ATWT Update Wednesday 12/20/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/20/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At his dorm room, Casey walks in and tells Elwood he has 2 minutes to tell him what is going since Maddie is coming from the car. What is the sketchy text message about? Then he sees that Elwood looks like he is packing – what is he doing? There is a scary man from looking for them; they know they have been cleaning up. They know they are cheating, he says seriously, but then adds with a smile that he thinks he might have thrown him off because he told them they both flunked out of school. Casey is more relaxed now; what is he worrying about then? Elwood, who is serious again, answers that if this website is going to send this big scary guy out to shake down a couple of freshmen, then he is sure at some point he will come back. Casey sees his point.

In the hall, Will is walking into Gwen’s room when a giddy Maddie skips down the hall at him holding mistletoe and tells him that she is testing it when she kisses him on the cheek; Will smiles back at her. She is in a good mood. She nods; Santa came early, as she shows him her earrings. Will is glad to see she and Casey are back on track and doing so well. How is he? He smiles and excitedly tells her that he has been accepted to Oakdale University starting next semester. She is happy for him. He hasn’t been able to reach Gwen but he hopes she and Casey will celebrate soon with him. The man looking for Casey interrupts them.

In LA, Adam throws open the door, point at an ecstatic Gwen and yells happily that she did it! She runs and jumps into his arms; they are twirling around when suddenly they are in a lip lock. Meanwhile, the man who was giving her a tour of LA is escorting Iris back into the club; she is less then pleased and is pretty much insulting him and the guy is pretty much tuning her out. She stops cold when sees Gwen in an intimate embrace with Adam. Her mouth drops open, but soon her mouth has formed into an evil looking smile. Well, well, well, she mutters.

At Java, Carly walks in and sees Jack getting a coffee. She almost looks like she is about to turn around before he spots her. There is small talk and he asks if Sage ever found her sun that coincidentally looked like her lost jewel? Carly quickly tells him that she didn’t but she is sure it will show up. Jack smirks almost knowingly; he thinks it is gone for good. He has to get going, as Carly seems relieved. After he has walked out, he bumps into Prince Adolfo with Vienna. He is just whom the prince wanted to see. Jack looks less then thrilled by his impromptu visit.

At the farm, Paul has been yelling out to Meg in the darkness of the farm, but soon has been met by a rifle wielding Emma. He is trespassing, but Paul explains that the door was open. Emma suggests that he know better then to argue with someone with a gun. He is just trying to explain; she thinks he is just trying to get his way as usual. He needs to talk to Meg, but Emma tells him that she is no longer his concern. He thinks she just needs time. She begs to differ. Paul wonders if Meg confided in her why she called it off? Emma tells her that she didn’t, but she doesn’t need an explanation. She raises her gun back up for emphasis; he has hurt Meg badly and he has until the count of 10 to leave. Paul starts backing up as Emma continues to count. He is by the door when Meg comes in and asks her mother to put the gun down. Can they talk, Paul wonders? Meg slowly asks her mother to give them a moment. After Emma leaves, Meg asks what he wants? She knows but for now, he will settle for just talking. She doesn’t know what they have to talk about? He wonders why she seems to be rushing him out? Is Craig coming over? Meg looks confused.

The man Iris was just snapping at walks back over and suddenly Iris is much nicer wondering if he could get her a flight home as soon as possible? Meanwhile, in the room, Gwen has pulled away. She is acting very awkward. She needs to pack to get home. Adam casually tells her that they have time and if she has never been to Griffin Park then they should go there because it is cool at the holidays. Gwen is hoping they can get on an earlier flight? Adam answers that they can try and will call from the car. Does she want to talk? Gwen answers simply that she just wants to get home.

A concerned looking Maddie directs the man looking for Casey across the hall to his room. Then she turns her attention back to Will, as they walk inside. Are they going to be living in the dorms? Will thinks so, at least part of the time, because it would be nice to be normal. He felt like such a loser explaining to people why he wasn’t in school. He isn’t a loser, Maddie assures him. He is just glad that his and Gwen’s lives are finally falling into place.

Casey jokes with Elwood; he bets him that the guy doesn’t show back up. Elwood bets him back double or nothing. They are interrupted by a knock and Elwood gets this knowing look on his face. Casey reminds him Maddie is coming up. He opens the door to find the man from asking if he is Casey Hughes?

Jack wonders what he can do to help? Prince Adolpho explains that the Jewels of Leonia have been checked out and are found to be fake; Jack’s face drops slightly. Vienna feigns confusion; were they fake when she was wearing them? No, they were real then but are fake now after all her prancing around to God knows where. Jack asks if he is accusing Ms. Hyatt? Vienna jumps in snapping about that being ridiculous since she didn’t even want to wear them. Besides, he was the one that also took off with that wretched Carly. Prince Adolpho wants to know when Jack is going to find who took his jewels? If he can’t do his job, then he will call the Embassy and then heads will roll. Vienna defends Jack saying he will have leads soon enough. He was in charge that night, so he had better see results soon. Carly, who has been listening by the door, wonders to herself why Jack sounds so glum? Jack explains that he will do everything in his power, but if his jewels were stolen by a pro, as he suspects, then they are long gone. The Prince suggests he track down this pro or he will call the newspapers and then he can kiss his career goodbye. He will be waiting at the Lakeview, as he stalks off with Vienna brining up the rear. Soon after he is gone, Jack hurries back inside as Carly acts like she wasn’t by the door. He tells her that the situation she and Simon created is now a problem. The things they were talking about have changed. What things, Carly asks innocently? Everything, Jack answers sharply.

Elwood answers again that he explained that the people he is looking for have flunked out. The man answers that is not correct according to the Dean. Casey Hughes has a strong B- average; he is sure he can bring it up if he studied more and gambled less. Casey wants him to leave, but he isn’t going anywhere. He is curious as to who is packing and where they might be going? Elwood answers that he has a sick relative. The man continues; they are always on the look out for player collusion at the site. They are regular table players and they have been monitoring them. Casey claims that doesn’t prove anything because a lot of people play together at tables. They are not playing to win, but they are playing to beat the system. So what, Casey answers flipply. The man suggests they not go there. Casey explains confidently that his dad is DA; the man cuts him off assuring him that he would be well versed in Federal prosecution. Casey strong composure crumbles slightly. There is a knock and it is Maddie wondering what is going on? The man smiles that must be the pretty brunette? Casey opens the door quickly and sneaks into the hall. He explains that Elwood is in trouble with a class and he got him a tutor. He needs to handle this right now. Maddie seems to accept this explanation and tells him that she has to get going. After she leaves, Will tells Casey how he got into Oakdale U next semester. Casey is happy for him and they will have to celebrate as soon as he takes care of this. He asks off handedly as he is walking back to the room if Will has heard anything from LA? Will answers that he called but hasn’t heard back. Casey thinks that their phones must be off in the studio. No news is good news, he surmises.

On the plane, Gwen and Adam are making small talk; Gwen then recalls Steve thinking she was Adam’s girlfriend and how he is about boundaries. Gwen brings up the kiss; Adam doesn’t even look up. She restates the obvious; she is married. Adam answers that he remembers vaguely that she is married to his brother. She adds more; she is happily married. He smiles and tells her that for his brother’s sake he hopes so. What was the kiss about then? Adam blows it off; it was just a kiss. They were both thrilled and on a high after she pretty much sealed a deal. They appreciated the moment they were in. Gwen just wants to be clear. Adam teases her; she wants to be clear that she is the talent and not he, right? She smiles a bit at this and the ice has been broken a bit. Adam continues; it was just a kiss and nothing to be worried about; this happens in this industry. Gwen is still a bit concerned; she crossed a line. He corrects her; he was the one who crossed a line. She is just curious why it happened? He thinks it was just from the whole day and all they accomplished. He could kiss her again but he won’t, he teases. Gwen grins. Meanwhile, Iris is about 2 rows behind them watching them.

Meg wonders what Paul’s crack about Craig was? He stares for a moment before he admits that he overheard her on the phone with Craig making a date, he says through clenched teeth. Meg explains that she didn’t make any date and that Craig got him again. Paul thought she might have agreed to go out with Craig to get back at him. Meg glares. Paul tries another tactic. He tried to kill him today. Meg seems unfazed; how did he do this? Craig had been out on his balcony and after he left, he almost fell off his balcony. Without missing a beat, Meg reminds him that she told him to get that railing fixed. It is his fault now? She doesn’t want to be involved; Paul can’t see how she isn’t because with Lucy and Johnny gone now Craig is more lethal then ever. He needs to protect her. Meg reminds him that there is no more you and me!

Jack explains that he just bumped into the Prince and he told him that the jewels are fake. He is going to file an official complaint. If he doesn’t find them in about a week there is going to be an international incident. Carly tries to keep it together; she manages to say that she is sorry that the Prince is pressuring him. Jack snaps that he is obviously not worried about himself. Carly answers back quickly that she doesn’t have the necklace and the necklace Katie stole from her house was tested, and it was not a jewel from the necklace. Does she hear herself, Jack growls? Carly explains that she just wants to put this behind her and get back to a normal life. Jack answers that she said goodbye to normal when she said hello to Simon. Carly grimaces slightly.

Gwen has her headphones on when Adam taps her on the shoulder; they need to talk. The record executive, Gordon Richards really liked her. In this business, it is about catching the wave and riding it to the shore. Gwen grins; she was winging it on stage and if he likes that then he is sure to like her more when they are prepared. He knows that timing is everything in this business. They need to make the most of this while it is fresh in his mind. She needs to make a full time commitment to this by doing this 24/7. Gwen is surprised to hear she will have to leave school. He doesn’t know what it took to get her there; she worked really hard. He thinks she would just have to leave for a semester to finish the demo. Then she can’t forget that she will be touring as well. Gwen looks truly happy; she is just a little overwhelmed because she never really thought it through. Adam wonders how far she is willing to go to make this happen? Their talk is interrupted by the flight attendant’s announcement about them landing soon in Oakdale.

Carly tries to keep calm; she realizes he is in a tough spot with the Prince, but he shouldn’t have let his girlfriend wear such expensive jewelry. Jack is astonished; it is his fault he got robbed? Her diamond is a fake, Carly answers. Jack reminds her that it is an exact replica. She answers that it was famous and probably many copies were made. Jack disagrees since they would have to have made it by seeing the real thing. He should arrest the jeweler then. Jack is amazed again; she wants him to arrest the jeweler? Carly realizes she is not helping herself. They are going to be looking into Simon and she may be innocent, but by association, she will be implicated; she will go to jail.

Paul can see that Meg is angry and maybe they shouldn’t discuss their relationship right now. They don’t have one anymore. He wants her to consider Craig. She reminds him that is his full time job and he loves it. Paul yells that he goaded Dusty into shooting him; he took Johnny and ran Rosanna off the road. Are those his fault? They aren’t but he is always in the middle of the things Craig does. Besides, she isn’t supposed to marry Craig. What can he do to get her to come back? He will drop this thing with Craig; if he sees him coming on the street, he will cross it. Meg grumbles that will last 1 day. Paul replies that it will last forever because that is how long he will love her. They have a problem then. She gave him a choice to go after Craig or to marry her. He had a moment of weakness, he admits. Meg offers that is who he is. She bent over backwards for him and she is done; she can’t be with a man who resorts to violence to get what he wants. Paul glumly tells her that is not who she is. Meg seems as if she wants to fall into his arms, but she recovers and pulls away. She wants him to leave. He goes to leave, but turns around one last time; Meg drops her face and looks down so he leaves. After he goes, Emma comes back into the kitchen; it was too bad that the gun wasn’t loaded. Is he gone for good? Meg rushes to her and hugs her as she cries.

Carly admits that Jack has her sufficiently scared. What does he want from her? Does he want her to confess or trade what she knows for a lesser sentence because she doesn’t know anything and either does he. He can take his tactics and go back to the police station. If she thinks he is trying to work her then that is really sad. Has he ever lied to her? Carly’s face softens as she admits he hasn’t. What does he have to gain by telling her this? Just because they have divorced doesn’t mean he still doesn’t…his voice trails off. She is the mother of his kids. She has one more chance; she needs to stay away from Simon though. Carly looks concerned.

Paul is driving and soon he picks up his cell phone and leaves a message for Craig. He thinks Craig is going to deal with him like he did Dusty? Does he think he can play him? He needs to watch his own back from now on because there is a target on it now. He slams the phone closed. Suddenly the tires screech and the car swerves towards the edge of the road.

The man promises that the website he works for is neither a bank nor a nursery school. They want to play then they have to pay. They better show him their wallets or he is going to call his father. Casey explains that they needs more time, as he opens the door for him to leave. Adam is standing there. What is going on? The man wants to know if he knows these two clowns? Adam answers that one of them is his brother. The man suggests that he talk some sense into him then. They owe since they came up with a system to cheat the site. Adam remains unfazed in front of this guy. How much do they owe him? $2,800. Adam pulls put a wad of cash and gives it to the man. He would like a receipt though. Elwood coos about Casey’s brother being too cool. Adam just glares at Casey.

Will and Gwen are hugging in her room; she missed him, as did he? Why is she home so soon? She couldn’t wait to see him. They had her trying on clothes and make up and she got to sing at a club, she shares. Her mother showed up, she breezes over, but most importantly, a record executive listened to her and really liked her and wants the option to be the one to represent her. Will is thrilled for her after the initial concern about Iris. She didn’t call him back because she wanted to share the good news in person. He has good news as well. He got accepted into Oakdale University for next semester. Gwen hugs him tightly; she is so proud. Will rattles off his thoughts about how they should keep the room and their home to keep their privacy and for an escape. They will have the best of both worlds. Gwen’s smile looks pasted on now, as Will wonders what is wrong? She hesitates before she tells him that she is thinking of leaving school. Will’s smile fades. She loves school and it would only be for a semester. She just needs to concentrate on her demo. Adam thinks that she needs to really focus. Will wonders why Adam’s opinion matters really? He reminded her that it would be hard to split her interests and she agrees. If the market is ready for her then she shouldn’t wait. Will slowly tells her that he is behind her then. Gwen admits that she couldn’t do this without him or his support and if he doesn’t think it is a good idea then she won’t do it. He smiles fakely and tells her again that she has it; he is going to get them some sodas. After he walks out of the door, he leans back against it not looking so happy.

Elwood is babbling on about how cool Adam is like James Bond swooping in and saving them. Adam still staring at Casey suggests he make himself scarce. After Elwood leaves, Casey thanks him for his help. Adam admits that it was his fault. Casey doesn’t understand. There was just supposedly guys down the hall and now there is a website enforcer. Casey downplays it by saying he was just going to call their parents. Thanks for the save. He didn’t. Casey looks nervous; is he going to tell their parents? No because he is.

Will is standing out in the hall when Iris nonchalantly walks up talking about him being her superstar daughter’s hubby. He snaps about her breaking her parole by skipping town? She is back now, no harm no foul. She wanted to see Gwen sing, but she was being well taken care of by Adam. He really knows how to treat a lady and Gwen was lapping it up. She can’t blame her for… as her voice trails off. Will wants to know what she was going to say? She has Adam now and doesn’t seem to need anyone else. Will doesn’t seem to appreciate what he is hearing.

Carly wonders if Jack is guaranteeing that she is not going to jail if she stays away from Simon? He can’t, but Simon is a known thief and she isn’t so there would be no reason for them to link the two of them. Carly frowns; how can she say this without hurting him? Is he sure this isn’t about jealousy? The thing he forgot after the divorce is how stubborn she can be. She is wondering if he wants her to trust him? Trust has never been an issue for her when it came to him. He is done; he needs to go. Carly jumps up and stops him; she heard what he said and she appreciates him caring for her because she will always care about him. Jack snaps that is comforting but he is over this and she can do what she wants. She stops him again. She doesn’t want anyone to look at her suspiciously so she will stop seeing Simon for a while at least until things cool down. Jack looks seriously at her; if she wants to keep her life, kids and freedom then she will have to say goodbye to Simon for good. Carly’s mouth drops.

Meg tells Emma that she knows she owes her an explanation, but Emma reassures her that it isn’t necessary. Does she want to help with the tree? Meg recalls how that always helped in the past. Does she still love him? Will she ever be happy without him? Meg sadly answers that she can’t marry him, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Emma goes to get some tinsel. After she leaves, Meg looks at some big red ornaments but somehow drops one and it shatters. Emma rushes back out; what happened? Meg starts to tear up; she has no idea.

Paul recovers; it was ice. He mumbles to himself about how Craig will have to do better. He angrily starts to rattle off the fact that he took Rosanna away from him, as he speeds up. He then continues when he says that he took away Johnny and now he has taken Meg, as he seems to be driving more dangerously. Just then, there are lights in his face and the sound of a truck horn blaring. Paul tries to swerve back as the car veers off the road and he puts up his arms to block his face.

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