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Written By Eva

At Gwen and Will’s place, Gwen comes downstairs and wonders why Will got up so early. Gwen gives Will a few kisses and tries to distract him from the computer although she asks him if he is doing schoolwork because if he is she won’t distract him. Will admits to Gwen that he is putting all the expenses for the demo into spreadsheet format so it will be more clear to her. Gwen doesn’t understand why Will is going to all that trouble if she believed him when he said Adam was spending too much money on the CD. Will explains he just wanted to make sure she knew he wasn’t lying about how much money Adam is spending despite what Adam may have told her. Will decides to go take a shower and when Gwen offers to join him he asks her to look at the spreadsheets.

At Java, Maddie is hurt that Casey lied to her about his gambling problem. Casey promises that he won’t gamble anymore and apologizes to Maddiie for lying to her. Maddie tells Casey that when she finally faced the rape and had to deal with Eve killing all of her friends she felt that he was the only person she could trust and now she feels she can’t trust him anymore. Casey tells Maddie to take all the time she needs but he feels hurt that she isn’t there for him when he needs her even though he helped her when she needed him.

In his hospital room, Paul dreams of water, smoke and Meg’s face and wakes up startled and when he sees Susan he tells her he saw another vision and she must call Meg right away and tell her not to drink the water in the well.

At the farm, Emily arrives to talk to Meg about Craig’s threats against her and wonders if Meg is worried that Craig will try to get revenge on both of them. Meg tells Emily that Craig’s only concern is finding Johnny and that is why he was so willing to put things in the past. Emily warns Meg that when Craig threatens someone you never know when pay back is coming but you know its coming.

In Paul’s hospital room, Susan tells Paul he was probably just hallucinating because of his medication but Paul knows Meg is in danger. Susan asks Paul to calm down because she doesn’t want to restrain him Paul agrees to calm down and asks Susan for a sedative because he hasn’t been sleeping well. Susan goes to get Paul a sedative and Paul gets out of bed puts his clothes on and leaves to go warn Meg about the water.

At the Farm, Meg tells Emily she isn’t scared of Craig and Emily smiles and tells Meg its because Craig has a thing for her so he probably won’t hurt her. Emily is certain Craig wants to kill her Meg tries to get Emily to calm down and offers her a glass of water. Emily refuses the water because it is from the well instead of bottled water. Emily gets nervous when she gets a call from Craig asking her to meet him at the Lakeview but Meg encourages Emily to stand up for herself and that will make Craig respect her enough to leave her alone.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Will tells Gwen he would never sabotage her career to keep her close to him. Will tells Gwen he wants her to be a big star and he isn’t jealous and possesive like Adam probably told her. Gwen tells Will she knows what kind of person he is and that he loves her and wants her to be happy. Gwen tells Will she knows that because he always reaches for her in his sleep the moment she gets out of bed which means he thinks of her even when he is sleeping. Will thinks that just proves Adam’s point that he is jealous and possessive. Gwen doesn’t care what Adam has told her about Will and she once again assures Will that she knows the sort of person he is and she loves him very much. Will demands to know what Adam has told her about him but Gwen tells him to stop worrying about Adam. Gwen apologizes to Will for not understanding how serious Adam’s overspending had become and promises to discuss the problem with him. Will decides to go to Java and get some coffee because he needs time to think about things so Gwen tells him she loves him and can’t wait to spend time alone with him.

At the Dorm, Casey helps Elwood who is gambling on the website with a new user name. At first Elwood is winning but then he loses all the money he needs for textbooks. Casey offers to stay and gamble so Elwood can win back his money while Elwood goes to his next class.

At the Lakeview, Emily makes it clear to Craig that he doesn’t like him threatening her and the threats should stop. Emily encourages Craig to concentrate on finding Johnny and just move on and forget the past. Craig tells Emily he won’t bother her anymore he will just get his revenge and walk away.

At the farm, Paul arrives just in time to knock the glass of water out of Meg’s hand and he is so relived when Meg tells him she didn’t drink the water he gives her a hug. Paul explains about the vision that he had but Meg doesn’t believe him. Paul is so upset and nervous that Meg agrees to test the water and is shocked to find it is contaminated.

At Java, Will runs into Maddie and they both share their problems Maddie tells Will that Casey has been gambling online and lying to her about it. Maddie also tell Will that Adam paid off Casey’s gambling debt but since he lied she doesn’t think she can trust him anymore. Will admits to Maddie that Adam has been spending to much money on the demo but Maddie knows Will has never been concerned about money. Will admits to Maddie that money is only part of the reason he is upset the other part is that he is afraid that he won’t be able to make Gwen’s dream of being a singer come true. Will also admits to Maddie that if Gwen does become famous he is afraid he will hold her back from her dream. Maddie assures Will that Gwen loves him and Gwen is going to make her dream come true with him by her side because she won’t go anywhere without him. Maddie assures Will that Gwen loves him and those feelings won’t change just because circumstances change. Will tells Maddie her same logic could apply to Casey and persuades Maddie to go talk to Casey.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Adam arrives and tells Gwen Carly has been arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Adam is about to leave when Gwen asks him to stay while she calls the police station and asks to speak to Carly. Gwen is told she can’t speak to Carly so Gwen leaves a message for Jack asking him to return her call. Adam calls Margo and asks if Gwen could visit Carly but is told Carly isn’t allowed to have any visitors.

At the Lakeview, Craig tells Emily he has sold his half of the paper and Emily is happy not to have him as a partner anymore. Craig warns that she shouldn’t be so happy because there is worse business partners then him. Craig introduces Emily to her new partner Mr. Tull and she is happy to meet him and tell him her plans for the paper. Mr. Tull that he plans to make her an offer for her half of the paper and then write it off as a tax loss. Emily refuses to sell her half of the paper, which makes Mr. Tull angry and he tells Craig to persuade his friend to sell the paper or prepare for the consequences. Once Mr. Tull is gone Craig tells Emily to take the offer because she doesn’t know with whom she is dealing. Emily tells Craig she has dealt with tough men all her life and this guy doesn’t scare her. Emily tells Craig that she has lost too much in her life. And she won’t lose the paper too.

At Gwen and Will’s place, Adam notices the spreadsheets by the computer and is upset that Will whined to Gwen about the money when his real problem is he is jealous. Adam decides to give Will what he wants and tells Gwen he is quitting. Gwen tries to stop Adam from leaving so they can talk. Adam turns towards Gwen and it looks like they are holding each other. Will misunderstands what he is seeing when he arrives home and punches Adam in the face.

At the farm, Luke arrives and Meg tells him Paul saved her life by stopping her from drinking contaminated water. Luke asks to talk to Meg outside and he tells her while he was brushing Faith’s horse he saw Paul looking into the well and he couldn’t tell what he was doing but it seemed suspicious. Meg walks back into the kitchen and accuses Paul of contaminating the well water.

At the dorm, Maddie almost catches Casey gambling again but he hides the computer from her. Maddie apologizes to Casey and tells him she trusts him. Maddie and Casey both promise not to keep things from each other anymore.

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