ATWT Update Thursday 12/28/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/28/06


Written By Buffy

Meg and Emily meet at the farm to discuss their plans for Craig. After arriving, Emily stays at the door. Meg realizes it the first time she has been there since having and losing the baby.

Meg quickly tells Emily how sorry she is and that they don't have to go though with this. Emily says that they do. Emily asks Meg how she plans on keeping Craig busy while she is at Fairwinds planting evidence. Meg admits she has no idea yet. Emily tell her to come up with something quick, or Craig will know something is up. Craig shows up sooner than planned. Emily sneaks away, but Craig wants to know who else is there. Meg tells him that it was Jack, but that he is on his way to the station. Craig wants to know what is up. He informs her that he can't stay because he has plans, and then he asks her to state her business so he can be on his way. She tries to get him to hang around by offering him something to eat or drink. He tell her he has something to do and can't stay. She says she hopes it has nothing to do with Paul. He tells her that for someone who left the guy at the altar, she seems mighty protective. She assures him it's only because she is a nurse. He reminds her it's New Year's, and so he's interested in a party, not Paul. He then invites her to join him. She accepts and says that once she is changed, they are on their way to Fairwinds. She tries to stall by saying she wants to change from the black dress she has on to a different one. She says everyone will have on black. He tells her she looks fine.

They arrive at Fairwinds to find an open window. Craig blames one of his staff. Meg know it's Emily, and as soon as he has gone to change, Meg starts calling to Emily. Emily comes out. She says she was about to leave as they arrived. She told Meg she planted the evidence and was on her way to the party at the Lakeview. She says they couldn't all show up at the same time, so she asks Meg to stall Craig some more. When he comes down, Meg says she changed her mind and didn't want to go. She pretends to be worried that people would be staring at them due to the fact she just left Paul at the altar.

Gwen tells Maddie there wouldn't be a CD anymore, due to the fact that her career was over. Maddie questions Gwen on what happened. Gwen finally tells Maddie about the kiss. She says that it meant nothing, but Jade found out, so she told Will first. She explains that after that, she went to Adam and quit.

Adam hunts Will down and asks him why he let Gwen quit. Adam explains that it was just a kiss and meant nothing. Will retorts that the big deal was because he was his brother and Gwen was his wife. Will then tells him he didn't know Gwen was quitting. Jade interrupts them in the middle of their talk. Will goes off to find Gwen. Adam and Jade talk about why she didn't come to him when she found out. She said she was afraid. He asks if she was afraid of him. She replies that she was afraid of being hurt. She didn't want to be hurt by him or anyone.

Will finds Gwen and tells her that quitting was wrong. He didn't want her to quit. She agrees to sing and asks Maddie for help getting ready.

Casey tries to tell Margo about his gambling problem but can't do it. Elwood wants his name out of it, so Casey agrees. Later, when he meets up with Adam, he asks him if he will keep his secret.

Jessica goes to see Dusty in jail. While there, she tries to cheer him up. He tells her to leave and tht she shouldn't have to spend her New Year's with him. She asks him if she let him down. He said it wasn't her who let him down.

While at the party, Bob and Kim take a breath before going in. Bob wonders out loud where Lisa might be. He says he has something for her to put in her safe. He pulls out the diamond, which is when Katie sees it. She asks where he got it. He then explains that it was found in the trash container at the hospital. He tells her that he put up a flier, but they were vague for obvious reasons. He also says that he had no takers. Katie tells him that he does now. She then asks to borrow it for awhile. She promises to guard it with her life. Bob agrees but doesn't really want to. Kim assk if it has something to do with her book.

Katie finds Henry, and he tells her to rethink her plans of putting Simon in jail. She thinks Simon has plied Henry with drinks and convinced him to talk her into backing off. Henry tells her he may have been drinking, but all Simon talked about was Carly. Henry tells her he thinks Simon really does love Carly. Katie wants to hear it and then calls Jack.

Jack, Carly, and Parker show up at the party together. Simon sees Jack walk up just as he is about to go to Carly. They walk off together. Jack is about to dance with Carly when his phone rings. It's Katie. Jack tries to convince her to let it go for one night, but then she tells him she has the proof he needs to put Simon away. Jack tells Carly he has to go because it's police business. Henry gets the jeweler there, and Jack makes the arrest.

After Jack leaves to meet Katie, Simon calls Carly. He then tells her that if she doesn't meet him in his room, he will kiss her in front of everyone. She meets him. He tries to convince her that the diamond is gone forever, and they can be together.

Lily and Holden prepare for their first dance. Faith thinks it's all for show. They try to tell her it's because they love each other, but she doesn't seem to buy it.

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