ATWT Update Monday 12/18/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/18/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In LA, Gwen walks into the studio with a wide grin; Adam however is immediately on her case about her being late. Undaunted, she explains that she left a message on his cell phone. He settles down soon after and introduces her to the photographer. What is she going to wear, the photographer asks? Adam holds up a dress, but Gwen trumps him when she holds up one of her own and tells him that she will not be wearing his dress because she didn’t know he wanted her to look like a hooker. They all laugh as they decide Gwen’s choice in dresses is better. After the photographer leaves, Adam apologizes for snapping. He knows she is worried about her mother since her aunt died, but he needs her to focus. Gwen smiles and assures him that it is taken care of.

At Java, Iris drops the remainder of a flask into her coffee. As she gets up, she bangs into Jade; she tells her to watch where she is going and Jade snaps back at her. Jade then realizes who she is and changes her tune; she explains she is friends with Gwen and Will. Iris’ eyes light up; she suddenly is all sweetness. How long has she known her Gwennie?

At the farm, Lily walks into the kitchen with Luke; she is very worried about Faith. She feels she should be out there as well, but he talks her out of this. Luke worries it is his fault since he wasn’t paying enough attention because he never thought she would take off on her horse. Just then, Holden rushes in with an unconscious Faith in his arms. Lily panics and races to them, as he gently places her on the table. He admits that he can’t get her to open her eyes. Everyone looks devastated.

At the hospital, Meg walks in to an examination room to bring x-rays to a doctor; she looks up to see it is Dusty who is being examined. The doctor comments about how he wasted no time rebreaking his arm that he just broke weeks previously. The doctor leaves and Meg is going to give Dusty a shot of pain medication but he refuses it. There is no way they can reset his arm without this. Dusty needs a clear head. Meg doesn’t understand so Dusty explains that Lucy took his son and he needs to find them before Craig.

At home, Paul hears a noise in the livingroom and rushes out thinking it is Meg. Unfortunately, Craig has let himself in. Paul orders him out; Craig snidely answers that since he learned that he replaced the blanks with bullets, he should be nicer to him. Lucy took his son! Paul smiles; he didn’t know. Craig explains that his children are gone and he is going to help him find them. Paul explains through a smirk there is no way he is going to help the likes of him. Craig realizes he doesn’t know where they are. He smiles thinking Paul was just left out of the loop by Barbara and Lucy. Craig mimics an act being played out where he tells the police about the switch Paul made with the bullets; is that reckless endangerment or attempted murder, he wonders? Paul is amused that his own daughter conned him. Craig thinks she was blinded by her devotion to Dusty, but Paul feels it is simply about keeping Johnny away from a wacko like him. She was the only one that could hurt him and she did. Craig explains he is going to find out from his mother where Lucy took Johnny or he will see him behind bars.

Meg didn’t realize Lucy took Johnny. She now realizes he broke his arm again on purpose. Dusty asks her to please help him. Meg tells him that she will not lift a hand to help him.

Gwen comes out wearing her dress and all eyes are on her, as Adam compliments her quite a bit. She thought he might laugh. He would never do that. How could she think that? She feels as if she is faking it and everyone knows. People would never call her fake; Gwen smiles warmly, as the photo shoot is about to start.

Jade explains that she has known Will and Gwen for a long time and that they hung out and now she is dating Adam. Iris waxes on about how important Adam is in LA and how he is taking care of her girl. Why isn’t she out there? Jade lies again and tells her that he asked her to go because he loves her input but she had a family emergency. Iris wonders if she believes in second chances? Jade does; she is glad because she does as well. She thinks Gwen does too, but Will is standing in their way. Will and she had a disagreement and he kicked her out; he doesn’t want them reconnecting, but she really thinks Gwen does. Jade sticks up for Will, but Iris pretends to cry because all she wants is to be a part of her daughter’s life. Jade recalls Gwen and Iris’ unpleasant altercation at the Oakdale studio. Her face lights up as a plan forms; she knows Iris wants to see Gwen. Iris answers that she is the one to help her with this.

Luke is on the phone trying to get an ambulance to the farm, but there is a hold up. Holden and Lily agree that they can’t wait any longer. They are going to take her by car, but as soon as they attempt to move her, Faith’s eyes open up. She looks up at Holden and asks him not to leave and for them not to get a divorce. Lily and Holden stare at each other. They sit her up and promise her that they are not divorcing because they love each other. Faith admits that she saw Holden with a woman. They were talking and laughing and Jade told her that he was having an affair. Holden smiles awkwardly; he is not having an affair; it was a misunderstanding. The woman she saw was Tea, who was teaching him how to dance. Lily has even since met her, as Lily nods in agreement. They assure her that she misunderstood and they are together and nothing is going to change that…ever.

Casey is sitting at his laptop in Java playing poker online; he is thrilled when he wins a hand and claps his hands. Will is suddenly at his side surprising him so Casey quickly closes his laptop. Will thinks he won an online bid for gift and Casey is relieved when he realizes he didn’t see anything. He needs to go though. Will laments that he just got there. Where has he been? Casey claims he has been studying. Will gets it but he was the reason Gwen got started with Adam and it is weird he has been distant. Casey slightly snaps that he isn’t, but Will doesn’t really see this. Casey asks if Gwen checked in and how things are going out in LA? He talked to her briefly but she had to go. He now wishes he had gone with her.

Gwen is sitting stiffly as the photographer snaps her picture; he wants her to think about sex and not her mortgage payment. Adam stops this and tells them to give him a moment with her. Gwen apologizes, but Adam wants her to try something. He knows she can’t just pose; she is real. She admits that the cold room makes her want to think of getting on a sweater and not sex. Adam wants her to thinks about Will. Gwen smiles and thinks of him; he then asks her what she likes about him? His hair all tussled first thing in the morning and his soft skin. The photographer starts taking pictures as Adam elicits more intimate responses from Gwen as she talks about Will and her face has softened so they are able to take pictures. Gwen and Adam almost seem lost in what they are talking about as they stare at each other. Adam asks her to tell him the color of Will’s eyes when he stares longingly at her? She answers brown and then realizes she is not talking about Will and she nervously changes her answer to green. She then quickly gets up stating she can’t do this anymore.

Paul wants Craig out of his house. Craig remarks that he could turn him in whenever he chooses. Paul doesn’t think he will and besides he has no proof. Craig taunts him by asking him how long he thinks that he was here before he staggered out of bed? He pulls out a box of blanks from the drawer, which happens to have Paul’s fingerprints on them.

Meg angrily answers that he, Paul and Craig all make her sick. Dusty explains that if he finds Lucy first then she will still be able to practice medicine again, but if Craig finds her first then she won’t be able. She will lose everything; he is the one who should lose everything since it is his son. Meg seems conflicted. Dusty just wants her to look away; she can even say that he threatened her so no blame would fall on her. Meg answers that is easier said then done.

Gwen is changing in the back room when a man opens the door; Gwen whips around to hide herself. He introduces himself; he is the club owner, Steve. He is happy to meet Adam’s girlfriend. Gwen corrects him; she is only his singer. The club owner thinks that there isn’t much of a distinction when it comes to Adam. Gwen explains she is actually married to his brother. Steve thinks that boundaries don’t really matter that much to the Adam he knows. Gwen’s face drops a bit. Meanwhile, Adam is outside talking to the photographer about getting the proofs done today; he is sure they will be great. Gwen comes out and apologizes; it felt weird to talk so intimately. Adam thinks that is what she is doing when she sings her songs, but Gwen thinks this felt different. She met the owner and he said a couple of things to her. Adam asks if his secret is out? Gwen wonders if it is true then? It is; Gwen looks taken aback. Then Adam continues; she is going to sing tonight. Gwen’s face changes to one of sheer happiness now. He doesn’t want her to give him an excuse that she isn’t ready. She is ready, she answers. Adam is glad because he really thinks she is ready for anything. They have moved in closer to one another, almost unknowingly as they talk.

Casey understands about Will’s desire to support his wife, but he probably would be a third wheel. Casey then wonders how long it will be for they see a pay off from Gwen? Will teases him about how Casey included himself. Casey defends that he started this and Will even said that. Will smiles; he would be one of the people to benefit if Gwen makes money, but Adam is using all their money up it seems. If there is money, they will share it. Casey looks bothered to hear that there may not be a lot.

Jade and Luke are in the kitchen of the farm; she apologizes for telling Faith about her suspicions. Lily and Holden bring Faith back in the room and she apologizes again for worrying everyone. They dote on her; Jade suggests a bubble bath and Luke tells her then she can wear his sweatshirt. Jade and Luke take her upstairs and Holden and Lily breath a sigh of relief that this could have ended tragically. Holden happily thinks things are back to normal, but Lily wonders if they really are?

Meg wonders how Dusty sees this ending? He just wants to take care of his son. Meg thinks he and Paul don’t get how their tactics are like putting kerosene on a fire. He has gone to jail for shooting Craig and now he wants to make himself a fugitive...all in the name of his son? A frustrated Dusty slams the table and hurts his arm again. Meg orders him to sit because she is giving him the pain medication or she will scream for the cop outside; Dusty relents. Dusty admits that this is his worst nightmare; he let down his wife and child. Meg believes that he is a terrific dad. Dusty apologizes for putting her in the middle of all of this. She still considers him a friend, so she is going to help; she is going to start thinking like Craig.

Paul grins; he got him, he says to Craig. He took the blanks home after he made sure his fingerprints were all over them and then kept them as souvenirs at his home. Craig asks if he is implying that he is setting him up? Paul smirks; he is actually thinking how Lucy doesn’t love him. An agitated Craig decides he will find them on his own. Paul suggests he give it up; is he going to lock them in a turret to keep them? How can he sleep at night knowing how his children feel about him? Craig angrily replies that when he puts him in jail, he will do everything in his power to make sure Meg forgets him. Paul looses it and pushes Craig to the door; Craig grimaces.

Singers are coming and going from open mike nigh,t as Adam goes in the back to check on Gwen. She called Will but couldn’t reach him. He compliments her on how well she will sing and she admits strangely enough she thought she would be nervous because this could change her life, but she is not. The owner interrupts their involved moment. He can’t believe that Adam didn’t tell him that the big music guy is at his club. Adam tries to shush him, but Gwen hears that he is in the crowd and knows why. Was he going to tell her? No, he finally admits. She realizes he was thinking of her and not wanting her to get more nervous. She is happy he is her producer. He knows she will be fine and he is happy that he is making her dreams come true. Gwen smiles warmly and Adam returns this with one of his own.

Lily and Holden are talking in the kitchen. She is afraid for Faith, but Holden reassures her that she bounces back easily. He can’t believe she would jump to those conclusions though. Lily admits that when he carried Faith in she thought she was, as her voice trails off. Holden knows what she means. Lily thinks they should get rid of the horse, but Holden explains Faith wants to keep him. Just then, Faith, Jade and Luke come back in. He tells Faith that the party he and Lily are invited to, he is going to dance. She can even laugh at him. Faith giggles and Holden pulls her in for a hug.

Paul throws Craig out into the hallway. Craig wonders why when he can’t keep up that he has to resort to being physical? He would think that since Paul is James Stenbeck’s son that he would be more resourceful. Craig promises when he gets him back, he won’t even see it coming. Paul ignores him and instead would rather relish in the fact that Craig just lost the two people that mean the most to him. Craig is confident that he will get them back, but Paul doubts it.

Meg walks back into Dusty’s room. Does he feel better? Dusty admits that the pain medication helped considerably. Meg relays there is a cop outside the room, by the elevator and a squad car outside. Dusty is amazed he gets this and Craig is out walking free. Meg will not help him get shot, because they are aiming to kill if they have to. She knows that they can’t react the way Craig expects or wants.

Lily and Holden are sitting outside cuddled up on the porch. She is glad Faith was laughing at his promise to dance. She notices how much closer they have become since her accident. He tells her how brave Faith was while she was in her coma. Lily thinks Faith is lucky to have him; she adds that so is she, as she punctuates it with a kiss.

Meanwhile, inside the farm in the kitchen, Luke has made Faith his world famous grilled cheese, but Faith isn’t hungry. This surprises both Jade and Luke since she hasn’t eaten all day. Faith tells them she is going to check on Stormy (her new name for her horse). A concerned looking Jade and Luke watch her leave.

Gwen is putting the finishing touches on her make-up when there is a knock at the door; she thinks it is Adam and she happily tells him to come in. The door swings open and it is Iris; she is smiling ear to ear, as she tells Gwen she is glad she didn’t miss her baby sing; Gwen looks stricken.

A police officer gruffly takes Dusty out of the examination room. As he is being taken away, Dusty says to himself that he hopes Meg is right.

Craig is back home at Fairwinds when he stoops to pick up a toy horse. Meg comes in commenting about how quiet it is. Craig wonders if he sent her? She came on her own. She heard about what happened. He adores her, but doesn’t want to talk about it. She thinks then he should drop the charges against Dusty. Craig bitterly remarks that he is impressed she said that without cracking a smile. She thinks he should get Dusty out of jail…. so he can lead Craig right to Johnny; she says with a smirk. Craig suddenly takes notice of what she is suggesting.

Paul is on the phone yelling at someone on the other end about how Craig could get into his apartment; he hangs up angrily. He heads out to his patio overlooking the city. He sits down thinking about Craig’s comment about when he comes for him, he won’t see him coming. He stands up holding onto the blanks, heads for the railing of his patio and goes to toss them over when suddenly the railing gives way. Paul teeters for a moment trying to catch himself, but is not able to and looks as if he is heading off the edge.

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