ATWT Update Thursday 12/7/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/7/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Dorm, Casey continues to gamble online and is excited when he wins so he yells yes and Maddie arrives and wonders whom he is talking to and why he is sitting at his computer in the dark. Casey tells Maddie that he was checking his grades online and he was excited because they are good grades. Elwood arrives and asks Casey who won when Maddie gives Elwood a what are you talking about look Casey explains to Maddie that he and Elwood made a bet about his grades and Elwood won. Casey tells Maddie he feels like celebrating his good grades and he wants to take her shopping. Casey asks Maddie to wait for him in the car and he tells Elwood he just won his online poker game and he is rolling in money.

Margo arrives to question Craig about his shooting and Craig is hurt that she doesn’t care how he is feeling. Margo asks Craig what happened when he was shot and Craig tells Margo that Dusty shot him and he hopes he rots in jail for Johnny’s sake. Margo tells Craig he hasn’t ever been a good father because he never thinks about the pain he has caused his children. Margo reminds Craig that Lucy is suffering because she had to watch Dusty shoot him. and he should think about her for once in his life. Craig tells Margo that he knows he hasn’t been the best father but he does love his children and they will both be living with him soon and they can be a real family. Craig tells Margo that the judge will probably rule in his favor in the custody hearing because Dusty will be in jail. Margo is appalled that Craig could act so triumphant after he was shot and almost died. The doctor tells Craig he can be released if he has someone at home to help in his recovery but Margo refuses to help and advises Craig to use the time in the hospital to think about how he can be a better father to his children.

At the police station, Jack gives Lucy permission to talk to Dusty so she arrives and she apologizes to Dusty because she was wrong about Craig and he was right about him. Lucy explains to Dusty that she overheard Emily talking to Craig yesterday and he told her that the plan to switch the bullets in Dusty’s gun for blanks and then go tell Lucy so she could arrive and watch Dusty shoot him. Lucy doesn’t tell Dusty that Paul switched the blanks in the gun for real bullets. Lucy tells Dusty that just because she is going to help him get out of jail so he can go back home to Johnny doesn’t mean she approves of him shooting Craig. Lucy tells Dusty that no matter what he sees her do he should always remember that she is on his side because she is going to make sure her father pays for all his crimes.

At Java, Carly arrives with Sage and tells her she can pick out whatever sweet roll she wants as her way of apologizing to Sage for yelling at her this morning. Simon arrives and gives Sage some money so she can go get him a sweet roll too. Carly tells Simon that she hasn’t slept because she has been so worried about Vienna and the sleep deprivation caused her to yell at Sage this morning. Simon tells Carly to trust him because Vienna will never go to the police because if she does she will have to admit to the Prince that her former lover stole his jewels. Carly chooses not to trust Simon this time because Vienna was really angry at him yesterday and she seemed determined to go to the police because he didn’t get back together with her. Simon tells Carly the jewler called and the copy of the necklace will be ready soon so their problems will be gone soon. Carly thinks that the copy of the necklace will only make Jack more determined to find out the truth.

At the police station, Vienna arrives to report a robbery to Jack who isn’t at all surprised to see her. Vienna tells Jack she lied to him when he called her to ask if the jewels had been stolen. Vienna tells Jack she lied to protect Simon because she loves him but the truth is that Simon stole the jewels and he had an accomplice Carly. Jack senses the angry tone in Vienna’s voice and thinks that she is trying to get revenge on Carly for being in a relationship with Simon. Vienna insists that she just wants justice done and wonders if Jack is going to try and protect Carly. Jack tells Vienna he will handle the investigation by the book although he doesn’t deny it would make his year to see Simon behind bars. Once Vienna finishes giving her statement and leave Jack looks at the paper in his hand and can’t help but worry about the trouble Carly could be in now.

At the mall, Maddie is excited because Casey bought her all the Alfred Hitchcock movies and will watch them all with her on Saturday. Casey also gives Maddie a beautiful engraved bracelet but Maddie worries that Casey is spending all his college money on her. Casey tells Maddie not to worry because he is working with Adam on Gwen’s demo and Adam gave him an advance on his salary. Maddie gives Casey a kiss and when Adam arrives Maddie shows him the beautiful bracelet Casey gave her. Once Maddie leaves the brother alone to talk Adam is upset that Casey is spending the money he loaned him to buy presents for Maddie. Casey tells Adam that he has already paid off the money he owes Burns and will pay the loan that he (Adam) made him as well. Adam demands to know if Casey is gambling again but Casey doesn’t answer Adam’s question.

At Java, Carly worries that she will lose her children once Jack finds out the truth about the robbery. Simon takes a quick bite of the pastry Sage brought him and tells the little girl he must go do an errand. Simon gives Carly a quick kiss and whispers to her that he won’t let anything happen to her or her children. Sage tells Carly that she saw a lady searching the garbage for food and she asks since she doesn’t have much of an appetite can she give the cinnamon roll to the lady who was looking for food. Carly smiles and tells Sage she is the best kid ever and they wrap the cinnamon roll in a napkin and are about to go outside when Jack arrives to talk to Carly. Am excited Sage tells her daddy that she is going to give her cinnamon roll to the lady who was looking through the garbage for food. Carly runs after Sage to watch her and jack follows them. Carly and Jack watch Sage from the back door of Java. Jack tells Carly not to worry because Mary is harmless and the whole department looks out for her and gives her food when they see her. Jack asks one of his men who is in the squad car to watch Sage while he goes inside to talk to Carly. Jack confronts Carly and shows her the police report that Vienna filed stating that she and Simon stole the crown jewels. Carly claims that she could accuse Vienna of slander or liable she isn’t sure which applies to the situation. Carly is offended that Jack would think she is capable of stealing. Carly’s strong reaction prompts Jack to ask Carly why she isn’t wearing the necklace Simon gave her. Outside Java, Mary is so touched because Sage gave her a cinamon roll that she decides to give Sage a pretty rock she found in the river. The pretty rock that Mary gives Sage turns out to be the real necklacce, which Carly and Simon threw in the river.

At the hospital, Lucy decides to make her father believe she is on his side until she can figure out a plan to make him pay for his crimes. Lucy goes into Craig’s room and tells the doctor that she will move home with Craig until he has fully recovered. Craig is so happy that Lucy is on his side and he tells her the only thing that could make him happier would be if she helped him take Johnny away from Dusty.

Outside Java, Simon sees Sage and tells her to go back inside and he follows her into Java Simon arrives with the copy of the necklace and gives it to Carly telling her he had the clasp fixed so it won’t fall off again. An excited Sage runs to her mom and dad and tells them the lady was really nice and gave her a pretty rock and asks them if they want to see it.

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