ATWT Update Friday 1/12/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/12/07


Written By Eva

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey lies to Maddie and tells her he was looking for a spare set of house keys. Maddie gives him a set of keys but Casey tells Maddie he already found his keys. Casey gives Maddie her scarf and Maddie gives him a kiss and they head out on their date.

At the Lakeview, Lily sees the dessert cart with her favorite cake on it and reaches into her purse to take another diet pill but Lucinda arrives before she can take the pill and Lily quickly puts the bottle back inside her purse before Lucinda can see it. Lucinda decides to have a piece of strawberry cake and wants to share some with Lily but Lily tells her she doesn’t want any cake because she is trying to stay on her diet. Lily tells Lucinda she is worried about Faith because she feels like she is losing her. Lucinda suggests Lily take Faith on a vacation so that they can spend some time together. Lily tells Lucinda that Faith doesn’t want to spend any time at all with her but as soon as somebody else suggests something fun Faith wants to do it. Lucinda suggests that she take Faith on a vacation so that Lily can have some time to relax and maybe Faith will talk to her grandmother and let her know what is bothering her. Lily is very upset by this idea and thinks Lucinda meant to say that Faith should be as far away from her as possible. Holden arrives to tell Lily about the water contamination at the farm so Lily takes the opportunity to leave with him because she doesn’t want to continue to argue with Lucinda.

At Java, Emily worries about Daniel when his friends inform her that they went to the comic book store and they just assumed Daniel was on his way to meet her. Emily calls Daniel’s cell phone and leaves a message for him to call her as soon as possible.

At the farm, Vienna lies to Prince Adolpho when he calls to ask him where Simon is she tells him she hasn’t seen him but promises to call him with any information about Simon. Vienna informs Simon that the Prince has already called the leonian consulate in Chicago with orders to question Carly about the robbery. Simon tells Vienna he must asks Carly where she has hidden the jewels before the leonian guards ask her any questions. Vienna thinks that Simon should just forget about Carly because she has enough money so that they can both live a happy life together in some beautiful paradise. Simon tells Vienna he would love to do that but he doesn’t want to be a kept man he wants to be able to support Vienna. Vienna agrees to follow Simon’s plan and go to Chicago and have Simon find out where Carly has hidden the diamonds.

At the Police Station, Jack tells Carly that the Prince wants her taken to the Leonian embassy in Chicago for questioning and if he chooses to do so he could have her extradited to Leonia and keep her there. Carly thinks Jack is using another tactic to try and get her to turn Simon in to the police. Jack tells Carly he isn’t lying about this and there is nothing he can do to help her.

At Java, Casey meets one of the guys he owes money to and pays his debt to him then he gives the rest of the Money to Elwood and asks him to go pay back the rest of the people he owes. Maddie wonders why Casey and Elwood were talking to that guy so Casey lies again and tells him the guy is a friend from school who wanted to borrow some notes from him.

At the Lakeview, Craig tries once more to persuade Lucinda to tell him the location of Lucy and Johnny. Lucinda tells Craig that she won’t help him and she is glad Lucy took Johnny away from him. Craig vows to make Lucinda pay if anything should happen to his children.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Emily arrives and tells Tom and Margo that Daniel never arrived at Java to meet her and she called most of his friends and teachers and they haven’t seen him. Margo gets a call from the station telling her that a witness saw a boy matching Daniel’s description being forced into a car. Margo puts out an Amber alert and tells Emily to stay and wait but Emily tells her she must go tell Susan what happened in person.

At the Police station, Carly begins to get scared as Jack waits for word on her transfer to Chicago. Carly realizes that jack was right and Simon is going to let her take the blame for the robbery. Carly tells Jack she doesn’t regret falling in love with Simon but she does regret ruining her marriage to him. (Jack) Carly wishes she could have just been happy with him and their children. Carly explains to Jack that she was just so happy to have someone in her life that believed in her. Jack explains to Carly that he always believed in her good heart he just could take her bad judgment and her constant lying. Jack tells Carly he wishes with all his heart that Simon had come to rescue her so that he wouldn’t have to lose her. Jack tells Carly he never should have left her because if he had stayed to work things out maybe she wouldn’t be in so much trouble now.

In Chicago, Vienna tells the guard at the embassy that she has a special gift for the Prince and she shows him a crate, which she says contains a very beautiful sculpture of her. The guard goes to call the prince and Simon who is inside the crate tells Vienna to check on the guard. Vienna refuses to do so because she doesn’t want Simon to be alone with Carly when she arrives at the embassy. Simon tells Vienna if she doesn’t go upstairs and check on the guard people could suspect he was the one who snuck him inside the embassy.

At the farm, at the farm, Lily tells Holden she is worried that Faith has been moody lately but Holden hasn’t noticed this so Lily assumes that Faith is just moody when she is around her. Lily can’t understand why Faith suddenly can’t stand to be around her anymore. Holden tells Lily not to worry that Faith is just growing up and she will come back to her as soon as she (Lily) let’s her go. Lily gives Holden a kiss for being so smart Holden wants to have some ice cream and Lily suggests he have a piece of pie with Ice cream and cheese on top. Holden thinks that is a great idea and as soon as the people arrive to check the water they will go have some but Lily tells him she won’t have any because she is trying to stick to her diet. Holden knows that sticking to her diet has been hard on Lily but he tells her the hard work is paying off because he thinks she has lost at least five pounds. Lily is flattered that Holden has noticed the change but Holden makes it clear that he doesn’t care if she is a little more voluptuous or more slender he loves her anyway. Holden goes outside to check if the people have come to check the water and Lily is about to take another pill when Holden comes back in and wonders why Lily is taking pills.

At Java, Maddie tells Casey she really enjoys living with his parents because she has never had anyone who has so much faith and trust in her. Maddie tells Casey it must be nice living in a family who has so much trust and respect for each other. Maddie also tells Casey she really enjoys spending time with Margo and talking girl talk and having fun with her because she never had that since her mother died when she was young and her sister never got along with her. Casey is starting to feel guilty about stealing the money from his mom so he tells Maddie there is something he needs to do right away.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Tom tells Margo that they both know the witness who called the station saw Daniel and they both know his son is missing. Tom begins to get more upset and agitated as he calls and yells at the mom who dropped Darnel off at Java. He calls her irresponsible and a bad mother for leaving Daniel and the boys alone. Margo begs Tom to calm down but he says he can’t calm down when his son is missing. Tom insists on going to look for Daniel in his car and Margo tries to get him to stay home and wait for the amber alert tips but Tom won’t listen to Margo. Margo tries to gab the keys from Tom and they fight for the keys for a few minutes until Tom starts having chest pains and falls to the floor grabbing his chest.

In Chicago, Jack arrives with Carly and he promises he will call Jessica for her but he doesn’t know if Jessica can do anything to help her. Carly and Jack both begin to cry a little as they both tell each other that no matter what has happened between them they never stopped loving each other. Jack and Carly share a tender kiss before a guard tells Jack he must leave now because his time is up with the prisoner. Once Jack leaves Carly notices that there is a guard lying unconscious in the corner of the room. Simon pops out of his hiding place and calls Carly’s name and Carly runs into his arms and holds him tight and tells him that she is glad he came for her.

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