ATWT Update Wednesday 1/10/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/10/07


Written By Elayna

At the cottage, Will and Adam are fighting and tossing each other around, as Gwen gets thrown back a bit and furniture and other items go flying. As they are midst brawl, Adam is taunting Will more about how Will is looking for anything to get into with him over Gwen; Gwen is yelling for them both to stop!

At the hospital, Barbara is on her cell phone with Dusty; she is upset about Johnny not being found and wants to do more, but there isn’t much she can do right now and she hangs up abruptly. She goes into Paul’s room only to find his bed empty. She calls out for Susan frantic to know where he is? Susan tries to calm her down explaining that he left the hospital. Barbara demands to know why they would release someone with a serious head trauma? Susan tries to explain that they did not; he left on his own; security cameras caught him leaving through the service entrance. Barbara can’t imagine why he would risk his life by leaving the hospital?

At the farm, Paul is trying to defend himself to Meg; he would never try to harm her by poisoning the well. Meg snaps back reminding him not to look so hurt considering he stole his sister’s child, almost made it so someone committed murder and every chance he gets he is manipulating someone or lying to her. Besides all of that, Luke saw him looking into the well. Paul tries to explain that he was just trying to see if there was anything in there. Meg thinks this vision and him arriving just in time to save her was all too convenient, but just as he planned though.

At the station, Jack is doting over Carly a bit; are the handcuffs too tight? Is she hungry? He doesn’t have to be so nice or is it because he just threw her in jail? Jack starts to leave as Carly backpedals; she thanks him for letting her talk to the kids. Does he think she can see them again soon? Jack doesn’t want to put them through that again. He can’t believe seeing the kids didn’t convince her of what she needed to do. She frowns; how long is she going to be here? It depends on when she decides to give up Simon. Jessica arrives and Carly is thrilled; when can she finally get out on bail? Jess meets this question with a surprised look; she can’t imagine that she thinks she will get bail now? The stipulations of her probation have made it so bail is now off the table for her. Carly looks beaten.

In his limo, Henry reminds Simon the best thing is for him to hightail it out of town. Simon is definite in his comments that he won’t be leaving without Carly. Henry sarcastically wonders if he plans on baking a cake in Emma’s kitchen with a file in the middle? Simon does have an idea though. Henry wants to know what it is? Simon explains that he is going to fly solo on this one. However, he needs to get cleaned up before he sees the woman he loves; Henry grunts in disbelief of his cavalier attitude.

Adam and Will keep on rolling around as the testerone continues to fly; Gwen continues to screech for them to stop. It doesn’t stop them until Jack rushes in and steps in between the dueling brothers. He finally gets them somewhat settled down. He wants to know what is going on? Will explains that Adam pushed Gwen, which she explains didn’t happen. Why is she defending him, Will demands? She isn’t; Adam came here about Carly and then they started to talk about the demo; she slipped when she was trying to stop Adam from leaving. Jack wants Adam and Will to apologize; they give each other a halfhearted one; Jack thinks they can do better. Adam holds out his hand and Will shakes it. Gwen turns her attention to Jack; can she see Carly? Jack wants her to because that is why he is there. Carly was trying to slip Simon a passport and some cash and she got arrested and won’t give Simon up; even seeing her kids couldn’t convince her to turn in Simon. He doesn’t want her to lose everything because of Simon. Gwen and Will agree to leave with Jack to go talk to Carly, as Adam offers to clean the place up.

Carly is trying to make Jess see that Jack is making this personal; she needs other options. Jess can’t imagine how it might be personal for Jack considering the situation he is in. As long as she doesn’t give up Simon, there are no options for her. She won’t betray Simon! Jess sees it more like telling the truth. Carly frowns. Jess wants to know about the stolen diamonds? Carly remains quiet and Jess reminds her that she is a lawyer not a magician. Carly sees it as turning on someone you love, but Jess reminds her that her only dwindling hope revolves around telling the truth. There isn’t going to be a happy ending with Simon involved. Carly sarcastically thanks her for her bright future. There has to be other options! Jess explains that there is no other way!

An emotional Barbara wants Susan off of Paul’s case because noone seems to care about him, which means he is getting sub par care. Susan apologizes; she realizes things are tough for her right now. She does want Paul back here as soon as possible so they can treat him. Barbara laments over why he is having these hallucinations? Susan doesn’t have a medical answer for her, but it does seem as if he can see into the future. There is no explanation, other then him taking a crash course in Pharmecuticology, as to how he would know about the pills. They do need to get to the bottom of this though.

Paul is trying to explain to an exasperated Meg that he doesn’t understand the visions, and he can’t control them because they just happen. Meg angrily remarks that she had visions of a happy life filled with children with the man she loved and trusted. He came to save her; she has to believe him. No, she doesn’t have to believe him ever again, she snaps back. She wants him to leave! He slowly leaves but then turns back to say something, but when Meg turns her head away, he leaves instead. He stops outside the door so Meg slams the door behind him. Outside, Paul looks again into the well as Luke walks up. He wants him to leave the farm. Paul answers that he is waiting for a cab, but Luke suggests he can wait further down the road because he called his mom as well. Paul wants to know why he cares? Luke growls that he tried to kill his aunt. Paul seems lost and tired; he doesn’t care what he thinks, but he never would hurt Meg. He starts to walk away but then falls to the ground. At first, Luke thinks it is a ruse, but then realizes it isn’t. He calls out for Meg who rushes out and they both carry Paul inside.

Iris lets herself into Will and Gwen’s house only to find Adam there cleaning up. What went on here? It is none of her business. Where is Gwen? That also is none of her business. When Iris obviously isn’t going anywhere, Adam finally explains that Carly is in jail and Gwen and Will left to go see her. Iris chuckles; what has she done now? She grabs a broom and offers to help clean up; Adam icily asks if the broom is so she can get home? Iris, the ever-concerned parent, doesn’t take offense but wants to make sure Gwen is ok? When she hears that she is, she wants to now know who Adam’s sparring partner was? Adam isn’t interested in getting into it further, so Iris announces she will just wait and her ‘Gwennie’ will tell her all. Adam coldly reminds her to hold onto that fantasy. Does he think he knows her daughter better then she does? The doorman at the Lakeview knows Gwen better then her. Iris laughs; she doesn’t hold grudges over his harsh words, as she grabs a broom to help.

Henry gets back in the limo armed with food from Al’s and some clean clothes for Simon. Simon anxiously grabs the food since he is starving, but Henry withholds the pants until he knows the plan. How does he think he is going to get Carly out of jail right under the watchful eyes of Jack? Simon thinks the less Henry knows the better because so far they have nothing they can technically stick on him. Henry smirks; he so enjoys this male bonding moment, but since he already forced him to aid and abet he better start talking. Simon relents; he will just get dressed and then he will show him what they will need to do.

Arriving at the police station, Jack confirms to Gwen and Will that Carly didn’t give into Jess’ pleas about giving Simon up either. Gwen goes in to see Carly, as she smirks at another family member Jack is parading in front of her in hopes of changing her mind about Simon. Gwen just wants to hear her side of the story. Carly admits that she fell in love with Simon. Is Simon worth giving up life with her children because of the stolen jewels? Carly thinks that is Jack talking through Gwen. It isn’t Jack, she promises. She pictures Carly in a cell with crayon drawings on the wall being the only way she reminds herself that she has kids. There will just be photographs with no voices or laughter; there will only be still views of her children’s lives going on without her. Carly remarks that she is good. It will happen, Gwen believes. Carly wants to talk about something else other then her predicament. She wants to be sisters just chatting. Can she hear about Gwen’s singing career? Gwen can’t focus on anything else because she is so scared for her. Jack is scared for her too, Gwen admits. They were the first example of a real marriage that she valued. Carly apologizes for letting her down because it broke up. That is not what she meant. She just doesn’t understand why everything important to her slipped away once she got involved with Simon? Carly wonders if she can understand that she looked into this man’s eyes and realized everything that she thought she needed or wanted out of life changed with him. It is like her and Will. Gwen doesn’t see how they are the same. Carly explains that Will and Simon had bad stuff in their past they had to live down, but they did. Simon is not the selfish terrible man people believe him to be; he is good to her and her kids and he paid for her college tuition. Gwen is not trying to take sides, but she knows that if Simon stole the jewels, he knew it would lead her into trouble and ultimately hurt her. Carly is sure Jess will be able to get her out of this. Gwen thinks that their past helped turn Carly into who she is; they both grew up with less then stellar parents that let them down and weren’t there for them because they checked out. She thinks that is why Carly is always looking for something she missed growing up, and she is always looking in the wrong places because she thinks deep down she is damaged goods and doesn’t deserve better. Carly starts to tear up; that will not happen to her children because they have Jack. Gwen can appreciate that, but he isn’t her and there are things that only mothers can help with, especially with Sage. She implores her to tell Jack what he wants to know because he will get her back home where she belongs – with Parker, JJ and Sage. Carly starts to break down and starts sobbing, as Jack watches through the window.

Barbara comes back into the kitchen to tell Meg that Paul is warming up in front of the fire and then she will get him back to the hospital. Barbara remarks about how he saved her life, but Meg isn’t as impressed anymore when she sarcastically answers that is his story. Barbara doesn’t know how Paul could predict this issue with the well? Meg wonders about the convenient timing? Barbara is incensed that Meg is implying her son that can barely stand up somehow managed to poison an entire water system? Meg wonders if he hired someone? Barbara bites back that is absurd! Meg would have agreed if it were months ago, but now she thinks anything is possible. Barbara then wonders if that is the case then maybe these visions are possible then? Meg is incredulous of that remark. When Paul warned her about the well, it wasn’t an act, Barbara is sure. Meg wonders again about the timing of the vision? She thinks he played her. The doctors can’t explain about the pills. How would he have ever known about the pills? Before she can answer, Paul comes into the kitchen and tells his mother to leave Meg alone. He will leave her alone from now on; he wants to go back to the hospital now. Meg hands him his coat and he slowly takes it and leaves. Meg watches him go sadly and then looks over at the vial of red colored contaminated water.

Gwen gets some tissues for Carly. Carly admits that she is concerned about Parker the most. He lost his dad and sister in one year. He and JJ are at odds over her and she worries when they don’t talk.

Carly wonders if he is better off without her? Gwen can’t believe she would say that. She admits that she hasn’t been a good mother in a long while. Gwen is sure her children wouldn’t trade her in for anyone else in the world. Gwen feels as if she is quitting, but Carly corrects her; she is just gearing up for a fight. If she needs to take a detour through jail to be with Simon then that is what she will do. Meanwhile, outside Will brings Jack a cup of coffee, as he nervously waits to see if Gwen is successful. What went on between he and Adam, Jack asks? Will admits that he let Adam get to him. Jack tells him about his relationship with his brother, Brad. He and Brad were at odds often when they were growing up; Brad took a lot of his stuff so he got him back; he took his girlfriend, Melissa Collins away from him. They finally got through it all because they had to; they are brothers. Back inside, Gwen worries that Carly is wrong about Simon? He broke the law; so did she, Carly reminds Gwen. Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there that have done worse though. Gwen thinks that is an excuse, but Carly doesn’t want her to judge them. Gwen answers that is not her intention. Carly admits that she doesn’t want to miss out on her kids life, but she also doesn’t want to miss out on her own life either. Gwen doesn’t think going to jail constitutes as living. Carly is adamant that Simon will not let her go to jail.

Henry waits outside the limo while Simon dresses. Once he is done, Simon smiles broadly feeling better about how he looks, while Henry remarks sarcastically about the world needing a good looking fugitive. Simon asks him for his coat since he will need it more then Henry will, so he begrudgingly gives it up. He wants to know the plan now though? Here is the plan, Simon answers, as he punches Henry knocking him out cold. He mutters after he did it that it is better for him this way.

Back at the hospital, Barbara is helping Paul drink some water. He looks pale, but Paul dismisses this and hopes Barbara goes home to get some rest. Barbara strolls down memory lane when he was sick as a child how she would stay up all night reading his favorite book cover to cover – The Hardy Boys, Paul finishes her thought. He didn’t poison the Snyder’s well. Barbara knows he didn’t. Why won’t Meg believe him then? She doesn’t know; she does know that he saved her life. Paul worries that he is going insane? Barbara jokes that word is relative term in their family; this is met with a smile from Paul. She is glad to see that back on his face again because she missed it. The doctors are going to order up a round of brain tests the next time an episode happens. Paul wonders if it will happen again? He sadly remarks that he wishes that this problem would just kill him already. Barbara doesn’t want to hear that kind of talk. She is sure that he will get better. She teases him that she also has premonitions on this subject. She also says that he has a remarkable and blessed gift; Paul looks back at her confused.

Iris thanks Adam for letting her pitch in to clean Will and Gwen’s place. Adam doesn’t want her getting comfortable being around because Will and Gwen are obviously better off when she isn’t around. Is he going to take that advice for himself? Gwen and he are about her music and that is it, plus he loves his brother. Iris taunts him about how Cain loved Abel before he stuck him in the back. Does he want some unsolicited advice, she continues? Gwen and he are so close to her dream; Will is not a bad guy, but it would be a shame if his bad temper flared up at a very inopportune time. Adam stares at Iris without saying a word.

Gwen promises Carly that she and Will will take Parker out and Jack will help too. Carly agrees knowing how good of a father that Jack is. She always knew how good of a father he would be. She knows it doesn’t look like it but she loves her kids desperately, but she also loves Simon; someday she will figure out a way they can all be together. Gwen hopes she is right. Carly wants her to do one more thing; she needs to pick out Sage’s clothes for Jack – anything glittery will do. Gwen smiles, like her mom. She has to head out, but she loves her very much, and she would like to come back and see her soon. Carly would like that, as they hug and kiss. Gwen goes out and tells a disappointed Jack that Carly is sticking by Simon. He knew it was a long shot. Can she come see her again? Jack wants her to, but she has to understand that this is an International incident, so he may not be able to hold them off for long. Gwen and Will leave as Jack goes into see Carly. She teases him; has he run out of family member to guilt her with? He finally gives in; he can’t lose her because that isn’t an option. Carly somberly answers that he already has lost her. They still have something in common; Carly thinks he is referring to their kids. Jack corrects her; they have each other and their stubbornness. They never give up on something they want. He wants her away from Simon and this nightmare. What he wants doesn’t matter anymore, Carly despondently says. It matters to him; he tried to stop loving her, but he can’t and there is nothing she can do to talk him out of it.

At Java, Luke brings Meg a decaf coffee and then teases her about it having sugar, but no poison in it. Meg smirks; Holden is going to get a professional out there to test the well again. Luke wonders if they should call the police? Meg stalls; she isn’t sure Paul is involved in this. Luke can’t believe she would buy into what Paul is trying to sell her? It is almost like he is setting up an insanity defense. Meg wonders if he wants her to press charges? If she does, in a twisted way, they stay connected. She doesn’t want her life to center around Paul and all the dramas he concocts. She never wants to think or see Paul again.

Paul jokes that if these visions are a gift then can he return them? Barbara thinks he isn’t aware of all the good they can do. He doesn’t want to see or know these things. He wants his life back. Barbara thinks Paul should let Meg go because she doesn’t deserve him. He can appreciate Meg’s skeptism because he would feel the same way. These visions are happening for a reason, and she thinks they may be an answer to their prayers. His visions very well may help locate Johnny. Paul looks at her strangely.

Gwen tells Will that it was strange to hear Carly admit that she loves Simon. Will thinks that it is selfish since she has a family. His mom did the same and there was always a good reason at the time for her actions. Gwen is confident that her kids will grow up and find a person that won’t leave them, such as they both did with each other, as they kiss. They should get home Will suggests, as Gwen teases them about if they have a home left to go to.

Adam is adamant that noone will get in the way of Gwen’s success and that includes Will. Iris laments that Gwen hasn’t had a lot of breaks in her life until him. That is going to change now, Adam assures her. Iris is happy that she can rest now that he is going to take care of her ‘baby’, as she smiles that phony smile.

A police officer finds an unconscious Henry tied up to his car. Henry mumbles Simon’s name as the officer tries to rouse him. He asks Henry if Simon did this to him? Did Simon hold him hostage? Henry sees his opportunity; Simon, who was fleeing from them, held him hostage. Where did he go? Henry stutters over a couple of place; he mentions Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. He was out of it so his guess is as good as his.

Carly gives Jack a halfhearted smile as she asks him if his silent stare is another tactic? He smiles back; he just likes the view. She won’t turn away from Simon. How far away from here, does she think Simon is by now? She doesn’t know, but she hopes it is far. This doesn’t bother her? He will find him one day. She needs Jack to understand that hunting Simon down and putting him in jail will not change them. He just wants her to see that he ran out on her like he did Katie. Is she supposed to emphasize with her? She is supposed to see the pattern. She wants her to see that Simon is gone for good. He is patient and he will wait until she realizes that. He will provide for his family in the meantime. One day she will wake up and realize he is right, and Simon is gone out of her life for good.

Vienna arrives back at the Farm with a bunch of bags from shopping. She is greeting by a smirking Simon, who opens the porch door for her; does she need a hand?

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