ATWT Update Monday 1/8/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/8/07


Written By Elayna

In his hospital room, Paul is in bed in a trance-like state, when Barbara sees this through the window; she rushes in frantic at what is wrong? Paul is seeing fire and Meg in the water face-up. He calls out for Meg. Barbara wants him to calm down, but all Paul can say is Meg’s name and one other word – poison.

At Java, Meg is about to drink her coffee when she gets up to put sugar in it. She adds some, as the camera focuses on the cup as if foreboding. She goes to take a sip as she is walking to her table, when she is hit from behind spilling her coffee; it is Holden, as he apologizes. He wonders if she is ok and if he can buy her another cup? She is ok and there is still plenty of coffee left in her cup. She takes a sip, as the camera focuses in again closely on the cup, as she makes a strange face.

At the farm, Mike walks into the kitchen calling out to Emma; he has fixed the fence. He is greeted by Vienna instead in a clingy low cut dress. Emma had to leave but she would love the company. He remarks that she is not dressed appropriately to feed livestock. She sidles up to him practically purring, as she helps him out of his coat; she would show him how grateful she is if he helps her with this.

In the Lakeview lounge, Katie has Henry cornered; he can’t go upstairs. Why? Katie is trying to sidestep the question, but Henry won’t let her. She finally relents; Jack is upstairs in his room arresting Carly right now; Henry frowns.

In Henry’s room, Carly is staring sadly at Jack; she realizes how hard this is for him, but she wants him to think of the kids. Jack is livid; he gave her break after break and a bunch of warnings. She thanks him and the kids by doing this by coming to Henry’s room to provide this stuff to Simon? Carly pouts, as Jack explains they need to do this by the book, as he holds the handcuffs out towards her. Carly looks down; she cries out softly, “no!” Jack coldly tells her that she left him no choice.

Holden hands Meg another cup of coffee; she thanks him explaining her mind was obviously elsewhere when she added extra sugar to an already sugared cup of coffee. Holden surmises that something is wrong, never mind the fact she is usually filled with sarcastic comments. She admits that she is worried about Paul; he is ok physically, but there is something wrong; he is quite agitated. She went there to tell him about what Craig did hoping that would ease him a bit, but all he was interested in was starting over, and she explained that is not in the cards for them. He reacted to something only he seemed to be able to see. Susan mentioned this wasn’t the first time. Holden is confused; was she working? No. Why did she call her wedding off and then start visiting him? He almost died and she can’t turn her back on him. Holden thinks he still loves her and wants to reel her back in, but Meg realizes this and made it clear it is not going to happen. He thinks he might be using this car accident, but Meg isn’t sure. The fear seemed real to him and to her. Holden reminds her that she isn’t responsible for him, but Meg can’t shake the fact that she has never seen him afraid. Her cell phone rings interrupting them. It is Barbara; she is frantic because Paul is riled up and calling out for her. Meg tries to explain she is busy, but Barbara pleads; she wouldn’t have called if it weren’t urgent. Meg relents, much to Holden’s chagrin. He holds in most of his disagreement other then his opinion that Paul maybe in trouble, but he is still Paul.

Then he wishes her good luck and tells her that he loves her.

Vienna clamps onto Mike’s arm when she hears a noise; Mike explains that it is just the wind. She remarks that there is not much else out there but wind and darkness, and now with Emma gone it seems even more remote. Mike wonders what is really wrong? Vienna pouts, as she admits that she is lonely and that is a feeling that she hates. Mike teases her by saying that feeling made her put on that dress and strut around in front of him? All she had to do was tell him what she was feeling and ask if they could talk. Vienna repeats his words unbelieving that this would be all it would take. Mike smiles and tells her that he wouldn’t mind going somewhere to talk. She kisses him on the cheek commenting that he is a real prince.

Henry is really upset with Katie; she got what she wanted. She should be more happy. Katie explains that Jack is up there because he heard Carly’s message to him. Henry glares at her; he sees she has been busy. She has blown Carly’s life to smithereens and now she is doing the same to him. That is why she is there to warn him so he can leave. So he can spend his life on the run, he snaps? She had no idea this would take on a life of its own with him in the middle because he was helping Simon. Never mind all the times he helped her with less then legal schemes. She wants to help him, but Henry is disappointed, hurt and angry. He thanks her bitterly; she couldn’t stop and allow this to die because she is such an example of perfection on how people should act. Katie just looks dejectedly at him as he blows up at him. He helped and defended her so many times; there were so many people that advised him not to, but he stood by her because he didn’t or couldn’t see who she was. He does now, as he stalks off.

Jack puts on the handcuffs gently. She wonders if it is necessary? She isn’t planning on escaping into the night. He doesn’t want people to question if he did his job or if there was preferential treatment from him towards the mother of his kids. How is Henry involved? Carly explains that he isn’t; he was relaying messages and didn’t know what they really meant. She has one more chance! Another police officer interrupts, as Carly greets him; Jack suggests he not cavalierly chat it up the suspect. After the officer leaves, Jack snaps that in order to save herself in front of the judge and for her kid’s sake, she needs to give up Simon and Henry. The judge will probably go easier on her. Carly sadly looks down and explains that she can’t turn on them, as an exasperated Jack drops his head down. She has given him no choice then as he starts to read her Miranda Rights.

Lisa approaches Katie who is sitting at the bar in the Lakeview. Has she seen Carly? She thinks she is upstairs, Katie answers slowly. Lisa is aggravated. She pleaded with her to take this meeting when she was busy, and then she takes off on her. Katie looks past her and the expression becomes frozen on her face. Lisa looks back at what she is looking at; she sees a handcuffed Carly standing with Jack, as her mouth slightly drops open. Jack walks her across the room, as she stops for a moment in front of Katie only to quietly ask her if she is happy – her face frozen with this despondent look? She then walks on, as Katie stares at the back of Carly, as she is escorted away by Jack. Once outside, Carly turns to Jack and pleads with him to allow her to see the kids one time to explain because it has to come from her. Jack stares at her contemplating this request.

Meg arrives at the hospital and Barbara is happy to see her; she hopes her arrival will calm Paul. Meg isn’t so sure. Barbara hurries off to find out about the additional tests Susan is running on Paul. Meg enters Paul’s room, and he is immediately calmed. The next moment though he flies backwards and seems to go into the trance-like state. Meg rushes to his bedside. He sees the fire and Meg lying in the water again. He comes out of it enough to see Meg holding a cup of coffee. He yells for her not to drink it; someone is trying to poison her. She tries to ease his mind by showing him that she is feeling fine and that the coffee is fine, as she gulps down the remains of it to Paul’s horror.

Lisa wonders what hot water Carly has gotten herself into now? Katie can’t shake the way that she looked at her. She mutters that she never knew it would play out like this. Lisa figures she was an integral part in the events that transpired today? Katie sees Mike and Vienna walk in and sit down at a nearby table. Lisa advises her not to react, but Katie is already on her way over. She addresses Mike; she needs to talk to him because something has happened. Mike remarks that he is busy and is not in the mood for more of her dramas. Vienna offers to go freshen up so Katie will leave because she never stops anyway until she gets what she wants. Katie sits and tells Mike that something has happened and it is her fault. This is met with a smirk from Mike.

Henry gets into his limo; is he still there, he whispers to a hiding Simon? Simon quickly asks if he saw Carly, Jack or Katie? They need to get out of here, Henry quickly suggests. Simon guesses that means it is not good news. Carly came by his room with money and a passport, Henry explains. Simon shakes his head, as he exclaims that he told her not to do that. Henry continues; that is water under the bridge because she did and Jack arrested her. Simon is stunned for a minute before he instinctively goes for the door to jump out. Henry quickly locks him in. He can’t help her now; the only way to do that now is to leave Oakdale ASAP.

Jack and Carly arrive at her house. She pauses outside the door admitting she doesn’t know how to tell their children. An empathetic Jack offers to tell them for her, but she explains she has to do it herself, as tempting as his offer is. She restates the obvious to Jack; the kids will need him now more then ever once she is gone; she will make sure that they don’t blame him either. Jack uncuffs her and they walk in. Carly calls out for the kids and they all rush in, noticeably happy that Jack is with her. Are they having dinner now? Can they have pizza? Is Jack staying? Carly sadly answers no to all three questions; they have to talk so she can tell them something. Parker worries that someone died? No, everyone is fine, but what they need to discuss is not good, but it will be ok in the end. Parker then asks what she did now?

Paul is beside himself; they need to get her to the ER, he quickly says. He continues; Meg should get her stomach pumped and the cup tested, as Paul continues like a frantic man on a mission. Meg stops him explaining she is fine; that was her last sip of her coffee from Java, which she started drinking a half an hour ago from a machine many were getting their coffee from with sugar everyone was using as well and she is fine! Paul calms down a bit and wants her to come closer. Is she really ok, as he starts to cry? Meg is moved by his obvious concern and fear. She tries to lighten the situation by joking about how he is scaring his mother. He laughs; he just doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Meg eases his mind by explaining he has suffered a head injury, and he thinks these things he is seeing are real. She then switches gears when she puts her guard back up; this is the last time she will be stopping by to calm him down though. She wants him to get better, but he has to do it without her, as she rushes out. She stops just outside the door, obviously conflicted but still ends up leaving.

Mike wants to know what Katie means? She broke her word, she answers simply. She knows she told him that she wouldn’t go after Simon anymore after they talked, but the timing couldn’t have been worse because right after this promise, Bob showed up with the diamond having just been found. Simon is about to be arrested. Mike remarks icily that she must be pleased to have been successful in her big plan; she gets what she wants again. She frowns, but she feels badly. Mike asks sarcastically if she is starting to realize she is going to miss him? She quickly answers, no, but in the process of this fall out, Jack had to arrest Carly. Mike’s mouth drops open; he can’t believe she did this to her and her three kids. Katie starts to tear up, as Mike suggests she dry those tears because they don’t work anymore. Katie knows he is right; she finally got today what a horrible person she has become and there is noone to blame but herself.

Simon wants to get out of the car, but Henry strongly suggests that he reconsider. He will only end up ruining Carly’s life worse then he already did. He needs to help her somehow. He needs to leave town, Henry counters. With him gone, there is no real proof she did much for him; she will do minor jail time, but if he goes in there half cocked, it will end up being much worse for them, causing the charges to be upgraded to larceny, with much more jail time for both. He suggests Simon lean back down so noone spots him. Simon falls backwards on the seat, muttering about what he has done? Henry answers that he took a good woman and blew her life to hell!

Parker demands to know what Carly did? Jack intercedes; they should give Carly a chance to explain in her own way and then they will handle this as a family. Carly slowly starts; she has to go away for a while. The kids immediately worry that she is sick? She tells them she is fine. They realize where she is going they aren’t going to be with her though. She continues; she did something wrong and she has to pay for it by going to jail. Her children’s faces drop nervously. Jack assures them all that they will be ok. The kids want to know when she is leaving? Carly answers that it would be today. Parker demands to know what she did? Carly carefully explains that she tried to help a friend and by doing that she did something wrong. Parker stands up angrily and tells her that the friend is Simon and they stole “that guy’s diamond!” Jack jumps to Carly’s defense; he doesn’t want him to talk to his mother like that. Parker snaps that he is not his father. A little hurt, but realizing Parker is lashing out, he explains softly that they are still family and that Carly is telling the truth; she is being charged with helping Simon and not for stealing anyone’s diamond. Sage wonders innocently if she will be home tomorrow? Carly smiles warmly but sadly; she won’t be home tomorrow. Who will take care of them? Jack answers that he will be. JJ wonders why Jack can’t do something since he is a police officer. Jack seems unsure of what to say, so it is Carly’s turn to defend him. She wants them to know Jack has been great to her; he has to do his job and he has been fair with her. Sage sadly asks her mother not to go, but Carly hugs her tightly. She tells them that if they were just ordinary kids then she would be worried, but since they are extraordinary kids, she knows they will be ok. She approaches Parker; she knows she let him down and she is sorry; he has a right to be mad, but when she is gone she wants him to reach out to Jack, Gwen or Will if he is angry; she doesn’t want him to hold it in. She will find a way to make it up to him, as she touches his shoulder. Parker pulls back and walks away.

Mike asks Katie if she wants a drink? She doesn’t. She has one more thing to say. She realizes it is bad what happened to Carly, but she did this with Simon knowing it was wrong; she was under Simon’s spell and she understands this because he capitalizes on women’s weaknesses. Mike wonders if she thinks of herself and Carly as Simon’s victims? Katie explains; she just knows that they had a perfect life when they were married. She got scared wondering when that something was going to happen to blow apart their happiness. Simon knew this about her and used that to his advantage. Mike isn’t sure what to say to this; does that mean she can’t ever be counted on? That is not what she means; she doesn’t want to live that life anymore. She wants their life back.

Back at the Farm with Holden, Meg wonders if he shouldn’t be getting back to Lily? He told her that they would have dinner later when he got home. Meg realizes that is because he knew he would have to lift his sister up out of the Paul doldrums. What happened with Paul, Holden asks? He saw a vision and thinks she is in danger. Noone could calm him down but her. He thinks she is going to be poisoned. Did she convince him that he is wrong? He really believes this. She is afraid he is losing his mind. Holden wonders if that is what Paul wants her to believe?

Barbara walks back into Paul’s room; she is glad to see that he looks better. Susan has ordered more tests and wants to change his medication; she thinks he is suffering from a drug interaction. Paul doesn’t want to take different medication; he needs to have a clear head. Did Susan tell her what happened with him the other day? Barbara reluctantly answers that she heard something about the pill mix up. Barbara thinks he had a nightmare about a nurse administering the wrong pills because he is in a hospital surrounded by medication and nurses. He can’t see the future. Paul finally relents and agrees to try to get some rest only if she goes home tonight and gets some sleep too; he will see her in the morning. Barbara agrees, leaving Paul with a wish that he sleep well, which after she leaves, Paul laughs at that thought. Suddenly, he is thrown back against the bed and sees the same vision of Meg, water and fire, but with one additional thing - a round stone structure. He then shoots up in bed and says a word outloud – a well.

Meg admits that crossed her mind too about Paul manipulating her. Did Paul do anything? She told him that they couldn’t go back. She went into their conversation wit her guard up and waited to pounce on his manipulations. However, all she saw from him was no manipulations but a patient where something real and bad was happening to them. Meg clears the beer bottles from the table and brings them outside to recycle them. In the background, we see the Snyder water well.

Mike can’t help the way he feels. She just wants him not to go through with the divorce right now. Simon will be arrested and she knows that as long as he is out there getting away with things without paying, he wont’ feel good. She doesn’t believe in her heart that he wants a divorce anymore then she does. He was just as happy as she was. He doesn’t deny that. She just doesn’t want him making any lasting decisions while he is still so hurt and angry. She is so sick of talking about this though. Mike smiles; that was never their strong suit. Vienna comes back and tells them about what the doorman told them about Simon. Katie makes her exit quickly, with a backwards request as she is walking away, that he think about what she said.

Simon is lying down in the back of Henry’s limo thinking about happy times with Carly. He sits up suddenly and announces that he has to go back! He is not leaving without Carly!

JJ doesn’t want Parker to be mean to their mom. Carly recognizes that Parker should be able to feel the way he does. She gets how mad he is, and she wishes that she didn’t screw up as often as she does; she could definitely be a better mom but she can’t love them anymore then she does. She hugs her kids and then rushes out. Jack tells the children that he will be back in about an hour. They will all be ok as long as they look out for one another. He meets up with Carly outside. Is she ready? She holds out her hands for the handcuffs, but Jack doesn’t want to handcuff her. She reminds him how much she has ruined things already and she knows he is right about them doing this by the book. Jack reluctantly handcuffs her and the two off them head off for the station in slow motion.

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