ATWT Update Friday 12/8/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/8/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Emma goes over to the Lakeview and pays Barbara a visit. Barbara apologizes for the way she acted at the wedding, but says that she’s sure that the two of them can get Paul and Meg married. Emma informs her that that’s not why she’s there. She wants Barbara to use her influence to keep her son away from her daughter. Emma explains that she doesn’t want her daughter going into an unhappy marriage because she had the bad luck of falling in love with Paul. Barbara starts blaming Craig, Emily, and even Dusty. Emma tells her to stop making excuses for him because he’s a grown man. Barbara comes back with, “Meg is a grown woman.” She then tells her that she hopes she wont stand in the way. Emma then says, “That is exactly where I’ll stand. Between my daughter and anything that I know will hurt her. So Barbara, keep Paul away from Meg—or I will.” Emma gives her an intense look and walks up.

Meg is in the hospital. She walks up to the desk and talks to one of the nurses who is shocked to see her since she should be on her honeymoon. Meg tells her that there isn’t going to be a honeymoon. Meg says that she’s going to go check if they’re fully stocked and leaves. Paul then walks up. The nurse tells him where Meg is. He starts to walk away, but runs in to Emily. Paul asks is she thought that she would have him if she broke up him and Meg. Emily says that she doesn’t want him, and Paul shoots back with, “That’s too bad, Em, because you’ve got me. Now you’ve got me as an enemy. You happy now?” Emily tells him that she deserved to know the truth. Paul starts getting angry and Meg walks in and asks what he’s doing there. Paul said that he and Emily had some unfinished business. Emily tells her that she’s finished with him, so Meg tells Paul to leave Emily alone and walks away. Paul stops her, and Meg tells him that he needs to stop bullying Emily and that she wished she never got involved with him. Emily then leaves to find her mother. Paul tries to explain why he did what he did. He explains that he did it for her and for Jen. Meg tells him that she loves him, but she’s angry with herself for choosing him even though she knew what he was. She tells him that she wants to be a better person, but no matter what he promises her, she never will be if she’s with him. Paul asks if Craig got to her, but Meg tells him no. Paul warns her that Craig is more dangerous than he is. Meg tells him that she is not going to get involved with Craig Montgomery. As they talk Craig gets dressed and listens from his room. Paul tells her that he’s sorry for all he’s done, but sometimes the only way is to fight evil with evil. Meg informs him that there is no excuse for cold-blooded murder and walks away. Craig comes out of the room and says, “ So you think I’m dangerous, huh? How right you are.”

Lucy and Craig are in the hospital. She asks why he can’t wait until after he is released to get Johnny. Craig explains that he’s released today and he wants the three of them to go to Fairwinds together. Lucy tells him that she is responsible for taking care of him, but she didn’t sign on to take care of both him and Johnny. Craig asks if she’s worried about his health or if she’s helping him get custody. Lucy says that she is trying to help with Johnny, but he was just in critical condition. She then asks if he’s testing her. Craig replies with, “yes. As a matter of fact I am.” Craig then tells Lucy that she is going to Barbara’s with his lawyer, Cassandra, to pick up Johnny. He has gotten court permission to have Johnny for an over night visit. Before Lucy leaves, Craig tells her how much it means or her to be on his side.

Henry and Katie are at the Lakeview. Henry is wearing glasses and a fake mustache and beard. Katie eventually convinces him to talk to Vienna and see if he can get any information about Simon from her. Henry walks up to Vienna and talks with a European accent. He flirts with her and says that he’s there on formal occasions, with the prince of Leonia because he is part of the Special Police Division of Leonia. He tells her that he’s there to take her statement and get her phone number. Vienna says that she’s ready to give him whatever he needs, as long as he buys her a drink. Henry then goes to borrow money from Katie who is sitting at the bar listening. Katie agrees to spot him, but tells him that she better get her money’s worth. Vienna starts to tell about Simon, but just as she does, Mike walks in and Vienna runs to greet him. Mike sees Henry and the gig is up. Henry’s secret is exposed and Mike spots Katie before she has a chance to leave. Vienna tells them that if they wanted to know about Simon all they had to do was ask. She then asks if Katie and Mike are trying to put Simon in jail. Mike says that Katie is but he’s having no part of it. He starts to mention that they’re broken up, but Katie stops him. Vienna asks what he was talking about so Henry explains that they are separated. Once Vienna starts flirting with Mike, he decides to leave. Katie walks with him and is excited that she was right about Simon. Mike tells her that getting evidence with Simon isn’t going to prove anything. “You slept with the guy. That’s all the proof I need that we don’t belong together.” Meanwhile, Vienna tells Henry that she likes lying in a man. Katie walks up to them sadly. Vienna asks Henry if he’s up for their little swim. Henry wants to go very badly, but turns her down when he sees how upset Katie is.

Jack, Carly, Simon, and Sage are at Java. Sage wants to show everyone the present that the homeless woman gave her (which is actually the diamond Carly threw into the river), but Jack asks her to show it to them later. Jack continues to ask about the necklace, but Carly says that she doesn’t know where Simon got it from and Simon tells Jack not to believe everything he reads. Simon insists that it’s not the jewel from Leonia, and Jack tells him to let him analyze it. Simon refuses, but Carly tries to take off the necklace. Simon stops her and tells Jack, “Considering that you were once upon a time married to her, I would say you should believe her.” Simon continues to verbally attack Jack and Carly puts a stop to it. Jack then asks if he should get a warrant, and Simon says that yes, he should. Simon starts saying some mean things to Jack and Carly defends him. Once Jack leaves, Carly scolds Simon for the way he talked to him. Simon explains that he wasn’t making fun of Jack; he was just upset with the way he talked to her. Carly admits that she doesn’t like lying to Jack. She tells him that no matter what happens, Jack is going to look bad. Simon tells her not to worry because they can’t undo what they’ve already done.

Katie and Henry barge into the police station where Jack is talking to Mike. Katie goes off on Jack and tries to tell him how to do his job. Jack tells her that he’s doing everything he can, but he needs time to build a stronger case. Katie and Henry start to leave, but as Henry is walking out, Mike asks him to make sure she’s okay. Henry tells him that he should tell her that he cares for her, and leaves. Mike stays with Jack and apologizes for Katie being so insulting, obnoxious, and rude to him. Mike asks if Carly could be part of the heist too, but Jack says he doesn’t know. Mike looks at him and says, “But you really don’t want to know, do you?”

Katie tells Henry that she’s sure the necklace Carly has is part of the jewels from Leonia and that Jack is going to take forever with the investigation because he’d rather see Carly get away with it. Henry begs her to stop the vendetta, but Katie says that once Simon is behind bars, Mike will realize she still loves her and forgive her.

Lucy and Cassandra go over to the Lakeview. Lucy tells Barbara that she’s taking Johnny for a visit with his father. Barbara first thinks she’s taking him to see Dusty, but Cassandra explains that he will be spending the night with Craig. Barbara gets furious and yells at Lucy. Lucy begs her not to make it difficult, but Barbara says that she definitely will.

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