ATWT Update Wednesday 1/3/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/3/07


Written By Elayna

will be late

At Crash, Will and Gwen arrive hand in hand talking about the new year and how they are back on track. Gwen apologizes again proclaiming again how he is the only man for her. Will doesn’t want to talk about it because it is over and they are in a new year. He just wants her to finish her song and dedicate it to him. They turn around when they hear someone crying nearby. They ask the person if they are ok? Iris turns around and tells them no, as Will and Gwen roll their eyes.

At the police station, Dusty tells Jess that he was sleeping; what does she want? She tells him there have been some new developments and she thinks she may be able to get a new bail hearing.

At the Lakeview, Craig is being arrested. Margo is confused as Tom mentions it is for attempted murder. How can he be arrested for trying to kill himself? Tom explains that Craig apparently switched the blanks for bullets. Margo wonders if they have proof or is it all speculation? Tom wants to move this conversation downtown. Craig glares at Meg and asks her if she helped Emily set him up?

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Jack is dangling Carly’s earring in front of her. She was with Simon when he was talking to her. Carly recovers and stammers out a denial. Jack snaps for her to stop lying. She warned Simon and in his book, that is called aiding and abetting. She can get arrested for that, and then what would her probation officer say? Carly snarls back and reminds him that he was the one who chose to tell a woman close to him private information about a case and suspect. He isn’t going to do that. What does he want from her? He wants to know where Simon is or he will do just that!

Henry and Katie are standing in the hall outside his room. She is pleading with him to help her get Mike back. Her life depends on this. He won’t take her calls, but he can call Mike to tell him that Simon is going down because of her. Henry is done with this for the night. Katie is adamant if he just gets Mike to know this then he will come back and they can go on with their lives and pretend Simon never existed. Henry doesn’t think so this time and he bids her goodnight. Once inside, Henry pours himself a martini and starts to take a big gulp before Simon pops out remarking about how he forgot the olive, so he must be slipping. A shocked Henry spits out his drink when he is caught off guard by Simon’s unrequested emergence in his room.

Dusty wonders if Jess is sure he can get out? She thinks they have more evidence to be able to present his case better now. Why did he fail to mention the blanks to her before? He didn’t know all of this would turn out this way. Lucy showed up and didn’t know about his plan and when she grabbed his arm, it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. That doesn’t answer her question. He was protecting Emily. Jess is unsure of that. He was trying to protect his child from Craig and if this meant going this route, then so be it. Craig is then brought in. The conversation continues now with Tom, Margo and Craig included. Lucy had no idea that Dusty wasn’t going to shoot Craig. Craig sarcastically answers that it really makes sense that his intention was for him to have a hole blown in his chest. Tom reminds him that they found blanks at his house. Margo adds that it isn’t illegal to own those. Craig answers that everyone here knows Paul was the one who made the switch and they are covering for him. He again looks at Meg, stating that it is all clear as to why she wanted to spend the evening with him now.

Gwen asks her mother why she is upset? Iris blubbers that she was going to wait until tomorrow because she knew she had her hands full with what went down with Adam. Gwen rolls her eyes. She just couldn’t help herself, but too bad for her that she and Will talked and everything is fine. Iris starts to sniff again claiming that isn’t what she intended; she didn’t even know that they would be there. She holds up a small ceramic cat. Gwen wonders what it is supposed to mean? Doesn’t she remember the cat her aunt Candace used to have? She wanted her to have it. Gwen recalls it; she remembers Ms. Mabeline. Iris pretends to be interested in recalling this cat; her sister couldn’t have a cat because she had fish so she bought this and Gwen loved carrying it around. She wanted her to have it. She slowly walks away. She is going to ask the DJ to play some of Candace’s favorite songs; she always loved Elvis. She pouts, as she bids them Happy New Year. Gwen watches after her sadly and then tells Will she is going to finish her song and keep an eye on her mom; she will make sure the bartender only serves her Shirley Temple’s. Will is skeptical thinking Iris was laying it on thick, but Gwen isn’t so sure. After she heads in after Iris, Will looks suspiciously at the cat; he turns it upside down and looks underneath. He then picks up his cell phone and makes a call.

Katie is now downstairs at the Lakeview pretty much harassing an Oakdale police officer wanting to know why Simon is still at large? She is getting more riled up when Bob rides to the police officers rescue by pulling her away. He wants to know what is wrong? She explains that the diamond she borrowed from him was one of the diamonds from the jewels of Leonia and Simon stole them. She wants justice served and is simply trying to make sure Simon pays for his crimes, but that probably won’t happen with Jack missing in action and Simon still on the lam. Bob is interested in knowing why Katie cares so much about this? She admits that it is because Simon ruined her marriage.

Henry demands to know how Simon got into his room, but he answers his own question by reminding himself whom he is talking to. Henry suggests he take off, but Simon explains that he can’t since there are cops all around. He thinks the best plan is to hunker down with him. Henry suggests the laundry shoot. Simon reminds him that he owes him.

Carly looks Jack dead in the eyes and tells him that she doesn’t know where Simon is. Jack nods sadly; he used to be able to know when she was lying to him. Carly snaps that he just said he trusted her enough to make the call to her about Simon. Why did he really tell her then? He told her out of respect for her and the kids. Carly thinks that he told her simply to test her. Jack disagrees; he wanted her to know and see that she made the right choice severing her ties with Simon. He believed her when she claimed that their children were her number one priority. He wanted her to know it was worth it to choose the kids. Carly thinks for a moment and then apologizes; it was instinct, but Jack doesn’t want to hear it. Parker walks up to them both and asks if they are fighting? They pretend that they aren’t. Can they go home then? Carly agrees, as Jack looks conflicted but then explains that he is going to tag along. Carly meets this comment with an annoyed look, as they all shuffle out.

Gwen approaches Iris, who is sitting alone at a table trying to look pathetic so Gwen will feel badly for her. She tells Gwen she is just going to sit there with her coffee (and probably a flask of Jack Daniels hidden somewhere) and think about Candace. Gwen starts to leave so Iris reels her in. She starts to talk about how the last time she was with Candace they fought – about what she has no idea. She just knows that they never had a chance to make up. Gwen is caught up now offering that Candace sent her a Christmas card and that she never wrote back, as she sits. Iris continues; she doesn’t want that to be them. They have had their share of regrets and she doesn’t want them to look back and know they never reached out to one another before it was too late. Since it is the New Year, can’t they start again – for Candace’s sake, she adds for affect. She tried again with Will she points out, as he approaches. He smirks when he asks them if they know whom he just spoke with? They don’t know; Will tells them he just spoke with Candace herself. Gwen looks from Will and then to Iris with a look or shock and anger written on her face.

Emily adds to the conversation that they were only trying to scare Craig into dropping custody, but he just wouldn’t stop and now he was going for full custody to boot. He was trying to make Dusty look dangerous. How does she know this for sure? She overheard Craig telling Lucy. Margo wonders why he would tell her that? Emily pretends to surmise that he thought he was dying. Why wouldn’t she come forward when she heard this confession? She answers that she thought he was going to die and then when he didn’t, she thought Lucy would tell and when she didn’t and ran instead, she decided to come forward. She obviously thought it was better to run with her brother then to trust her father. Margo then wants to know from Meg why Craig thought she set him up? Meg answers that he had seemed suspicious of her all night. Why was she with him anyway? He was alone and so was she; her non-wedding had just happened and she thinks they can figure out why she wanted to be out with people again. People start to disperse and then Margo mentions to Tom if he reminded Emily what kind of trouble she would be in with the judge if she were lying? Tom explains he did. Then Margo realizes she would be in worse trouble with Craig though.

Meg walks into the interrogation room where Craig now is. He wonders what scene from what game are they playing now? Meg thinks he should be thanking her. He thought she was over Paul, but this was all about saving him. She is over Paul; she then wonders if he is more upset over the kiss or being arrested? Why did she set him up? She wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Katie admits to Bob that Mike wants a divorce and it is all because of Simon – he poisoned her marriage. She can’t get Mike to believe in her anymore no matter what she says or does. She feels as if her life is over. Bob doesn’t want her to think like that. If she loves Mike as much as she says then she needs to fight for him. She needs to find a way to win him back. Katie meets this suggestion with a wide grin.

Henry tries to explain that he had Jack on one side and Katie on the other. He was forced into giving the jeweler up. Simon realizes he was behind that and frowns. Henry starts to backpedal, but Simon has moved on. This is all his fault since he convinced him to go after Carly and now she is up to her neck in this mess. He can’t believe he fingered the fence though, who Simon reminds Henry, is a friend of them both. Henry tries to explain that he is in a place where he doesn’t know what to do because all of his friends are on the verge of going to jail it seems. He can’t cross a street without risking crossing someone. He has decided on a New Year’s resolution - no more breaking the law. He picks up his cell phone and starts to call Jack at work. Simon realizes what he is doing and wrestles him for the phone. Just then, Katie is knocking on the door wanting to talk. Henry and Simon stop and try to keep quiet, but Katie yells that she knows he is in there because she heard him.

Parker, Jack and Carly walk into the house, as Parker comments on how much fun a silent ride home was. Carly and Jack pretend they are fine, but he needs to head upstairs. Once he does, Jack wanders quickly from room to room checking for Simon. Carly responds that what he is doing is really nice. Jack is furious; he gave her a chance. She knew he stole the diamond and she was willing to give up her children for a man who is not fit to shine her shoes. He is a thief and can offer her nothing out of life, Jack spits. He stomps for the door when Carly snarls that what he says is not true; he loves her and she loves him! Her words stop Jack on a dime and stun Carly when she realizes she has said them outloud to Jack. She then quietly apologizes; she shouldn’t have blurted that out. Jack calmly tells her to say it to him again. Carly stutters a bit as she does. After a moment of silence, Jack snaps back that if Simon loved her then he wouldn’t have let her anywhere near him knowing what he is. He is using her. Carly vehemently shakes her head no. Anyone who knows her would not let her get involved in anything that would result in her going to jail. He just ruined your life, Jack snarls. Carly sadly answers that he would never hurt her and then adds that she hopes Simon is far away and that he never comes back. Jack’s cell phone rings; Jack answers and then comments to the person on the phone about him spotting ‘him.’ Carly looks petrified after hearing this.

Henry calls out for Katie to come back another time, but she is persistent and wants to talk now. He isn’t dressed, he now claims, but Katie reminds him that she has seen him in his birthday suit. Give him a minute! Simon can’t believe he would let her in, but Henry explains she will never give up. He pushes Simon into the closet. Katie charges in as Henry opens the door; she has a confession to make. It was her fault about her marriage falling apart. She should have slammed the door when Simon showed up at it; she doesn’t know if it was habit or curiosity. Henry nods as he tries to rush her out, but she isn’t finished. She still believes it is also Simon’s fault though and she still needs to make him pay, as Simon listens from inside the closet. Henry tries to say that Simon is probably long gone to St.Tropez, but Katie reminds him that the police have the hotel sealed. She needs to find Simon and turn him in; Simon rolls his eyes from inside the closet.

Will tells Gwen and Iris that the cat was made in 2005. Iris feigns ignorance; they told her that Candace was dead. Gwen is disgusted, as Will goes on about how she obviously made the whole thing up. Iris continues to pretend she knows nothing; she is going to talk to Nigel; how could they tell her this? It is a miracle, she exclaims. Gwen yells for her to shut up because she would do anything to worm her way back into her life!

Meg answers Craig that she is teaching him a lesson. Craig answers that he is flattered that she sees him as worth saving. She was keeping him occupied while Emily was setting things up; she could have just monkeyed with his car and left him stranded somewhere. Meg icily responds about how they both know how good he is when it comes to messing with cars. Craig continues; she gets into a sexy dress and kisses him though. Meg coldly responds that he isn’t the first one she has kissed. She did all this just because she doesn’t like his methods? He just wanted to be with his son. He is not a father to Johnny in anyway that counts. They wouldn’t let him near Johnny, Craig comments. There is a good reason for that, Meg reminds him of Bryant. Craig sadly answers that he remembers because he was there. Meg reminds him that Johnny has a father who loves him desperately and that person was chosen with love by his mom; he has a grandmother, aunts and uncles who all love him as well. He just wanted another chance… at fatherhood, Meg interrupts. Johnny doesn’t need someone whose only goal in life is to use him for happiness. Why is she involving herself in this? He involved her when he used her. He supposedly came to her for friendship and understanding, all the while using her while doing cruel things to people she loves. Dusty is alone in jail thinking of only Johnny while he had seduction on his mind tonight. He is too selfish and greedy of a jerk to see that. Does she know what she was thinking when she was kissing him? She was thinking how sad he is. She stomps out, as Craig can’t help himself, as he says to himself how gorgeous she is when she is angry.

Margo asks Tom why Emily came to her? Tom thinks it is because she knew the DA wouldn’t listen to her without him by her side considering her story is shaky and she has had mental issues. Margo can’t help but smile about how he always is there for everyone no matter what.

Next to them, Emily and Meg are talking to Jess and Dusty; they can’t believe that Dusty wasn’t granted bail. Jess thinks it is because Dusty is considered a flight risk. Dusty thanks Emily and Meg for their part no matter what the outcome, as he leaves. Emily and Meg see Craig’s lawyer striding in confidently. Emily worries that if she has found a way to spring Craig then he will be coming after them. Meg and Emily look nervously at each other. Inside the interrogation room, the lawyer tells Craig she will have him out in a few hours, but Craig, who is looking out the window, tells her to wait.

Iris continues her charade; now that Candace is really alive then they can take a trip to see her for old times. If she can patch things up with Will then surely she can with her? Will wonders how they will take a trip to see Candace? Iris answers that she has some money saved up. Will answers that is from the money he gave to her obviously. She is only here because she wants more. Iris snaps that he is just jealous because of the bond they share. Will snaps back that when he met Gwen she was living in a one room place above a garage and Iris wanted nothing to do with her. Suddenly she is all maternal. So she goes out and buys a stupid cat, and makes up this whole story. He talked to Candace and she doesn’t want anything to do with her either. Iris fakes tears and being overwhelmed by the thought that her sister has turned her back on her also. She doesn’t know how she won’t take a drink; life is so hard for her right now, as she plays the guilt trip card again. Gwen looks like she is fighting being taken in, but then she finally snaps out of it. She can’t help her anymore, as she walks out. Iris tells Will that Gwen doesn’t understand the demons they fight and how they feel as if they aren’t loveable or good enough. Will has no sympathy left and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it either; she is now on her own.

Katie wants to know why Henry is trying to get rid of her? Henry pretends that he wants to go to bed. They can talk in the morning, but she is adamant that Simon will be gone by then because the police are doing nothing. She heads for the closet; she is going to get him his coat so he can come help her. She can’t do this without him, as Henry jumps in her way.

Jack hangs up his cell phone. Was that about Simon, Carly asks? Does she think he is going to trust her now after what she has told him? He heads for the door, as Carly calls out for him. What should she tell the children? Should she tell them that he is going to arrest her?

Iris is adamant that he won’t be able to come between her and her child; Gwen always comes back. Will is definite that if she comes near them anymore at any time, he will talk to her probation officer. Iris spits that talking to her daughter isn’t illegal, but Will reminds her that going to LA is. Iris doesn’t think Gwen will let him, but Gwen has come back and tells her that she will. She wants to leave, so Will and she head out leaving Iris behind. Iris snarls about Will making a bad move by this; she intends to teach him some manners.

With her hand on the closet door, Katie apologizes about being so pushy. She needs to find Simon to make it right for Mike. Henry explains that he can’t be her cheerleader right now. Katie laments about how she used to be able to make him do whatever she wanted. Henry suggests it is because he grew a backbone. He pushes her out the door. Henry tells Simon he has to get lost because Katie is not going to rest until she finds him. Simon thinks because of that he needs to stay put. Henry suggests that Simon go to Bora Bora. Simon needs Henry to do him a favor. Henry looks nervous. He needs him to get a message to Carly. Outside, Katie is repeating Henry’s comments about growing a backbone, strange she thinks.

Carly explains that she needs to make arrangements for the kids if he is going to arrest her. Jack glares at her, but then tells her that he isn’t going to arrest her – tonight. Carly thanks him, but Jack tells her not to, as he walks away. Parker comes back out; he heard them fighting about Simon. Carly explains that there is a warrant out for his arrest. He asks what he did? Carly admits he made a terrible mistake – they both did, as Carly hugs him. Jack sadly looks back through the window at Carly and Parker. He then gets on the phone and tells the cop to put surveillance on Carly’s house and tap her phones immediately and 24/7 because he is sure Simon will try to contact her.

Emily and Meg wonder if Craig will get out? Then Emily has a thought; does Craig have surveillance cameras at Fairwinds? Meg has no idea but she hopes not, as they look nervously at one another.

Margo tells Tom that Craig won’t take this lying down because if he is convicted of a felony then he will definitely lose custody of Johnny. Tom reminds her that he already ran his kids out of town. His next move will probably be to get a videotape of a judge receiving a bribe; that’s more Craig’s style. Emily wants to know what happens next? Does he get arraigned? He doesn’t get bail, right? Margo explains that they are waiting to see how Craig’s lawyer is going to respond to the charges. Meanwhile, Jess is telling Dusty that if she gets him out then he has to promise not to take off. They have to do this by the book.

Craig walks out with his lawyer in tow; she is telling him that she doesn’t agree with this. Craig informs her that he has made up his mind. He tells everyone in the room that what Dusty and Emily said is true; he is guilty as charged. Everyone looks stunned by this move.

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