ATWT Update Tuesday 12/12/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/12/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Studio Gwen sings her new song and tells Adam that she likes the new ending to the song it is much better. Gwen takes off her headphones and calls Adam’s name but doesn’t get a response Jade arrives and tells Gwen that she was on the phone. Jade wonders if that were how the song was supposed to sound.

At Java, Will finish a phone call and notices Iris and walks over to her so they can have a talk. Iris tells Will that she is just there to get a cup of coffee and she had no idea that he was also going to be there. Will tells Iris that he had been wanting to speak to her alone anyway and hands Iris a big check with a lot of zeros in it. Iris wonders how an eighteen year old who doesn’t work could have so much money. Will tells Iris that where he got the money isn’t important but in order to keep the check she must not have any contact with Gwen at all.

At the police station, Barbara arrives in a panic and tells Dusty that Craig and Lucy took Johnny for his court ordered visitation. Barbara tells Dusty she tried to stop them but she couldn’t fight the court order Dusty calms Barbara and tells her he knew that would be Craig’s next move. Barbara can’t believe that Lucy is on their side but Dusty repeats that Lucy told him that Craig set up a trap so he would get blamed for shooting him and end up in jail. Dusty tells Barbara that he trusts Lucy and he is frustrated that he is powerless to stop Craig so he scrams that Lucy is there only hope.

At Fairwinds, Craig and Lucy arrive with Johnny and Craig shows his son all the teddy bears and other toys he has bought for him. Craig takes the stuffed lamb that Johnny is holding and puts it down saying that Johnny doesn’t need that old thing anymore. Lucy tells her father that the lamb is a very age appropriate toy for Johnny and that he should keep as many familiar things around him as possible until he gets used to coming to the house for visits. Craig tells Lucy he should be getting permanent custody of Johnny soon and he has already filed papers for Johnny’s name to be changed and he is thinking of Craig Jr.

At Carly’s house, Katie is thrilled to find the diamond necklace but Henry gets nervous when he hears Carly and Simon’s voice on the porch. Katie and Simon Rush to hide behind the couch just as Carly and Simon open the door. Carly has a feeling someone has been inside the house because the door was unlocked. Simon thinks maybe Jack came by to get something but Carly knows Jack would never leave the door unlocked. Carly tell Simon that she wishes the situation hadn’t gotten so complicated between them. Simon thinks Carly wishes she had never met him and that he hadn’t hired her or brought these problems into her life. Carly tells Simon she meant that she wishes that she didn’t come with so much baggage. Carly explains to Simon that even though their business and personal life has been very complicated he has also helped her new business take off and brought her lots of money and fun which she hadn’t had in a long time. Simon explains to Carly that he has been in love before but none of those women have ever believed in him or trusted him enough to be with him during the tough times. Simon tells Carly that she is the only woman who hasn’t left him during the tough times and that is why he loves her so much and will protect her no matter what it costs him.

At the studio Adam arrives in the sound booth after he has finished his call and Gwen tells Adam Jade didn’t like the song but one jade figure out that Adam was the one who changed the ending she tells Adam she loved the song. Gwen is upset with Adam because he didn’t keep his end of the agreement to keep Jade away from the studio. Gwen leaves in a huff while jade is kissing Adam who tells Jade they have to find some place else to hook up because he doesn’t want to risk losing Gwen.

At Java, Iris gives Will back the check telling him she loves her daughter too much to stay away from her. Iris quickly reconsiders and takes the check from Will and tells him that she is only taking it because she needs the money so much. Iris asks Will to tell Gwen she loves her but needed the money and it was his idea to give it to her. Will tells Iris he will give Gwen the message but she must remember their agreement and not have any contact with Gwen. Once Will is gone Iris tells herself that this check is only going to be a down payment from Will.

At the Police Station, Barbara fears that Craig will take Johnny out of the country but Dusty tells Barbara that Lucy would never allow Craig to do it. Dusty apologizes to Barbara for snapping at her earlier but he is just frustrated he can’t protect his son. Dusty tells Barbara that she is very important in Johnny’s life and he needs his grandmother. Barbara gives Dusty a hug and promises to trust Lucy because she knows they all love Johnny.

At Fairwinds, Lucy is upset at her father’s desire to change Johnny’s name but thinks quickly and tells Craig that she feels he would be disrespecting Bryant by naming the baby Craig Jr. Craig points out that many men have given their name to their second son instead of the first son. Craig thinks that Lucy is on Dusty’s side because all his plans are upsetting her. Lucy tells Craig she has always told him when he is doing something wrong and she isn’t going to change her personality now. Craig admires that in Lucy and calls her the moral compass of his family. Craig apologizes to Lucy for what he said and tells her he is happy that he is so close to finally having a family. Craig s positive that with lucy helping him to raise Johnny he will grow up to be a good man. Craig’s lawyer arrives and tells him he will have full custody of Johnny by the end of the week. Craig’s lawyer also feels sure that because Dusty is in jail the judge won’t grant any visitation to the mother’s family.

At the studio, Adam tells Gwen that he has set up a photo shoot with a top photographer and CD cover artist and they must leave for the airport in one hour. Gwen calls Will’s cell phone and tells him to call her back when he gets the message.

At Carly’s house, Simon and Carly begin to make out on the couch but then decide to go upstairs because they have some time before Carly has to go to Sage’s science fair. Katie and Henry leave the house as soon as Carly and Simon go upstairs. A clearly jealous Katie is even more determined to put Simon in jail. Henry thinks they should take the necklace to Jack but Katie has a better idea. Carly’s cell phone rings so she comes back downstairs to answer the call. Sage asks Carly if she can ride to the science fair with Jill and Carly tells her that is fine she will just meet her at the entrance to the hospital. Sage is a little sad because she doesn’t have a sun for her solar system project so Carly suggests they use something sparkly. Sage tells Jill she is going to use her magic crystal but she worries since her magic crystal looks like her mommy’s diamond she might have gotten the wrong one. Jill tells Sage not to worry since her mommy’s diamond and her magic crystal look the same. Carly looks for the necklace and worries when it is missing but Simon reminds her it is fake and that they got rid of the real one so she shouldn’t worry.

On Main Street, Katie shows Mike the necklace and tells him she found it at Carly’s house. Mike isn’t happy that Katie stole the necklace from Carly but Katie tells him she did it to prove how much she loves him. Katie reminds Mike he told her to prove her love to him and get Simon out of her life. Mike reminds Katie that Jack isn’t going to take her seriously when he finds out that she broke into Carly’s house to get it. Katie tells Mike jack isn’t going to care how she got the evidence once he can put Simon in jail. Katie asks Mike to come with her to get Simon arrested and he agrees to go with her because he does want to see Simon go to jail.

At Fairwinds, Craig goes to put Johnny’s toys away and Lucy tells Johnny she won’t let their father do to him what he did to her an Bryant.

At Carly’s house, Carly tells Simon she thinks Katie took the necklace and will probably take it to Jack. Simon reminds Carly that he will take the blame if the police catch them.

At the police station, Mike and Katie arrive and agree to wait for Jack when they are told that he will be back soon. Lucy arrives to visit Dusty and tells him Craig will have full custody of Johnny by the end of the week. Lucy also tells Dusty the judge won’t give Jennifer’s family any visitation rights because he is a bad influence on Johnny because he is in jail. Dusty asks Lucy for her help to break out of jail.

At the studio, Adam tells Will they must all go to the airport in an hour because Gwen has a photo shoot for the cover of her demo CD. Will tells Adam he can’t go because he has an interview with Oakdale University in the morning. Jade wants to get packed and go with Adam but he reminds her it’s a business trip and if Will can’t go he and Gwen must go on the trip together.

On Main Street, Gwen sees Iris sitting on a bench crying and iris tells her something awful has happened and Gwen holds her mother as she cries.

At Carly’s house, Simon and Carly decide to stop worrying and concentrate on making their business grow and having a happy life together.

At the Police Station, Lucy wonders how helping Dusty break out of jail will help him keep custody of Johnny. Dusty. Explains to Lucy that the only way to stop Craig is to finish what he started and kill him.

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