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As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/11/07


Written By Eva

At the dorm, Casey pays Elwood the $300 he lost because he took his advice about the poker player on the Internet gambling website. Kip arrives and Casey is obligated to pay him the money he owes him. Casey admits to Elwood that he has been borrowing money from friends to pay back other friends who have lent him money. Casey tells Elwood that he has borrowed one thousand dollars from his friends with know way to cover his debts.

At Tom and Margo’s place, Maddie gives Emily some skiing equipment and clothes so she won’t embarrass Daniel on their ski trip. Margo arrives home and is surprised that Emily is taking Daniel out of school to go on a ski trip. Emily tells Margo that Craig is trying to ruin her life. Margo tells Emily that she also tried to ruin Craig’s life by getting him arrested. Emily explains to Tom and Margo that Craig sold his half of the newspaper to a guy named Mr. Tull and now Mr. Tull wants her to sell her half of the paper to him but she refused to sell the paper to him.

At the Police Station, Jack tries once more to persuade Carly to give him information on Simon so that she can be free and go home to their children. Jack thinks Simon doesn’t really love Carly because if he did he wouldn’t let her sit and jail and let her take the wrap for him. Carly makes it clear to Jack that Simon didn’t trick or seduce her into helping him steal the jewels she knew exactly what she was doing so now she has to take responsibility for her actions. Jack tells Carly that if he were Simon and even though they are now divorced he would never allow her to sit in jail alone without trying to do something to help her. Carly tells Jack that he just can’t stand the fact that she loves someone else and doesn’t love him anymore and that is why he wants her to help send Simon to Jail because Simon took her love away from him. Jack explains to Carly that Simon broke the law and he must go to jail and even though she also broke the law their children need their mother with them. Carly is positive that Simon will find a way to get her out of this mess and she won’ t give Jack any information about him. Jack gets a call from the baby sitter telling him that Sage had a melt down so he tells the baby sitter he will be home in a few minutes. Jack tells Carly the situation and then tells her that Sage needs her mother and she should think about that before she spends time in jail because of Simon.

At the farm, Simon asks Vienna to forgive him for making a terrible mistake and choosing Carly instead of her. Simon explains to Vienna that he only started dating Carly because she wasn’t available and now he regrets his mistake because he is sure that Carly is going to turn him in to the police so she doesn’ t have to go to jail.

In his hospital room, Paul has a vision and sees Johnny in blood stained pajamas and is very frightened and refuses to tell Barbara about his vision. Barbara tries to persuade Paul to use his gift to find Johnny but he refuses to do so and the way he is acting Barbara knows he had a vision about Johnny. Barbara keeps pushing Paul and he can’t take it anymore so he asks the orderly to throw Barbara out of his room.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Tom agrees with Emily that she shouldn’t sell the paper if she wants to keep it but Margo thinks Emily should take the offer if it is a good one.

At the Police Station, Katie arrives and offers to help Carly but Carly is skeptical of her offer because if she really wanted to help she wouldn’t have had her arrested. Katie explains to Carly that she just took her advice and got Simon out of her life but she never intended for Carly to go to jail. Katie tells Carly that they are both victims of Simon and that she should save herself because Simon is going to leave her holding the bag. Carly is positive that Simon will rescue her because he loves her but Katie told her he loved her too but he still left her.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Emily tells Margo that she wants to take Daniel on a trip so she can come back with energy to fight for her paper. Emily leaves to pick up Daniel at Java but is unaware some one is following her.

In his hospital room, Paul gets a clearer vision of blood on Johnny’s pajamas and goes out in the hallway to hear Barbara arguing with the orderly who has her by the arm. Barbara jerks her arm free from the orderly’s grasp and trips over a cart full of blood samples and equipment this sends Barbara crashing into the wall making her hit her head against the wall. Paul rushes to his mother’s side and she tells him she is fine. Paul thinks his visions are hurting the people he loves so despite Barbara’s attempts to persuade Paul to stay at the hospital and learn to use his gift to help people Paul decides to leave and go somewhere and be alone so that his visions won’t hurt people.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Tom is worried about Daniel but Margo tells Tom not to worry that Emily will take good care of him because she is a good mother. Casey arrives to pick up Maddie so they can go out to eat and Margo gives Casey $20 for his date since she got paid today and she had a little extra money left over and the rest of the extra money she puts in her mad money box. Maddie wonders what mad money is and Margo explains that her mom told her that she should set aside some money to have in case she ever got mad at Tom she could leave but then she smiles and tells Maddie that mad money is just money she has to spend on something fun when she feels like spending it. Maddie thinks that is a wonderful idea but Tom tells Maddie that he knows where she keeps the mad money so Margo wouldn’t be ale to leave him for a long time. Tom and Margo leave Maddie and Casey alone and go for a walk and Casey looks at the mad money box like he wants to take the money. Casey sends Maddie upstairs to get a book that he needs to do a book report and while she is upstairs he goes to the mad money box and starts counting it. Casey takes a stack of bills and puts another stack back in the box but Maddie comes back downstairs and wonders what he is doing.

At the farm, Simon hides under the table while Vienna Mike tells her he thinks Simon should turn himself in to the police and tell them Carly isn’t to blame so he won’t ruin her life and that of her children. Vienna tells Mike that Simon could be closer then anybody knows although she has no idea about his whereabouts. Vienna tells Mike he should go out to eat and think about Katie and get away from the temptation to be with her. Once Mike is gone Simon comes out from under the table and makes Vienna a proposition. Simon offers to split the Diamonds with Vienna. Vienna is interested to hear more details about the plan but warns if she doesn’t like the plan she is going to call the police.

At Java, Mr. Tull gives Emily one more chance to sell her share of the paper to him but she refuses so he warns that she will be sorry she refused his offer very soon.

At the police station, Carly tells Katie that no matter how much she hated and cursed Jack for leaving her she would never want to see a man she once loved be hurt. Carly thinks Katie never really loved Simon or she wouldn’t want to see him go to jail. Carly thinks Katie is a hypocrite because she can’t forgive Simon and yet she is begging for Mike’s forgiveness. Katie thinks Simon will save himself and run again while Carly thinks Simon will save her.

At Java, Emily sees Daniel’s friends arrive but he is not with them Daniel’s friends tell her he was on his way over to meet her and are puzzled that he hasn’t arrived yet.

At the farm, Vienna agrees to help Simon with every step of his plan and promises never to leave his side again.

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