ATWT Update Monday 12/11/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/11/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the station, Mike is standing over Jack’s desk. Jack is hanging up the phone; Mike asks him irritated if that is all he plans on doing… leaving a polite message for the prince to return at his leisure? Jack remarks sarcastically that he loves when people stand over him telling him how to do his job. Mike thinks he is not doing everything he can, but Jack is determined to do things by the book. Now it is Mike’s turn to be sarcastic; he thought the book said cops go after the bad guys? He didn’t realize it really meant to stall in hopes of getting your ex wife off. An angry Jack tells Mike that he just crossed a line with him.

Carly arrives home with Sage; is she tired of her being in a bad mood because she is. She is also tired of wearing this hood ornament around her neck, as she quickly unhooks the necklace and tosses it on the couch. Sage wonders if she is mad at her dad or Simon? Frankly, she is mad at everyone… except for her and her brothers. She is going to make her a healthy snack before her friend gets there so they can go work on their science project. After Carly leaves, Sage sits on the couch eyeing her mom’s necklace stone next to hers. She wishes the magic in her crystal necklace would make her mom happy.

In downtown Oakdale, Katie and Henry are sitting around plotting how to get their hands on Carly’s ring. She thinks they should make a map. Henry scoffs at this; thieves use this tactic when there is a large heist at a heavily guarded place such as a museum, not at a person’s home. Why is it again he should be helping her with this? Simply, to save her marriage, Katie answers. That is why she wants it done, not why he does. When did he become the person to go to when breaking and entering is involved? He remarks about breaking the laws for neurotic blondes. Katie snaps that she is not neurotic. If she wanted to save her marriage she shouldn’t written about sleeping with Simon to begin with. She was just trying to purge her guilt, she pouts. Has she heard of the delete key…purge-delete, purge-delete. The worst thing that could have happened to her did and he is making jokes. He adds that she seems to plan robberies. She just wants Simon and Carly to go to jail, and she will get Mike back. Let’s overlook the fact he could get arrested, why would he want to risk that for something he doesn’t even want? Katie smiles; he doesn’t want the reward? She believes she heard about a couple million dollars. That is all it takes for Henry to be convinced; he pulls out his notebook and pen and starts to draw a map.

In Barbara’s suite, she is defiantly telling Lucy and Cassandra that they are not getting anywhere near her grandson. Lucy reminds her that it is only for the night, she has papers and as she can see, they are all in order. She is incensed that Craig can use the law for this twisted plot to get her grandson away from her and Dusty. She won’t stand for it! Lucy snaps that she can dig her heels in and keep Johnny for the night but then she will lose him forever.

At the hospital, Craig quietly but coldly whispers to Paul about how he must be wondering how much of his conversation with Meg did he hear? Paul doesn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing any fear when he answers that he wasn’t thinking that at all. Craig sarcastically offers his apologies for Paul and Meg’s break up. Paul recommends he take his sympathy and shove it somewhere. Craig continues to goad him; it must have been something big, not like simply forgetting to put the toilet seat down. It is none of his business. Craig wants him to just admit what he did; confession is good for the soul. Paul wonders why he doesn’t take his own advice? Why doesn’t he own up to the fact he replaced the blanks with real bullets? Without skipping a beat, Paul wonders why he doesn’t offer his confession about how he had Emily put blanks into a gun and then push Dusty to the brink so he would shoot him and free the path to Johnny. Craig is impressed by his lack of concern over the fact that he knows this. What does he want, Paul demands? Craig smirks as he offers to plead his case to Meg. Paul cuts him off, what is he going to do about him? Craig realizes Paul always makes it about himself. Is he going to go to the cops? Craig holds Paul stare for a moment before he tells him that he isn’t going to do anything.

A furious Barbara tells them that she will just call the police. Lucy challenges her to, then she will be in court with her dad and this move will be biting her in the backside when she is begging for visitation rights to her own grandson. No sane person will let Johnny be taken away from her and given to Craig. So, they end up with another Will. Barbara spits that she always knew she was a traitor. All along, she has been working with her father. Lucy tells Cassandra to go get the baby. She steps in her way and growls that she is not going near Johnny. Lucy quickly offers that if she doesn’t let her, she will call the police and then she can say hi to Dusty in person.

Mike explains he is just calling it like he sees it. Jack asks if he doesn’t think he is doing his job? He thinks that this is becoming too personal for him. Carly involved in this case; it can’t get stickier. She is not getting in the way of him doing his job, Jack snaps! It has happened before, Mike replies. It isn’t going to happen again; that is why he ended things! Mike thinks that Simon is in this up to his eyeballs, which means so is Carly probably…. Jack interrupts; they have no proof. Evidence is going to be overlooked? Jack raises his voice; no evidence has been overlooked. Mike demands he do his job then! Jack vents that it is not his job to get rid of every guy that is sniffing around his wife. Mike leans forward towards Jack, fists clenched. Jack tells him to hit him so he can arrest him. It would be almost worth it. Jack thinks he should just go home, but if he doesn’t think he is doing his job then he can call the chief or put a call in anonymously to the tip line. Mike explains that it isn’t personal; Jack admits the same thing back, but Mike has to do what he has to do. Jack nods and stalks off.

Carly comes back into the livingroom; what is she doing, she asks Sage, who quickly hides the necklace. She isn’t doing anything. The phone rings and interrupts them; it is Simon. Carly tries to hang up quickly, but Simon pleads with her to listen. She doesn’t have time because she is busy trying to make her children believe their lives are normal. He doesn’t want them to leave things like this; he needs to apologize. He realizes his comment about Jack was out of line and he respects her feelings for him. Can he please come over? She relents; he can some over for a few minutes.

Outside Carly’s house, Henry and Katie are crouched behind the bushes waiting for her to leave so they can try to get to the necklace. Katie worries that Carly will wear it out, but Henry thinks she won’t be sporting the jewel to a soccer mom outing. Katie sarcastically remarks about Carly’s knack for being ostentatious. Sage’s friend arrives outside. The girl rings the bell; Sage and Carly come to the door. Her friend and mom seem to lack a personality. Sage goes back to get her magic crystal; Sage tucks the other stone under a couch cushion and then when she is about to leave she offers to show it to Carly, but her mom suggests she do it later since her friend’s mom is waiting. Carly goes back inside and closes the door. An anxious Katie wonders if she will ever leave? A sarcastic Henry answers, how dare she dawdle when they are attempting to rob her. Inside, Carly calls Simon back and suggests she meet him instead at Java in a little while. She heads out and Katie and Henry anxiously approach her door and start to whip out their cat burglar tools.

Paul states simply that Craig never does nothing; Craig smoothly suggests that he just used a double negative. Paul corrects himself; he always does something. He is not brave; he is like the ring and run type of guy. Craig smirks; he changing the blanks out of the gun and letting Dusty take the fall is brave? Craig then sees Meg across the room talking to a nurse; the legs on her could make less of a man start considering a joint account. Paul smirks at his obvious attempt to goad him. He then narrows his eyes at Paul; he did this all on his own. He lost Meg with no help from him. He thinks the worst punishment Paul could endure is to watch Meg start a life with someone new. Paul laughs; he lost her because of a moral clause in their relationship. He can’t even imagine what she would do with him; he disgusts Meg. Craig calls her over casually. He offers that he overheard their conversation. Meg snarls that he is a real creep and she is so glad they saved his life. Craig continues; imagine his shock upon hearing that Paul tried to kill him. Meg’s mouth drops slightly, as she unsuccessfully tries to hide her fear. Craig calls her on it; he saw the fear in her eyes, so maybe the love is still there? They should consider counseling. What does he want, she asks? He doesn’t want anything; he is going to keep this all to himself; they will share this secret and keep Paul a free man. Meg snaps back that he can’t prove anything since no evidence exists and if she is called as a witness, she will deny knowing anything. Craig continues to toy with them; he was so lucky to have a woman like her in his corner, but then he went and blew it. Meg calls out for a nurse for her to get Craig discharged so they can hose down his room. Craig leaves after thanking them both for everything. After he bids them farewell, Meg worries if he will keep quiet? Paul thinks he will because he wants something. What does he want? Her, he tells her calmly.

When do they want Johnny? Now. That is impossible because he hasn’t gone down for his nap; she can bring him by in a couple of hours. Nice try, Lucy offers. She tells Cassandra that Dusty lives in the suite in the back and that is probably where Johnny is with his nurse. Right after Cassandra goes to collect the baby, Lucy whips around to face a furious Barbara and tells her to shut up and listen because the lawyer will be back in a few minutes and then the game is back on. Barbara returns this comment with a look of fury and confusion. Lucy proceeds to tell Barbara the abridged version of how Craig planned this whole thing with Dusty and Johnny down to the garage and the blanks. Barbara seems to not know what to think. Lucy promises to make her father pay and to stop him. This performance needed to happen because her father is testing her and this probably won’t be the last one. Barbara can’t seem to wrap her mind around this; she would rather believe that her and Craig came up with this plan to throw them all off. Lucy answers quickly that Craig has won battle after battle and she is all that Barbara has left. Barbara icily responds, God help her! Lucy pleads with her to trust her. There is a knock and it is Craig. Lucy whispers again for her to trust her. Barbara opens the door; Craig breezes in as if he is welcome. How is she this lovely afternoon? He sees Barbara’s glare; what is wrong? Barbara answers that he won’t believe what his daughter just told her; Lucy looks at her nervously.

Craig wants her; that is what every girl wants to hear, Meg repeats. Paul explains that he is doing this to torture him. She deserves better then this, which Meg agrees. He knows about the bullets but he doesn’t think he knows about the pillow ‘thing’. Meg smirks at his causal mention of his premeditated murder attempt. Paul remarks that Craig was right about one thing though; he also saw Meg’s face and it showed concern for him. Of course, it did because she still loves him; if she didn’t love him, it wouldn’t hurt so badly.

Henry and Katie are finally inside Carly’s house. Katie snidely comments about next time they pick a lock maybe he could pick up the pace. She can try doing it faster, but when a friend of hers is risking a lot, she might want to appear more grateful. She cuts him off thinking she heard something. When they realize they are alone, Katie racks her brain where it could be? Henry wonders if she is talking about the diamond? Katie sarcastically answers that she is talking about her recipe for deviled eggs. An agitated Henry turns to leave; he doesn’t need this. Katie quickly apologizes; she didn’t mean that; she gets mean when she is nervous. Where does he think she would keep her diamond? Henry thinks they should start with the bedroom and her jewelry box. Katie grins widely; what would she do without him?

Carly arrives at Java and walks over to the table where Simon is waiting for her. Does she want anything? Carly cuts him off; she doesn’t want anything. Simon realizes she is still really mad. She starts by saying that just because her and Jack are divorced, doesn’t give him the right to make fun of him, especially when he is really trying to help her. Simon confesses that he admires Jack for facing things when a lesser man like himself would chose to run instead. He isn’t going anywhere though. Carly’s resolve is fading; she hates when he comes clean and makes her realize that she isn’t mad at him, but rather at herself. She put Jack in a bad situation because he is a cop, the one on duty the night they choose to commit larceny, and now she is putting him in the situation of having to arrest the mother of his children. Simon doesn’t want her to blame herself; she needs to blame him. She can’t because she needs to take responsibility; she is growing up. Simon adds that he is too because he is still here. Carly doesn’t understand. He wouldn’t have been there still in the past; he has had plenty of opportunities to leave town with a hefty amount of money to boot. Carly smiles; what is that all about? She knows; he gave her a promise to protect her and he intends to. He explains that thier diamond heist will be the last one that they ever pull. He is going on the straight and narrow. Does she forgive him and will she go straight with him together? Carly smiles warmly touched by his words.

Paul admits to Meg that he never meant to hurt her; she believes that, which makes him smile. He will do whatever he can to make her change her mind about their relationship. She doesn’t believe that. She told him directly how she feels about violence and he smiled sweetly, got up from the table and went to try to smother Craig anyway. He thought… she cuts him off. She knows because he thought he could get away with it. He has to stop thinking he is above and smarter then everyone else; he won’t ever change. He can try. Who is stopping him? If she would forgive him… so she is the reward for good behavior? She is sure he will change to get what he wants and then at some point, he will change back; it is his pattern. He realizes he did a bad thing, but at least he knows it was wrong. She is not Emily. He knows who she is and he loves that person she is deeply. They are not perfect, but they make each other better and stronger. He thinks that is worth holding onto. She almost lost her way because of him and she won’t do that again. He would never ask her to. The problem is he never asks. When there is something she wants or thinks, he doesn’t fight with her or give her orders; he just ignores it and goes around it. He pleads that he won’t let that happen again; please don’t give up on them! She didn’t; he was the one who gave up when he chose to get up from the table and go try to murder Craig. He decided it for both of them; this time at least the balls in her court.

Barbara tells Craig that his daughter informed her that he would attack her in court after she barged in with threats and a lawyer to back her up. Clearly, his daughter has grown up to be just like him. He must be proud. Lucy seems to breath a sigh of relief at the implication here that Barbara is going along with her. Lucy asks Craig what he is doing there? He couldn’t wait to see his son. Where is Cassandra? Lucy quickly explains that she thought Barbara was stalling and that they would take Johnny out the back, so she had her go get him. Barbara thinks he doesn’t care that some stranger is yanking him from his crib, as long as he gets his baby. The lawyer brings in Johnny and Lucy steps in between him and Craig offering to take him since he is not fully recuperated; Craig agrees. They start to leave, but Barbara stops them not wanting them to go. Lucy looks back uneasy at what Barbara is planning on saying again.

Vienna is downtown holding a copy of Katie’s book looking at the poster of Oakdale Confidential in the store window. She mutters that she dresses as well she writes. Mike shows up next to her telling her he has been looking for her. Vienna is thrilled that Mike is there and gives him a peck on the cheek. Can she cheer him up because she surmises that he is down because of what happened with Katie. Mike tries to blow it off, but she can tell Katie still has a hold on him. It is all over between them, Mike says succinctly. Mike tells her how he is worried that Jack is not pursuing this as aggressively as he should. The prince is not bothering to call him back. Vienna isn’t surprised; he can be like that. She must have his private line; can she call him? Vienna crinkles up her face; she doesn’t like to be the bearer of bad news. If she calls him though, she can direct the prince’s ire in the proper direction. Vienna seems to feel better about this now; she knows just what to do, as she picks up her cell phone.

Carly admits to Simon that she came there to tell him off; Simon smiles and offers that she kind of did. She didn’t intend it to end up like this. They can table the discussion about the state of their relationship to another less stressful time. She is not sure when that will ever happen though. Now that they are going about their lives above board, she is going to go back to her empty house and revel in the tranquility. Simon repeats that it is empty? She purrs about him having a one-track mind. He answers that now they are on the straight and narrow they need to find a way to pass the time. She smiles coyly back in return.

Henry drops down on Carly’s couch; Katie is concerned that he appears to be giving up? He doesn’t see an alternative. He realizes she thinks if she sends Carly and Simon to jail then Mike will forgive her, but it just isn’t realistic. Katie laments that he has to. Katie drops down beside him, but she sits on something. As Henry continues to babble about how if she hadn’t have chosen to write down her sins then she would have not been in this predicament. Katie is reaching for what she sat on and realizes it is the necklace. She cuts Henry off by shoving the necklace in his face. They both jump up and rifle through the cushions to find the diamond; they are victorious.

Barbara reaches for a stuffed duck and tells them that Johnny needs Winston. If he wakes up in the night and misses her, then they can call her anytime. Otherwise, she will see them at 9AM, per the court order. Lucy and Craig walk out, as Lucy gives her a backwards appreciative look. Once they have left, Barbara reaches for the court documents and crumples them up.

Meg tries to leave, but Paul stops her. She is right that he was crazy with hatred and that a part of him never thought he would lose her. Meg feels confident that even if he did think he would lose her that he would have gone forward with his plan anyway. She feels that his hatred for Craig outweighs his love for her. Craig pushes his buttons and she fades away from his mind. Paul smirks, which irks her. What is so funny? He admits that it is strange that she dumps him and he loves her more. She realizes when he says stuff like that her heart skips a beat. She knows firsthand how charming he can be and how much she simply just wants to go back to him; she also knows how persistent he can be, but he needs to not do this to her. If he can’t stay away then she will make him. She promises him that she will not end up like Emily.

Vienna hangs up; Mike asks what the prince said? She admits he said a lot in French, but he tends to always curse in French. She feels confident that Simon’s days are numbered. That will leave a clear path to Katie. Mike determinedly answers that it doesn’t matter because they are over, but Vienna doesn’t believe him; it is obvious that he still loves her. This thing about Simon stealing the jewels has nothing to do with right and wrong.

At Java, Sage is sitting with her friend; they are trying to figure out what to do their project on? Jill, Sage’s fiend, suggests the solar system, but Sage thinks it is boring. What isn’t boring? Magic, Sage answers, as she pulls out her stone.

Katie sarcastically comments to Henry about it being just like Carly to leave a priceless gem lying around. Henry is disturbed by what else could be down there then. Katie thinks it is time to go to the station with this. Just outside, Carly and Simon arrive home; Simon is playfully kissing her. Carly jokes about her neighbors seeing them. She fumbles for her keys, as Henry and Katie stand just inside the door in her livingroom, not realizing Carly and Simon are just on the other side of the door.

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