ATWT Update Wednesday 12/13/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/13/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the studio, Jade is bothered that Adam and Gwen are going alone to LA and that she was not invited; Will was invited so why wasn’t she? Adam explains that he is Gwen’s husband, his brother and the moneyman. Jade tries to persuade Adam that she could run errands for him or just give him moral support. Adam tells her that isn’t going to work out, as Will watches close by agreeing whole-heartedly with him. Jade coldly responds that if it weren’t for Gwen’s spoiled diva like behavior then everything would be fine. Will tells her to watch what she says. Adam explains again that Gwen is the star of this project and he doesn’t want anyone there to bring her down. Jade rolls her eyes in response.

Gwen is looking in store windows downtown for her new look when Iris makes herself hard not to notice by sobbing on a bench nearby, just loud enough for Gwen to hear. Gwen approaches cautiously as if not wanting to get involved but at the same time, unable to walk away. What is wrong? Iris answers through wracking sobs that her sister Candace died and it is all her fault. Gwen drops down beside her upset by the news. She packed up her life, put herself under stress only to take care of her. What did the doctors say happened? Iris, being a little unprepared for that question, stumbles but finally covers by saying they left a message. The parole board won’t even let her attend the wake and funeral. Last time they spoke, she said she loved her. It will probably be the last time anyone says those words to her. Gwen awkwardly comforts her. They reminisce about times they spent with Candace. Iris wonders how she will get through this? Gwen thinks she should go to a meeting, but Iris shocks her when she answers that she really just wants to find the nearest bar.

At Fairwinds, Craig wonders to Johnny where his sister took off? He hears a door and thinks it is Lucy, but instead it is Margo. She is surprised to see him home so soon from the hospital. He is ok, not that she cares. Why is Johnny there with him? He has a court order, it is from a real judge and it is signed, Craig sneers. When does he have to get Johnny back? He will get him back when it is convenient for him sometime tomorrow. He better abide by what is written in the ruling or she will be back to arrest him. Was she always such a killjoy? He will be moving forward with full custody and he is well within his rights because it is within the 12 months of the adoption. Margo thinks he doesn’t have a concept of how exhausting it will be. Lucy has decided to move back in. Margo’s eyebrows raise; where is she? He is not sure, but she should be right back.

At the Oakdale police station, Lucy incredulously asks Dusty if he just said what she thought? He can’t stay behind bars. He is counting on her to get him out. He isn’t really going to try to kill her father again? He has his son; he is not going to lie; he is going to find her father and finish what he started. Lucy looks overwrought.

Gwen understands that Iris feels as if she has lost everything, but the answer is not alcohol. Iris claims that Candace gave her hope that she can turn her life around. She is not good on her own; she doesn’t feel positive about the future. Gwen empathizes that the future scares most people. She feels very alone, but Candace was her support and someone to come home to. She doesn’t mean to go on an on about her problems; the have already been more then generous already especially Will giving her that money. Gwen’s face shows that she wasn’t aware of this, so Iris pretends that she didn’t mean to spill the beans and then pleads with her to keep that secret. How much did he give her? Would it be enough to get out of the place she is living in? Iris pretends it wasn’t a lot, but it was more like a payoff instead of a loan. He wants her to stay away. Iris figures this is her time to make her exit to see if Gwen will stop her. She starts to head off, but just as Iris planned, Gwen stops her. Is she going to drink? Iris lures her in further when she doesn’t immediately answer her.

Maddie and Casey happily wander into the studio to see Gwen, Will and Adam. They see them standing awkwardly around with Jade, upset about something unspoken. They will come back if it is a bad time? Adam stops them by asking to talk to Casey. Casey knows what he wants to talk about and hesitates, but Adam pushes pretending it is about a Christmas gift for their mom. Will needs to head out as well, which leaves Jade and Maddie ineptly trying to make small talk. Adam immediately starts in on Casey; he offered to pay him back and has been buying up gifts, but he never told him how he got the money to do this with. Casey looks uncomfortable.

Dusty restates the obvious in his mind; the only way to stop Craig is to kill him. Lucy wants him to promise not to hurt her dad again. He can’t promise her that because he has to do whatever he has to in order to get Johnny back. The police guard lets them know their time is up. Dusty stands; what is she going to do? She will do the right thing. She loves him and Johnny so much. She leaves and runs into Margo. She heard she is moving back in to Fairwinds? Lucy explains it is to help her dad out. Lucy then asks Margo not to mention to her dad that she saw her here; she just had to see Dusty one last time. Margo agrees. They agree how tragic this is. Johnny is going to be involved in a constant tug of war between two people that love him but hate each other. Margo is happy that Johnny at least has her to always put his needs first. Lucy looks back at Dusty, repeats those words and then quickly rushes out.

Adam asks pointblank if Casey is gambling again? Casey feigns hurt. He had money from some savings bonds that matured. He is through with gambling. Casey is irate so Adam drops the subject especially when he sees Maddie watching them; he has to go smooth things over with Jade anyway. Maddie wonders what they looked intense about? She assumes they weren’t discussing buying a robe and slippers? She assumes it is about Jade, and Casey doesn’t correct her. They should get out of there so as not to get involved. Meanwhile, Adam wants to know why Jade looks as if she is about to leave? As far as she can tell, they don’t have much more to talk about. Adam corrects her; she couldn’t be more wrong.

At the cottage, Gwen reluctantly brings her mom into her and Will’s home. She has to fly to LA today; Iris cuts off to lavish fake pride on her. Gwen explains she only shared that with her because she wants her to stay there for the night while she is gone. She realizes she has a lot going on with her sobriety and Candace and if she gets her head straight here tonight, then it might help. Iris is thrilled with the offer; it is a palace compared to her dump. Gwen tells her not to get too excited because she has to run this by Will first; Iris’ smile fades. Will walks in at the tail end of this conversation and wants to know what he has to be involved in?

Margo tells Dusty he has another visitor. When he sees Emily walk in, he yells for them to get her out of there; he doesn’t want to see her! Emily pleads with him to give her a moment. Dusty snarls about her being there to do Craig’s dirty work again? She realizes he knows the whole story. He doesn’t know she is there. Dusty doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth. How many times has she lied to him? He stood up in court and supported her because of Jen and Johnny. She walked out of court free because of him. Everything that comes out of her stupid mouth has been a lie, he growls. Emily promises that she never lied about Jen or Johnny. There is an explanation and because of this, she may be able to help him more then he realizes.

Lucy arrives back at Fairwinds; she talks softly to Johnny; how is she going to explain this to him when he gets older? Craig wanders in; where she has been? She lies and tells him she went to Lucinda’s to pick up more of her belongings. She also needed to think; she is upset about how she misjudged Dusty; he tried to kill him, and if he were out, he would try to do it again. Craig empathizes saying he deceived her. She also misjudged him and for that, she apologizes. He hugs her and then he grimaces. She checks on his wound and tells him that it looks like he has an infection starting. He blows it off, but Lucy is adamant that he does something about this right now because it could spread rapidly. Craig thinks they can all head over to the hospital, but Lucy doesn’t think it is a good idea. When Craig suggests it again thinking it is no big idea, Lucy snaps telling him Johnny should stay home with her. Craig looks a bit taken aback by her strong reaction.

Maddie and Casey are standing downtown, as she laments over what to get Henry. He would love tickets to the Kentucky Derby, to be a high roller in every Las Vegas casino and to always roll a seven. Casey doesn’t think that is likely. Maddie agrees and that is why she is considering buying him an electronic casino game. It is the high of gambling without the risk. Casey thinks someone like Henry gets a high from the risk. Maddie reluctantly agrees. Elwood catches up with them. Maddie decides to take a quick look in a store for Henry so Elwood and he can catch up. Elwood is happy they don’t have to worry about exams so they can do some online gambling. Casey doesn’t want to play anymore. Elwood is confused because he always wants to play. Casey snaps a bit; he just doesn’t want to anymore. He wants to spend more time with Maddie. Elwood thinks Maddie could bring her computer over and join them. Casey doesn’t think it is a good idea at all. Elwood begs to differ because she has the smarts to make a lot of money. He turns around and she is just walking up. He asks her if she wants to play?

Jade thinks it is ridiculous that her being around would throw Gwen off her game. There is a bright side to her not going with them. Jade sarcastically answers that she has plenty of time to find a new boyfriend. Adam smirks; he thinks they will miss each other even more. He will make it up to her and he promises it will be good. Jade’s icy exterior seems to be melting.

An irate Will wonders whose idea this was? Gwen takes credit. She was going to drink because she just heard about her sister’s passing. Will apologizes, but that doesn’t change things. Iris tells them she will give them space to talk. Will reminds her that this is not how they left things. Iris thanks him for the money and then explains she told Gwen because it slipped out. Gwen is ok with it, but she was hoping she could stay there for the one night she was in LA. Will finally relents; he could stay at Gwen’s dorm since her roommate dropped out of school. He does have an interview there tomorrow so it would be convenient. Iris answers that he could stay here with her so they could spend time together. Will answers quickly that is not going to happen. This is just a one-time deal; she is just someone who put Gwen through hell to him. She is not going to work her way back into their lives, as he stomps off with Gwen close behind. After they leave, Iris’ plastered smile fades, as she promises that it is already happening, “Mr. Trust Fund Boy!”

Lucy reminds Craig that Johnny is sleeping; he also doesn’t have his diaper bag ready. He may need to have tests and it wouldn’t be good for Johnny to be around the hospital waiting. Craig smiles then; he got it back. She asks what he is talking about? He got back her love; he thought it was gone forever. She promises he still has it and always will. He heads out and as soon as he is out of sight, Lucy heads over to a picture on the wall, takes it down and inputs the combination to the safe. She opens it and takes out a huge amount of money from it.

Gwen is ready to head out and Iris wishes her well waxing on about how beautiful she is and how she has the eyes of a poet. Gwen gently reminds her that she can’t have any people over. Iris promises that her party days are over; she will probably just sit around and pray for her sister (that is rather unlikely). After they leave, Iris turns on the radio and happily starts to snoop around. She wanders into the bedroom and finds an envelope addressed to Will in a box. She acts like it fell out; she opens the letter addressed from Oakdale National Trust. She reads his account information, as her mouth drops open.

Emily tries to explain that everyone has a weakness and hers is Paul. Dusty sarcastically remarks it is more like something pathological; she somewhat agrees. After she lost the baby, she was lonely and Craig offered her a partnership and a way to get back at Paul. Dusty scoffs at this pitiful explanation. She continues; this turned into a desire to get him back. Craig makes her promises to help her with Paul. Dusty icily reminds her that Paul doesn’t even like her. Emily smirks; she knows that, but Craig has a way to make you believe. Craig is a master manipulator; Dusty thinks she is up there as well. She admits that she made the switch from the bullets to the blanks, but he alone created the situation with Craig meeting him in the garage to kill him. He needs to take ownership of that. She thinks Craig played them both and because of that, he will get full custody of Johnny. Dusty swears that will never happen. Emily grins; with her help, it won’t happen.

Lucy quietly tells Johnny that they have many miles to go before they sleep. She starts to bundle him up and head for the door, but is intercepted by Lucinda who is walking in. She doesn’t know how to cover; Lucinda demands to know why she is leaving her home to come to live in the devil’s playground. Lucy puts her off; she can’t talk right now. Why is Johnny here, Lucinda continues undeterred? Craig has him for an overnight. Why is he not here when Johnny is and where is she taking him? Lucy is nervous; she is taking him back to Barbara’s, she says with a crack in her voice. It is too much for him to care for Johnny so soon out of the hospital. Lucinda stares at her and then tells her Craig would never give Johnny up that easily; she is lying to her!

Maddie wonders what Elwood is talking about? Casey interrupts and jokingly answers, bowling. Elwood then tries to continue but Casey cuts him off again; Maddie won’t want to play checkers and video games. They have plans anyway. Maddie answers that they don’t really and besides she has to go study for 2 exams she has tomorrow, but they have all winter break to spend together. After she heads out, Casey roughly explains to him that he doesn’t want him to ever mention online gambling to Maddie. He apologizes. Since he is free now though, they should head back to the dorms and get in some poker games? Casey doesn’t want to. He intends to lay off of it. Elwood thinks he is going to rethink this after he explains that he has figured out a way to never lose at poker.

Jade coyly asks what Adam has in mind for when he comes back? He thinks they could take a long weekend somewhere warm and sunny with room service. Jade is thrilled and kisses him to show him this. Gwen interrupts and Adam is quick to get up from the couch where he is sitting with Jade. They should head out soon because the limo is waiting, as is Melrose. Jade wishes them well and heads out still annoyed with how Adam acts around Gwen.

Iris is sitting on their bed, happily chomping on some potato chips as she reads over Will’s trust fund papers. How can she get a better pay off? She hears the door and jumps off the bed as sees it is Will. She tries to block him from coming into the bedroom, but he has to get some papers. He soon sees the papers on the bed; she tries to talk herself out of what it looks like, but Will isn’t buying it and tells her to get out now!

She is of no use to him, Dusty snaps. She can testify about Craig’s role in the shooting, Emily counters. Dusty answers back that isn’t going to make much of a difference because he was intending to kill him anyway. Emily thinks at least it may stop Johnny from going to Craig. Isn’t it better that he ends up with Barbara? He wants to be with his son! Emily doesn’t understand why he confessed then? He shouldn’t have claimed insanity. She never thought she would get out either. Emily nods remembering that Dusty stood up for her but Craig would never do that for him. Dusty wasn’t talking about Craig helping him out. Emily is interested; whom does he think is going to get him out of this?

Bob is checking Craig out in a room at the hospital. Craig explains how Lucy is worrying about him; Bob reassures him that it is always better to be safe then sorry. He opens the dressing and makes a noise of surprise; Craig worries; is it bad? Bob tells him on the contrary; he is healing well. Craig stares strangely out into the distance when he hears this.

Lucy tells Lucinda that she doesn’t have time for her hysterics. Lucinda presses; does Craig know she is leaving to take Johnny to Barbara’s? She is sure Craig would not allow this. Lucy just looks terrified but not quite willing to share what is going on yet. Lucinda admits she is really starting to get scared. Lucy tells her quickly that she has to go. She tries to get by her, but she knocks her purse to the ground in the process; it opens and some of the bundles of money spill out. Lucinda looks stunned; she is running away with Johnny; she is going to kidnap Johnny? Lucy tells her with a renewed determination in her voice that she is right!

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