ATWT Update Monday 1/15/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/15/07


Written By Elayna

At the farm, Holden is very insistent about knowing what pills Lily is taking? Lily stalls for a moment before she stumbles into her explanation about Jade giving her some and referring to them as vitamins. Holden snatches the pill bottle out of her hand and reads the label; they are diet pills not vitamins; why did she lie?

At the Lakeview, Emily demands to know where her son is, as she spits the words at a smug looking Craig? He doesn’t know what she is talking about. She reminds him how he subtly warned her that if she didn’t play ball then she would be sorry. Craig explains that he meant no such thing; he just wanted her away from him. Emily is now definite in her belief that Craig would want her to suffer the same hell as he. Craig thinks she is fixated on him, but Emily is determined that he is involved in Daniel’s disappearance. She will kill him if he doesn’t tell her where he is.

At home, Tom is screaming out in pain, as he falls to his knees clutching his chest and then falling to the floor unconscious, as Margo yells for him to stay with her. She frantically checks for a pulse and cannot find one. She grabs the phone and calls for an ambulance; she drops the phone afterwards and starts administering CPR.

At the police station, Dallas is bringing Henry in in handcuffs. He knows that he helped Simon escape, as Henry continues to claim his innocence; he was tied up and left by his car; did he even see his poor eye? It doesn’t matter because he made bail. Henry is surprised; he doesn’t know any person with that kind of money who likes him. He turns around to see Katie walking into the station with a wide grin on her face.

Inside the interrogation room at the station, Jack is with the Prince. He wants to talk, but the Prince thinks it is a tactic to delay Carly’s transfer. He has concerns about the way she is being treated. She is a US citizen being detained at a Leonian Consulate without representation. The Prince is not interested in Carly receiving preferential treatment. Jack is determined though; he thinks the Prince is steam rolling the due process, and he isn’t going to stand by and allow that. He doesn’t think he wants Washington to get involved, does he? He has 5 minutes to think about that.

At the Consulate, Carly is hugging Simon desperately. He hopes she didn’t give up hope? She is thankful that he didn’t leave her alone. They share a kiss. She is concerned about Simon knocking out a guard; they are getting in worse trouble by the moment. He can make it up to her by getting her out of there though. They open the door only to come across a furious Vienna; he is a rat, she yells at Simon. She sees he is planning on leaving without her! Carly is irate when she sees and hears Vienna’s words and is about to open her mouth when Simon shoves his hand over it. He tries to appease Vienna; he was just trying to get her somewhere to get the codes out of her. He wasn’t leaving her behind. As soon as they get the code and diamonds then they can leave for that island getaway. Vienna doesn’t believe him anymore. She has put herself on the line for the last time for him; she won’t be his fool anymore! Simon tries to charm her assuring her that she is the only one for him, and that he is simply getting what is his. Vienna tests him; he will leave Carly behind then, but he has an answer; she will make it worse for them; he has to take her with him now. Vienna thinks she could be silenced then; Simon and Carly’s eyes widen; that was not part of the deal.

Jack continues to push the issue with the Prince. Carly is there without a lawyer and if there is a hint of any inappropriate questioning tactics then that won’t look good for his country. It might be embarrassing for him in particular. The Prince considers this for a moment, and then agrees that Jack can have access to Carly. They head off, as they breeze by Katie who is standing with Henry; she watches them go suspiciously. However, she turns her attention back to Henry soon after. Henry wonders why she did it? She teases him by saying she had all this royalty money sitting in the bank doing nothing. He was worth every last dime. Henry is unsure that she might think that after everything he did. She got to thinking about the words he said to her about seeing how she has changed for the worse. Henry tries to backpedal, but Katie accepts that he said that, and he was right. She doesn’t want to have her best friend feel that way about her. He doesn’t fully understand why he did it, but Katie does. Simon was his friend; he is loyal and would never turn his back on his friends. He is thankful they are friends again, as is she. Then she teases him further about how she intends on being paid back for this, with interest similar to what they charge on credit cards. They are giggling between themselves when Dallas walks up to Katie and tells her that an ambulance has been called to her sister’s house. Katie is upset immediately; is Margo all right? It isn’t Margo; it is Tom, and it seems he has had a heart attack!

Margo is still hovered over Tom when the EMT’s rush into the house; she tearfully and frantically tells them that she can’t find a pulse, and they will have to shock him! One of the EMT’s tries to calm her down, so the other can do his job. What happened? She quickly explains how his son is missing and that he was getting upset; he then acted as if he had been cut on the arm or hand, and then he collapsed. There is no history of heart disease or stroke though. The other EMT yells that he has a pulse, but it is thready; they rush to strap Tom onto the stretcher.

Emily is furious; her son wouldn’t have ever gotten in a car with a stranger, but he might of with Craig. He was near Java when this happened, according to witnesses. Did the car look like his? Emily doesn’t answer. Did the description of the suspect match him? Again, Emily doesn’t answer. Emily snarls that is because he always gets someone else to do his dirty work. Craig recalls coldly how she was doing Dusty’s bidding, and then she had him arrested so he couldn’t go in search of his missing son. Did she consider Paul was involved? It wouldn’t be the first time he kept a child from its mother. He demands that she stay the hell away from him! Emily recalls how he told her that Tull would make her sorry if she didn’t sell her shares in the Intruder, as if a light went on. He had Tull take her son! Craig shoos her away, but Emily promises that she will be telling this to the police, as she stomps off. Right after she leaves, Dusty comes into the room.

Holden is bothered by the fact that Lily is taking diet pills, and that she didn’t tell him and then lied about it. Also, why would she be taking advice from Jade? He knows that she has been upset about her weight, as Lily tries to explain. Holden offers that she looks fine though. That is part of the problem; the compliments sometimes feel as if it is overkill. She thinks he feels pressure to make her feel better. Holden just doesn’t want her to be hard on herself. She just misses the way she used to look, and now when she looks in the mirror she doesn’t like what she sees. Holden is curious if she read about the side effects? Lily admits that she didn’t; Holden starts to read some; he starts with irritability. Maybe that is why she was snapping at her mother? Lily jokes that she doesn’t need a pill to get annoyed with her mother, but Holden thinks there might be something to this. Holden doesn’t think it is funny; he thinks these pills are doing that to her. Lily thinks it is a small price to pay to fit into her clothes and for her to feel attractive again. She looks great; Lily sarcastically tells him that she is a supermodel. He never said she needed to lose weight; she tells him that she isn’t doing this for him, but rather for herself.

Craig remarks to Dusty that he is back so soon? He couldn’t find his child, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to him since he had him followed. His tail was pretty sloppy; then he got thinking that was Craig’s plan. He figures that Craig wanted him to see that and then Lucy would be aware that he was right on his tail. Craig wonders if the person Lucy is trying to keep hidden from is none other then Dusty himself?

Emily has arrived back at Tom and Margo’s; she knocks and then lets herself in when noone answers, but everything is dark. She starts to make a call to someone but gets their voice mail. She is standing there when an officer arrives back there. She instantly worries something has happened to Daniel. He explains that he came back to lock up. What is going on, Emily asks? The officer slowly explains that Tom has been transported to the hospital due to a heart attack, as Emily’s mouth drops open.

At the hospital, Bob rushes in upon hearing that Tom has been brought in with what appears to be a heart attack. He orders labs, aspirin and nitro. He puts a comforting hand on Margo’s shoulder, but Margo stiffens and announces that Tom is going to be ok! Katie and Henry arrive outside the room to see Margo, Tom and Bob inside. Katie starts to get emotional; she asks Henry if has he ever seen them when they are together and they don’t know anyone is watching them? Margo instinctively leans on Tom and he always places his hand in the small of her back, as if emotionally holding her up. It is so hard to see Margo in there unable to lean on Tom. Henry hugs Katie just as Mike walks up from behind.

Jack and the Prince arrive at the Consulate; why is the interrogation door closed, Jack demands? The Prince doesn’t know because they were instructed to wait for them. Jack whips open the door only to find the room empty. The Prince is in the dark as to where Carly might be as well, but Jack demands he figure it out or he will hand him that International incident he has been trying to avoid. They are about to leave the room when Jack hears a noise from inside the large crate. He pries it open thinking it is Carly, but inside they find a tied up and gagged Vienna instead.

Carly and Simon are sitting in a small plane; Simon teases Carly about her tackling skills; did he forget that she is the mother of two boys that are crazy about football? Carly can’t help but smile; she knew that Vienna had money, but never would have guessed that she had her own plane. Simon smiles as well; one call and it is waiting gassed up ready to spirit them away to wherever they want. Speaking of which, Simon suggests they make a decision quickly before they come looking for them. Simon then tells her buckle up, but this request is met with a blank stare from Carly. He is sitting where the pilot sits; that is perceptive of her, Simon teases. Where is the pilot, Carly presses nervously staring at him?

Jack asks Vienna what happened? She pouts for affect, as she relays her altered version of the story for the Prince’s benefit. She was assaulted and tied up before Simon and that “hideous blonde” left her in this crate. Simon had come to her begging to be taken back; she went along with it in order to get the Prince’s jewels back. Simon claimed he needed to get to Carly because she had the diamonds in a safety deposit box, and that he needed to get the code from her. He double-crossed her, and when she tried to stop them they did this to her. The Prince doesn’t believe her story knowing she did all of this because she thought she would end up with Simon. Where are they now, Jack asks? Vienna has to admit that she had a plane waiting for them just outside of town. As Jack is calling to put out an APB on Carly and Simon, Vienna is blubbering about if they took her plane then she wants them beheaded; Jack chuckles a bit saying that they don’t do that anymore.

Simon wants Carly to put her seatbelt on; Carly answers this with a sharp question; is he out of his mind? Does he even have a pilot’s license? He was really close to finishing but had to bow out right before the final exam. Carly is frightened; her life is in his hands; how experienced is he? He answers that he knows the basics – up, down, sky and land, etc. Carly adds the words crash and burn. He wants her to argue with him about this later because if they don’t move now they will wind up in Leonia’s version of Serbia in much worse trouble then they could have ever imagined before. Carly realizes she is now officially considered a fugitive. Simon offers that she can bail out now, and he would understand. Carly thinks for a moment before she tells him to put his seatbelt on; she will pray while he flies.

Dusty calmly answers Craig by telling him that he is sure that he would like him to believe that he was the reason Lucy ran. Craig laughs; does he not think he bears any responsibility? He is responsible only for his son. Craig smirks; he is doing what his daughter asked by giving her space, but he is not, by trying to track her down. He is so sick of him, Emily, and the lives they have destroyed supposedly in the name of love and protection; he is going to enjoy watching them suffer from a distance. Dusty gives him an interested look back as Craig leaves; he seems to be wondering what he might be implying by that statement.

The nurse thinks Margo might want to leave so they can work on Tom, but Margo isn’t going anywhere. Bob comments about it being hard on her, as she returns the comment back to him considering Tom is his son. Bob explains that Tom has a clogged artery that is not allowing blood to get to the heart. They need to operate by clearing out the artery and then putting a stent in to keep the artery open. Margo worries about how difficult of a procedure that sounds. Bob explains that they will know more once they go in.

Katie pulls away from the hug with Henry, as Mike walks away so she doesn’t see him. She needs to stay for Margo, but he doesn’t have to; Henry offers that someone needs to stay for her. Katie smiles appreciatively and then leaves to go fill out paperwork for Margo. Once gone, Mike approaches Henry. He overheard what happened to Tom; is he ok? Henry admits they don’t know much right now, but it makes people appreciate those they love more when something like this happen. Mike then asks him why he isn’t in jail? Henry doesn’t want to have to explain what he did, but the bottom line is Katie bailed him out. Mike is surprised considering he helped Simon afterall; Henry smiles nervously. That isn’t as important as the fact that he got his friend back today. Is there anything he wants back before it is gone for good, Henry asks Mike? Henry walks away and leaves Mike there thinking; he turns and watches a distraught Margo standing by an unconscious Tom.

Lily is trying to explain her feelings; she came out of the coma and admittedly had a hard time readjusting. Soon though, just as he said, she got her memory back and was back on solid ground. However, suddenly she was uncomfortable in her own skin, and she didn’t understand. Holden doesn’t know how he can help, and she understands that because she doesn’t know how he can either. That is why she turned to the pills; she thought they could give her some help for a week or so to get her over the initial hump, and then she would go back to dieting and working out. She just misses how she looked. Holden teases adding he can understand because he doesn’t see the hunky stable boy in the mirror he used to be; Lily laughs a bit. Holden just worries that she is messing with her health. Lily finally agrees and takes the pill bottle over to the trash, opens it up and dumps the contents in it. Holden is happy to see that, but then he hears thunder so he needs to go check on some things in the barn before the storm hits. After he leaves, Lily looks a little lost and even seems as if she may start to tear up. Faith interrupts this by telling her that she really does look fine. Lily composes herself and tells her that she sounds like her dad. Why doesn’t she believe him? Lily explains there is something she needs to know about her dad; he is a true gentleman.

Emily arrives at the police station and asks Dallas where Jack is? He is in Chicago on business; Emily is growing more distraught. She just needs someone to talk to that knows her. Why? She knows Craig took Daniel. Dallas promises to look into it, but with no evidence, there isn’t much they can do. Emily is standing there not knowing what to do or where to turn when Dusty walks in. She tells him about her theory of Craig taking Daniel; she doesn’t have proof but she is all alone. Where is Tom? Emily quietly and sadly tells him that he apparently had a heart attack, so he and Margo are at the hospital, Jack is in Chicago and Hal is gone. She doesn’t know if she can bring her son home without any help.

Katie walks back over to where the room where Tom and Margo are when she sees Mike standing there. What is he doing here? Before he can answer, they wheel Tom out for surgery. Margo stops them to talk to him one last time with Tom; she won’t embarrass herself by making some big speech in front of everyone about how much she needs and loves him, but they can make a deal – she won’t do that if he comes back to her. She tells an unconscious Tom that she will take his non- verbal cue as a yes. They wheel him off, as Katie comforts her sister. Mike offers to go get some coffee. After he leaves, Margo fills Katie in; they say it is a clogged artery, and that they will try to fix in surgery. They will do what they can but they can’t promise that Tom won’t, as her voice trails off. Katie hugs her hard.

Simon tells Carly that she can open her eyes now. She claims to be content this way, her eyes pressed together. The view is fabulous; Carly slowly opens her eyes and realizes he is right, as she unclenches the dashboard. She is impressed that he can really fly this plane. He is glad to see that the woman he loves has faith in him. Carly admits begrudgingly that there was a time when she lost faith after she got arrested; she was sad, lonely and started to believe Jack’s words about how he had deserted her. Simon explains that while he realizes he has done plenty of things to cast doubt on his character, he would never leave her behind. He wants to kiss her, but she thinks he should keep his hands on the yoke. Does she think they are going to hit a goose? A goose? Yes, a Canadian goose – they are headed for Canada. Say goodbye to the US. Carly suddenly looks distraught; she tells him to wait.

Lily admits to Faith that it thrills her that husband still finds her attractive. Faith answers like a typical pre teen; that is too much information. Lily quietly admits that she just wants to feel better about herself; she needs to lose the last additional 10-15 pounds. How, Faith wonders? Lily doesn’t have an answer for her. She is going to go see how Holden is doing outside while she finishes her sandwich. After Lily leaves, Faith stares at the sandwich her mother made for her before she takes it over to the trash can and tosses it in it.

Dusty wonders if she is sure that Craig is behind Daniel’s disappearance? Emily thinks he must be because who else would get off on kidnapping her son? Noone is taking her seriously; she needs help. Dusty tells her that he will help her then. Emily is happy but taken aback. He would do that for her? He would do anything to prevent Craig from hurting another child.

Margo is sitting with Katie at the hospital. Does she know that Tom is her life; he is her reason to live? How did they get here? Katie assures her that it is just one day and they will get through the waiting and Tom the surgery. Mike has come back with the coffee to hear Katie’s speech starting. Nothing gets in the way of their love because they face things head-on; they are each other’s strength and a clogged artery is sure not going to beat them. Margo smiles; she can be a great pep talker when she wants.

Jack hangs up the phone and explains to the Prince and Vienna that they got to the plane too late; it is already gone. Vienna wants to know why they are bothering? They will never give up the jewels or each other, and Jack knows that because he has seen how they look at each other; Jack grimaces at this. The Prince thinks Jack still has a job to do, but Jack explains that since they had such a head start they may never find them.

Carly restates the obvious to Simon; if they go then they can never come back; they will be arrested on the spot if they try to come back into the US. She will never see her children again. If she doesn’t do this, at least she will be able to see her children again; it might be through a bulletproof glass, but at least she will see them. Simon offers that she doesn’t know that it will turn out like that. She is sure that it will be many years, and she will miss many birthdays and other milestones in that time. Simon stares at her for a moment and tells her that she needs to tell him what she wants to do. Carly considers this for a moment before she tells him to tune the plane around. Simon looks stunned and sad.

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