she has Will now, and he provides her with all the family she needs. This is something that she could never give her. Gwen and Will leave, as Iris mumbles about Will having no money, which means he is useless to her. Outside, Gwen bemoans the fact that Iris comes in and talks about going to meetings and helping with Carly’s kids. She always knows how to use things to her advantage. Gwen wonders why she always wants to believe? Will explains that is because she can’t understand a mother who acts like her because she is nothing like her.

Jade pulls back from Adam’s intensifying kisses; this isn’t right. They can go upstairs, he suggests. Then Adam continues to try to kiss her, as she pulls back again. She is not a prude, but she is worried. Adam remarks snidely about her wanting rose petals sprinkled all over and candles everywhere? Jade looks down as Adam apologizes for that comment; it was a cheap shot. This is not making her feel good about herself. Doesn’t he just want to talk? Adam is suddenly on edge going on about how words won’t change anything. Jade tries to see the positive; Tom didn’t die. Is that supposed to make things better? A great decent guy whose kid gets kidnapped has a heart attack and we are supposed to be grateful that he didn’t die! Jade is taken aback by his anger since he seemed so calm at the hospital. That was because Margo needed him to be strong. Jade wants to help; doesn’t he want to talk? Adam tells her that she is by being here, as he starts to kiss her again. Jade pulls back and tells him to call when he wants her and not just someone.

An exhausted Margo walks out of Tom’s room only to find Craig waiting for her, as she lets out an exasperated sigh. He didn’t think she should be alone. That is hospital rules at night. Craig remarks that rules can be broken considering the amount of money that he throws the hospitals way. They always used to get through a crisis together. He knows things have been tough and that Emily thinks that he was involved in Daniel’s disappearance, but she can’t believe that, right? She is reserving judgment, but as a police officer, it will be her mission to find out who is terrorizing a child and who did this to her husband, and as soon as she can get back to work, she will find out who did it. Craig looks a little uncomfortable by this statement.

Dusty thinks that Emily should give Tull what he wants – sell the newspaper to him. A distraught Emily asks him if he thinks she hasn’t considered it? If she gives him that though, then she won’t have any more leverage to get Daniel home. Dusty wants her to do what he says and he promises to get him home.

Paul questions Parker’s answer about why he is out in the woods? It seems weird for him to be out for a walk in the cold this far from home. Parker tries to play it off. Paul thinks he should just call his dad to let him know that he is ok, but Parker reaches out to stop him. When he does, Paul is thrown into a vision that is filled with weird colors, but with nothing that can be made out. He pulls back though and says something to Parker though – ‘your mother’, as Parker looks at him strangely.

Simon is still working on Jack; it is his fault that Carly got involved in this. She did beg him to turn the plane around so she could talk to her kids knowing full well that things could have ended up like this. He can see it in his eyes that he wants to let her go! Carly begs Simon to stop. She wants him to stop putting this on Jack’s shoulders. He has always given her a break and she has thanked him by letting him down time and time again. She thinks they should just get this over with, as she walks towards him holding out her wrists. Now, maybe he can have some peace. Jack looks overwrought, as Carly looks beaten and Simon looks devastated.

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