ATWT Update Tuesday 1/16/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/16/07


Written By Elayna

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey arrives home determined to tell his parents the truth about his gambling problem and stealing the money but he is surprised to find an empty house and a mess. Casey wonders if his parents had a fight but a few minutes later Maddie arrives and tells Casey Tom was taken to the hospital so they both rush out to the hospital to check on Tom’s condition.

At the hospital, Margo goes to see Tom before his operation because she feels like there might be a chance she might not see him again. Mike arrives with a cup of coffee for Margo and hot chocolate for Katie. Since she can’t drink coffee when she is already nervous. Katie can’t believe the pain her sister is going through and wishes she could do more to help her. Mike wonders if Katie is okay and Katie tells him she is fine it’s just hard for her to be strong for Margo. Mike tells Katie she can lean on him because he will be there if she needs anything.

At Carly’s house, Jack arrives home and asks, Parker, J.J and Sage to sit down once the children are seated Jack tells them Carly has left the country with Simon. Parker is very angry and yells at Jack that he is glad that his mom has left because she loves Simon more then she loves them anyway. J.J and Sage get very upset and tell Parker to stop saying mean things about their mother. Parker goes upstairs and Jack assures J.J and Sage that Carly loves them and she is very upset that she had to leave them.

On the plane, Carly tries to persuade Simon to turn the plane around and head back to Oakdale because she can’t bear to be away from her children. Carly asks Simon to drop her off near Oakdale and she will call the police and face the charges and he must run away. Simon tells Carly he loves her and if she is going to face the charges then they will both face the charges together.

At the hospital, Margo tells Bob and Lisa that Daniel is missing and Tom was so upset that it triggered the heart attack. Casey realizes that his father can handle any problem unless something happens to one of his children. Margo blames herself for Tom being sick because she was so worried about Daniel that she didn’t notice the warning signs of Tom’s illness. Mike and Katie decide to go hand out flyers with Daniel’s picture so that Tom will have some good news when he gets out of surgery.

On the plane, Simon and Carly decide to go back to Oakdale so she can say good-bye to her kids and then go on the run from the police together. Carly admits to Simon that she is scared to talk to the kids. Simon gives Carly his cell phone so that Carly can talk to her children. Carly calls and J.J answers and tells Carly that Jack sent the baby sitter home early because of the bad weather. J.J also tells Carly that jack had to go to work so he is having a patrol car pass by the house every ten minutes.

At the hospital, Adam arrives and Bob who gives her a progress report on Tom beeps Margo. Once Margo hangs up the phone she tells Adam and Casey that Tom made it through surgery and he will be fine. Margo finally cries tears of relief and joy while she hugs Adam and Casey.

On Main Street, Mike and Katie pass out flyers with Daniel’s picture on them. Katie finally realizes that Tom is a good man and she shouldn’t have written Oakdale Confidential. Mike tells Katie she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. Margo calls Katie to give her the good news about Tom and Mike decides that he and Katie should go look for Daniel together so that Tom can have more good news.

At the hospital, Adam and Casey start to argue but then they apologize to each other but then they apologize because they realize their argument isn’t important right now. Margo tells Tom there isn’t any news about Daniel. Tom tells Margo that he loves her very much and he feels like a lucky guy. Adam and Casey go give Tom a hug and promise to visit him tomorrow. Margo tells Tom the doctor said he has a long recovery ahead of him. Casey tells his dad he loves him and gives him a kiss on the cheek before he leaves the room. Margo walks out in the hallway and wonders why Casey left such an urgent message on their answering machine. Casey can’t tell his mom the truth right now so he tells her he wanted to talk to her and Tom about changing his major at school. Casey promises his mom he will take his school work more seriously which surprises Adam since Casey has never been interested in school. Casey screams at Adam that maybe its time that he (Casey) grew up and stopped acting like a child.

At Katie’s house, Katie realizes she hasn’t paid the heating bill so the house is very cold. Mike builds a fire and then decides to leave before the weather gets worse. Katie asks Mike to stay because she doesn’t want to worry about him out on the road. Mike decides to leave anyway and Katie asks him to turn off the lights because she likes to look at the fire in the dark. Mike turns off the light and tells Katie good-bye but as he looks at her he decides he can’t leave her alone so he comes back and Katie tells him she is glad that he stayed with her. Mike and Katie snuggle by the fire and Katie asks if this means he is coming home. Mike explains to Katie that what happened to Tom made him realize that what happened to them wasn’t important anymore. Mike tells Katie that he loved her and he missed her very much. Katie apologizes once more for hurting Mike but he doesn’t want to talk about that anymore. Mike kisses Katie and the two begin to make love.

At Carly’s house, Carly and Simon walk in the house and Carly is surprised J.J doesn’t come downstairs when she calls him. Carly calls J.j’s name once more and is shocked to see Jack arrive through the back door of the house.

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